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Big Game By Clay Harbor Will Increase Two-TE Package

I loved what I saw last night from the tight ends.  Both Brent Celek and Clay Harbor had good games especially Harbor.  Celek did a nice job with that hook and slide route which he ran.  We learned that backup quarterback Nick Foles does a good job of looking up his tight ends.

Celek was targeted once and caught one pass for 13 yards.  Harbor on the other hand caught six passes for 30 yards.

I can guarantee you right now, that Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg are expanding their two-tight end package.  Harbor had an outstanding game and we’re only starting to get a glimpse of his tremendous athleticism.  He’s gaining confidence and starting to show off his speed.

It seems like the game is slowing down for Harbor and it’s an exciting time to see him grow.  I’m going to be keeping a close eye on him at practice because the Eagles may have something special with he and Celek.  They’ll make Michael Vick a better quarterback because the throws to the tight end are much easier than throwing to the wide outs.

The touchdown catch on the sideline was a thing of beauty.  He had to focus on catching the football, while also getting his feet down.  Harbor’s growing confidence in his ability to catch the football in his hands, allowed him to focus on getting his feet in bounds.

You’ll likely see that play again at sometime this season.

Throughout the OTA’s, they were running routes for him in two-tight end sets and on the goalline, but he was dropping the ball. When he showed up training camp, there was a bunch of talk about the Birds looking for veteran tight end help with Visanthe Shiancoe and Jeremy Shockey.

Harbor stayed after practice every day and caught hundreds of passes.  He started doing a great job of catching the ball in his hands.  I see a tremendous upside in this youngster. on Facebook

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5 Comments for “Big Game By Clay Harbor Will Increase Two-TE Package”

  1. when you’re right, you’re right GCobb, expand Clay Harbours role, the TE is producing and deserves more field time

  2. I agree with everything you stated G-Man, except they 2 TE Set will make QB Foles that much better.. Vick is a QB of the past.. I also believe the Harbor will be utilized more as a FB quite a bit as opposed to a Traditional Double TE set which allows the Eagles to still have 3 WR’s out in Formation and for Harbor to slide out of the backfield and be matched up versus LB’s more often..

  3. Anyone get the idea that maybe these offensive linemen take plays off on purpose because they dislike Michael Vick? I say 1 out of every 3 people in the world hates Michael Vick because of the Dog fighting maybe these linemen allow the defenders to get a shot on him? Because the OL looked looked pretty good to me when Foles came in.

  4. EaglesSuck- it looks to me like Foles gets the ball out quicker than Vick.. Next to a run play, a quick QB release is an O-Lineman’s best friend.

  5. old harbor had a good night when he finally got a real qb throwing to him and not a rb

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