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Could The Lurie Divorce Impact The Eagles On The Field?

Philadelphia Eagles owners Jeff and Christina Lurie announced on July 4th that they will be divorcing after 20 years of marriage.  They are stating that the parting is amicable and the two “would remain close friends.”

And this in no way would impact anything as it relates to the team or organization.

Here are a few quotes, as provided by Susan Snyder and Bob Warner of the Philadelphia Inquirer:

We share the same goals for the Eagles that we have always had. We want a world championship team, of course, and we want to carry on the dedicated community service that is so much a part of this company’s heart and soul,” they wrote.

“We will strive to improve even further and make the Eagles a sports organization of which we are all very proud.”

“They are parting as close friends and will continue to work together as partners with the Eagles organization and in the meaningful work of the Eagles Youth Partnership and the Lurie Family Foundation.”

This is somewhat stunning news in an offseason that has been filled with mostly positives for the team.

Would the fact that the owners of a professional sports team are getting a divorce have any type of impact on the organization as a whole?  Particularly, the on-field product?

Logically, I wouldn’t think so.  They are far enough removed from the football side of things that it shouldn’t have any impact whatsoever.

This shouldn’t be as messy as the Frank and Jamie McCourt divorce that impacted the Los Angeles Dodgers a few years ago.  Theirs was a bitter split marked by court battles and ownership stake in the team.

The McCourt’s divorce was blamed for a decline in attendance, loss of revenue, and a lackluster 2010 season.  However, they appear to be the exception and not the rule.

Just before the beginning of last football season, Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank filed for divorce from his wife of 16 years, Stephanie.

The Falcons were coming off a 13-3 season in 2010 and made a bold move in the NFL draft to move up and snare talented receiver Julio Jones, as they thought he was all the team needed to take the next step.

In 2011, the team was thought to be a serious championship contender but got off to a sluggish start at 2-3 in their first five games.  They would end up with a 10-6 record and a quick exit in the wild card round.

Do you think the divorce could have had a slight psychological impact on the team that filtered down from above?  Sometimes when things are unstable at the top, it has a way of causing a ripple affect throughout an organization.

I don’t think the Lurie’s divorce will have any impact on the team this season.  They seem to be handling it the best way imaginable and genuinely do not want it to impact the team in any way.

Well, at least that’s what it sounds like.  Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into an ugly distraction that takes away from what could be a great year for the football team. on Facebook

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8 Comments for “Could The Lurie Divorce Impact The Eagles On The Field?”

  1. This team should be a reality show….They’ll probably win something in that field.

  2. Now that she is gone let’s hope Jeff shit cans that ugly green she picked and goes back to the Kelly Green and White of their Championship years 48-49-60

  3. Love triangle with Joe banner.

    Now that Joe isn’t an employee, the relationship can continue between Joe and Jeffrey without a threat of sexual harrasment.

  4. Main concern is how the $$$$$ gets split up
    Jeff won’t want to give her half ownership in the team so it will probably cost a bundle and a certain % of each years profits etc

    Or maybe half the team –she gets the defense he gets the offense

  5. the divorce seemed pretty amicable, per the article. Maybe shes not totaly money hungry and she settles out of court. I think we all have a bad taste in our mouth after that shit show the LA dodgers put on.

  6. Christina Luire was very active in her Role as wife of the NFL Team Owner and was pretty involved in some of the Charity work.. A definite season of personal turmoil for Jeff Lurie.. The struggles between his HC Andy Reid and his long time best friend and confidant in Joe Banner and now his wife,,,I expect there is something else going on behind the scenes… Could we possibly see Joe Banner and a consortium of financiess/business partners purchase the Eagles Franchise from Lurie down the road… Lot’s of moving parts as usual.. No matter how amicalbe this divorce is, the fact that Luries net worth is worth over a $1 Billion could make the Divorce Settlement and very complicated and heated process for the prties involved..

  7. Heard a report that Joe Banner and Christina Lurie are about to enter into a Professional and Personal Partnership with the hopes of bringing a NFL Franchise to Los Angeles… Right now talks are going on with the SL Rams ,Oakland Raiders, Jacksonville Jaguars, Minnesota Vikings, and yes the Philadelphia Eagles about moving out west .. NFL has talked about 2 Teams playing/sharing an All-World Stadium and Entertainment Facility (1 Team fromthe NFC and 1 Team from the AFC) Stay Tuned…

  8. Something here is missing I hope they sell he team.

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