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Eagles Are Sure To Face Plenty Of “No Huddle” Offenses

I was in the Eagles’ locker room today and we were interviewing defensive end Phillip Hunt. He was talking about looking forward to wearing down offensive lines by rotating their defensive linemen every few plays.  The defensive line has been by far the strongest part of the Eagles defense.  They make life very difficult for offensive lines and quarterbacks.

It’s very impressive to watch the Birds defensive line get after the opposing offensive lines with fresh bodies coming in after three or four plays and tremendous effort on each play.  They can wear an offensive line down with their intensity and never ending substitutions.

That’s one of the reasons, I can guarantee you, right now that the Eagles are going to see a lot of “no-huddle offenses”.   Every offense has a version of a “no-huddle” attack and you can be sure that they’re going to pull it out for the Eagles.

A no huddle attack would put more pressure on defensive coordinator, Juan Castillo to get the defense called and into DeMeco Ryans.  It would eliminate the defensive line substitutions and the Eagles defensive linemen would soon be out of gas.

The Birds had better be ready to adjust to this type of strategy because they’re sure to see it. on Facebook

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9 Comments for “Eagles Are Sure To Face Plenty Of “No Huddle” Offenses”

  1. Great great article G…All I can remember is last season when the Eagles played Brady and the Pats they ran a no huddle offense all game long and tired that Dline out, they did it to prevent the rotation that Wash likes to implement. And it worked. So I think the Eagles need to come up with a plan that will allow them to make the rotations but maybe not as much as they do. Teams are not going to allow you to tee off on there QB without combating it, not gonna happen. Washburn needs to limit the constant rotating because it may be turning something that appears to be a positive into a negative for the team. It looks great sacking the QB and leading the league in that category, but did that help the birds make the playoffs? No. Stats arent everything. They may need to sacrifice some of those numbers and play sound football for the success of the team.

  2. Well…the more sacks/tackles the Eagles get the more time they’ll have to make substitutions. As much as teams want to just go-go-go, they’ll have to wait for QBs to scoop themselves up out of the turf and the Eagles D could be making substitutions in that time. Hopefully Juan Castillo is ready for that too.

  3. There was a time when a defensive line did not have to rotate. Offensive linemen are bigger and have to endure wear and tear on every play as well.

    Bozo the Clown aka Juan Castillio should review the film of the buffalo bills superbowl loses. Those Buffalo superbowl teams ran a no huddle all the time.
    And got shut down in all of their superbowls.

    The Giants rested their defense with a ball control, eat up the clock offense.

    Of course I have never been a fan of Andy Reids playcalling and last year proved he had no idea of how to protect a lead…but there are plenty of ways to defeat a no huddle offense.

    Another is to simple force a 3 and out. That would require good playcalling and proper execution. The playcalling part is where BOZO might have a problem. That’s why Andy is taking over the defense in practice.

    Juan Castillio. It will go down as one of the dumbest moves in Philadelphia sports history.

  4. I would pay real money of someone could produce a film of the look on Jeffery Losers face when Andy Reid walked into his offense and told him, he wanted Juan Castillio as Defensive Coordinator.

    He choked on his drink, spit out his cigar, and passed out and had to be revived with smelling salts.

    Juan Castillio…

  5. When Andy Reid walked into Jeffery Losers office and informed him that Juan Castillio was his choice for defensive coordinator.

    Jeffery spit out his cigar, Choked on his brandy,

    pasted out and had to be revived with smelling salts.

    Like most of the fans did.

  6. I think if it’s one of the top offensive teams, they might get away with that, but a lot of teams would only hurt themselves doing that. They would wear out their own offense, would get more confused running the plays, and in some cases their own defense would get on the field faster after not having much rest.

    Meanwhile on the Eagles the substitutions are mostly for freshness. They’re not situational. Not making them as often won’t hurt them. They can make the substitution whenever there is a stoppage or on the next series even. There’s a good chance that it would turn into a disadvantage for an opponent to do this, depending on the quality of their offense.

  7. Our awesome rotating D-line (without letting Patterson ever play again because of that serious brain surgery) may actually save Castillo/delay his release, but still much prefer a strong tactician for a DC.

  8. “G” I can’t wait to see Juan matching up against the no huddle and can’t get the right players in to match opposing offenses. get ready for a laugh

  9. Another general blanket statement G that applies to every Team an Defense in the NFL.. Most Teams in the NFL now employ a no-huddle as part of the Offense.. So when the Eagles face the Saints,Lions,Bengals,Giants,Redskins,Cowboys,Cardinals,Falcons,Panthers, TB Bucs,and even the Steelers an RAvens will use it once in a while..They will be like every other Team which sometimes uses it and sometimes doesn’t based on the floe of the game, the confidence in the HC & OC to mix things up.. My bigger concern is Teams lining up and running the ball on the edges of the Defense of delay handoff-draw plays,counter-runs, which the Eagles have really struggled with over te hlast 5 Seasons are so to defend..

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