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Report: Phillies Ready To Make A “Substantial Offer” To Cole Hamels

Within the next couple of weeks, we may have the answer to whether or not Cole Hamels will be a member of the Phillies after the 2012 season. Jayson Stark of ESPN reports that the Philadelphia front office is preparing a substantial contract offer for the impending free agent.

This sounds like the team’s last ditch effort to get their young star to commit long-term. To have any chance of getting Hamels to agree to an extension now, the team is going to have to offer an average salary of at least $25 million per year, and the contract will need to be more than five years in length. If the ace doesn’t agree to the team’s offer, the Phillies may feel much more inclined to trade him before the July 31st deadline.

It’s difficult for me to imagine Hamels signing an extension at this point in the season, unless he truly has desires to be in Philadelphia for the long-term. Many players have dreams about the day they get to test free agency in their prime, and Hamels would be just mere months away from hitting the open market and seeing just how much he’s worth to other teams.

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10 Comments for “Report: Phillies Ready To Make A “Substantial Offer” To Cole Hamels”

  1. Making a last minute mega offer is a win/win proposition – if they sign him, the Phillies lock up a stud pitcher in the prime of his career. If he rejects the offer and tests free agency, his fans and teammates will probably better accept the resulting trade. The best of all worlds would be a trade followed by resigning him in free agency, but doubt that happens.

  2. Amaro with another blunder – undervalued Cole and could have locked him up for 5 yrs $80m in the offseason

  3. Jott get real cole would have never took 5 years 80 million this offseason. Never.

  4. Mott that is an assanine comment. To think cole would take that he is gonna get close to $160 for 7 years. If he gets that and he will get that 7th year idiots on here will talk about how he won’t be worth it in the 7th year

  5. jott, they offered him a 5 year, $85M contract during the end of last year, & he refused. Why would you blame him to wait? I would! The Phillies mistake, was they thought Cole would give them a hometown discount, like Jered Weaver gave the Angels! Another f^#@ up, in the long list of f^#@ ups, on Amaro’s resumé. Why would Hamels except anything less than a Sabathia, Lee type of contract, when he is much younger, in his prime, still on the rise, & IMHO, is better than the both of them. If the Phillies aren’t ready to pony up at least a 6-7 year, $25M per, he’s gone. THAT’S REALITY MY BOY’S! So either we give him the contract, after we trade Lee either now, or the off-season, or we get the best package for Hamels now! $#!T, OR GET OFF THE POT AMARO! THIS SEASON’S A LOSS, & IT’S TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE! THEY ARE HOT GARBAGE!!!!

  6. I don’t think if cliff lee’s mother was the gm of any MLB team she would trade a wooden nickel for him.

  7. Reports from Cleveland is that the Indians have pulled their offer of young CF Brantley and 2 Top Level Prospects for LHP Lee.. His Value is dropping a prospect with every Start,,

  8. @haveacigar

    You’re wasting your time bro. Some on here just like bitching for the sake of bitching. Whether one likes Amaro or not, to somehow suggest he bungled this think with Cole is beyond assinine. Has the trade deadline ended? I was under the impression it was the 31st of this month. God forbid they turn this thing around. then it’ll be a new set of bitching along with bs inside sources of certain players trade value declining and this or that. Now Cliff Lee can’t play anymore….lol.

  9. Even in his prime LEFTY had a couple of sub par years with a .350 winning percentage. Then followed by great Years. After 27-10 he went 10- 19 I think.
    Lee is fine
    These A.holes would have traded him that year oh and by the way at 35 and 37 he won 23-24 games! No I’m not comparing them I’m saying that mid 30’s are not a death knell to ball players and the contracts to him and lee are SOUND and were the right decisions

  10. Great Lefty analogy. But I guess according to some on this site, carlton was a scrub too.

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