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With Banner Out, Is Reid’s Seat Hotter Or Cooler?

Amidst the fallout of the abomination that we called the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles season, speculation that Andy Reid would be fired was running rampant.

Two days after the season ended, Jeff Lurie addressed the media where he built a case for letting Reid go before reversing his field and announcing he would stay.

Since then, we’ve now learned that Joe Banner is out as team president and there is much speculation that, despite what the Eagles say, he was basically “volun-told” to step down.  In other words, if there was indeed a power struggle, Andy Reid won.

And assuming that’s the case, that Reid made some sort of a power play like the one Sam Farmer of The L.A. Times reported about back in March, does this mean his future beyond 2012 with the Eagles is already secure?

After Lurie’s press conference (or even beforehand), the feeling was that the 2012 season would be make-or-break for Reid.  The minimum to save his job would be a deep playoff run, if not a Super Bowl appearance.

But what about now?  Would Lurie actually remove Banner, the man who has been with him from the beginning, and give Reid even more control if he thought that there was half-decent chance that Reid would be gone after the 2012 season?

It would seem to be a lot of trouble for Lurie to go through if he truly thinks this is a do-or-die year for Reid.  It would more-so seem that Lurie has chosen Reid over Banner and still sees Reid as head coach for 2012 and beyond.

However, there is another possibility we can consider.

Is Lurie giving Reid what he wants with the expectation that he’ll deliver Philadelphia its first-ever Super Bowl championship this season?  And if he fails, he’d still gone at the end of the year?

Even though Banner said he’ll be pursuing other ventures, he also said he’s going to be keeping an office at the NovaCare Complex “for a while.”  So, in other words, Banner’s not there…but he’s there still.

Now, this may be a shot in the dark, but could Banner be lurking in the background and waiting to see what happens this season with Reid in full-charge?  Should Reid fail, would Lurie fire him and just re-insert Banner as president or in some other position?

This could all of this be part of an agreement of sorts between Reid and Lurie in that Reid gets what he wants, but has to deliver.  And if not, see ya!

Hard to say, really.  On one hand, logic would seem to dictate that the Eagles have to go far into the playoffs this year for Reid to remain as head coach.  I mean, how many years can a coach keep his job without reaching the ultimate goal?

On the other hand, there’s also logic in the fact that Andy Reid is a good coach, is well respected around the league and beloved by his players.  If he were to get fired, he could have a job within the hour.

So, what do you think?  Is Andy Reid still on the hot seat in 2012 or did Lurie put some ice on it by removing Joe Banner from the picture? on Facebook

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7 Comments for “With Banner Out, Is Reid’s Seat Hotter Or Cooler?”

  1. This loser shouldn’t have a seat. Get him the hell outta here after another failed season filled with excuses based on his decisions.

  2. My Sources report that Coach AR will be signing a 3 Year Extension by the end of Summer Camp… Coach AR reportedly told some Staff Memebers that he plan’s on Coaching until “Songs” passes away from a rare Vaccine Strain Influenza casued by Song’s Headphones..

  3. The seat is so hot, that he has score marks on his @$$. It’s put up, or shut up time, big boy. No more scapegoats, fallguys, or excuses. SB, or bust. 14 years of Reid, is enough. Time for the next chapter, of the life of the Eagles. 1 year, to do it! BTW, did anyone else notice, how manys LB’s he lost? PAUL, tell your sources to STFU! LMFAO!

  4. I suspect the seat is smoking hot. Lurie just fired his best friend to resolve office drama, so of course Reid bares the additional weight of that. At this point Lurie questions Reid and he probably is finally starting to question Roseman…the guy with multiple titles and no responsibilities.

  5. Andy?

    Just read Coughlin is addressing his Superbowl Champs!

    And here’s Andy’s quote of the day I’ve just read.

    “We must keep the momentum rolling.”

    What freakin momentum?

    Look guys as long as this deluded prick believes we have momentum from last year we’ll never win anything.

    Reality questions!!!!

    Did we lose to Seattle at home?

    Did a poor Cardinal team come into the Linc and beat your team Andy with a backup QB, with your former QB of the future calling out your plays from the sideline?

    Did the team New England who team looked confused in the Superbowl against the Giants toy with your defense as if they were playing against an High school team?

    What freakin Momentum!!!!

    We’re not fools…you would be better off saying what you usually say that each season is different.

    You can’t say each season is different when you have a losing streak in the past, then change it to momentum after you win a few games last season…
    That ‘s a contradiction.

    Winners like Coughlin believes in one thing and that’s winning Superbowls..
    So stop trying to convince the fans we should take anything positive from last year….that line worked for Lurie but we’re not buying it!

    This is what fans take from last season.

    Juan Castillo is overmatched by the great offensive minds in this league and his defenses confuses no one.

    There’s nothing we’ve seen last year that changes that observation.

    We can have success within the division but that’s a gimme under Reid’s regime and his preparation for division rivals.

    OK..we got that

    But, there’s nothing we’ve seen gives us confidence that the Eagles can win against teams outside the division.

    Please stop talking about mimicking Giants defensive line play as a point of optimism also.

    We need Giants coaches!

    We need a guy like Marc Ross who we let go to the Giants and had a hand in picking the players…He don’t draft gimmicks..he draft receivers that can play within the numbers as possession receivers as well as big plays down the field.

    He draft linemen that are fundamentally coached up and does not depend on a scheme that have never won a Superbowl.

    Now, if we had their coaches coaching our players that would be reason for optimism.

    Andy there’s o momentum to roll with and you have one more season to show us what the hell you’re here for and there’s no excuses.

    WIN or leave and turnaround another losing organization…We find no solace in mediocrity.

  6. I like Reid without Banner in his way. He’s more relaxed and got a little more “pep” in his step. I believe we go on to win the SB this year and Reid gets a Gatorade Shower!

  7. Here’s a few teams that have been better than our Eagles for the last 14 years….

    New England, Giants, Steelers,Baltimore. Tampa Bay, New Orleans, Colts, Rams, Green Bay, Denver Broncos.

    Here’s the teams we’ve been on par with..Chicago, Panthers, Atlanta, Arizona, San Diego, Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks, Titans.

    I’m pasting this to give a dose of reality to Eagles fans who feel we’ve accomplished something during Banner/Reid’s Era here.

    They did real good for Lurie’s pocket but when you look at the rest of the league with the knowledge of revenue sharing..what have they really accomplished for the fans?

    New Stadium? we pay more to sit in it and watch our team lose.

    New workout facility?

    They claimed it was to lure big time free agents yet we let our players walk when we were on the cusp of winning it all.

    I pasted successful franchises that lost in the SB during Reid’s tenure to give levity to this closed minded philadelphia base thinking we’ve accomplished something.

    Look at the teams who didn’t win and compare our Eagles to that Tier, not the winning tier.

    Close only matters if they’re playing horseshoes

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