Andy Could Have Fired Mornhinweg and April with Castillo

If you were to step back and look at both sides of the ball and the special teams, the Eagles defense has played better than either one of the other two units. At this point in the season, the one coordinator position which should have been the safest should have been the defensive coordinator’s position.

If Andy Reid was going to fire Juan Castillo, he had plenty of reasons to do a year ago as compared to now.  The Birds defense wasn’t the main reason the team lost the last two games.  The offense has underperformed more than any other unit on the football team.  The reason Castillo was let go was because he had the most capable replacement in place, Todd Bowles.  He was brought in here to replace Castillo and now he has.

If you want to point to someone who has performed badly enough to be fired, then look no further than Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg. Marty has been calling a great game for the Birds if they had Jason Peters and Jason Kelce still lining up.  The problem is they’re injured and unavailable.

Dallas Reynolds is showing us that he’s not an NFL football player.  He’s been stealing money in the NFL.  Right guard Danny Watkins is officially a bust and I know the Eagles wish they hadn’t given all that money to Evan Mathis.

Winning obviously isn’t the number one goal of Mornhinweg.  It seems he’s more eager to get another shot at being a head coach rather calling plays for the talent he has rather than the talent he wishes he had.

The Birds have turned the ball over 17 times in only six games.  They’ve got one of the lowest scoring offenses in the league.  This is plenty of reason to give Mornhinweg his walking papers.

Truth of the matter is that  special teams coordinator Bobby April is in the same situation and he has been a horrible special teams coach, since he got here.   Where did he get the reputation of being such a good special teams coach?

The Lions special teams were supposed to be the worst in the league, but they outplayed the Eagles.  Rookies Damaris Johnson and Brandon Boykin have been terrible as return men.  Johnson has been so bad that they deactivated him for the Lions game.  The coverage units have been horrible.  They had to release the punter.  What does that say about the job April has been doing?

35 thoughts on “Andy Could Have Fired Mornhinweg and April with Castillo

  1. It’s too late to make wholesale changes to the Coaching Staff
    (this will occur after the Season is over)
    One thing that everyone has to keep in mind for as disappointing as this Team has played and especially on the Offensive Side of the Ball and QB Vick in particular, the Eagles are 3-3 with 10 games left and can still make the Playoffs
    Changing O/C, D/C and let’s go ahead and throw Special Teams aslo a 1/3 f the way thru the Season would be a flat out disaster at this point.. PLay it out with what you got and let the cards falls where they may at the end of the Season at this point..

  2. We need help on Oline….. if only there was a coach out there that knew our Oline and maybe even coached some of our players….. hmmm….. hahaha jk.

  3. I agree for the most part but I don’t like this statement:

    “Winning obviously isn’t the number one goal of Mornhinweg. It seems he’s more eager to get another shot at being a head coach rather calling plays for the talent he has rather than the talent he wishes he had.”

    Winning is the best way to get a shot at being a HC. Not your offense performing this badly.

    Anyhow, the problem with a lot of coaches, especially Andy (which he has said in the past) is that they are so stubborn and believe in their system. So they often think they can just plug in anyone and if the players execute then all will be well. Well that’s based on the faulty premise that the players can execute. If any player could executed then there would be no difference between Jason Peters and King Dunlap. We’ll see how it ends up duing the season. 6 games in and still a lot of questions around the league. You guys know we’ve seen teams look average-at-best in the beginning and at the end of the year emerge as top contenders. Not saying this team will do that but it’s the middle of Oct and you’re tied for the division lead. Who knows what injuries will happen to change the conference/league and maybe Bowles will improve the defense. I don’t know but we will see .

  4. Hey guys, anyone has an example of a team that fired one of their coordinators in the middle of the season and that team went on to have a deep playoff run? I can’t think of any right now but maybe you guys can. It’ll help those that look at 1 off examples like Cowher as a reason to keep Andy. Those that look at the exceptions instead of the rules. Where is schiller?

  5. I keep hearing that it’s the coaches job to put guys in a position that best utilizes theirs strengths. Andy just keeps trying to put sqaure pegs in rounds holes. It’s just not fair to Micheal Vick.
    Ohh, I just hear Castillo got fired.

  6. for 13 years he told us he has to do a better job and for 13 years he hasnt. There are players playing out of postion, is that putting them in the right one?

    My problem is with the media, they say all this stuff on the radio and in the blogs but when they get to the interviews they ALL ASK BULLSHIT QUESTIONS!!!

    How do you fire the one brite spot on THIS team. Bobby april and the special teams have SUCKED since he been HERE! And they Suck now, the offense is HORRIBALE and they are doing the TWO things that they could nto afford to do since LAST YEAR and that is the redzone and the turnovers. They dont want to get a proven 6’5 wide reciver who is broke and hungry to put food on his table and they still cant score Hell they wont even run the ball on the freaking one yard line with the running back. they let a skinny ass QB do it..

    How do you Fire a man who is doing better than the other two. Marty was 5-23 as ahead coach in Detroit what in the hell is he doing calling plays matter of fact even being here???????? They both suck but fire the minoroty.. Yeah i said it. it is what it is.

  7. I say We All Storm the NovaCare Center and Drag Big Andy,MM, David Cullie, Howard Mudd, Jim Washburn and GM Roseman out to City Hall and hand them all, one by one from the William Penn Statute… This is my Story and I am sticking with it..

    1. lets all put our money together so we can buy bus and plane tickets to get them all out of our city. they are bringing shame to our team. .

  8. Good Points Scorp
    Seattle Seahawks fired their O/C a week before the Season Started about 2-3 Years when they made their improbable run for a Playoff Spot and knocked off the Saints.. But the NFC West was so week that an 8-8 Team won the Division

    Steelers Fired their SPecial Teams Coach 2-3 Weekes into this Season too
    but there are not many examples of Teams changing Coordinators or Key Coaches in mid-stream and having success.. I still believe the Washburn was dictating to Castill on what back-end Coverages to run behind his outdated and useless Wide 9… but that’s just my opinion.. I think Todd Bowles will put Washburn in his place a little more and have him flex between a Wide 9 in obviousl passing situations and a more Traditional 2 Gap Def Front as he will be running the show.. This should be an interesting dynamic to observe over the next few games… My $$$ is the Bowles will get Washburn to follow his Strategy and opposed to Washburn’s My-way or the Highway which was already in place before AR named Castillo the DC… Just Sayin..

  9. @Paulman – Bowles doesn’t need to have Washburn change anything, its the coverage behind the Wide 9 at times that need to be addressed….I dont think Castillo should have been fired at all..The defense has been the strength of this team, however the last two weeks the defense did not finish mainly due to play calling in the end….(unfortunately he isn’t the only play caller I’ve questioned the last few weeks) Why were the Eagles in such a soft zone against PITT on the final possession, on a 3rd and 12..why switch the game plan in the 4th quarter when what you’ve been doing is working well? Bowles impact will be on in game adjustments, exactly what the problem has been on the defensive side of the ball

  10. I guess peters does affect the play of mathis after all. That was directed to the moron who apparently played oline and told me i was wrong, douche wish i remember who but not worth lookin it up.
    Morninwhig absolutely should be fired, but more importantly reid for allowing the play calling, at some point fatty needs to step in n say marty your an idiot!

  11. Lets see, donovan, then t o, or vice versa, then, jj for passing away, then mcdermot, and finally castillo…..think im forgettin some people.

    Question, who r all the people andy has blamed before himself

  12. “He’s all-in, works hard, smart,” Reid said of Bowles, whom he said had made a lot of good sugestions this year. “Seems to have a good feel for the game, is a good communicator.”


    Juan was a moron, without a feel for the game.

    Does this surprise anyone? I knew this team would pay for Andy Reid’s moronic decision to hire Juan as defensive coordinator in the first place.

    However, Marty’s sorry and unadjustable gameplans stink as well.

    Without a running McNabb or a running Vick this offense totally stinks.

    Oh and “boney james” is all class smacking a player in the face and risking a 15 yard penalty. That skinny loser only cares about himself. Yeah, said that last season while everyone else was claiming he deserved a raise.

    Can’t even return a kick or a punt without running backwards. Pathetic.

  13. I disagree RT777,
    I believe Bowles needs to reign in Washburn and get away from a Wide-9 scheme as a base front Defensive Line alignment..

  14. Bottom line is Andy Reid needs to go. He cost us all of last season and probably this one. He now admits giving Juan the DC position was a mistake. The OC blew the Detroit game and the special teams coach has no talent to work with. Danny Watkins is a bust and Brandon Graham is working his way
    towards one. Vick is getting killed out there and no one is devising plays to
    protect him. This is a repeat of the same old shit. Our return men are too small and not effective. I’m tired of hearing about all our weapons and our stellar defensive line.

  15. Real, I hear you but in it’s hard to cover for a long time every play when your D line isn’t getting any pressure. The work together. THe D line helps the secondary by getting pressure forcing the QB to make bad decisions and throw sooner than he wants and the secondary helps by playing good coverage forcing the QB to hold the ball longer, thus getting sacked. And throughout this year both have failed each other. And our run defense has been bad as well and that starts with the D line. I’m not blaming it totally on them but they surely aren’t living up to their expectations in the same way the secondary isn’t.

    1. @Scorp – what up? long time! yeah its a little bit of everything, but I dont know if the personnel has failed (D Line and corners) or if the play calling failed..I think the line has been getting pressure but not getting sacks due to the offensive game plans. Eagles haven’t really adjusted to the offense going max protect and WR short routes…teams are getting the ball out extremely quickly against the Eagles….now the Wide 9 is the reason for this, and I dont think you scrap the wide 9, I think as coaches you counter what teams are doing and find a way to get more pressure utilizing some blitzes….I dont mind if the Eagles mix up the wide 9 from time to time…I dont mind if Bowles tries to reign in Washburn a little…I just think the play calling is the issue….

  16. I’m with you Paulman. the wide nine isn’t producing sacks and creating large run lanes. Whether it’s the scheme or personnel, it’s not working right now. Since you can’t change the players right now, you have to adjust the scheme. Detroit runs the same wide nine but they were in our backfield all day. Of course this has a lot to do with the o line being bad but our line couldn’t take advantage of bad offensive lines when we had the chance.

  17. Great article its the same thing fans have been saying for the last 2 years. Fix the oline and get rid of Marty and watch whatever QB you have thrive. Get A ST coach in here.

  18. Eagle fans and media COMICAL. All of the sudden all over the news everyone is talking about the oline and play calling. Let me get this straight “please help me out” If the play calling is bad like its been for years bad run/pass ratio, running your recievers like DJax, 40 yards down field every other play, continuing to pass and not helping out LT when hes given up 6 sacks to same player, etc etc etc. Then you have a oline who never in thier life have picked up a blitz for YEARS(its always Vicks/McNabbs fault lol), Cant pass protect or run block anyone this year. Then fans have the NERVE to question the QB? LMFAO. Yeah its Vicks fault. Yeah I throw some Ints even when protected. No shit Ive been hit 100 times Im friggin nervous, just like anyone other QB would be. The problem is playcalling and the oline not the QB.

  19. One more thing. Im not the brightest guy so I need help. The play calling is bad, the oline is bad but the QB should be good. One more time. The play calling is bad, the oline is bad but the QB should be good. I think I got it. hmmm. Something doesnt sound right.

  20. Howard Mudd needs to be sent back to the retirement facility in Florida. The Castillo firing doesn’t do much to resolve the most critical problem. Tre Thomas would probably do a better job coaching the O-Line.

  21. Reid should commit Hara-Kari, & fire himself! The whole lot of them, NEED TO GO, from Rosemilk- Hindenburg- Morningwood- Crotchburn- Mudd in your eye- Vick- Asomugha- ball-boy- water-boy! They all need to be BROOMED!!!!

  22. It’s only Football, who cares.. It’s Philly, which is used to losing, so nothing to get excited about .. Go out, root for your team, taligate,buy merchandise and go back to your normal routines.. Does The Eagles WInning really make a difference for you and yourt family/community.. Be Happy you have a Team

  23. The Eagles Deserve to be Medicore for that’s what they are..
    Too many Fans,local media buy into the hype of certain Players…
    There is about 2-3 All Pro Type of Players on this Eagles Team
    (McCoy,D-JAx and maybe DRC) the rest of the Roster is average sprikled in with some good players (Maclin,Cole,Ryans,Asmo) but not All-Pro Caliber
    This 2012 Team is very fortunate to not be 1-5 for they easliy could be right now and still have not played 1 full 60 minute Game yet (Maybe the Giants Game in which they played smart and hard for 60 Minutes) the other 5 Games have been sleepwalks by the Coachin Staff, Game Preparations to the execution of the Players which I find repulsive and inexcusable and can give a rat’s ass to what happens to the remaining 2012 Season.. I hope they go on and lost every game and fire the complete Coaching Staff (minue Bowles) and get rid of GM Roseman too and hire some real football people who know what the hell they are doing .. Maybe Hire Mike Mayock as GM/Draft Coordinator and Roseter Managment, Hire a Tough-nosed Defensive Oriented HC whle still having a innovative OC to use the Skills/Talens along the Offensive End.. It’s not Rocket Science here but the EAgles must get bigger,strong along both sides of the LIne of Scrimmage and need to be more physical in the Secondary.. (DRC,Asmo,Allen,Hughes,Boykin) are all too timid and don’t intimidate anyone… .

  24. Carrying 5 RB’s (McCoy,Lewis,Brown,Polk & HAvilli) when you Run the Ball 35% of all Offensive Snaps is assanine…
    You add a diminutive WR D Johnson when you already have a small WR Corps to begin with in havinf D-Jax/Maclin and Johnson will not help in Red-ZOne Offense for his lack of blocking and being too small in tight/smaller spaces for another wasted Roster SPot
    Keeping Darrly Tapp and 6 DE’s was a waste while the middle of Defense (DT’s) continues to give up Rushing Yardage and outside of Fletcher Cox and Cedric Thornton, the Tandem of C Jenkins and Landri are just not getting it done.. How come Eagles Coaches and Staff allow a player like A Dixon to come into camp 20 lbs overweight, wasn’t he working out at NovaCare Complex all Off-season, aren’t these Coaches and Staff sassisting some of the players to maintin and be in the best shpae that they can, can’t they demand some better conditioning.. This same issue has occured with Brandon Graham, C Jenkins and even OT Winston Justice …WHose watching and pushing these guys in the Off-Season ???
    and talking about OT Justice who is a Starter and playing well for the INdy Colts.. He’s no Pro-Bowler but wouldn’t it been nice to see him at RT and shift Herremans to LT… This Demetress Bell as I stated is no good and nother Stacy Andrews siutuation and should have been flat out released in the Summer.. He doesnt have it, he’s soft, slow, and not bright enough to pick-up this Offense and some of us expected he would be.. When a Team like the Buffalo BIlls who has has all kinds of OL issues ove rthe last few years, let this Bell walk, it should tell you that maybe he just isn’t NFL Material.. I would rather see Rookie D Kelley Take Reps at OT.. again have Kelly play RT and shift Herremans to LT…

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