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Will Andrew Bynum Re-sign With The 76ers?

If you’re not pumped about the Sixers right now, I don’t think you will ever be. Nobody would have thought that the Sixers would be the team buzzing around the city in August. This time of the year is mostly for Eagles and Phils talk. The Sixers look like they are ready to make their mark around here again.

That press conference was entertaining to watch. Easily, one of the best presser’s that I have ever seen. You had the fans chanting Bynum’s and J-Rich’s names…awesome. Some of the best parts were when the fans decided to boo Mikey Miss when he was trying to ask a question to Bynum. Another one was when the wired 96.5 reporter jumped in and asked J-Rich what his favorite music to listen too, while warming up for a game. No one saw that coming. Simply awesome.

With all that said, what are the chances of Bynum resigning? It seems pretty high right now, especially after that presser. Here are five things that might help the Sixers resign Bynum. For my number 4 reason you can say mission accomplished….

1. The Sixers can offer the most years and most money to him. Though if he does sign here during the season he can only receive a three year deal from the Sixers. He can receive a five-year deal from them after July 1st under the CBA’s rules. Maybe, Bynum thinks he can get two big contracts. He is only 24. That would be the only reason why he would resign right now with the Sixers. He most likely will wait to sign until July 1st.

2. One of the biggest things that can help the Sixers in resigning Bynum falls in the laps of Turner and Holiday. Hopefully, Turner and Jrue can ride off their playoff performances and continue to grow. The Sixers will become a very good team if they do. If Bynum sees he can win with Jrue and Evan that will better the chances for the Sixers.

3. Another thing is that we have heard how Bynum wants to be the “Guy” for a team. He wants to be the franchise player. If he really wants to be one he could not ask for a better opportunity. This franchise is here for the taking. This one makes too much sense to me.

4. The Sixers have already started to roll out the red carpet for him. They have around 13 billboards welcoming Bynum to Philly and they have already opened his press conference to the fans. They most likely offered free cheese-steaks for life to him. Just saying…We are starting to learn that this ownership is willing to use every resource they can to make a great first impression. Just keep rolling out the red carpet Sixers.

5. One last thing, he is an East coast guy. He grew up in New Jersey, maybe that will help as well. As Bynum said “I feel like I am coming home”. The bottom line is that at least the Sixers have a chance now… Me happy on Facebook

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5 Comments for “Will Andrew Bynum Re-sign With The 76ers?”

  1. I still don’t get why Orlando wanted Nic Vucevic & Moe Harkless over Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen.
    The Assists per game coming from Holliday and Bynum are a stat I will be watching closely. That is a weakness in both player’s game. Holliday is going to have to slow the game down for Bynum by getting to the foul line and using his fouls, big huge guys like Bynum need time to catch their breath.

  2. I’m sure Orlando would have easily taken Turner or Allen over Vucevic or Harkless, but there isn’t any way the Sixers would have dealt either of them in a situation like this where as of now they’ve only got Bynum on a one-year commitment.
    I also think that at this point, the Magic just wanted to take the best deal on the table and be done with the whole situation. They’re starting over with a new coach and a new GM, and it would be hard for them to get going in the right direction if they still had the toxic cloud that was Dwight Howard on the roster creating a distraction when the season started. They saw how ugly and awkward things got a year ago, and clearly wanted no part of reliving that nightmare again.

  3. For the LOVE of God Hickman, what makes you think Evan is going to be any good? My prediction is that Turner will be traded by the all-star break in a package deal for some big star on the last year of his contract.

    BTW, if Turner starts over Nick Young, it’s because the Sixers don’t want to admit they made a mistake with selecting Turner at #2 overall.

    Nick Young is a better player than Evan Turner and should be the starter for this team.

  4. Evan Turner’s horrible left hand dribble prevents him from playing pick and roll with Bynum so Jrue Holliday is the best option. When you bring in a 7’2’’ low post scorer, you become a Power Team. Jrue Holliday is a finesse player who avoids contact. Jrue Holliday must get to the foul line to make this Bynum trade work. If Evan Turner can repair that left hand dribble he is an NBA starter; that is preventing him from excelling.

  5. e0, Bynum is barely 7’0″. But you are correct about Jrue & Turner, though. It’s time both of them to improve & step-up, or they both need to go. Got a feeling Turner is a bust, we’ll see???

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