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Eagles Trade Moise Fokou And Greg Lloyd To Indianapolis

The Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts have come together for another preseason trade. The Eagles have sent linebackers Moise Fokou and Greg Lloyd to the Colts in exchange for cornerback Kevin Thomas and a conditional seventh-round draft pick.

Thomas was a third-round pick of the Colts back in 2010. Listed at 6 feet and 192 lbs, Thomas brings some size and depth to the Philadelphia defensive backfield. He’ll battle with Curtis Marsh, Trevard Lindley, and Brandon Hughes for one of the final roster spots. Thomas lost his rookie season to an ACL tear, but came back to play 39% of the Colts’ defensive snaps in 2011, starting five games recording 33 tackles and no interceptions.

Fokou and Lloyd were unlikely to make the team at a crowded linebacker position. Fokou started 22 games in the last three years for the Birds, but rarely made any plays, finishing his Eagles career with 112 tackles, one sack, and no interceptions in three seasons. He was a starter out of necessity because the team didn’t have anyone better available, and the additions of DeMeco Ryans and Mychal Kendricks signaled the end for Fokou’s run with the Eagles. The Eagles received decent production from the former 2009 seventh-round pick, but his ceiling simply wasn’t very high.

Lloyd was a seventh-round pick a year ago that spent most of the season on the practice squad. on Facebook

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15 Comments for “Eagles Trade Moise Fokou And Greg Lloyd To Indianapolis”

  1. My only issue with this was that Lloyd was the tallest of the LBs it seemed by a significant margin from some photos. I don’t know what his speed, agility or game instincts are, but it seems like true SAM sized LBS are few and far between with this FO.

  2. this organization is pathetic….why trade to get a player in which there’s a logjam? You should have shipped Matthews ass outta here because Fokou was better than him. If we get an injury at the linebacker position then we’re at square one again.

    That’s a great idea… depth at one of the weakest positions last year but keep the bum from the whole group.

    Get a player that will compete with your failed draft picks at corner in Lindley & Marsh.

  3. I agree with you songs. This Kevin Thomas probably won’t even make the team. At least with Fokou we have a veteran who can step in if one of our starting LB’s goes down. Oh well, at least we got ourselves a 7th rd pick out of it lol

  4. – Lloyd was a 7th rder last year that never saw the field and at best might have made the PS. Picked him up as a MIKE prospect and could never play outside WAY too slow (4.80 40-time)
    – Foku was all but phased out of the Eagles D the 2nd half of last season (Last start was in Week 9). Foku was running with the 3rd team in camp and not eligible for PS
    Jordan and Chaney were running with the 2’s and have both Played WILL and SAM.
    How can you fault the team for getting anything out of 2 players who weren’t going to be on the 53-Man roster come Week 1? At worst we got a conditional 7th for nothing.

  5. Not a bad move since Fokou and LLoyd were very unliklely to make the Eagles 2012 Roster.. Colts new HC Pagan likes big LB’s and Fokou and Lloyd were the biggest on the Eagles Roster.. Don’t fall alseep on CB Thomas who has some talent and had a decent career at USC where he was a 2 Year Starter uld not be surprised to see him play some at Safety and I beleive also has some Punt Return Experience back in COllege as well.. ..

  6. Kevin Thomas is nothing more than a special teams option. With Riley Cooper out they are in need to fill the void there at the position. Not a mind blowing trade but a good one being though Fokou would have been released you got some value for pretty much nothing.

  7. It’s a trade our trash, for their trash trade. Who GAF!

  8. I like how we’re piling up these 7th round picks..One for the pro bowler Asante Samuel coupled with this one, we’ll be wheeling and dealing in next year’s draft.

  9. traded (2) guys that were unlikely to make the team this year for a possible special teams guy and a draft pick….nothing earth-shattering here ….is the 7th round pick conditional on Fokou or Loyd making the team? If they don’t do we not get the pick?

  10. my earlier post is gone…this site has issues….good bye

  11. i’m just happy to see Fokou go!

  12. This site has become a hassle to even read or write posts anymore, You have to sign in and sign out- who has time for that… Everytime, i bring up posts, it will shows the 1st 2-3 comments made and that’s it, you can’t have any ongoing,new discussions about anything.. G-Man, are you guys going to get this fixed or what.. if not, I am outta here..

  13. i see a comment in the “Recent Comments” area and then click on the article to read it….but suprise….the comment isn’t there…WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS SITE???!!!

  14. Traded for “Knee Injury guy”….

    Nice to see some things don’t change with the Eagles.

  15. Knee injury guy

    Nice to see some things hav’nt changed with the Eagles

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