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Eagles Sign Third Round Draft Pick QB Nick Foles

The Eagles have signed third round draft pick Nick Foles to a four-year deal. The signing of Foles leaves the Birds with only one unsigned draft pick, which is first-round pick defensive tackle Fletcher Cox.

Foles who showed off his strong arm during the recent Bird rookie camp, and will be battling veteran backup quarterbacks Mike Kafka and Trent Edwards for the top reserve role to starter Michael Vick.  Chances are that he will serve exclusively as the third stringer during the 2012 season.

Foles is considered a project, who will be given plenty of time to develop over the next couple of years.

Foles was a record-breaking quarterback at the University of Arizona.  He threw for 10,011 yards and 67 touchdowns in his collegiate career.  The signal caller broke the Wildcat single-season record for pass attempts (560), completions (387) and yards gained (4,334) during his senior year in 2011. on Facebook

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10 Comments for “Eagles Sign Third Round Draft Pick QB Nick Foles”

  1. I like this kid Foles. Good head on his shoulders and might be a steal.

    Regardless the defense and Vick will decide our fate.

  2. `It was uncomfortable watching a slower Vince Young in the pocket last season. Philly had the best of the best in mobile QBs the last 25 years. Nick is not fleet of foot and the growing pains to develop him as a starter might be difficult to watch because we are not accustomed to that style of football.

  3. Normally a third round quarterback really doesn’t amount to much in the Nfl. But I like Nick Foles Arm strength and his 6’5″ height, I hope he develops into something.

  4. I like the fcat the guy completed 70% of his passes – and I know it was early – but reports are he completed about – 70% of his passes in the rookie OTA –

    I am fine with not taking sacks – checking down – give the ball to McCoy or Harbor or Celek and let them fight for the yardage…

    Don;t take sacks, don;t turn the ball over – sounds like a no brainer but….

  5. I like Foles too and had him on my radar as a potential 3rd/4th Round Pick by the Eagles on some of my Mock Drafts.. He did not have a very good SDeniro week or Indy Combine so he probably dropped a mid 2nd ROund to a late 3rd Rounder, but physically, he has all the tools.. He didn’t play with the best Offensive Team in Arizona and for a HC who was a defensive-minded Coach (Bob Stopps’s younger brother who is very offensively challenged to say the least).. but Foles has toughness,leadership and is a coachable kid who has a live arm and throws a very good deep ball.. His intermediate throws and footwork can get off-kilter, but what young QB can’t use refinements in their delivery,timing,anticipation,etc,etc.. He has no pressure on him and is a great situation to learn with great QB Coaches and Veteran QB’s like Vick & Edwards.. Give him 2 Full years in the Eagles System and he may end up as a legitimate NFL QB come 2014 Season..

  6. eagles0, McNabb stopped running 2-3 years into his career, & Kolb, Garcia & Feeley weren’t exactly roadrunners, so how aren’t you used to a non-running QB, in this 14 year offense. Vick is the exception. Actually this offense isn’t supposed to be for running/ fleet footed QB’s. It’s supposed to be for smart, accurate, quick decision making, ball controlling, get the ball out quick QB’s. Andy has tweaked it to fit McNabb & Vick, while making a poor attempt to make them fit it. This Foles kid actually fits this OF well. He’s accurate, with a strong arm, but his decision making, leaves little to be desired. Whether, or not, he can play on this level, is another story. I’m skeptical on that part. I would of rather of had Cousins, but that is water under the bridge now. Let’s hope at least Reid can do good by him, because that is the one part of Reids coaching, that he actually knows what he is doing.

  7. Not true DCar, McNabb stopped scrambling after he tweaked his Knee versus the Giants in that game in 2008 (when Jeff Garcia took over) was never the same scrambling wise afterwards, but he was still running around pretty good up until then..

  8. Paul, he stopped running, way before that. He honestly started running, after he broke his leg against the Cards.

  9. Well I can settle this a bit I think…McNabb spend the entire final 2/3 of his career trying to mold himself into a pocket passer (with mixed results – and much to the chagrin of many pundits if you remember who were constantly screaming at him to run more).

    I applaud his efforts. He recognized that running Qbs do not have a solid or consistent success rate in the NFL.

    From 1999-2003. McNabb ran 349x. An average of about 5.4x a game.

    The next 7 years saw a pretty dramatic change in playing style.

    From 2004 – 2010 McNabb ran the ball 253x, or about 2.8x a game.

    Totals…606 rushes over his 11 year tenure with the Eagles and Vikes (I left out the skins debacle) Over 50% of his runs/scrambles came in his first 4 years, then fell off pretty dramatically. This may have been due to injury, but I think it was amore of a conscious effort to refine his QB game.

    Of course I will compare this to our present (recless) signal caller

    Vick has 729 rushes/scrambles over his approx 7 full seasons. That comes to about 7.9 rushes/scrambles a game. Ridiculous and destructive for a guy so small…..though I must admit…he is improving….with only 7.3 scrambles/game from 2010-2011…..down from his 7.9/game average with Atlanta. So there is that – he’s “learning”!!!!

  10. Vinnie, thanks for verifying my very sentiments.

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