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Bynum Trade Makes Sixers Relevant Again

WOW. That is all I can say about this trade. I kept thinking to myself that something big was going to happen this off-season. I never really thought that they could pull off a deal like this though. So the Sixers traded Allen Iverson to Denver and got Andre Miller. They trade Iguodala to Denver and get Andrew Bynum. Try to sum that up.

I have been thinking of writing a post for the Sixers on how their roster will look this upcoming season. Obviously, I would have started the post as the “Land of the small forward”. I also would have tried to explain that Kwame Brown and Spencer Hawes can play together.  Thank God I don’t have to lie about that situation now.

I can’t believe that this trade is going down. Sorry, if I am repeating myself. I am still in a state of shock. The news came out earlier in the day by Adam Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports that they were discussing the deal. Then, around 10 pm Thursday night the dream became a reality. ESPN’s Marc Stein reported,”source with direct knowledge of the talks told that the Lakers will receive Howard, the Denver Nuggets will acquire Andre Iguodala, the 76ers will receive Andrew Bynum and Jason Richardson, and the Magic will get Arron Afflalo, Al Harrington, Nikola Vucevic and one protected future first-round pick from each of the other three teams. In addition, the Magic will be getting other pieces, including 76ers’ top draft pick Moe Harkless, a source told Stein”.

The Sixers don’t even lose Turner or Holiday in this deal. All I have to say is “WOW’.

Now all of the other moves the Sixers did this off-season make sense. This team all of a sudden looks very dangerous. With Turner and Holiday”s abilities to create for others, Bynum dominating the post area. and Dorell Wright, Nic Young, and J-Rich raining three ball’s down. Can you say HALF-COURT offense?! The BIGGEST thing this trade does for Sixers  it makes them relevant again. Bynum makes the Sixers a “cool” team to play for. In today’s NBA that is huge. Players love to team up together. Bynum brings that to Philly.

Bynum gives the Sixers their first legitimate center since Moses Malone. Bynum is more polished offensively than even Howard is. Howard is the better defender though.

Yes, Bynum’s knees might be an issue and he can be sort of a head case at times but who cares. He brings that nasty “Old School” side that I love. He is entering his last year of his contract. Sixers will have to convince him to stay. The one thing in their favor is that the Sixers can offer Bynum the most money and a extra year.

By the way, Bynum is only 24 years old.

Jason Richardson gives the Sixers a solid two-guard, who can really knock down the three ball. He is not the “High Flyer” he once was, but he still can play. With J-Rich, Nick Young and Dorell Wright the Sixers have guys that can knock down an open jumper, if Turner and Holiday continue to develop, watch out. Richardon has three more years on his contract at a friendly 5.7 million this year, 6.2 million in 13/14 and 6.6 million in 14/15.

I have always been a fan of Iggy. I always thought the Sixers asked him to be something he is not, a scorer. Since the arrival of Doug Collins, Dre has learned who he really is as a player.  He has become one of the best wing defenders in the game and has developed a nice all around game.  So thanks for a great year and nice career here “Iggy”.

Here is what the current roster looks like..

PG. Holiday

SG. Richardson

SF. Turner

PF. Allen/Thad

C. Bynum

Bench. Hawes, Brown, N.Young, Wright, Moultrie, Thad/Allen, Ivey and Wayns.

Suddenly, the Sixers  have size and athleticism together. Yes, Sir! on Facebook

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12 Comments for “Bynum Trade Makes Sixers Relevant Again”

  1. lol…. Gotta love it here on where the font changes throughout the article..

    Anyways great article… clean up the font, and keep up the good work

  2. hey… and I wish people would stop saying Bynum will be our first legit center since big Moe..

    Mutombo was pretty legit.. He wasnt a scorer, but he was a real legit center.

  3. Who is the back-up PG for when Holliday is tired,foul trouble or gets injured.. Need another pure PG on this 76er Roster for ET is not that type of player

  4. I’m not a huge fan of Bynum simply because I think he hasn’t ever played a full season due to injury. Having said that his upside with this group of players is pretty undeniable and if he does stay healthy he may actually finally really be regarded as in the same league with Dwight Howard. The Sixers should make an offer for Raja Bell since he would be the best G/F defender on the team and he would be another guy that can shoot some team’s lights out.

    My Line-up on Day 1:

    Holliday/Richardson – PG
    Turner/N.Young – SG
    Thad/Wright – SF
    Moultrie/Allen – PF
    Bynum/Hawes -C

  5. Actually I’d swap Richardson and Nick Young

  6. My line-Up

    PG – Holliday/ Still need a proven pure PG as a Back-up
    SG – E Turner/N Young
    SF – J richardson//Thadd Young/D Wright
    PF – Allen/Hawes/Moultrie
    C – Bynum/Brown

  7. Butch, neither Richardson, nor Young, are PG’s! The only other option we have right now, on this roster at PG, is Turner. Paul, Richardson is a career SG. Turner will be playing the 1 & 3 all year, unless we get a viable backup PG. He isn’t a good SG. If we do get a backup PG, Turner will play entirely at SF & replace Stinkadala.

  8. PG- Jrue/ Turner/ ???
    SG- Richardson/ Young/ Turner?
    SF- Turner/ Thadd/ Wright
    PF- Hawes/ Allen/ Moultrie/ Thadd
    C- Bynum/ Brown/ Hawes
    Gotta feeling, a couple more moves coming, before traing camp. Backup PG & LEGIT PF, maybe? Al Horford? Josh Smith? Derrick Favors? Al Harrington? Jameer Nelson? Johnie Flynn?

  9. Royal Ivey is your back up pg going into camp

  10. Yo the sixers are going to win at least 50 games this year, GO SIXERS.

  11. Forgot about Ivey. No way they go into the season with him. Hope not, anyways.

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