Report: Eagles To Give Physical To Jeremy Shockey

According to Reuben Frank of CSNPhilly, a league source informed him that the Philadelphia Eagles will bring in former New York Giants, New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers tight end Jeremy Shockey for a physical.  Of course, he’s a free agent now and able sign with any team in the league.  It sure looks like the Birds are interested in bringing in another tight end with pass catching ability.

I had already learned that the Birds were taking a look at Vicanthe Shiancoe, now the news comes out that Shockey will be making a trip this way as well.  The former Miami Hurricane is a four-time Pro Bowler, who has the ability to excel in every area of the game.

I think the interest in Shockey and Shiancoe is due to the inability of backup tight end Clay Harbor to catch the ball consistently during the OTA’s.  Harbor has good size and speed, but he was dropping too many balls during the off season workouts.

Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg were running routes for him, but he couldn’t catch the football.

I think the success of the New England Patriots and their use of the two-tight end offense will be seen thoughout the league.  The Eagles like other teams are going to make the two-tight end attack part of their offense.

11 thoughts on “Report: Eagles To Give Physical To Jeremy Shockey

  1. Using a two tight pass catching tight end formation will give Vick a chance to get rid of the ball on quick drops –He better because with out the extra blocking problems will occur

  2. I stated a couple years back that the 2 TE Set was going to be pretty common in the NFL and that Teams that can put 2 viable pass-receivers really puts a lot of pressure on opposing Defenses in which presents many mis-matches..
    Teams like the Patriots,Lions,Bengals,Packers,Texans,Saints,Ravens have been doing this for the last couple of seasons and now it appears that many other teams like the Eagles,Cowboys,Seahawks,Vikings,Panthers,Seahawaks,etc,etc will be going in a similar route…

    Reports that both Shiancoe and Shockey are being looked at definitely means that Harbor has not progressed as expected and could also mean that Brent Celek may not be healing as well from his off-season surgeries as we all think and were told back in the Spring.. Lots of moving parts as usual

  3. Both of these guys are an upgrade over Harbor. There size inside the redzone would be invaluable. I think that signing one is a no brainer.

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  6. Shiancoe signes a deal with NW PAts who now have 12 Wr and 5 TE’s on thier Roster with NFL expereince, now they need some bodies to block for Tom Brady and a pass rush to get after opposing QB’s… I expect Brandon Graham or Darrly Tapp to be raded by mid-augusts to the PAts for possibly Schianco and and mid-round Draft Pick…

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  8. Shockey is physically done, he’s been injury prone his entire career and I think he may have only played out one full season. The Eagles would do far better to forget about the TE position and sign Plaxico Buress who has the height advantages to be a red zone and probably a little more speed than any of the TEs they’re looking at right now. Burress is also a plus for the Eagles given that it’s already known that Maclin can switch in to play the slot.

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