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Blockbuster: Sixers Trade Iguodala To Denver, Acquire Andrew Bynum

Yes, you read that headline correctly.

Pending league approval, Andre Iguodala is now a former 76er, Andrew Bynum is coming to Philadelphia, and Kwame Brown’s name has been erased from the starting lineup.

In an absolutely stunning development, the Sixers made a major move late Thursday night that has changed the face of their organization, participating in a massive four-team trade with the Magic, Lakers, and Nuggets that will bring one of the top centers in the NBA to Philadelphia.

Here’s the breakdown of the trade

Sixers Trade: Andre Iguodala (to Denver), Nik Vucevic, Mo Harkless, protected first-round pick (to Orlando)

Sixers Acquire: Andrew Bynum (from Los Angeles), Jason Richardson (from Orlando)

Magic Trade: Dwight Howard (to Los Angeles), Jason Richardson (to Philadelphia)

Nuggets Trade: Arron Afflalo and Al Harrington (to Orlando)

Lakers Trade: Andrew Bynum (to Philadelphia)

The Sixers wanted one of the best big-men in the league, and they got one. They’re taking a major gamble that they’ll be able to resign Bynum to an extension, but such a gamble is well worth the risk. Andre Iguodala had taken the Sixers as far as he could take them. If this team really wants to be a serious contender, they had to move Iguodala and bring in a legitimate superstar.

The Sixers have now put the cherry on top of a dramatic off-season in which they now have a dramatically different team than they finished the 2011-12 season with. Gone are Iguodala, Elton Brand, and Lou Williams, the three biggest names and faces on this franchise in the last five years. In are Bynum, Nick Young, Dorell Wright, and Richardson. The deal also means that Evan Turner is going to become an even more important piece of this team, as he’ll now take over the starting small forward position.

The 2012-13 basketball season promises to be one of the most anticipated seasons in Philadelphia in over 10 years. on Facebook

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27 Comments for “Blockbuster: Sixers Trade Iguodala To Denver, Acquire Andrew Bynum”

  1. As Zumoff would say….YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It’s great to have the Sixers matter again. We’ve come such a long way from the dark days Eddie Jordan and the Princeton offense.

  3. Big move for the Sixers. I’m also a big Lakers fan living in SD. (Lots of Lakers fans here in SD) But i’m happy to see Bynum go to the Sixers. I just hope he decides to re-sign with them. That obviously is what really matters for future plans. If not it’s back to the drawing board..

    I actually love this trade. Legit Big man at the 5 & a very solid SG, in Richardson. We didn’t need Harkless. Vuch is as soft as ice cream in the sun. And did I say, NO MORE STINKADALA?!?

    • I like it DCar!!! Now time to trade Evan Turner, for a real shooter.

      Igoudala was a serious hinderance to real progress, and a championship. I hope Doug Collins gets smart, and plays Thaddeus Young at his natural position, and lets him develop into the player he should have been.

      This is a happy day. Now if you excuse me, I have to drive Stinkadala to the airport.

  5. Gonna miss iggy..ges been ballin out in the olympics, just sent another a.i to denver

  6. Gonna miss iggy..hes been ballin out in the olympics, just sent another a.i to denver. Welcome bynum

  7. The Lakers got Dwight and we have Bynum. Though I really wanted to see what Harkless had to offer, really thought he would be a good one, we desperately needed a dominant center that can be impactful on both ends of the floor. Bynum can change the game without scoring the ball. Hes a force in the paint, still has some more maturing to do on and off the court but keep in mind hes younger than Dwight and has potential through the roof. He just needs to remain healthy, way too injury prone. But if we get a healthy Bynum, look out the sixers may be a top 4 team in the Eastern Conference. Congrats to the Philadelphia 76ers for making this deal happen, though reluctant to give up Harkless, we still have Moultrie #ShowYaLuv!

    BTW: I told you so haha I told you the Sixers were involved in a Blockbuster deal months ago! I been called this. #ShowYaHate haha!

  8. JH, go back in the f^#@ing closet you were hiding in! Don’t f^#@ing ruin this day for us, you stupid imbecile! You have done NOTHING, but repeat rumors, that you have read on other sites! We all can read too. STFU!!!!

  9. Like Zumoff would say….YESSSSSSSS

  10. 76ers 2012-2013 Record 38-44 No Playoffs
    Bynum a Bust, gets outplayed by Kwamee Brown…. Good Grief..

  11. Like the move by the sixers still a ways away from contending but its a good start.

    Lakers are gonna be sick next year

    SG – Nash
    PG – Kobe
    SF – Artest
    PF – Gasol
    C – Howard
    6th Man – Antawn Jamison

    I cant believe Denver facilitated this trade.

  12. WE GOT BYNUM! WE GOT BYNUM! Second best center in the league but hands down the most dominant OFFENSIVE center in the league. He’s basically playing at “home” so I expect big things from him and Sixers this year. Now sign Leandro Barbosa and we’re good to go!


    Sixers may not acutally be done making some trades. I see them making a deal to get DeMar DeRozan from Toranto.

  14. Good trade if he signs. And if he doesn’t we have cap space.
    Kwame Brown is a nice backup and Rochardson and Wright are decent 3 point shots. 5-6 seed if healthy. 48 wins.

  15. Alra Kwame Brown is a nice/good back up? HAHAHA

  16. Please…..Turner is some cut bait in other words, he is a BUM

  17. They weren’t going to beat The Bulls again with Brand, Hawes, and Iggy in the front court so something had to be done
    Bynum doesn’t fit in that foul line 4 across offense they ran last year, that encouraged wing penetration — so it will be interesting to see what the 76ers base offense is?

  18. Evan Turner has no offensive if forced to dribble with his left hand, if he doesn’t fix that he won’t get a 2nd contract at starter money

  19. Andrew Bynum> Dwight Howard

  20. Not much to complain about this trade. The only thing, is Bynum’s knees & he has a little dog in him. But between, coming back home, being one of the main offensive focal points, & having a well respected, well regarded coach like Collins, I think he is going to thrive, BIGTIME here. It’s not everyday, that you can add a legit top notch C like Bynum, & a sharpshooting SG like Richardson, especially for the afterbirth, that we gave up. I love it! Looks like I’ll be renewing my tickets after all. The Kwame Brown move, almost turned me off.

  21. A lots been going on while Diddy was on vacation, but much praise to the Sixers. Great move getting a young top notch center in today’s game. I like this team, we younger stronger and better. Plus removed those horrible contracts, GO SIXERS.

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