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Bryce Brown On His Debut: “I’m taking a lot more reps”

Andy Reid hasn’t made any changes in the depth chart, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t changed the way he plans on using his weapons on Sunday.

Don’t be surprised if you see more of rookie running back Bryce Brown in the game plan than LeSean McCoy’s backup Dion Lewis when the ball is kicked off in Cleveland.  I think Brown is more of a change up than Lewis.  The rookie back is a one cut and down hill runner, who is bigger and more powerful than Lewis.  Dion is a “make you miss back” like Shady, so I think they like the idea of changing things up with Brown.

Number 34 was very impressive during the preseason every time he got his hands on the football.  For that reason, Reid and Marty Mornhinweg may get him involved in the first game of his career this weekend.

“I’m taking a lot more reps than I have been in the past, but I’m not letting it get to my head,” said Brown. “I’m just being a part of the game plan, doing what they ask me to do, and preparing so when my number is called, I’m ready.”

Brown did something that shows a lot of discipline and focus.  He was one of the top-rated running backs in the nation when he came out of high school a few years ago.  Things didn’t work out in Tennessee when the coach who recruited him Lane Kiffin left the Vols and returned to the University of Southern California.

He transfered to Kansas State, but things didn’t work out there either, so Brown didn’t play any football for awhile.  Despite the inactivity, the youngster didn’t lose any of his speed or quickness.  There was a good reason why he maintained his football skills.

“I wasn’t part of a team or anything like that, but one thing I never stopped doing was working,” Brown said earlier today. “Never stopped working. I wanted to do this as my dream, so I never stopped working, whether I was playing football or not.”

Keep an eye on this kid, he’s got franchise back talent with a tremendous work ethic.

I happened to talk to a coach who recruited Brown out of high school and he said the youngster got overwhelmed by all the attention.  The coach told me he remembered sitting in Brown’s home watching NFL games with him and having to put up with listening to him talk about how he was so much better than some NFL backs.

The youngster had a bad case of the big head when coming out of high school, but life caught up with him.  You either humble yourself or life will humble you.  Right now, the young man is humble.  Hopefully he stays that way.

The problems he ran into during his college career may have been the best thing that happened to this kid.  There’s no question that he has big time talent. on Facebook

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5 Comments for “Bryce Brown On His Debut: “I’m taking a lot more reps””

  1. Not a comment about this Post, but I just read it while watching McNabb comment on the NFL Network and almost puked all over my iPad. One of my favorite “pass the time” channels just took a huge step backwards.

  2. Some very good rookies on this squad and one of my favorites to do really well this year. Go BB!

  3. The best thing that I like is that he’s not beat up at all since he didn’t play much Nicolle where you look at Chris Polk who was a workhorse and has over 500 carries in his 3 years as a starter for Washington University Brown has fresh legs and a clear head and I expect him to get more touches than Lewis and think Brown will be the #2 RB and Lewis used on occasion as a 3rd down back for screens and draw plays if McCoy needs a breather

  4. Polk is a machine though.. Brown has the youth but may get injured more easily.

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