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Reactions To The Sixers’ Free Agency Moves

As we all know by now, the Sixers have signed Nick Young, amnestied Brand, and said good-bye to Lou-Will and hello to Dorell Wright/Darryl Watkins. I will get to Lou first. I have been very hard on Lou at times with his awful shot selection and the way he was used at certain points of a game. So maybe I should be blaming Doug as well. I have already done that a few times.

Lou had a nice career here. It’s just time for him to move on. He could always score but I was just so tired of watching the offense live and die in his hands. Thank God, I will not see that foolish four corners play with him at the end of games (example of use) anymore. Later, LouWillVille have fun in the ATL.

Elton my man, I really hate to see you go.  It was strictly a business move. It had to be done. EB brought toughness and leadership every single night.  His post defense is still much underrated. It would have been nice to have Brand in his younger years. They could not officially amnesty him until yesterday. The teams that are under the cap have the first shot at him. It looks like Dallas is on the verge of picking him up. I thought what ever team picks him up they would have to pay $4 million of his salary, but I was wrong. They will have to pay what ever they bid on Brand. The Sixers will pay the rest.

At first, I did not know how to feel about the Nick Young signing. He can really shoot the rock, but he also has never seen a shot he did not like.  The more I thought about it made me start changing my mind. He will fit nicely in-between Jrue and Evan. He does not need the ball in his hands to be effective. That is one of the Sixers biggest issues, they have too many of the same type of players. Nick loves to spot up behind the arc and he does it well. The bonus out of all this is that his contract is only a one year deal worth $6 million. Not to shabby there, Sixers.

Now this where it gets confusing, then the Sixers go ahead and trade forDorell Wright. OK, then. Welcome to “The Land of The Small Forwards.”  Wright is a decent player. He is a good catch-and-shoot guy. He actually led the NBA in three-pointers made two years ago. The Sixers also received center Darryl Watkins in the trade. The trade ended up being a three team deal between Golden State/Hornets/Sixers. All I have to say is that Thorn you better have a plan after having about seven guys that all play the same position. I mean, something has to give right? I would think Iggy is the one who will be gone. I really have no clue though. This is one of the craziest off-seasons in the NBA that I can remember.

I thought I was done with this post but then rumors started to fly that Thad Young was traded for Kris Humphries. They ended up being false. I actually tweeted Humphries myself to find out if he was traded, but he did not respond. The one thing out of all this craziness, the Sixers will have plenty of cap room for the 2013 free agents class. That class is loaded.

I guess I should mention Spencer Hawes. I will never understand that signing. At least his contract is not awful at two years for $13 million. Its another short-term, low-risk deal. The Sixers have done a good job with contracts this off-season. on Facebook

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64 Comments for “Reactions To The Sixers’ Free Agency Moves”

  1. I think a move for a proven PF is what left and a back-up pure Point Guard..
    I see 2 players from the SF position traded for that PF..
    Is it Iggy & Moultrie to the Pacers for David West and a Guard..

  2. Indy is not moving west. No way.

  3. A bummer report out..
    Pacers traded Guard Darren Collison and defensive specialists Dohanty Jones to the Mavs for a Back-up Center Ian Mahinmi (who i’ve never heard of)… I always liked Collison’s game as pure PG who could be a perfect back-up For some team.. MAvs also sign Center C Kaman and all 3 Players have expiring contracts as they reload for next Season after losing Jason Kidd, Jason Terry but pick-up some serviceable NBA Players..

  4. why would you even want David West on the Sixers?, and give them your biggest pawn, and a player that will be starting at some point in his career, with some size at a position you need even more size? for a 6-8 overhyped crumb?


  5. Just to upset you GMCliff..
    I rather have David West than Iggy ot Thadd and if they added Guard Collison,
    I would have done that in a heart beat..
    Let me ask you this GM, why do you overvalue Thadd Young so much.. What do you see in his game that will make him legitiamte Starter/All-Pro ??
    I love his energy,but that’s about it and you have to actually have a lot more going for you besides energy and leaping abilitily.. He cannot shoot well, he cannot handle the ball well, he doesn’t pass that well, he doesn’t block out and rebound that well.. What does Thadd Young do well besides running and jumping .. I just don’t see NBA Skills with a player whose been in the NBA since 2008… He looks as raw to me basketball skills in 2012 as he did when he came out of Georgia Tech and that was 5 years ago.. He’s peaked
    AAt least David West, I will get 2-3 SOlid Years with 18-22 pts and 8-12 Rebounds every night and has sixe and strength and knows how to use his body in the Paint where Thadd has no idea…

  6. I would take West all day over Thad. West is a leader and a warrior. Guy had a hell of a season last year coming off knee surgery.

  7. I’m kinda liking Jrue’s brother Justin. I know it’s only summer league, but I think he can really ball. 18 points in our recent summer league win and he’s very..did I say very? very aggressive. He’s thin as a rail but he can shoot the rock. Sixers need to think about signing this guy…we’ve had bums on the bench last year..why not sign a player. he’s 6’6″ with a 7′ wingspan….backup shooting guard…cuz Evan stinks!!! JUSTIN HOLIDAY!!!!! sign the man SIXERS!!!! sign him

  8. Paul, you CLEARLY, don’t know Basketball. Stick to Baseball, football, & Paulmandamous. LOL!!!! David West?!?!? SHEESH!!!!

  9. David West would be the best PF on 76ers Roster, who else do they have Dcar.. Lavoy Allen ??? or Unproven Rookie A Moultrie?? C’Mon’ Man.. I admit the NBA and NHL are not my strong suits… I follow COllege Basketball a lot closer than the NBA and Hockey Teams Players,Teams,Coaches foreiggn players come and go so often that I just don’t follow it much outside of the Flyers

    If Pacers Resign HIbbert which it appears they will, they still have PF T Hansbrough, Draft Pick Miles Plumlee and SF Danny Granger on their front line and may be willing to deal a Player like David West… I would take the Pacers Frontline over the 76ers any day..

  10. @paulman

    david west? really ? david west? the man that just had acl surgery, and slowed down this year significantly ???? unless you are trading for 2008 david west, you are retarded

  11. larry johnson would be the best PF on their roster too, maybe they should go sign him. Why would they take on 10 mill for ANOTHER 6-9 PF ? for 1 year

  12. I disagee Zoltek
    His Career Averages are 16 Pts and 7 Rebounds per Game
    He’s a Career 49 % Shooter from the field and a very good 84% from the Free Throw line.
    His ACL Injury was at the middle of the 2010-2011 Season and last season he played in 66 Regular Season games and 11 Playoff Games so his knee obviously healed and his 2011-2012 Stats bare that out
    66 Regular Season games (in a shortened Season)
    13 Pts and 6.5 Rebounds while maintaining his 49% shooting from the floor and 81 % from the Foul Line
    In 11 Playoff games for the Pacers he averaged 15 pts and 8.5 Rebounds

    Do the 76ers have a PF on their Roster who can average this type of production consistently game in and game out and provide a Veteran Big Body.. West is 31 Years and keeps himself in great shape and still has a good 3-4 Prodcutive years ahead of him… The 76ers need a proven PF and who else do some of you guys think the 76ers can add to this Roster to fill this void..

  13. An NBA source confirmed that the team and big man Kwame Brown agreed to a one-year deal with an option for a second year on Friday.

    Brown, the first overall pick in the 2001 draft, averaged 6.3 points and 6.4 rebounds for the Warriors last season. He was limited to nine games because of a torn pectoralis major, the muscle which connects the chest to the shoulder.
    A 6-11, 270-pound center, Brown has averaged 6.8 points on 49 percent shooting and 5.6 rebounds in 11 NBA seasons for the Wizards, Lakers, Grizzlies, Pistons, Bobcats and Warriors.

  14. Bang we got kwame brown. The sixers master plan is all coming together now. Championships. !

  15. I wonder when they will start selling kwame jerseys. That is a must own for true sixers fans.

    Championships !

  16. I’d rather 76ers go out and sign Shaq O’Neal out of Retirement, Kwame Brown will play in about 25 games this Season missing many wiith various ailments

  17. I’d rather Paulman shut the hell up.

  18. Sixers should’ve have that 6 million to cole as a bonus from the city if he stays. That would be more beneficial to the city and it’s fan base.

  19. Thank god for training camp.

  20. Paul, David West, is a small forward, he is not a Power Foward.I dont question that HE IS A GOOD PLAYER, but not for the Sixers.He would be an undersized Power Foward; he is 6-8, 6-9, like Elton Brand.

    This Franchise needs some fresh ideas. Collins, and Thorn are out of touch. This Kwame Brown signing proves it. They have to be thinking of doing a fire sale of players during the regular season, compiling draft picks, and putting themselves in a position to get 2- 3 max players.

    Paul, How would like to see Kevin Love here? It’s possible, he can opt out, and they aren’t contending anytime soon; a possible trade partner to unload Igoudala, before the end of the season.

    You know I’m still hoping Aldridge get tired of playing for Portland, but we’ll just keep praying, dreaming etc…But, he is an unrestricted free agent in 2014, and Kevin Love, has an early termination clause in 2013. Both could be unloaded before then…..I like that.

    They have to be waiting for next year to make a splash then, and perhaps go after someone like: Kobe, D.Wade, Alec Burks, Klay Thompson…..

    Also, they may put themselves in position for some lottery picks. Its a shame but, we may have to wait two years before we can actually contend.

  21. Sixers sign Kwame Brown 2 yr deal 6mm

  22. I disagree GMCliff, David West has played the PF Position his entire career, yes he an step out and hit a jump shot, but the PAckers had Danny Granger as their SF and David West played PF as he did with the Hornets… You are incorrect and off-base with your David West Assesment.. C’Mon Liff, You are going to have to pick-up your game around here…
    Other NBA News, Rockets to waive PF Luis Scola who I wouln’t mind seeing in a 76er Uniform..
    Mavs win the bidding for former 76er Elton Brand at $2.1 million with the 76ers on the hook for $16.1 Million of his Salary, though it woun’t count towards the 76ers Salary Cap… Paulman called this over a week ago if Jon Hart is keeping Score,,,

  23. To GmCliff
    Davds West 6-9 240 lbs, Elton Brand 6-0 250 lbs and Kevin Love is 6-10 260lbs and all play PF in the NBA

  24. Paul, …………please, you guys don’t even really know basketball. My game is fine. David West game is more of a small forward, rather than a typical Power Forward. So although he is listed as a Power Forward, I see him as a small forward.

    Uhh, you may want to pick your game up because Elton Brand isn’t 6 feet tall either, as you listed him. Thats not a typo either because he’s not 6-10, he is 6-8……LOL….Just a little fun with you buddy.

    I wouldn’t mind Scola , but you have heard me mention Donatas Montejunas, many times in reference to the Sixers. I have stated on, as well as Comcastsportsnet post, that they should have drafted him instead to Nick Vucevic. 25 pts, 13 rebounds, tonight……..My game is just fine; its better than Collins, and Thorn thats for sure.

    Here is a name for the future as a real small forward superstar Karon Iverson, 6-9 230, handles like Kobe, shoots like Chris Mullin, plays defense like Lebron….remember that name when you question my game.

    • David West game in no way resembles a small forward…firstly, he is not quick enough to take a man off the dribble on the perimeter (especially since he will be guarded by SF’s who are a bit smaller and quicker)…he is not quick enough to slash off ball, nor is he able to create his own shot off the dribble..David West at SF, will make your team one of the slowest in the league..David West game is 16ft in like most power forwards…Strength of his game is his ability to utilize his body on post ups, and quick catch and shoot, pick and roll….

  25. Is that Allen’s sister? Cliff Philly doesn’t have a wnba team, maybe the sixers should join that league though they could have a shot there. Brittney greiner would dominate Kwame brown though.

  26. He is the best junior high school basketball player in the country, who happens to be Allen Cousin, in Connecticut……your sarcasm, more than emphasizes, my knowledge of prospects in this sport, as superior to you Mhenski, and Paulman.

    Paul is the man in football, but basketball is my jurisdiction.

    Karon, is a talented young MAN……He won’t be drafted into the WNBA…sorry I didn’t laugh. Maybe you should follow Pauls advice, and learn to pick up your game with some research brother.

  27. Cliff I could care less about a junior in high school or a junior in college or anything in between I’m a pro guy and only care about pros or guys that could help my team which a junior in college can’t. Nevertheless it is interesting to me that you do. Seems like it could be a fun hobby.

    I did look up this iverson kid though and the one and only article I read stated the following about him:

    Karon Iverson          6’9                  Northwest Catholic(Connecticut) There’s not much more to be said about him. Has all of the ability to be a dominating player. I’ve heard from so many sources that cover this region of how good this kid is. All I saw was bad body language, bad teammate, plays selfishly and no sense of urgency. Actually his team made most of their runs when he wasn’t playing and on the bench. He needs a wake up call or he’ll find himself out of the game. Which is a shame because he has so much ability with his size ability to put the ball on the floor and finish above the rim.

  28. This organization finally does the right thing in using the amnesty clause on Brand, & has management has actually managed to make the team worse. Nick Young?!? Dorell Wright?!? Daryl Watkins?!?!?!? $6.5M to re-sign Mr. SOFTEE!!!!!???????? $6M FOR KWAME F^#@ING BROWN, THE BIGGEST BUST IN NBA HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????? THIS IS THEIR PLAN?!? THIS IS IMPROVING THEIR ROSTER?!? THEY ARE A DISGRACE & AN EMBARRASSMENT!!!!!!!! THIS IS 1 OF THE MOST HIDEOUS LINEUPS, THAT I’VE EVER SEEN!!!! It’s pretty bad, when expansion teams, & teams like the Clippers surpassed you. IT IS UNACCEPTABLE, to have a team in a top 5 revenue city, & field slop like this! THERE IS NO DIRECTION, NO PLAN & NO MORE SHOES TO DROP!!!!!!! BTW, WE STILL HAVE STINKADALA!!!!!! THEY WON’T GET A CENT FROM ME AGAIN, UNLESS THEY DRASTICALLY CHANGE, & ALSO GET RID OF STINKADALA!!!!!

  29. mh, Iverson is a good, young, player. How he can project onto the next level, is anyones guess! GM, is a pretty good judge in B-Ball. He probably keeps up with the kids more than anyone on here. Even more than myself. BTW, I OFFICIALLY CAN’T STOMACH THORN & COLLINS!!!! F^#@ THE BOTH OF THESE CLUELESS, OUT OF TOUCH, MOOOOOOOORONS!!!!!!!!

  30. Mhenski, they had articles like that about Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron, whn they were in high school. I sift through the hate, and pay attention to the talent.

    I have kept an eye on a lot of nba draftees before they got to college. I just mentioned him, because if the Sixers, are gonna wait until the future to try to develop a championship team,…….should we keep an eye on whats talent is gonna be available for the future. Thats why I comment, and post with insight, as much as personal viewpoint.

    I know my buddy Paulman does the same for football. Thats why he should be repected, and payed attention to before, during, and after the season, and I trust, and respect his opinions. I just presenting the same with basketball.

    Your post are great too mhenski!! But you have to admit, what I wanted to do for the Sixers was a better plan, than what they’ve done so far. I wished G would post my opinions on 94 WIP, so doug Collins, and Rod Thorn can hear, and comment on, because I agree DCar they are completely out of touch.

    DCar if I were GM, Igoudala would have been gone, and we would be challenging for a championship the following year. My game is just fine.

  31. Check out Youtube on Karon Iverson fellas

  32. GM, you are OK in my book. You actually base your comments/ opinions, on facts, reserch & using your eyes/ brain, like myself, unlike some of theses @$$puppets on here like Jon Hart & a few other dopey imbeciles. BTW, YES, THORN & COLLINS ARE STUPID, CLUELESS, OUT OF TOUCH, MORONS!!!! IT’S NOT EVEN A DEBATE!

  33. Cliff they were sucking brons dick in high school maybe they criticized Kobe but not bron. Shit brons high school games were televised.

  34. Dcar totally agree with your frustration this is a totally pathetic team with a boring personality and will be dreadful to watch again. They even got rid of fan favorite louuuuu. This team literally has no fucking clue at all.

  35. I too trust and respect GMCliff’s eye for talent and roster evalautions for both th NBA and NFL… I admit, Basketball and the NBA is not a Sport I follow very close, I enjoy the College Game and have enough understanding of the game and far as what players would likely fit a particular system or fit well with Teammates.. The Way the Rosters Change every Season, It’s hard to keep up with the NBA and NHL for tha matter.. It’s a revolving door for Players & Coaches which is why there are the same 4-5 Teams every Season that have a real shot of Winning while the rest are window dressing for the league.. I may disagree with everyone on hear from time to time but I do repsect everyone’s opinions and especially the knowledgeable and passionate fans that are reguklars on hrere.. Enjoy your weekend..

  36. Lol!!! thats true Mhenski!!!…..Just keep an eye on Iverson. I would love him to be our starting SF, ONE DAY

  37. More NBA News

    NY Knicks Obtain PG Raymond Felton & Veteran C/F Kurt Thomas as they continue to add expereince and quality players to their Roster (Jason Kidd,Marcus Camby and now Felton & Thomas to go along with Melo and Stoudemare.. Probably a good chance that Guard Jeremy Lin may end up signing with the Rockets who offrered him a deal ..

    Brooklyn Nets added PG CJ Watson rom the Bulls to add depth with a 2 Year Deal

    New Orleans Hornets have decided and offically match Arizona’s offer to Guard Eric Gordon who appears will be staying with the Nornets as
    Mhenski called for a coupld weeks back,,, This gives the Hornets a solid nucleaus of Guards Jarrett Jack, Eric Gordon & Austin Rivers to go along with Top Pick PF Anthony Davis to go along with Ryan Andersons and SF Aminu and Centers/PF Brad Miller and Jason Smith…

    Bobcats signed PF Spencer Haywood who was amnestied by the Mavs and the Hornets got him for approx $2.2 Million for the Mavs are responsible for the remaining $4 Million.. Bobcats also signed Guard Ramon Sessions for a steal from the Lakers whoch didn’t need Sessions since they got S NAsh.. Sessions has a lot of upside if he gets the right Coacinh and has good players around him.. He may blossom in Charlotte meanwhile the 76ers are quiet… Looks like Teams like the NEts,Celts,Knicks,Heat,PAcers have reloaded while Teams like the 76ers, Wizards have stood still meaning they have fallen behind.. Even Teams like teh Hawks,Bobcats,Bucks and Raptors have made some changes t become more competitive,,, This may be a long Season fo the 76ers

  38. Paul,….. Jack was traded.

  39. woops, missed that one, where did he go..
    you have to like what the Mavs have done also this off-season even though they lost Jason Kidd, J Terry and now amnesties S Haywood, but they signed C Kaman, E Brand, Darren Collison,Dahanty Jones and took on some expriing COntracts and could be big players come next Off-Season while maintaing a competitive Roster in the tough Western Conference,,
    I think the 76ers have been left behind here this Off-Season and as presently sitauted Roster Wise, will be difficult to win 36-40 games

  40. An early Paulman Prediction of the NBA Eastern Conference for 2012-2013

    1) Miami Heat
    2) Brooklyn Nets
    3) Chicago Bulls
    4) Boston Celtics
    5) Indiana Pacers
    6) Milwaukee Bucks
    7) Atlanta Hawks
    8) Celeveland Cavaliers

  41. SIXERS ARE A F^#@ING JOKE!!!!!!!

  42. Dcar does anyone do anything right? In your opinion every coach, GM, player in Philly is terrible…that is based on fact

  43. The brooklyn Nets are not going to make any noise. They don’t have enough. Wiliams, and Joe Johnson, are good but, they don’t match up well against, Chicago, Boston, Indiana,Milwaukee, or Miami. I would go so far to say they’re not that much better than the Sixers backcourt.

    The Nets need alot more to contend. Their offseason was a failure without the aquisition of Dwight Howard. Without him they are still the dry Nets. I don’t know what people are seeing in the Nets. Billy King is still overvaluing scrubs like Gerald Wallace; Some people will say…”He’s Good”…..HE’S A BUM!!!

  44. haveaclue, go back up Amaro’s @$$, mind your F^#@ing business, & let the knowledeable fans, talk about reality. You can stay in your fantasy, La La land, where you belong. Mind your business, & don’t be salty with me, because I’ve proven you wrong, umpteenth times on here. Go away, & shut the f^#@ up. I know what I’m taling about, you don’t, numbnuts!

  45. Seek counseling. You think you know more than Collins,amaro, Reid, Manuel and everyone else. Shows how stupid and angry you are

  46. Just a little education…..Ya’ll know best to leave my man DCar alone PREFERABLY,……… with a beer, and his joygasm equipment…………LOL!!!

  47. Man? He is a 12 year old spoiled brat ! Beer? Give him a beer and you’d be arrested!
    If he’s not 12 he’s 35 and living in mommys basement

  48. haveaclue, let’s get a few things straight, little man! I’m 42 & my parents are dead, you clueless, classless, know-nothing, piece of dung! How am I spoiled, you nonsensical retard?!? Also where did I ever say I knew more than our team leaders?!? Only you I know more than! Just look at all of the times I’ve proved you wrong, & made you look like an @$$, with all of your baseless, factless, clueless, irrational, delusional, flat out incorrect, arguments & mindless Amaro & Phillies butt slurping. Don’t get mad at me, & try to make a futile, pathetic attempt, to make me look bad, because you are an imbecilic, know-nothing, douchebag. Just because I’m brutally honest, & don’t except, nor tolerate idiocy & stupidity, doesn’t make me incorrect! I was correct about everything with the Phillies & I’m correct about the 76ers! Apparently, you don’t have the brain, nor mental capacity, to grasp reality, so try starting, by taking your head out of Amaro’s @$$, opening your eyes, drop the pom-poms & stop thinking you’re Super-fan. I’ve forgot more about life, than you’ll ever know Son! Again, IF YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH & REALITY, TOO F^#@ING BAD!!!!!!!

  49. BTW, to answer your original question, yes, alot of people, do things right. IMHO, the Birds had a great off-season & I’m excited about this year, & the Flyers have rebuilt a good young nucleus. When the teams deserve & warrant criticism, I will do so accordingly, whether I love them, or not, whether you like it, or not!

  50. Car, ivecoached h.s sports for 32 years, I’ve won state championships and been 1-9. I understand that leadership and decision making sometimes things work out for and sometimes they don’t. You make decisions that go your way and sometimes they don’t. You make decisions after the fact without having a clue as to what the leaders are thinking. You say things like amaro could have signed cole for some amount and years that YOU make up, you make up what the Phil’s ofer and what cole WOULD sign for. You have no fucking idea

  51. Paul – no faith in the knicks?

  52. Only is the Knocks move Amare Stoudemeir, than they have a chance to be a decent Team.. Both Stoudameir and Melo don’t play much Defense and if you have them on the court at the same time is problems for the Knicks
    Knicks did add Camby who will help, I think Stoudamire will be moved
    and possibly to the 76ers for Iggy and another player… Yikes..

  53. NO, havenoclue, I don’t make up opinions after the fact! If you have been on here long, you would know that along with Paul, I’ve been stating the same, consistent, things for over 2 years, you clueless, imbecile! I don’t make $#!T up, just to appease my jollies, & to try to make myself sound intellectual, or intelligent, like some @$$clowns on here do. I actually read, research, watch all sports, & actually use my eyes, ears & brain! I don’t base my comments & opinions, on what I feel with my heart! I have a brain, & I’m not bogged down by being an irrational, delusional, blind loyalist, excuse making, stepford, that you CLEARLY ARE! If you actually knew WTF you were talking about, you would have known that all of WIP, MLB Network, ESPN, & many other sites, have reported that the Phillies have made at least, 2 prior offers to Cole! So before, you cluelessly & unwarrantedly, rip me for making $#!t up, why don’t you actually do a little research, & GET A F^#@ING CLUE, YOU TROLL! I know, of what I speak! If you have coached & won championships for over 30 years, AS YOU SAY YOU HAVE, you would be a little more informative, knowledgeable & realistic, in your assessments of situations! Anyone CAN CLAIM, to have done ANYTHING, as an internet Glory boy, as yourself! From what has come out of your comments, makes you an apologist, who excepts falure, losing & makes excuses. I’ve actually played sports my entire life. I’ve played college baseball & American Legion, was scouted by several teams, & played until my knees wouldn’t allow me too, no longer. I am & was friends with, several major leaguers, including Bobby Higginson, John Marzano, Pat Burrell & ex NBAer’s Lionel Simmons & Aaron McKee. I’ve worked with, & around Sports, in many different forms & capacities, my entire adulthood. I am friends with, & an acquaintance with Brian Baldinger, Mike Golic, & Micheal Smith. I worked Security as a 2nd/ Fun job, for all 4 teams at the Vet, Spectrum, Wachovia, & Citizens Bank, from 1987-2003, to help put myself through schooling, for different fields. So don’t EVER try to tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about. YOU DON’T HAVE NO CLUE! THAT’S WHAT YOU SHOULD CHANGE YOUR NAME TO! I base everything I SAY & DO, OFF OF, WHAT I RESEACH, HEAR & SEE! So take your clueless, irrational, delusional self, back up the Golden boy, Amaro’s @$$!!!!!

  54. uh huh… if you have those friends you would know that accomplished people don’t throw anonymous daggers on the internet. You never say you know what gm’s, owners and coaches intentions are. you would know that there are ups and downs. and when a down happens you wouldn’t throw those anonymous daggers. I’ve told you to get counseling but i was wrong because there is no cure for stupid and you a.hole are STUPID


    The 76ers have reportedly signed veteran G Royal Ivey.
    Ivey has played for the Sixers before and he gives them another ball-handler off the bench, something they needed in the absence of Lou Williams.

  56. haveaclue, I would love to meet you, to show you what kind of counseling I need, you dirtbag, knownothing. The people I know aren’t throwing the daggers, I am. BTW, numbnuts, you are the only stupid, @$$hole on here, that is hiding behind a computer, talking $#!t about me. As I’ve stated before, just because I’ve proven you to be incorrect, & a knownothing moron, on many occations on here, doesn’t make it go away, by trying to pathetically, make me look bad, with your spin, & clueless, mindless, character assassinations & BS! I don’t have to, nor need to prove anything, to a meaningless douchebag, like yourself. Go educate yourself, before you try to act like you’re better than, & know more than me, or anyone else on here. I come on here, because it gives me the forum to vent my dislikes & concerns, with my fellow fans. If you want to wave pom-poms, & kiss @$$, go put on a dress, & apply for the Eagles cheerleaders. If you don’t like what I have to say, I don’t give a $#!t, because you don’t have a clue. Again, if me being real, level headed, rational, truthfull, factfull, & living in reality, makes me in need of counseling, as you say, what does that mean for you? You are irrational, delusional, factless, baseless, ill-informed, & a flat out, imbecilic moron. You are the one in need of therapy, douchebag!

  57. If you were accomplished and you were successful and secure you wouln’t go off on long internet tirades claiming how smart you are. You are insecure, lonely and pathetic. you were/are a bully and it is shown in your useless rants on here. it is so funny that someone can push your buttons on a computer. man this is hilarious.

  58. I was on vacation but now IAM BACK with a Bang!


    Reports are that the Sixers Lakers Nuggets and Magic are involved in a 4 team trade discussion for Dwight Howard.. theyve all been heavy in talks the last few days and a deal could go down at any moment. Stay Tuned

  59. jon hart …

    my sources tell me : iggy to denver – bynum to phila – howard and harrington to LA… magic receive gasol, picks and salary relief

  60. oh and my souce is doug collins aka yahoo sports

  61. Hearing the 4 team deal can go down as early as friday morning. Bynum to the sixers. Dre to the Nuggets, Vuc to the Magic. Also hearing that the Sixers dont mind that they have no assurance from Bynum that he will resign with the team.

    My Thoughts: WOW.

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