Eagles #1 Offense And #1 Defense Must Play Well Vs. Patriots

I know preseason games don’t count but you need to make sure you see the first half of next Monday night’s game against the New England Patriots because it will let you know how prepared the Birds are for the upcoming regular season.

Usually the third game of the preseason is the key contest for NFL coaches to play their starters, but that won’t be the case this preseason for the Eagles.  In their third game, they will be playing the Cleveland Browns, who also happen to be their opponent in the first regular season game in less than a month.

It wouldn’t make sense for the Eagles and the Browns to play their starters against each other for a long time, or to utilize any of the strategies they plan on using in that first regular season game.  It will likely be a battle between each team’s backups.  You and I both know that NFL coaches don’t play their starters in the final game of the preseason because they don’t want to run the risk of injuries with the season a week away.

What this does is enhance the importance of this Monday night’s game against New England.  Reid is going to have Michael Vick and the starters play the entire first half.  This will be their only substantial dress rehearsal prior to the season, therefore Vick and the other first-striingers need to play well against the Patriots.

“We’re going to play our guys quite a little bit here this coming game against New England, which is Monday night, and then … they probably won’t play quite as much against the Browns,” Reid said. “It will be at least be a half [for the starters]. We’ll see where it goes from there.”

Vick and the offense need to put together a touchdown scoring drive.  Normally, the Birds don’t game plan for preseason games, but I expect Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg to game plan a bit for this game because they know how important it is that the starters establish some confidence.   A couple of touchdown drives would do it.

The same is true for the defense, but maybe even moreso.   They need to get off the field on third down and not let Tom Brady and the Patriots drive down the field for long TD drives.  Their job won’t be very easy if Brady plays the entire first half.  If Bill Belichick snatches him out of the game after a series or two, it will make Juan Castillo and the defense’s job much easier.

The Birds can say what they want, but if the defense doesn’t play well, you know there’s going to be a lot of uneasiness as they prepare for the season.


8 thoughts on “Eagles #1 Offense And #1 Defense Must Play Well Vs. Patriots

  1. Remember that the Patriots 1st Offense looked very poor in their opening game last week vwersus the Saints. New LT Starter NAte Solder really struggled versus Saints DE Will Smith who was in the face of QB Tom Brady on almost every pass play.. Eagles DL should have their way with the Pats OL which is probably the weakest part of the Patriots club as they have some real question marks and not a whole lot of depth..
    Defensively, the Pat’s Defensive Front & is much improved and will be difficult to move the ball against… they have a revamped DL including Draft PIck Chandler Jones and perhaps the Best Young LB Corp’s in the NFL with Brandon Spikes,Jerrard Mayo and Alonzo Hightower..
    I expect and pretty low-scoring 1st Half like a 10-7 Score as both Teams #1 Offenses will struggle moving the ball and making plays down the field

  2. Just dont get hurt and get the ball in the end-zone.I expect a crips offensive series from the Birds with a 5 and out against the Pats O. Dial up a blitz for Brady and see how he reacts.

  3. QB Brady is going to play the 1st Half per Coach Belicheck who was very unhappy with their #1 Offensive Performance as a unit including Brady himself..They were sluggish, poor execution and had many issues along the O/Line.. There will be no mercy or sympathy from the Pats towards Coach AR and the Eagles.. This 1st Half Monday will be the most intense Football we will see until opening game so enjoy it.. Game #3 versus the Browns will have very few Starters playing since the Eagles face them in the opener and Game #4 will be all the 2nd/3rd and 4th String players…
    If you watch 1 Pre-Season game this Season to get a gauge on how the Eagles will look, watch the 1st half versus the Pats..

  4. Well me personally, I hope that Tom Brady and the NE starters plays an entire half. I want the Eagles to win but at the same time I KNOW that Tom Brady is going to execute a clinic on the Nnamdi. He is over valued and had not played up to our expectations of him since he has worn a green uniform. FACE IT Coach AR, he is a bust. He looked terrible against the Steelers. He was the same Nnamdi from a year ago.

  5. ALSO… Ive had enough of Kafka too. Foles for #2. I am a MAJOR Mike Vick fam, HOWEVER, I am an even devouter (IS THAT EVEN A WORD?) Eagles fan. I bleed green, so with that said, If Vick fail to take us to, atleast, the nfc championship game I will welcome the dawn of a brand new ara of Eagles QB. The ara of NICK FOLES!

  6. Eagles CB Asmo will probably not play against Tom Brtady so the Fans and he don’t continue to lose more confidence in his play.. They will rest him to recover from head contract from earlier this week and will be a great opportunity to see where MArsh and Lindley are against a top-notch QB in Brady..

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