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Eagles TE Brent Celek Catching Plenty Of Passes

On Monday the Eagles were working on plays and defenses to use against the Washington Redskins.  Yesterday they were preparing for the Dallas Cowboys and today it will be the New York Giants.  Tomorrow the target will be the Cleveland Browns whom they play at the beginning of the season.

This has been a methodology of Andy Reid football teams since he took over the Birds in 1999.

Eagles tight end Brent Celek has been having a an outstanding camp.  He’s been catching everything thrown his way.  Michael Vick seems to be getting more comfortable throwing the ball his way, so Celek looks like he could be headed to a big year.

They’ve been keeping the tight end busy with all types of routes and they know defenses will only be able to use a linebacker to cover Celek.  The speed of DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin will keep the safeties and cornerbacks totally occupied.

Developing a connection with Celek will help Vick increase his completion percentage and consistency.  Throws to the tight end are usually easier to complete and it helps the quarterback regain his rhythm if he misses a couple of throws deep or outside to the wide receivers.  He can come back to his tight end on a short throw and get his confidence and rhythm back.

The only problem which could develop is poor play by left tackle Demetress Bell.  If Bell can’t hold his own, then Celek could be asked to pass block.

Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper and tight end Clay Harbor have both been dropping passes throughout the OTA’s.  They’re opening the door to other players to take their jobs.

Cooper has been given plenty of opportunity this week because DeSean Jackson hasn’t been here.  Jackson is in California attending to a family matter, so this is supposed to be Cooper’s time to shine.  He’s a big guy, who could grab a bigger role for himself in this west coast offense, but that means catching the football consistently.

The Eagles have been working on two-tight end sets with Harbor teamed up with Celek.  It’s a formation which would put defenses in a bind because it’s a strong run blocking set, but also strong in the passing game if the second tight end can consistently get open and catch the football.

Harbor has been able to get open, but he’s not catching the football with enough consistency.

Remember the name of number 85 Brett Brackett.  He’s a former Penn State Nittany Lions who was previously a wide receiver.  He’s got good speed, who runs good routes and catches the football.  Brackett isn’t much of a blocker, but he’s been turning heads with his ability to make things happen as a receiver. on Facebook

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15 Comments for “Eagles TE Brent Celek Catching Plenty Of Passes”

  1. A steady and sure handed TE is a QB’s best friend in the NFL. The tight end is becoming more and more important in most pro offenses ( just see all of the commenst regarding our Birds ability to cover a taller TE), and having Celek perform well will be one of the keys for Vick and this offense. G made a good point regarding Bell, and the problem it will cause if we have to keep Celek in to help him block instaed of stretching a defense.

  2. He’s no Crumpler…I’ll tell you that.

    If we can play no contact in shorts all year then..o k, but this guy will drop passes in the clutch when the money is on the line….I’m not the least bit excited…we need an upgrade at tight end…Like a Vernon Davis type.

  3. @Songs – Only if it were that easy… how many Vernon Davis are running around in the NFL? this is a great example of how low your football knowledge really is…Also you may want to look at the stats, V Davis and B Celek had pretty similar numbers this past season…In fact Celek had more rec yards.

  4. Yeah, he’s no crumpler – he’s EMPLOYED. Crumpler is a free agent and has been for a while. Songs go see a doctor. Your posts have gone from stupid to absolutely demented.

  5. Songs, if you are an Eagles fan I don’t know how you could have dislike for Celek. After last year he is my favorite Eagle on offense outside of McCoy. Dude plays hard…real hard on every play…shows heart consistently (unlike prolly the rest of the 75 percent of the team) he was doing/showing everything in his power to win a game or atleast score a TD even when more than half this team last year was quitting playing inexcusable football in many of the games… Most Didint show up but Celek did…Sure Celek might not be ELITE at anything but is very good at basically everything..

    Also how many times did he lay out for a catch knowing he was going to take a huge hit? Many other notable players on offense wouldn’t dare have done the same…

    HE also played hurt with some pretty substantial injuries all year while many others on this team would have def not considering the guts we have seen most of the players on the team from last year show on the field avoiding contact

    So yea I don’t think Celek needs to be upgraded. There are certain players on this team that need to be upgraded but the football player we have in Celek is not one of them..
    How about we upgrade HArbor? who ahs shown really nothing at all when there are rookie TEs that come in the league and dominate like beasts from the start
    How about the back up RB spot? Dion LEwis doesn’t do it for me and we would be doomed if he would be our primary back if Shady went down
    How about Avant and the rest of the WRs 3-5? His hands might be the most ovverrated I’ve ever seen
    How about obviously the Safeties?
    Just sayin much more to be worried about

  6. I was hard on Celek last Off-Season and stated my disappointment in his play for the 2010 Season,but later ound out that he was very banged up and obvisouly had to stay in a block a lot more , but he really came back in 2011 with a strong season and especially in the 2nd half of the Season adn when Heathy, is a important of a weapon and target as their is for Vick and this Eagles Offense.. Looks like he had some more off-season surgery wo he should be rested and rarin to go come Camp time.. and if anyone doesn’t think his blocking has improved 100% over the last couple of Seasons, then they are not paying attention.. Celek is one of the Top 5 All-Around TE’s in the Game in My opinion.. They are others who can catch the ball and have more speed, but he does everything well… I expect a big season from him..
    I just hope he stops giving the “first-down sign” about after every time he makes a catch..

  7. 7-9….Vick gets hurt midway through the season and every is asking…why didn’t the Eagles get an adequate back up when there was time?

  8. Eagles can Win with Kafka or Edwards at the hlem for a game or 2.. Any significant time, no, they would be in trouble as every other NFL Team would be in serioius trouble if their #1 QB Goes down.. CHeck Bears of Last year who were a bubble playoff team, sooon at Jay Cutler went down, adn then RB Forte, they were toast.. Take tom Brady Off the Patriots and see what they do, probably not as bad as the COlts did in 2011 withount MAnningin, but proabbly a 7-8 Win Team.. If the Eagles can get by this year and then will have Foles in place for 2013 and beyond as a capacble back-up for a game or 2 here or there..

  9. As long as there’s a McNabb out there who know the offense better than everyone on this team is out there, I’ll never except these bums backing up Vick. Mcnabb can sep in this offense in the event of an injury and this offense would not miss a beat. That’s what’s needed …not bum ass Edwards or bum ass Kafka….the rookie is a non factor here….every concern I’ve had before each season have come to reality…you all can ignore it if you want and get smoke blown up your ass about the improvements…but our Safety position, Juan Castinko as defensive coordinator, and bum ass back ups at QB will be the reason this team underachieve again….paste it.

  10. Songs reminds me of the old dude in his underwear with the cowboy hat from the movie Billy Madison –

    no matter how many times Billy (Adam Sandler) puts the little flaming bags of dog shit on the porch – the guy just steps in it –

    kind of an analogy for Songs and his postings…. just keeps stepping in shit

    did we not once have a season – here in Philly – not all that long ago Philly fans – where two gents named Detmer (a career holder) and a guy that had never started a game (Feeley) went on to win a bunch of games after McNabb got hurt? So Songs – being the ASS his is, has made the ASSumption Kafka can’t win a game or two – hell even ‘ASS’ Kolb won a few games douche! Songs also makes the ASSumption that the ‘Rookie’ will be a non-factor and the ASSumption that Edwards will even be around in Sept – but then again – Songs is an ass –

    Songs disreagrds several credible news sources that have stated Kafka’s mechanics have improved and he is showing greater arm strength..

    but the biggest ASSumption is a QB that has recently been cut from two teams and none of the other 31 teams care for is ‘better’ – isn;t it funny that each team typically keep 3 QBs – most have 4 on the rosters now – so there are 128 QBs (roughly) on NFL rosters…. and not one has offered to look at McNabb – as usual Songs – you are just plain wrong – but what else is new?

    and really songs – stop sniffing the glue, eating the paste, snorting the crack.. other then comic relief, who cares what you except – accept the fact the eagles are not going to sign McNabb, Burflict, Dawkins or TO…

    Buress – maybe a 3 to 5% chance…. i

  11. and remember Songs – Castinko had a defense that was higher ranked then the mighty Buddy Ryan with ‘Fierce LBs’ and Reggie white –

    but I guess when you can pick and chose which games to count during a season and which games to not count you can twist and contort your argumnet as much as you want… must be tough being such a negative bitch all day

  12. Did he say Mcnabb ?????.. LMMFBAO

  13. gotta…it’s funny you’re laughing about Mcnabb and Trent bum ass Edwards is the back up. What have he accomplished in this league?

  14. GLI – yep, he did – says that kinda stupid shit ALL the time! Maybe we can find Joe Nameth – he won a super bowl once! Songs is like that movie about the chick that bumped her head and woke up thinking it was 2004 or some shit… talking TO and McNAbb… I think he is the poster child for why kids to day have to wear helmets when they ride bikes…

  15. Actually Songs, Kafka is the backup….just saying! know your team!

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