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Why Did Eagles Change Coverage On Calvin “Megatron” Johnson?

The Eagles defensive unit outsmarted themselves yesterday.  During most of the game, Eagles cornerbacks Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie were playing very well.

Asomugha played his best game of the year and he had done a magnificent job on the Lions number one weapon Calvin “Megatron” Johnson.  Asomugha was shadowing Johnson all over the field with help over the top from a safety.  For three quarters he totally locked down Johnson, but for some reason they decided to change their game plan in the fourth quarter and in overtime.

“The plan was that I would be on him most of the game, and then every now and then we’d switch it just so they don’t think they figured out what we’re doing,” Asomugha said. “It just so happened that we didn’t really switch it until the fourth quarter.”

Why would you change a game plan that was working against arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL?

DRC is a better pure cover corner than Asomugha, but I’m not talking about against a guy like Johnson who is too strong for DRC.   If Johnson is outside, I think DRC’s speed and quickness would allow him to do a good job against Johnson, but in the slot DRC isn’t as effective because he can’t rely on his catch up speed on those shorter throws from the quarterback to the slot position.  If you get beat inside like DRC has been known to do in the slot, there’s no way his speed can make up the difference fast to knock the ball down.

Johnson beat DRC on a key play in overtime.  He gave him a good fake inside and came back outside for what was an easy completion

Still I can’t hang this loss as much on the coverage as on the defensive line, which failed to register a single sack in the last three games.  Jason Babin, Trent Cole and Cullen Jenkins are paid to put pressure on the quarterback.  They didn’t do their job yesterday. on Facebook

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14 Comments for “Why Did Eagles Change Coverage On Calvin “Megatron” Johnson?”

  1. Where was CB Brandon Boykin in the final Quarter..
    I saw replays nad it appeared the Lions picked on #27 Brandon Hughes and Asmo for lots of their damage int h 4th Quarter..
    Where has Trent COle been all season,, At least Babin get close, Cole looks disinterested this Season.. Maybe sit his ass out for a week to see how he repsonds but 0 Scaks for this Defense in 3 games against the likes of OL’s of the Lions,Steelers,Giants with basically immobile argets like Stafford,Big Ben and Eli is just plain inescusable
    I would do 1 of 2 things immeadiately
    #1) Fire Juan Castillo as DC and replace with Todd Bowles
    #2) Fire DL Coach Washburn and scratch this Wide-9 Bull Shit.. Lions have has one of the worst Rushing attacks over the last 3 Seasons in they get 140 Yards.. (This DL is overrated like I stated they were back in the Summer) but still thought they would play more effective than this..
    If Eagles Pass Rush continues to be passive, the Eagles have zero chance of being a Playoff Team which I don’t think they are anyways..

    • OUR INTERIOR LINE WAS DOMINATED BY THE LIONS DT’S. and any qb would have taken a beating behind the terrible o-line & play calling yesterday., cant do 7 step drops with no running game.& blocking. DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIOMSHIPS, at the end of the day for the 2nd wk in a row the defense gave up the lead. as i stated earlier THE DEFENSIVE PLAYERS DON’T RESPECT CASTILLO, washburn is running his own program apart from the lb’s & db’s.

    • Cole collected his big payday, & is still on his hunting vacation. He has always been overrated. Just think how much more, of his splended play, we can look forward to, when he goes through his yearly, inevitable worn down down stage, by week 10! AHHHHH!!!! GOOD TIMES!!!! BTW, is it me, or does Babin look a lot smaller than he did last year. My calves are bigger than his arms! WTF!!!!

  2. The question is “Why Did Eagles Change Coverage On Calvin “Megatron” Johnson?”

    Answer – because our coach has shit for brains. Fuck him.

    I root for Eagles to win but at the same time I root for them to lose hoping that Lurie will still true to his word and get this fuckin idiot outta here.

    I am sick and tired of being sick and tired with Reid his staff and Vick

  3. Paulman’s Rankings of the NFC after Week 6

    #1) Falcons (6-0) – Were fortunate to win vs Raiders, but QB M Ryan is having a MVP Type of Season
    #2) Bears (4-1) – Had Bye this week, but playing Great Defense, creating Turnovers and Excellent Special Teams as usual, Look out if QB Cutler can elevate his game and get a healthy RB M Forte back at 100%
    #3) Giants (4-2) – Eli just plodding along, Their WR & Secondary Postions have had injuries all Season so far and all they keep doing is winning
    #4) Seahawks (4-2) – Wins over Cowboys,Packers and have a big NFC West Divisional Game coming up with the SF 49ers for 1st place
    #5) SF Giants (4-2) – Beginning to get mouthy and maybe think they are better than they are as they got spanked in all 3 Phases verus the NY Giants
    #6) Minnesota Vikings (4-2) – Yes they lost to an improving Redskin Team
    but still are 4-2 over their opening 6 Games which has exceeded all expectaions, have a young QB Ponder and a healthy RB Petersen and WR Harving and a good looking young TE K Rudolph all making plays week after week
    #7) Arizona CArdinals (4-2) – Up and Down Team whose Defense is Playoff Caliber but issues remain at QB and RB And OL positions..
    #8) GB Packers (3-3) – HAve awoken after manhandling the Texans Sunday evening, were given a lot of chances by the Texans but took full advantage of them and will figure in the Top 5 as the Season progresses along
    #9) Redksins (3-3) – Off a big win and performance by QB RGIII who is ranked among the leaders in QB Rankings.. Have issues but appear to be on the path of a rising Team and Franchise
    #10) Eagles (3-3) – Huge loss yesterday after leading by 10 points at home to a 1 Win Team in Detroit Lions, they played not to lose (like last week against the Steelers) and all their “Prevent Defense” did was Prevent a Victory, More Turnoves by the Vick, no committment to the Run and the last 2 Offensive Possesions failed to clinch the deal, Simply an average Team with questionable OL, Poor QB play, Poor Special Teams and no real Pass-Rush.. This Team and Franchise is on the way down and needs to re-tool and get an entirely new philosophy with a New Coaching Staff and new Schemes for Coach Reid & Staff have become stale and very predictable which is more than evident week and week

  4. this team has massive talent all over the roster but continue to suck……

  5. I didnt know the San Fran Giants played Football?

  6. Jott – Honestly I dont see the “talent” Desean Jackson? Jeremy Maclin? are these guys really that talented? I dont see it. McCoy yes that kid has talent, This team stinks. Only win this season that they deserve is against Baltimore. This team should be viewed as a 1-5 team. Nothing has changed since last year. You can expect more turnovers against the Falcons. You can expect more Andy Reid goofs. You can expect more crap from Marty Morning-wood, More crap from Juan the Clown face castillo and more crap from Bobby Aprils special Ed team.

  7. I agree with ES

    I think the Biggest Problem with the Eagles and many of their Fans is that they think their Team is really Talented and maybe to past Eagles Teams, it is one of the more talented Teams that Philly has had, but in comparison to many other Teams in the NFL, It ‘s nothing Speical and basically Average..

    Let’s Look postion by Position if you don’t believe and just against other NFC Competition (16 Total Teams)

    Eagles Offense

    QB Vick – Does anyone have him rated higher that Eli Manning,Aaron Rodgers,Drew Brees, Alex Smith, Matt Ryan, Matt Stafford, youngsters like Cam Newton, C Ponder and RGIII… Vick is bottome half in the NFC Division

    OL – Eagles have a bottom half OL in the NFC
    TE – Eagles get very few big plays from their TE’s in comparioson with other teams like the Saints,Packers,Lions,49ers,Redskins,Cowboys,Falcons, etc,etc, They have no one to spread and stretch the Field.. Celek is a 8-10 Year middle of the field, catch the ball and go down type of old time TE
    I have given up on HArbor being a productive NFL TE, he’s the same 3 years later as he was when he was Rookie.. Time to updgrade this Position

    WR’s .. D-Jax,Maclin and Avant are collectively average as a WR Corp
    I would the Take the Giants,Packers,Lions,Cowboys,Saints,Cardinals,and now even the Lions and Bears WR Corps over the Eagles, Again too many of you overrate this EWagle Roster and I keep reading that last years offense set Eagle Franchise Records for Points & Yards and so what, 3/4 of every NFL Team’s are setting Offensive Franchise Records in the NFL these Days, It’s what the Sport and Game have become, so records will continue to fall..

    It’s like saything the Poilitical Candidates are spendimg more $$$ Campaigning this years for the Presidency, well no shit, everything cost more today as opposed to Campaigns from 4,8, 12, 16 or 20 Years ago.

    RB- Eagkles have 1 Proven running Threat and one of the best in MCCoy,
    But he needs more touches and has no reliable, productive COmplement Back, Again look at the total RB Corps around the NFC
    Are the RB Corps of the Eagles better or more productive than the Tandems in Giants,Cowboys,Bears,49ers,Packers,Falcons,Saints,Panthers,Vikings..
    I say they are not

    I will breakdown the Defense but I think you get the picture, this 2012 Eagle Team is just not all that good and place them with the stale,predictable schemes and play calling from Coach AR and Staff and you have a street-ball QB who is not very bright in reading defenses or not very good in protecting the ball and this is what you get so I as a long-time Eagle Fan, but from a different perspective and distance are able to to the emoition and kool-aid wishful thinking that many that live in or close to the City can’t seem to rationally think there way thru..
    This Eagles Roster is talenetd like every other NFL Team in the League but when you break down the Positional Strength and Depth of this Roster, it shapes up to be average in my book and I can’t think of any single Position That I would take as a GM in Building a Team from this Current Eagle Roster
    I would pluck some individual players like McCoy, F Cox, M Kendricks, Jason Peters, but thats about it ..

  8. Mercy!!!! Jeffrey Lurie Please Give us Mercy!!!!

  9. GC, why, ask why anymore, with this stubborn, over-matched, inept, I know better than everyone coach of ours! He thinks he invented the freaking game! You know he is going to whatever the hell he wants, & he doesn’t give a rats @$$ what anyone thinks about it! He is an egotistical, stubborn, stupid, SOB, & I’m glad he isn’t changing, because that means, it’s 1 game closer to his useless, fat @$$ being outta here! It’s a shame that his idiocy & ineptness is going to cost us another season! But that’s what the rich boy get’s for bringing him back! As I’ve been saying since McChoke was traded, Andy should have been gone along with him, & they should have properly rebuilt then! It’s too late now for this regime! It’s a real shame that we some really good talented pieces being wasted!

  10. No more wide 9. If they are not getting pressure on the QB, what is he effin point because it is setting them up to fail inside. It seems to me like you have to have DEs that are interested and game changing safeties. The Birds don’t have either of those. The safeties can’t tackle. If I see one more guy break a simple attempt at an arm tackle by Coleman, then I am going to throw.up.

    And forget the effin blitz, because they can’t get there and then they get burned.

  11. I think Mudd and Washburn are not cutting it either and both need to go,
    Everyone talks how great both of them are and the Eagles Line of Scrimmage across the OL & DL are getting outplayed,out-coached and out-schemed by alsmost every opponent so far..

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