Eagles Hire Former Steelers GM Tom Donahoe

Eagles GM Howie Roseman announced the club’s hiring of new personnel help him in their player personnel department.  The Birds hired former Steelers and Bills GM Tom Donohoe as the senior football adviser.

“He’s been with winning organizations. He’s someone that can add a lot of insight,” Roseman added about Donahoe.

“We’re very excited about the additions to our staff,” said Roseman, “Obviously, Tom Donahoe and Jake Hallum bring with them a tremendous wealth of experience and they are eager to get started. We’re also looking forward to working with Ed Marynowitz; a guy who we feel has a bright future in this league and has a great track record while working at the University of Alabama. John, Dan and Alec have proven themselves over the last couple of years and are deserving of their promotions, while Jake has done a great job thus far in his role.”

Marynowitz will be the assistant director of pro scouting, which should give the Birds an advantage in the SEC since he’s coming from Alabama.  This is a key asset since the SEC is considered the best conference in college football.

Hallum will serve as a senior scout.

They’re replacing Phil Savage, Ahmad Russell and Dan Jeremiah, who are all leaving the Eagles organization for various reasons.

Donohoe was the director of football operations of the Steelers (1991-99)  and the GM and team president of the Bills (2001-05).

33 thoughts on “Eagles Hire Former Steelers GM Tom Donahoe

  1. now we’re talking….I need Navy to sad my quote just a few days ago …I mentioned we needed top evaluators from winning organizations like the steelers or giants.

    remember navy?

  2. songs, again – too easy –

    He was “director of football operations” (GM) for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1991-1999.[1] In what was largely seen as a power struggle between himself and head coach Bill Cowher, Donahoe left the team following the 1999 season.[2]

    In 2000, Donahoe took on a job at ESPN.com for the following year.[3]

    Before the 2001 season, Donahoe was selected to replace John Butler as general manager of the Buffalo Bills, as well as take over the position of team president from a retiring Ralph Wilson.[3] Wilson, while still maintaining ownership of the team, wanted to step aside from the day-to-day operations of the franchise, and chose Donahoe to take his place.[citation needed]

    After the 2005 season, Donahoe was fired. The team had been 31-48 during his tenure with the team from 2001-2005, and he drafted only three players[4] who would go on to make the Pro Bowl with the team.

    so songs – when your head gets out of your ass – you are happy becuase in 1999 this guy worked for the steelers –

    wow – such amazing standards

  3. oh – and in 1999 when he left pittsburg – they went 6-10…. in 1998 they were 7-9 (these are his last two years in Pittsburg..)

    but hey – lets give the guy a chance here – I don;t want to be a douche about the guy just becuase Songs makes a stupid stupid statement like lets blindly love him because he once worked for pittsburg

  4. Great hire here. The Birds are making some great moves and acquisitions and now dont mind bringing in proven talent evaluators from various winning organizations.Not just trying to appoint from within. I still would love to see Bill Polian here and he may still get a call because from my understanding the Eagles don’t plan on filling Ryan Grigson’s old position of director of player personel anytime soon, so though Bill Polian is used to being the guy in charge, this would be a great position for him and he would be in a senior type role, one that would still have a huge say in who gets brought in. If I were the eagles id be on the phone right now calling Bill Polian.

  5. I guess everyone can put away the thought of Bill Cowher replacing Coach AR in 2013 or 2014. He and Tom Donahue had a major dislike for each other and probably could not work together after their split if Pittsburgh… Just sayin’..

  6. Yeah put that to rest, Andy may very well still be with the eagle organization as the coach or a role like that of John Elway’s as just the VP of Football Operations (what he is now) or President, all are possibilities. And in all honesty, Andy winning a SB may pull him away from coaching and put him in stictly a front office position. Remains to be seen but andy never winning a SB is his driving force to remain in coaching, once he wins he may very well retire from coaching and go into a strictly front office role.

  7. Very interesting. Are they preparing for a big change, or is he simply helping the depth in Senior advisement, as Rosebuds states? HMMMM!!! Maybe I’m just over thinking this a bit. I like my conspiracy theories.

  8. Here’s my take on the Changes being made…
    President Joe Banner will retire after 2012, Tom Donahue becomes President of the Club, Coach AR moves upstairs to become Director of Football Operations and Eagle go out and hire Steelers Dick Lebeau to become the next HC of teh PHiladelphia Eagles… (LeBeau and Donahue are close buddies and Lebeau wants a shot a tHC and will never get the chance in PIttsburgh…
    This is my story and I am sticking with it..

  9. the eagles are modeling themselves after the phillies pre amaro era, building from witthin, taking care of your own, hiring smart, seasonedt football people as the phillies did with Gillick, saying, doing all the right things, a franchise on the rise, a championship on the horizon

  10. G. Left out the part about the Steelers or the Bills weren’t winning when dude was there !…Don’t know why people are cheering the move ????

  11. Its hilarious how the conspiracy theorists are chomping at the bits. They’ve brought in similar guys for the past few years, Phil Savage, some others that I forget names of right now. think boys. It does a poster good.

  12. GLI – it is interesting…

    When SOngs brought up this whole discussion about ‘hiring people from NYG and Pittsburg becuase they were the best’ I posted a detailed analysis that was done comparing the Eagles drafting verse the Ginats, Ravens, Steelers and Patriots (many considered the best Personnel departments in the NFL) and the Eagles met or exceeded those 4 teams in drafting over the last 5 years –

    I realize it defies logic and reasoning, the Eagles – well – its based on emotions – Graham got hurt… there fore the eagles scouts suck.. oh he was small (no he wasn;t) he was weak (no he wasn;t) and it is only when people point out things like he actually started more games then JPP before hurt – had more sacks then JPP before hurt – had the 2nd most hurries on the team etc. – then they resort to the ‘defending and apologizing’ –

    but the reality is the Eagles draft well, have always drafted well, and I am sure will continue to draft well….

    but based on this emotion – becuase this guy – what 12-13 years ago worked in Pitts, where in his last two years he was 13-19 and when in buffalo – 21-48 (and I think several of those years in Buffalo he was co-joined with Modrack who used to be the GM in PHilly (he who gave you Freddie Mitchell – Todd Pinkston, and a few other prime draft choices) –

    so we are excited (I am not – I really am not worried one way or the other) with hiring a former GM who in his last 6+ years was 34 and 67?? REally.

    But again – having logic defied on GCOBB is what makes it entertainment

  13. Yeah, I looked into Donahoe’s history too, truth be told, he was in Pittsburgh at the time of the trade for Bettis – not sure if he deserves direct credit, but he wasn’t a total wash. His record as a GM is up and down. But for simple minded scarecrow songs, he only looks at surface information – he was with winning teams. Dude was also with Bufallo, who’s history is worse than Philly.

    They’ve always had ‘football guys’ on the staff and always will. This hiring sparks no sign of change – they do these types of things every year. But like I said, the conspiracy theorists try to read into things.

  14. Well, Donahoe is better than everyone we have so that’s a plus in the right direction.

    He was there to get Bettis and he help build some serious defense during his time in Pittsburgh ….above all he knows how a real winning organization with Superbowls are ran……

    This is a step in the right direction…Now, we need a hard nosed Football Coach and a proven defensive coordinator who know real winning schemes and can get us an intimidating safety….once that happens I believe we’ll be hoisting that trophy.

    “Not” until then.

  15. wait – this one is WAAAYYY to funny –

    so let me get this right – he was in Pittsburg between 1991 and 1999 –

    pittsburg won Suberbowls in 1975 – 15 years before he got there and 2005 six years after he left… but somehow this will help us –

    dude – you absolutley reek of desperation…

    as for ‘serious defense’ really – so with ‘hard nose’ Cowher and this defense guru gm – the steelers in 99 ranked 12th in D, in 98 7th, in 96 11th –

    but wait – didn;t Juan ‘got no clue’ Castillo – in his FIRST year end up ranked #8

    so soft Andy (8-8 last year) – and inexperinced Juan and Rosebuds and all the other snarky ass names actually had a better D last year (without an intimidating Safety) then all the so called ‘greatness’ (7-9 and 6-10) you want us to have?

    (all stats from pro football reference dot com)

    could it be you are so clueless that the people you constantly talk up are in fact NOT better then what we have here? Could it be you being such a negative asshole has very little to actually do with performance?

    But I digress- no this guy is not better then anyone we have – just like Burflict would not make the eagles roster becuase he is a fat worthless tub of lard with a bad attitude –

    how about this one Songs – in 1999 the year BEFORE Donahue got there the bills had the #2 D in the NFL – in 2000 that D fell to 19 then to 29 and when he got fired it was 24??

    With anyone other then Jake – do you have any credibility?

  16. “He’s been with winning organizations. He’s someone that can add a lot of insight,” Roseman added about Donahoe.

    “We’re very excited about the additions to our staff,” said Roseman, “Obviously, Tom Donahoe and Jake Hallum bring with them a tremendous wealth of experience and they are eager to get started.

    Howie can be excited but Songs is an idiot for expressing similar sentiments. Go figure?

  17. There is no doubt he can add insight – where did Songs express similar insight? Do you actually follow Songs psotings or are you just jumping in the end of a conversation? If the eagles brought in a player with this caliber of a background – and the GM and coach said positive things about him – everyone would be talking about how clueless Roseman was/is –

    now – you and I have very, very, very different ideas of the phrase ‘expressing similar sentiments’ – go figure? Really – you mean you are not intelligent enough to understand the difference between – hey – nice pick up – gonna help the team, go tsome experince, gonna jump in there and make us better and

    we suck, everything about us sucks – this guy is better then everything we ever had because he was with Pittsburg at one point and they won super bowls before and he is a great defensive mind guy –

    really – you can;t tell the difference – seriously – you can;t tell that every comment Songs makes starts with a putdown of the Eagles and a congratualtion of other teams.. really?

  18. Navy they were both excited about the addition of Donahoe regardless of the extra negativity of Songs. You could have easily used your arguments against
    how about this one Songs – in 1999 the year BEFORE Donahue got there the bills had the #2 D in the NFL – in 2000 that D fell to 19 then to 29 and when he got fired it was 24??

  19. Big E – true.. and if you noted up in my second post up near the top – I do need to watch that my dislike of anything Songs says does not influence my thinking – it is a good thing that the Eagles are bringing in outside ‘eyes’ and willing to look in new directions.. it is good this guy has lots of experience..

    thanks for making me take a second look and not let myself get too carried away – have a good Memorial day weekend

  20. Obviously my next question…Why does the FO need Howie Roseman at this point? Would it be ok for any other GM to basically be a pencil pusher on the job, in that particular position?

    While I suspect the guy knows how to draft LBs and secondary players. It’s obviously a good move for an organization in need of a senior type talent evaluator I question why they would hire him after the draft. Certainly he might be able to help with free agents during the cut down periods and for next year but I think he was available well before the draft. Small complaints except for the fact that Roseman seems to always be trying to fill gaps that as the GM he’s supposed to be filling.

  21. Sorry Paulman, but Andy isn’t going anywhere next year! I will be shocked if Donohue lasts more than 2 years here. Smart guy, but wrong personality…

  22. Belichek did not work out in Cleveland. It does not change the fact that he had good football knowledge.

    Andy Reid is not a good fit for Philadelphia, but his fast undersized teams would probably win a Superbowl if he coached in a dome or west coast team.

    This guy comes from a successful organization and may have learned a great deal that will help the Eagles. He can’t be any worst than that secondary coach we got from Dallas or the Offensive line coach we made a defensive coordinator, or the bum GM we shipped off to cleveland.

    The fact is Pittsburgh is not wishing about it, they have done it. There teams have been built to win in December and January.

    Andy Reid or somebody in the Eagle organization has changed for the better.

    Taking care of their own in the off season…

    Using more common sense in the draft..

    Bringing in more football knowledge to the organization…

    Las Vegas release the expected win totals of all the teams and had the Eagles ahead of the Giants. Others outside of Philadelphia can see the difference.

    We’ve already lost a All-pro tackle, (darn, he was really starting to dominate)

    So injuries will always effect the potential of a teams season.

    Most recent Superbowl champs have had a big letdown the following year. I’m not sure if the Giants have been raided like other Superbowl champs, but they were not that special in the first place(9-7). I believe that the death of the Packers coach son threw them off in the play-offs like it did the Colts when Dungy’s son died. The Colts won the superbowl the following year, and I think the Packers are still the best team in the NFC.

    With the corners and defensive linemen the Eagles have, and the increase in talent at the LB spot, their defense should dominate. However I just don’t believe Juan possesses the game day craftiness needed to outsmart the best offensive coordinators.

    I hope he has studied all off season and proves me wrong.

  23. Whats up crew? I think Howie and his young mind may be what this front office needed. He’s getting some SEC personnel in here(hands down the best conference in all of the NCAA), and we’re getting some scouts from winning organizations here. About time we get some new thinking in this place.

  24. Bsm, I agree with your conclusion about JC. I do not trust this guy at all against the better teams/coaches/Qbs in the league and just think he will get exposed again this year like he did last year when we play the better teams.

    We had 1 win (NYG) against a team that finished with a winning record last year. 1 FREAKING WIN…that is truly pathetic unless again you are a browns fan. Our defensive ranking was near 20 overall before we played that last 4 games against abysmal talent and coaching. 1 freaking win against good competition wont cut it…

    You would think those playoff teams we would have to face if we want a superbowl next year will have winning records…Pressure is on JC

    Pressure is on everyone for that matter…FO provided this guys with probowl talent all across the board last year…they got Djax and Shady signed…signed Ryans. Pressure is on for JC and Reid to show up or get the fuck out and let someone else try…I mean JC only had about what like 5 players who had a probowl on their resume? But yet somehow in one season most of them all just forgot to play defense hmmmm wonder why…Now he got another one in Ryans and a good draft to work with…There is no excuses for this guy. What does he need a probowler at every position on his D in order for him to be capable to stop the the good offenses on winning teams…

    We will see what happens…I hope this dude proves me wrong and himself and Reid will have all the opportunity to do so since we play 8 teams that finished with winning records last year. Cant wait to watch what happens

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