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Is The Perception Of Andre Iguodala Changing In Philadelphia?

In the last ten years, can you think of an athlete that the city of Philadelphia has wanted to trade more than Andre Iguodala? Fans were more than ready to trade guys like Donovan McNabb of the Eagles, and Jeff Carter of the Flyers when their respective teams finally decided to move on from them, but neither of these two players (or any others) have come remotely close to the level of unpopularity that Andre Iguodala has managed to gain throughout his tenure with the 76ers.

For years, Iguodala has been able to do no right, and a great deal of wrong. The forward has received a ton of flak and hate from the fans over his game, with much of it being justified in my opinion.

For too long, the Arizona product has believed that he’s a much better player than he actually is, and he’s tried too hard to be something he’s not. Iguodala’s spent much of his career trying to prove that he can be a great a shooter, taking far too many outside shots and not making enough of an effort to use his freakish athleticism to attack the basket, and get the free-throw line.

Combine that flawed, frustrating offensive approach with his massive contract, and it’s the perfect recipe for an unpopular athlete that fans have been begging the Sixers to trade for the last five years.

However, over the last few weeks Iguodala has been playing some of the best basketball of his NBA career. He’s been instrumental towards his team’s efforts to shutdown key scorers Luol Deng of the Chicago Bulls, and Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics. He hasn’t demanded the ball as much, and has let the team’s young talent (Jrue Holiday, Lou Williams, and Evan Turner) take over as the primary options on offense.

Best of all? He’s come through in big moments late in the game when his team’s needed him most. Iguodala already has made his mark on this playoff run several times, with his signature moments coming in the final seconds of Game 6 against the Bulls (storming down the court, getting to the line, and sinking both shots to give the Sixers their first trip to the second round in nearly a decade), and hitting a dagger of a three against the Celtics in Game 4 to deliver the knockout punch and complete his team’s miraculous comeback.

In light of his excellent performances in the playoffs, is the city’s opinion of Andre Iguodala starting to change?

Personally, I’ve been one of many who thought the team should have traded him years ago. And that belief hasn’t changed. I still believe the team would be better off shedding Iguodala and his contract, and pursuing a more dominating offensive superstar. I understand (and appreciate) what the former first-round pick brings to the table defensively, but it just isn’t what the Sixers need to be a serious contender every year. He’s played great during the playoff, but I can’t believe that after a handful of nice games, he’s permanently changed into a much better player. If anything, I think this coming offseason has got to be the year to trade him because his value will never be any higher.

However, I will admit that I’ve warmed up to him considerably in the last few weeks. I’m happy to see him succeed, and I’m even more curious to see what he could do if he was on one of the NBA’s elite teams, and not miscast as the go-to guy. He’s been, dare I say, fun to watch.

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9 Comments for “Is The Perception Of Andre Iguodala Changing In Philadelphia?”

  1. I think its simple. Dre has become our closer. I have a great defense for his short comings as well. No player or team can function with 6-7 coaching changes the majority of the time you play on a team. Dre has had to endure that during his tenure here in philly. That breeds inconsistency, self doubt, anxiety, you name it. Once he got used to one coach and his style of doing things then hed get fired and theyd hire a new one along with his new philosophy. It was debilitating and it stunted the growth of Dre along with many of his teammates. But now were seeing the stability that Doug C has infused into this team, and now you see a more polished, confident bunch, especially Andre Iguodala who finally feels at ease and can just go out and play the game knowing that he has a coach that will be here and is a Sixer for life. I totally support Dre as he helps improve the team to soar to bigger heights. I encourage all, including those who hate the man and want him gone, to root for him and this team. Its a breakthrough with Dre, hes finally playing the game the way we’ve wanted him to. So support this team because we dont know when we’ll be back here in the 2nd round of the playoffs and with a chance to make the Eastern conference finals.. Give Dre your support, give this team your support and dont neglect to.. ShowYaluv

  2. Cripes Jon Hart, is Iggy the team responsible for him not developing a jump shot his whole career? I think that he is pretty much the same player that he was when he came in the league. You are telling me that that is all the team’s fault? I’m not buying. He has had a lot of opportunity to be the man here in Philly and he may be finally stepping up. I will root for him because he is on a Philly team, but I refuse to feel sorry for him.

  3. Jon Hart, you are by far, the least knowledgeable, most lmbecilic, biggest delusional @$$clown, that is on here. Iggy has become our closer!? Excuse after excuse, why he’s a fraudulent, overpaid, bum. Give me a freaking break. It’s amazing what 2 foul shots & 2 shots to end a game, can do to give amnesia to someone, about 7 years of under-whelming, under-achieving, poor play. It doesn’t matter what the outcome of this series is, it still doesn’t change the fact that he stinks, & must be traded in the off-season. If anyone thinks otherwise, is delusional & has ZERO sports acumen, or credibility. Listen, I can deal with rooting for your teams, but when you come on here & nauseatingly, delusionally, wave pom-poms, like a 14 year old cheerleader, & make up fantasies, you need to be called on the carpet, as the imbecilic moron, that you are. What are you going to do, when Lefraud, & Stinky & the gang, get bounced? Come back to reality!!!

  4. He reminds me too much of former Eagle QB D Mcnabb not only appearance, mannerisms, but his ‘playing the vicitm” card and feeling sorry for himself..
    I am happy for him for having a solid Post-Season thus far and his basketball IQ and Defensive skills have always been solid, I never understood why he hasn’t taken the ball to the hoop more often for physcially, he’s pretty big guy and if he gets his momentum going, he would be difficult to stop and he could get a cheap 6-10 pts a game more from the Free-Throw Line.. His Jump shot is flawed adn way to inconsistent for him to be considere anywhere need an elite player… Iggy is a solid NBA Player, nothing more, nothing less. is he worth his big contract, who knows, look around the NBA and you see players on every team overpaid, it’s the way of the NBA..I do like who he has shown solid leadership to the younger players this Season.. A real positive if the 76ers were looking to trade him, is that his stock and trade value may never be this high again..

  5. As is evident above, the haters will keep hating, the supporters will keep supporting. Nothing has changed. That’s just how it goes.

  6. I agree about andre, and i also feel the same way! Im happy for him to see him suceed. Hes hit big shots down the stretch and hes taking upon himself to get people in the right position. Game 2 he had 17 points, 7 reb 6 assists. Thats a good overall game. I hope the 76ers take it tonight. Its gonna be tough though

  7. Andre is one a few people in the NBA that can play multiple positions on both offense and defense. He is the only Sixer that I believe is top ten at his position, small forward. Jrue might be the next closest at slightly above average at point guard. (11-15 but rising) Their bench is top five in the league which propelled them to a record worthy of making the playoffs.

  8. Leader…..closer…..shut down defensive machine…..Jack of all trades…..savior? NOT!!!!!! Bring on the roster revamp. Turn the team over to Jrue, Thad, Turner, Vuch & Lavoy & surround them with some good big-men & a legit SG & this team will be a pleasant surprise, for a long time. But until Stinky & Brand are gone, & we get a PF & Center with some balls & a legit scoring SG, we ain’t winning $#!t!!! Plain & simple.

  9. JaVale McGee- R, Roy Hibbert- R, Randy Foye- UR, OJ Mayo- R, Kris Humphries- UR, Jamal Crawford- UR, Chris Kaman- UR, are all free agents that instantly make us better. My preference would be Hibbert, Humphries & Mayo/ Crawford. Jason Terry for the 6th man, to replace Lou Williams. We’ll see. Amnesty Brand, ship Stnkadala to move up in the draft & expiring’s. Brand- 2012/2013- $18,160,354; Stinky- 2012/2013- $14,718,250; 2013/2014- $15,904,750 (PO). They both need to go!!!

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