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Eagles Change Their Public Relations Methods

The Eagles have made a number of clear changes in their public relations methods. They realize that being unpopular with local football fans (and the local media) isn’t a good idea, so they’ve made some major changes.

One of the biggest changes is that head coach Andy Reid, who had previously been reluctant about sharing information bout the team with the local media, has become very open and communicative with any members of the media who have questions.

I think this was a good move by the Eagles.  Why start wars when you don’t need to? The Eagles want to have as many friends in the media as possible.

In my opinion, many of the questions that Reid are asked are harmless.  Who cares if everybody knows more about the goings on of the football team?  If the Eagles win a Super Bowl, everything will be fine.  If they don’t, then they’ll continue to face a great deal of criticism.  Reid wants to avoid being confrontational.

Reid has also taken a bigger role in the negotiations with the team’s players.  He played a major role in the signing of running back LeSean McCoy.  McCoy’s agent Drew Rosenhaus singled out Reid as one of the main reasons the deal was done.

“I think so,” Rosenhaus said after being asked about Reid’s role in the negotiations. “Certainly I can’t speak for him, but in the multitude of deals we’ve negotiated with the Eagles, which are in the dozens since he’s been the head coach, this is the most involved I’ve seen him.”

Another move the Eagles have made concerns team President Joe Banner and General Manager Howie Roseman.  We’ve seen the Birds remove Banner from a major public role.  You don’t see him being quoted in articles or made available to the press when the team makes a move.
Roseman on the other hand has been pushed out into the spotlight by the team. He’s now the guy, who appears with Reid and the players who are signed by the team at news conferences.  The young general manager is the guy who is made available to the media any time the team makes a major personnel move.
It’s good to see the Eagles making an effort to become more user-friendly with their public relations. They could get away with handling the fans and media poorly during the time when they were the most exciting team in the city, but they’ve finally begun to realize its in their best interest to maintain a positive relationship with all the people they deal with in the city. on Facebook

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73 Comments for “Eagles Change Their Public Relations Methods”

  1. this is evident in the way yhey have handeled things so far this year. Have they done this in the past AR might not be o0n such the hot seat. If for some reason AR gets an extension will it go back to business as usual?

  2. You can definately get a different vibe from the interviews and press conferences after the draft and signings….this is good, and I agree that there needed to be a less confrontational or secret manner in dealing with the press and fans……the real test will be after a tough loss and we will see how Andy hanleds the press conference. My guess is that it might be tough to teach that old dog a new trick. We will just have to wait and see.

  3. definitely a good move putting banner in the closet, for as nerdy as roseman appears he doesn’t come across as monty burns aka joe banner, and the eagles appear to be much more transparent, fan friendaly, where the phillies are more like the eagles of old, go figure, but I would shelve ruben amaro like the birds did with Banner, there’s something you just don’t trust about these guys

  4. I believe I stated this before earlier in the Off-Season that we really have to thank OWner Jeff Lurie who did state that he and the Eagles Organizations needed to do a better job of shooting strairgh, being realist and as open as possible when it came to dealing with the media nad fans.. Now this by no means that the Coaches and front office personally are going to let th cat out of the bag about personnel issues, contracts, game strategies or anything like that, but i honestly believe that Lurie sent a strong message loud and clear to Ar.Roseman,BAnner abd others in the Front Office do stop trying to be so cute, vauge and even arrogant to the local media and to answer the questions being posed as honetlfy and forthright as you can instead of mkaing a game and I’m smarter than all of your responsed that sometimes Coach Ar would come across with so I beliver AR in his defense came up with the standard repsonses like “I need to put players in better postion”, etc,etc.. I think the entire Organziation is letting their gurad down a little and have realized that even when there is some bad news to share, but as upfront and honest with the media and fans as you can be,, I’ve heard it this Spring leading to personnel decisions, resigning of key Free-agents and even with Draft preparation and strategy that we have not heard about in the past and to be honest, it’s a welcome change to see anbd hear..

  5. Too late — Pandora’s Box has been opened and the chant was heard by all. FIRE ANDY!!!!!
    Coach Reid has to win at home consistently; he is not the golden boy who could do no wrong anymore with the paying customers inside the Linc.

  6. obtuse loyal Lurie Lemmings, you don’t trade up to the 12th pick to not start — or worse sit in the stands like the tiny 2010 guy

  7. The Eagles have belatedly realized that Joe Banner should never be let out of whatever cave they keep him in. As bad as Reid has been with the media, a personable, ( and not smug and condescending) President could have been a nice balance. A ying to Reid’s yang. Unfortunately, they had two smug condescending people representing the organization, and a frustrated fan base being further frustrated. Joe Banner’s entire era can be personified by the Brian Dawkins unforgivable fiasco. Remember Stacy Andrews day anyone?!!

  8. eagles0 – you dumb dumb dumb person. You trade up to the 12 pick to get a player that you want and calculate won’t be available otherwise. That’s why you trade up. And you do NOT – I repeat DO NOT EVER…..EVER… draft a player for what you want out of him in year one of his career. That’s a fact and every GM, coach, and NFL staff member would agree with that. And that sir makes your statement….hmmmm how do I put ths….UTTER BULLSHIT.

  9. Rasta – regarding Dakwins. Didn’t Dawk walk away without negotiating? Didn’t he get offended and go on his merry way without ‘doing the dance’?

    Dawk walked. LOVED THE PLAYER AND THE MAN WHEN HE WAS AN EAGLE. But the man walked. It was no fiasco and it’s not unforgivable. I forgive Dawk for walking away from this city for more money. I do.

  10. Eagles Trade Alert
    Eagles send DE Darryl Tapp and CB J Hanson to the Dallas Cowboys for disgruntled CB Michael Jenkins who is unhappy about his contract and the fact that he’s been demoted to a back-up role behind free-agent signing Brandon Carr and high Draft Pick M Claiborne..
    Jenkins like DRC are both in their Contracts years and the Eagles will keep which one performs better, Jenkins when Healthy has been a pretty good player but has been injured a lot the last 2 seasons ..

  11. Too Late!!!!

    fire andy’s fat ass right now!

    This team can’t even win at home anymore and no team is scared to play us.

    The team is soft and it’s like looking at a bunch of gay dudes in tights ballet dancing.

    We need a change with a tough hard nosed coach that shoots straight.

    Get the defensive coordinater from the Steelers or Superbowl winning Giants to coach this team.

  12. paul, meds. meds. buddy. The Eagles will NOT add another vet CB. They already made that mistake. And an injured crappy player at that? Meds Paul. Meds.

  13. Ha, you guys are on the fire ride thing again? REALLY? You dumb fucks. Why don’t you call for impeaching Obama. You stupid mfers. He’s not going anywhere this year and whether he gets extended or not for next year won’t be decided until February 2013. So you’re whining for 0 reason. Oh yeah, you’re allergic to reason and sense anyway.

    Nevermind scream your pointless bitching till your heart’s content. You sorry ass fools…

  14. schiller stop saying you you you — I don’t have a team,THE Jeff Lurie eagles have a bad history of drafting DL they trade up for around the 12-15 spot, that never start, ever

  15. Songs –No problem, don’t worry Juan knows what he is doing this year.

  16. see – here goes the ignorant ass clown again – WRONG – making shit up again –

    E0S – Graham in 2010 STARTED 6 games, played in 13 – but your statement – that they never start – ever – is WRONG –

    se I did not defend anyone, I did not defend the eagles – I simply pointed out what most people already know – you are ignorant and wrong –

    by the way – before he was injured – Graham actually started more games then JPP of the Ginats – as a matter of fact JPP started ZERO his rookie campgian and Derrick Morgan the other big name DE – he got hurt the 4rth week of the season

    now – here you are going to do you little bitch wife thing – and start squaling and screaming and reading into my posts –

    2 facts – you are dead wrong that DL drafted 12-15 do not start – they already have

    2 – graham started more games then JPP in 2010

    but let us watch you be the little bitch you are and start psoting how I think adn I say and I defend –

    nope – you are just ignorant and posted agin to prove it

  17. eagles0 – your rebuttal is 1 draft pick gone bad? You can call one of them for all 32 teams. Jerome McDougal has nothing to do with Graham. You can compare them all you want, but one’s career is over and the other has barely begun so that’s factually a shitty shitty comparison if you want to make yourself look like more of a fool. I can call em out too.

    Corey Simon!

    Trent Cole!

    Sean Andrews!

    Desean Jackson!




    Tra Thomas!




  18. trade up for a DL in the 12-15 range ———— McDougle, Graham, Cox, one of them might be a decent football player; two of them I know are not

  19. unless Big Red had no say in draft selections in 2003 and Jeff Lurie was not the owner

  20. wow – we have our own Laverne and Shirley on here – Songs and E0S –

    notice – yet again the fine job of GCOBB shuffling – as demonstrated by Songs earlier today – make a bold, loud IGNORANT WRONG comment – get called on it – then GCOBB shuffle your way and try to change the topic –

    you said and I quote – they NEVER start – you were proven wrong – and being the Songs like bitch you are – you change the question –

    so typical, such an ignorant bitch..

  21. eagles0 – so you are actually saying right now that you KNOW graham’s career wont be successful? That’s just admitting that you have a lack of understanding about NFL careers. But OK. If that’s your move, own your cluelessness. Fool

  22. Doesn’t EOS remind you of the old PhillyWill… remember him, he and songs were like 2 pods in pea…

  23. c’mon, schill —— expensive FA Babin signed, extend Cole, use 2nd round pick on Curry. I’m not the only one if you connect the dots.

  24. I like Songs, he sees ZERO CHAMPIANSHIPSSSSSSSSSSSSS like myself. We both like the Eagles but smell the stench of dysfunctional non-player leadership since 1960 and won’t kumbaya the fly eagles fly on the road to meaningless non super bowl victory song

  25. Amen o bowls the reverend songs speaks for the disgruntled, like you do , not the front office fans, apologists , they know who they are, and Philly will , great poster, had much disagreement with him about Kevin Kolb , he turned out correct, I hope he posts again, he had wit, knowledge and passion, for the team, not the front office

  26. eagles0 – you can connect the dots all you want pee wee herman. It’s the DE position – you can never have enough. So you’re saying they added (or kept) 3 DE’s after drafting Graham. Ok. That means they don’t like or don’t have faith in Graham. That’s right because, lets do the math, yep, 4-3 teams only keep 4 DEs. Yeah, that’s right. Oh wait, no that’s completely wrong. So wanting to keep your best DE happy, brining in a sack machine and drafting another DE high actually has no bearing on Graham or says nothing about him because they can still keep him. You get that?

    If you go out and by a shirt, does it mean you’re done wearing your other shirts? Cause they’re all stained or ripped?

    Do you only go food shopping when all the food in your fridge is rotting?

    You’re just trying to search for any conspiracy of negativity on the team that you can to fit your hater agenda. You’re a haters hater. And you suck for it.

  27. Navy loves that bitch phrase, makes you wonder, especially when he gets all heated up about the front office, really, can understand the passion for Vick, other players, but his incessant defense of the front office and their draft selections, makes you conclude that his motives are less than the average fan, probably banner rose man posting under navy, but also related to or connected with the front office in some capacity, just no other reason to explain this allegiance, discount everything this poster says

  28. Ever notice that schillers posts are never far behind a critique of navy’s posts or a critique if the front office?

  29. leave it to the fan of the conspiracy theorist “the scarecrow” to come up with that shit.

    oooooh oooooh my turn! – “ever notice that jakes posts are never far behind a hater’s post or a critique of Eagles players”?

    See, two can play that stupid game.

  30. Schiller –I don’t hear of Nike printing any #54 jerseys. If you want a Graham jersey because you believe in him so much, it is going to cost extra.(it would be a special order)

  31. The term hater is a creation of this modern fan, aspersion against anyone who has a critical thought about the team, a player, a decidedly beta male term used to describe any opinion negative, any person negative, the feeling, thought that a common, collective positive thought, even if unwarranted, is far better than the truth, the term is also socialistic and dumbs down the creative thought processes of the enlightened fans, or at least attempts to do so, but the persistent remain notwithstanding the bullying by navy , with threats of violence, and his boyfriend Schiller, with his attempts to quiet through insanity

  32. eagles0 – no shit sherlock. Kid got injured. Do I have to strap you to a chair in front of the game tape since he was drafted?

  33. Jake, actually the term hater has been used commonly in pop culture for a long time way before it ever floated into the sports realm. Ever watch Chapelle Show?

    Dude stick an imodium up your ass because diarrhea is spewing out your mouth

  34. So Jake – when Songs stopped becuase he was trying to talk the little old ladies out of their flu shots – how far up his ass did your nose go? I mean you run around sniffing the guys ass like a little puppy – then have the balls to comment about Schiller posting sometime around the time I do –

    And little douche – we have had this conversation – I do not defend or apologize for anything or anybody, I simply read the psots and when ignorant bitches like E0S post information that is FALSE or NOT CORRECT – I correct that information…

    simple examples are above – stop, try to take two steps back – you hear that popping sound of your head coming out of songs ass –

    now twice today – I have caught both Songs and E0S posting garbage – gettng corrected, and then trying to dance around it -about 22 posts above – will I think you are a waste of good sperm and clearly are not the pride and joy of your family, I always gave you credit you could read…

    If someone sez Hitler is a communist, and I say, no Hitler was a Nazi Socialist that hated communists, I would be correcting wrong information – not ‘defending’ when someone says Stalin was a Catholic – I say no he, was a communist and Atheist –

    so if you have an issue with any of my positions – please fell free to post a rebuttal, supported by facts or other reputable writers to rebut my statements (for example – if Graham did NOT start 6 games as a rookie and JPP NOT start zero – please – tell me where you got your facts (I Used

    other then that – stop being such a worthless pussy – and one last thing – didn;t you pnce challenge people to meet you at the trenton makes world takes bridge – and don;t you talk a lot of shit….. funny how you play victim real fast

  35. There has been very few on here, that has been more critical of the FO, than me & I got to tell you, I’m impressed with this off-seasons change in philosophy in all facets, that they have had. Their draft strategy got better, their signing of players over 30 has changed, spending $$$ on their own players has changed, taking chances on questionable character guys, all have changed, keeping Banner out of the media, thank God, has changed, & admitting to prior mistakes has changed. Everything is in place now. Now they need to project all of this on the field, & show that they can coach on the field, or Reid still needs to be fired. NO EXCUSES!!! PERIOD!!!!

  36. I say to settle all of this angst on here, we rent out a wrestling ring, at the old ECW arena, down on Swanson St, & have a steel cage, battle royal. I think it would be kinda fun, to choke slam Schill, Jon Hart & a few other imbecile’s on here. LMFBO!!!! Just kidding, don’t get your panties in a bunch now, I’m not threatening anyone. My attempt at being funny. How can anyone still bitch about them, with the good off-season that they’ve had. I want Reid gone too, but it too late now. One more season. Let’s at least wait until Lehigh to rip them. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

  37. @Navy —No further need to tangle your brain into a big giant knot trying to articulate the thoughts and facts of other journalists onto for the benefit of curing my ignorance. The regurgitated rambling being read is a jumble of nonsense. The subject is closed. You don’t have the editorial skills to type 10 words of refutation without reading “ignorant”, you delusional dolt.

  38. DCar – I accept

    what is your catch phrase BWAHAHAHAHAHA

  39. The Giants are a perfect example how to deal with players….they took are hard stand on Plax but tolerated him long enough to get a chip….Osi been disgruntled for years now yet the Giants didn’t trade him away for a 7t round pick or just get rid of him…but got another chip with him on the team.

    The Eagles have a proven record of not being able to handle exceptional talent with Egos…..So they’ll end up trading away once in a decade talent for almost nothing and blame it on character or whatever excuse they can sell this numb fan base that have gotten so use to hearing excuses that they make excuse…Here’s a question

    What team would have traded a perennial pro bowl corner with more within the top 3 in interceptions for the past 5 years, away for a 7th round pick?

    I remember T.O. came and injected an atmosphere Philly never seen before…..Lehigh was standing room only…that atmosphere allowed our offense to cakewalk throughout the season winning home field advantage that was key in making the Superbowl…

    T.O. plays on a gimpy leg and have a stellar performance on the biggest stage…and the Eagles after getting him on the cheap did not do a deal worthy of his contributions.

    Now look at Lehigh…….

    I say there’s a change when the eagles can handle exceptional players without costing fans promising seasons.

    Look how they treated DJax before this year.

    The jury is still out on these frauds.

  40. Well off the top of my head I know San Fran Traded T.O. to Philly for a 5th rd pick and Brandon Whiting…Just sayin

  41. Eagles Zero – don;t flatter yourself little bro – it takes about the same tangle to help a second grader with math homework as it does to deal with you –

    as for finding thoughts and facts to articulate – as your posts are (shockingly?) generally completely wrong – it really only takes about three seconds to find mutliple sources to refute your lame postings..

    and as I posted before – I am good at many things – but curing your ignorance will not be one of them –

    see – if you don;t want to be known as an anti-semite – don;t say bad things about Jewish people, you don;t want to be known as a racist – don;t say negative things about people based on race – you don;t want to be known as ignorant – stop posting ignorant things – and by ignorant I mean:

    lack of knowledge, unawareness, inexperience, illiteracy, unfamiliarity, obliviousness, witlessness

    then after being called ignorant, first you try and actaully argue that the ignorant comment you posted really isn’t ignorant, then when faced with multiple sources refuting you your then try to complain about the multiple sources – then – to top t off, you call me delusional…..

    wow – question – at night – how many moons do you see – do the voices stop during the day or do you hear them all the time?

    but I digress I don;t know if you ever had a teacher explain this to you as you as you complain about the use of outside sources to support a position – um… dummy, that is how you are supposed to present a position – you know, hypothesis, statements with supporting evidence to support your facts, to support your hypothesis..

    so – ignorant one – that took me all of a few seconds, hopefully you can see a clear way ahead – I doubt it – you still have the flowers and dates in Feb on the brain…

  42. Dcar – I am in brother – I recommend the weekend of Sep 21st…

    And I agree with your sentiments about the off season – how can you not be excited – do I agree with everything – no – I would have loved to have gotten 1) a veteran back up RB (Addai) and 2) a veteran safety (Y Bell) but it is what it is..

    but maybe you can explain it to me – I am too far removed from the madness –

    How can Songs one day bitch (ok – I laughed even as I typed that) about the team being soft… then the next day bitch (OK – now I am really laughing) about getting rid of Asante Samuel…. is it me – and you know we have gone at it bro so tell me straight – does it seem like a huge double standard to you? I may be a little harsh on the negative people, a little optimistic at times – but damn, I’d like to think I am at least consistent

  43. Navy- You’re worse than a cucaracha – go away

  44. Wow – you learned a spanish word pendeja… usted puede salir cuando lista chica –

    It comes as no surprise that in the entire stream of back and forth you have not once ever tried to make any refute of my comments related to football –

    just a whiney little ignorant bitch – I can go away – but that is not going to change the facts bro – keep trying though..

  45. Eos r an asshole= dumshit wants people to watch youtube

  46. Navy, you have to consider the source. I figured out what kind of an ignorant person he is, last year, when I offered to come say hello to him, because he was being an internet gangster, with a hollow threat. He also showed what a racist, authority hater he is, by making disparaging, ignorant, comments toward me being of mixed races, & my prior occupation. He definitely is a hater. I at least base my fights with facts, & research. But you can’t change ignorance, nor stupidity like imbecilic, buffoons in Schill & Jon Hart. I might brutally honest, & too skeptical at times, I love my teams & want legit winners. I can’t live with myself, if I was a content, stepford, delusional, pom-pom, waver. But I digress. That steel cage, battle royal, sounds good, HUH!? LMFBO!!!

  47. That would be too fun – go all superfly off the top of the cage!

    Schill and JH are alright in my book – course I am going to say that – Schill and I agree on most stuff Eagles related – just can;t talk politics with guy…

  48. so Dcar – funny story – basketball related – ref’d a tourney this WE – kids – girls 8th graders club – coach of red team gets a technical exactly 2 secsonds into the game..

    red and black opening jump – tipped back – red and black both grab ball – jump ball – no alternate possession set – re-jump – the two players holding hte ball jump – red coach – who must have been 400 pounds (and about 5’10 maybe) goes ape – screaming that the same two players re-jump.. thought the dude was going to have a coronary in front of the kids…

    so finally the red coach tells the lead official – you must not have ever ref’d in my gym becuase we use the real rules i my gym… bam technical – my partner pulls out the rule book and shows him the rule as I am adminestring the free throws –

    walks over to me and goes – I think he lost about two pounds of sweat arguing that call..

    I laughed all day from that – arguing over who jumps – in an alternate possession game where there are like 10 APs a game… kind of like dealing with peopl eon here….. why do you argue such lame points….

  49. LMFBO! Some of these coaches, parents, refs, umps are what is wrong with youth sports, today. Too serious treating these kids like pro’s, or the next big thing. School yourselves, stop living through your kids, & let them HAVE FUN! I don’t know how you deal with officiating. I don’t have the tolerance, nor the patience, to deal with that idiocy. Too funny though. I can picture sweat pouring off of fat bastard, from Austin Powers. EWW! LOL!

  50. it is what makes this site almost theraputic for me – see – I can;t say to fat bastard – how much money are you charging the parents of these kids to teach them Basketball when you are too fat and god damn lazy to even learn the rules – then – on top of that, you embarrass the hell out of yourself making yourself look like a complete ass – over nothing! – I can;t say that – I can;t tell the fan at a pop warner football game that yells ‘he was outside the tackle box’ that is an NFL rule – not the rules for Pop Warner or at a high school JV game that yells – that wasn;t a catchable pass – hey idiot – that’s an NCAA rule – just have to smile and ignore it…………..

    but on here – I can be as big a dick as I want….. therapy….. my mom just sent me a foam eagles brick – suitabel for throwing at the TV…

  51. Navy- can she get me a foam Phils brick because I almost broke my tv this weekend when Victorino swung at the first pitch with the bases loaded after a 4 pitch walk. Pop-out.

  52. Songs – the patriots let Asante go for even LESS – they got 0 – nothing in return for letting him walk in free agency. So, that answers your question.

    You dope….

  53. DCar — Touché, Guilty as charged– I tip toed in anonymity for a few months on this IP
    Game Over
    Navy- hug Dcar I was just beginning to have fun with your nerves
    DCar I do apologize for my past transgressions and tip my hat to your mind I really do mean it. It was enjoyable while it lasted. I’ll sneak back when the lights are low in the cover of darkness.

  54. schill? what did the Pats get in a compensatory player for losing Asante? you want to bet it’s more than the Eagles received?

  55. songs as you are a tap dancing bitch – taking your bet woul dbe stupid – the PAtriots got a 3rd round draft pcik for asante – they drafted (since you can;t trade compensatory draft picks) a guy named Tyrone McKenzie an OLB fom SOuth Florida –

    the rest of the story – he blew out his knee in a mini camp – and went on injured reserve – and spent his second season on the practice squad – then spent a season on the BUcs practice squad and then the Vikes practice squad – he has a grand total of 3 Nfl tackles –

    so depends on what you mean by ‘more’ higher draft pick – yeah – but the guy they drafted never played the first year – and had 3 tackles the second….

    so what does Bryce Brown have to do to ‘be more’ then tyrone mckenzie

    make it through a rookie mini camp without blowing out his knee – Check

    but you would squeal and bitch… so no sense betting….

  56. So, Navy….they got a 3rd round pick correct?

    Do you know another team who traded a perennial pro bowler for a 7th round pick?

    Now, DRC…give his corny ass away……. he worth as much as the pathetic piece of crap we traded to get him….but a 7th rounder for Asante?
    To a team that may battle us for playoff contention?

    That was very smart…..I can see Asante calling out every defensive play while Brown nose Juan CaStinKo sulk in misery.

  57. but the real question woul dbe – had asante played another season like he did this year – next year – and left in FA – what would the NFL have assigned the Birds as far as a compensatory pick? Anyone else on here think they would have gotten higher then a sixth?

    remember – the formaule is based upon salary, play time and post season honors THE NEXT SEASON – so you would have to predict that in two years Asante would be getting a higher salary, the same or greater play time, and similar post season honors…… and looking at how they were doled out this year – maybe, just maybe a 6th… so for 1 round in the draft they saved all that money and used it to extend McCoy – a win win.. especially from the guy CONSTANTLY bitching about how soft the D had become

  58. asshat – I am not going down this whiney ass rabbit hole with you – Asante was done in Philly – it was over – yet another topic for you to bitch about surprise surprise…. increase your fiber intake or something – you must be perpetually constipated…

  59. What team have won a Superbowl using the wide-9?

    Why can’t we just line up like the Giants Mano O Mano and win without the gimmick offense and defense?

  60. Songs – “schill? what did the Pats get in a compensatory player for losing Asante? you want to bet it’s more than the Eagles received?” — got to hand it to you there, weird thinking, but they DID get more than the Eagles. The got the 97th (3rd round) overall pick in the 2009 NFL draft. With that selection, the Patriots took Tyrone McKenzie – LB out of South Florida.

    NOW – what did McKenzie turn out to be? —- from wikipedia —– “McKenzie was drafted by the New England Patriots in the third round of the 2009 NFL Draft. On May 2, 2009, during rookie minicamp, McKenzie tore the ACL in his right knee after getting tangled up with a running back.[2] He was signed to a four-year contract on August 25 and subsequently placed on injured reserve.
    McKenzie was waived on September 5, 2010. He was re-signed to the team’s practice squad the next day after clearing waivers. He was released from the practice squad on November 6, 2010.
    [edit]Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    McKenzie was signed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to their practice squad on November 8, 2010. He was promoted to the Buccaneers’ active roster on December 14, 2010. He was cut on September 2, 2011.
    [edit]Minnesota Vikings
    McKenzie was signed to the Vikings practice squad on September 7, 2011.”


    We’ll see what comes of Bryce Brown.

  61. So Schill..they got a 3rd rounder…right?

    point taken…now look at your original comment based on the Pats who you said got nothing…touting the Eagles for at least getting a 7th rounder..

    That was the bases of your comment you know?

  62. that was the “basis”..thought I would correct the spelling knowing you would use that to change the subject.

  63. Songs – as for lining up with the Giants Mano a Mano – um, we do, we play them twice a year. Now they win the superbowl comparison, obviously. BUT cooincidentally, if you google “eagles giants andy reid era”, you get a GCOBB result first – AND – from this very site – in an article mind you –

    “When you dig deeper and ask someone who has followed both teams closely it’s apparent the Eagles clearly have been better than the Giants during the Andy Reid era. They’ve had more wins, more playoff appearances, and have dominated head to head play.”

    So there’s your “Mano a Mano” right there Songs.

    Caution – this is a facts that might hurt the spot where your brain would theoretically go….

  64. Schill…2 Superbowls…the Giants have been better than the Eagles during Reids Tenure.

  65. Yeah, but not mano a mano – as you requested.

    Really though? Is that something that I didn’t state or that wasn’t already known?

  66. eagles0, your too funny. Don’t go anywhere, you are most welcome here. LOL! BTW, I will NOT hug Navy. 2 big men, aged 40+, 6’2″+, 240lb+ X athletes, hugging each other, is only suitable in Sumo wrestling & that’s not for me. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  67. The Eagles have made a number of clear changes in their public relations methods. They realize that being unpopular with local football fans (and the local media) isn’t a good idea, so they’ve made some major changes.

    I wonder why because every other franchise operates the same way they used to and they don’t owe squat to the press or the fans and can say and do what they want. This defense was incorrect but used to beat down fans who complained about their public relations. Go figure?

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