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Vick Says He Was Never Concerned About HIs Starting Job

Andy Reid admitted to making a mistake in moving offensive line coach Juan Castillo to the defensive coordinator’s position.  He was able to admit that mistake and he fired Castillo not because he was doing a bad job, but because he had an experienced and prepared coach in Todd Bowles ready to take over.

That’s not the case at the team’s quarterback position, so Reid doesn’t have another option right now at the quarterback position.  Michael Vick is the team’s quarterback, but if this team were to lose their next couple of games, that could change.  If the team were to drop to a 3-5 record and Reid were to see any chances of making the playoffs slipping our of reach, he might be much m0re willing to go with his wild card and take a chance on rookie Nick Foles.

Vick tried to show his self confidence yesterday when asked whether he had wondered whether he would continue to be the team’s starting quarterback after the bye.

“it was never a time when I didn’t know whether I was going to be the starter or not”, Vick responded. “Quite frankly, I know what I can do when I’m out there and I know what has to happen when I’m out there on the football field. That’s just my approach now, to go out there and get the job done, we’ll see what happens.”

Vick remains the Birds starting quarterback not so much because of the way he’s played, but because they don’t have anybody behind him with the experience and ability to give them a better chance to win right now.  He’s got to step his game up and that means eliminating the turnovers which includes the interceptions and the fumbles.

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50 Comments for “Vick Says He Was Never Concerned About HIs Starting Job”

  1. Well he better start worrying about it for it’s not only his Eagles Starting QB job that he should be concerned about, but his future NFL Carrer could very poosibly be over if he’s benched by the Eagles…
    When you look at most of the QB’s who have had success playing in the Eagles QB friendly system (McNabb/Garcia,Feeley,Kolb) and now look at ones who have not (VY and Vick) I think the consensus with GM’s/Coaches around the NFL is that if VIck can’t play well in Eagles System, then he probably can’t play well for anyone..

  2. “Quite frankly, I know what I can do when I’m out there (fumble? throw ints?) and I know what has to happen when I’m out there on the football field. (though the fact that I “know” what to do doesn’t see to help me actually do it!)”

    “I always play pissed off – More so now than anything.” (fantastic – if there’s anything we need its more foax scowling on the sidelines – that’ll help)

    Good times!

  3. I always play pissed off – because how dare doubters doubt
    I always play pissed off – because how dare haters hate
    I always play pissed off – because the refs don’t protect me
    I always play pissed off – because the oline sucks
    I always play pissed off – because the pass/run ratio is too high
    I always play pissed off – because everyone’s out to get me

  4. Steve Young said it well the other night (in reference to Cam Newton’s struggles) – Athletic ability is not enough in the NFL. An NFL QB must master the cerebral part of the game or he’s sunk.

    Its not basketball, hockey, or other “reactionary” sports. An NFL QB must gameplan, study, read, diagnose, anticipate etc.

    One of the traps QBs like Vick fall into is they are able to use their athletic ability to escape troubs, to win games, to make highlight plays, and therefore don’t prepare themselves to avoid said troubs before it happens. To learn enough to avoid putting themselves in the situations that require their athletic ability to escape.

    Vick never did this. (wither through lack of effort, or low IQ – who knows – probably a combination of both) Now his athletic ability is on the decline, and we’re witnessing the rapid decline of his “quarterbacking” abilities (not that it was a far drop)….this is not going to get better…only worse….

  5. “Vick must Go, Vick must Go, Vick must Go”…

    He’s in the Top 5 of Compensated QB’s in the NFL and is playing like garbage and ranked 27th out of 33 QB’s in the NFL after 6 Weeks.. Are you F’n Kidding Me, get this Dumb-Ass/Washed-Up Street-Ball, Clown QB Clown outta here already…

  6. GTFOH with that overpaid stuff..
    .Lurie OWED Mike 12.5 million…
    The Franchise straight racked in cash off of Mike in 2010…
    The Franchise was scared to death about having the other dude under center
    Mike was the stimulus ! Dude rejuvenated the Franchise/fan base in 2010
    and if you don’t think so go back and look at the comments and posts from 2010 on this site

  7. The Eagles made the exact same amount of $$ in 2010 as they would have made if Bubby Brister was back at the helm.

    Ticket sales: Same. Link sold out no matter what. 60 yr waiting list.
    Consessions: Same
    TV $$: Same
    Merchandising: Same. All merchandising $$ is shared equally throughout the league. Jersey and other sales remain relativly constant no matter who is playing. If they’re not buying Vick in Philly, then they’re buying Tebow in Denver…..Lurie doesn’t care…$$ shared.

    So explain to me exactly how Lurie “racked in cash off Mike” as you so ridiculously claim.

  8. all this fussing isnt worth it. 2 options and 2 options only.

    option 1: in 10 nfl weeks from now the Reid & Vick era will be over
    option 2: the eagles will be preparing for their playoff game

    Either is a Win if you ask me. Only thing I am scared of happening in option 1 is I could see Reid getting canned as coach but remain to be the VP of football operations or some shit.

  9. Opton 3….Eagles squeak into the playoffs and win a wild card game. Then get hammered the followng week with 4 Vick turnovers.

    Everyone stays another year. Spin more tires.

  10. Home PlayOff Game
    22,000 parkings spots @ $20 = 440k
    68,000 capacity (67,594 exact) = more tickets sold (can’t even quote an amount )
    308 concessions stands.. 50k people give or take spending $20. for food and drinks (on the low end) = 1 mill
    43 novelty shops again 50k people give or take spending 50 bucks on dumb shit =2.5 mill

    So you see my friend that’s where Mr. Laurie
    Made his money off of Mike…

  11. Icorrect again (what a suprise)

    Playoff revenue is shared equally with every team in the NFL. Lurie gets paid the same for a Cinci Ptt matchup as he does for an Eagles/Giants game.

    Suprised you are I’m sure. Your best buddy Mikey Mike Mike just not as valuable as you think (hope) he is.

    Here’s an explanation from the Chicago Sun Times:
    And there’s nothing amateurish about the NFL playoffs. Well, nothing except for the players’ salaries and the fact that teams don’t get a lot of front-end money for their postseason success. The money eventually spreads to all corners of the NFL through its lucrative television deal and revenue-sharing, but a team like the Green Bay Packers, for instance, could make a run to the Super Bowl and wind up losing money in the short term.

    The financial benefit of reaching the playoffs is generally felt in subsequent seasons in the form of increased ticket sales and rights fees for marketing partnerships for franchises, and in individual sponsorship opportunities and increased free-agent value for players. But in terms of immediate impact, the NFL playoffs reward teams and players with less income than any of the major U.S. sports. That’s what happens when you have a limited number of playoff games.

    NFL teams split ticket revenue during the regular season, with the home team keeping one-third of the gate. That’s not the case in the playoffs, when all of the ticket revenue goes into a pool shared equally by teams. That leaves the home team with only the earnings created by stadium sales — concessions and merchandise.

    The league rewards teams that win in the wild-card round with $590,000 if they lose and $650,000 if they win. In the divisional round, each team gets $650,000 to cover expenses; that jumps to $1.01  million for the conference championship game. The Super Bowl winner gets $4.108 million and the losing team $2.878  million

    The financial benefit of reaching the playoffs is generally felt in subsequent seasons in the form of increased ticket sales and rights fees for marketing partnerships for franchises, and in individual sponsorship opportunities and increased free-agent value for players. But in terms of immediate impact, the NFL playoffs reward teams and players with less income than any of the major U.S. sports. That’s what happens when you have a limited number of playoff games.

    NFL teams split ticket revenue during the regular season, with the home team keeping one-third of the gate. That’s not the case in the playoffs, when all of the ticket revenue goes into a pool shared equally by teams. That leaves the home team with only the earnings created by stadium sales — concessions and merchandise.

    The league rewards teams that win in the wild-card round with $590,000 if they lose and $650,000 if they win. In the divisional round, each team gets $650,000 to cover expenses; that jumps to $1.01  million for the conference championship game. The Super Bowl winner gets $4.108 million and the losing team $2.878  million.

    Now you might glom on to the “The financial benefit of reaching the playoffs is generally felt in subsequent seasons in the form of increased ticket sales and rights fees for marketing partnerships for franchises, and in individual sponsorship opportunities and increased free-agent value for players…..but theeagles are already juiced in this area, so Mike adds no value

    You might also get hard about all the $$ Mikey Mike $$ earned with “That leaves the home team with only the earnings created by stadium sales — concessions and merchandise.”……
    ….but also remember that the merchandise sales are also divided equally with all the other teams….

    So that leaves the NFL “bonus” $$ for winning playoff games…..

    …….how many of those has your bestest buddy Mikey Mike Mike won again?

  12. good one VV also GLI lurie owes vick NOTHING even if your scenario were true (its not)– he put his own a$$ and rep on the line for the thug! He paid vick enough to pay off creditors and start paying child support …. to me he’s done plenty! meanwhile vick had the 8/10 game run and has been .500 since then.

  13. DIdn’t Coach AR, QB McNabb and Owner Jeff LUrie stick their necks out as a Franchise ato bring VIck back into the NFL to begine with when no one would touch him with a 10 Foot Pole… C”mon Man.. Vick has paid his dues no doubt and lost everythign he ever had.. I support his redemption story as a better person for there is ample evidence that he has indeed changed himself for the better… Now what i really care about is his ability to play QB in the NFL at a high-consisistent level and he has lots to prove to me that he can, which is really neither here nor theree.. But VIck is very fortuante to even have gotten a chance to return to the NFL and is not owed anything by the EAgles.. They gave him an opportunity and he’s made the most of it as far as a big contract, endorsements, and fame again as a NFL Starting QB..

  14. All I want him is to perfrom at a high level consistently and lead this Eagle Team to the PLayoffs and right now, he’s not getting the job down and in fact has actualyl hurt the Teams chances by turning the ball over so often like he did at the early part of last season which cost them a chance in 2011.. Same old shit with him, too reckless with ball security which is Job 1 for any QB at any level of Football

  15. Andy Reid will get what he deserves for hiring Mike Vick. He should have made a move to get a suitable replacement for McNabb in the draft like the Packers did with Favre and Rogers. Instead he got a re-tread. Now he will pay for his mistake – as he should.

  16. @IrishEagles – put the alcoholic beverage down and shut the hell up!

    • @BS-Talk77 err…RealTalk77 – There are quite a few QB’s that Reid could have drafted to follow McNabb. Nobody said anything about Kolb. He was a second round QB that Reid thought he could make into a star. We all saw that fail. That’s why we are stuck with Vick – the reject from Atlanta.

      • @AlcoholicEagles – then since you know it all, who would you have propose the Eagles drafted at the QB position during McNabb’s tenure…considering the Eagles were pretty good team, almost every year under Reid, how many 1st round selections have they had? Again its easy to sit back and evaluate a decision after time, there are many teams that should have done this or done that, stop crying, stop complaining….if you dont like this team, dont believe in this team, don’t watch the games, wait til Vick and AR are gone as you believe they will be…and welcome the era of being a bottom feeder in the NFC! You’ll appreciate Reid/Vick when their gone!

        • The Eagles moved up to take Brodrick Bunkley in 06 – they could have moved up a couple more spots and took Cutler. In 05 they could have picked up Rogers by moving up a few spots. They had plenty of chances to replace McNabb if Reid was looking forward.

          McNabb was going downhill since 06, it’s now 12. Are you trying to say that Reid’s long term plan in 06, 07, 08, 09, was to wait for Vick to get locked-up, and then to hire him when he got out of prison to replace McNabb? No – Reid had no plan… except to pick up a 2nd round pick in Kolb and hope for the best.

          It was very clear to me that Vick would revert back to the level he played at in Atlanta. Reid didn’t know that? Why then did he pick up another 3rd round QB in 12? He is trying to catch lightning in a bottle.

          I have been an Eagles season ticket holder for many years and I don’t need you to tell me about loyalty. But, when Andy Reid didn’t make a bold move to get a top QB (like the Redskins or Broncos), and instead gave a big contract to Vick, he sealed his fate.

          • haha this silly fool…..did you just really say Cutler? hahahaheheahaha, after that, this will be the last time I converse with you…so you have free reign to spew all of your gibberish without any shit from me….
            I dont give a shit if you are a season ticket holder, to me you are just a “paper fan”….I know about loyalty, in every aspect of the word, in which is the reason why I defend Vick, defend Reid, defended Asante when he was here and the list goes on and on…But the problem with your reasoning about what they could have done to get a player….”if they moved up a few spots”..issue being you have to find a team willing to make a deal so you can move up and at what cost…do you know if the Eagles were trying to move up?

            Back in 05, the Eagles had McNabb who just took them to the SB…QB was not the position of need!…at that time, the personnel was different, the needs were different…

            • Cutler will play in more super bowl games than Vick ever will.

              I’m a “paper fan”? Is that what you call someone who supports the team by spending money to help keep the team in existence? What do you call a duchbag like you that runs his mouth on a chat board about a team that he has no stake in?

              You are the result of the careless procreation of two feeble-minded people from the Philadelphia area. That is your only connection to the Eagles.

              • hahaha – I swear this is it….dumb ass running your mouth on the same chat board…and is upset that my opinion is different than yours….someone that has to boast, “I’m a season ticket holder” is a paper fan! I go to Eagles games too, I dont feel the need to boast….at least I pee standing up! or at least I know when I’m peeing you drunken bastard!

  17. Irish Eagle is spot on which is why I am happy about this terrible 2012 Club because after this Season, it means that both AR and Vick are outta here..Then and only then, can the Eagles Nation begin to heal under new Leadership with an entirely new Coaching Staff led be a real NFL QB and not some playground,amatuer QB that they mistakingly gave the keys too in Mike Vick.. . let them all Suffer…

  18. I will concentrate Nov/Dec on Draft Notes and Scouting Reports with knowledgeable fans like GmCliff, Dcar,VInnie,Mhenski and others who actually follow the Sport of Football besides rooting for their Favorite Team

    by the way, i still think Eagles Win Sunday versus the Falcons and then lose next 2 to Saints/Redksins and then wibn one, lose one, win one, lose one.. basically finish about 7-9 8-8 or perhaps 9-7 at best, but still, they are not a Playoff Calibver Teams and that’s the bottom line.. I hope they finish 5-11 or 6-10 and then will have a Top #10-#12 Draft Selection

  19. @Paulman – take your draft notes and your thoughts, turn them son of *bleeps* sideways and stick up your ***! you and Irish Eagle are right, AR should have gave the keys to Kolb, the man they kicked McNabb out for…you guys really crack me up!

  20. Biggest Busts in Philly SPorts in 2012

    Eagles – Mike Vick and Nnamdi Asmagoah
    Phils – Doc Halliday,Cliff Lee,Chase Utley
    Sixers – Will Bynum (probably won’t play 50 Games this Season)
    Flyers – Goalie Illya Bryzgalov

    Philadelphia is becoming now known as a haven for overpaid, overhyped athletes who under-perform and basically are busts.. Give me the days of ove-achienvers, atlhetes who played for each other and had each of their Teammates and Coaches backs.. not this primma-donna shit I’ve witnesses for the last few seasons.. funny think is, what has the City and these Teams won.. (outside Phils World Series in 2008 against newbie Tampa Bay Rays)
    Philly has always been known as the CIty of Losers and now you can see why.. Can any Franhise hire a smart and compete General Manager who can Draft and develop Talent.. IS this possible anymore at the Professional Level.. Philly Teams never seem able to develop their own any more …

  21. Who said give the keys to Kolb ?? many of us thoguht that was another mistake by Coach AR jjust to hand him the keys without prving anything..
    and then AR compounds this mistake by giving the keys to Vick who can’t handle the complxities of a Pro Offense or a Pro Defense which has been his problem for 10 Years now..
    How can you not tell after Vick has been in the system for what 4 Seasons now and when you had average QB’s like Detmer, Feely, GArcia,Kolb, and even Kafka who all has success in Ar/MM Pass Happy QB friendly System and none of these QB’s have anywhere near the talent and experience that Vick has and here we are 4 years later saying the same shit/excuses about VIcks shortcomings like ball security, proper decision-making, getting the ball out, sliding, protecting yoursouf,blitz recognition, etc,etc..It’s become a joke because Vick plays the QB position like a joke..

  22. Kolb is better than Vick which is feint praise, the likes of real bull shit 777 will be history when Vick joins the scrap heap of failed quarterbacks after this season along with the biggest fraud of a coach Andy Reid

  23. hahahahhehee @JakeMut – you can’t be serious…Kolb better than Vick, now I’ve heard some real dumb things in my life, but this takes the cake! hahahahaehehe….by the way Real Talk, bleeds green no matter who the QB is….Eagles all day, bitch!

  24. Real bs, you are a Vick apologist but you come up with some humorous shit, keep up the good bs

  25. @Paulman, why bring the other franchises into the convo, even with their shortcomings they are not the mess the eagles are currently top to bottom, worse franchise in Philly now

  26. Because they are all over-hyped and over-valued by Philly Local Media and too many fans.. The Flyers have been mediocre for 30 Years now even though they have one of the highest payrolls and owners with deep pockets and they still under-achieve year in and year out..
    Phils are the Biggers Chokers in the last 5 Years of all of Sports..PIcked by supposed experts to Win 2-3-4 WS in the last 5-6 Years nad what have they downe, Beat a newbie Tampa Bay Franchise in 2008 who were just happy to be there and have choked ever since..Losing the WS as the Favored Team over a the Yankees in 2009, losing in 2010 in Divsisional ROund to the SF Giants, and then losing in 2011 in the Divsional Round again to the SL CArdinals and then not even making the Playoffs in 2012 (Even when they expanded the Playoff Tournament with another Wild-Card Team)

    and Yes Jake, this PHillie Team is in worse shape than the Eagles, who at least have youth on their Side, this Phillie Team is old,overpaid and and a bunch of players who have all gotten too comfortable and still the Philly Faithful give praise on this Team of underachievers..

  27. Phillies have a better chance of winning a championship than the eagles with Vick and Reid

  28. All 4 Teams have no chance of Winning Championship anytime soon Jakedog, so stop Fooling yourself man.. It’s Ok, really, it is, Having Teams to root for and win Championships actually does very little for your happiness in the big scheme of things..

  29. Fraud if you had ever played one inning, one half or one quarter of an athletic event you would realize how idiotic your statements are. The phils are a good FA and a young guy producing from right back in the hunt. In baseball it is hard to have a long run and not age as a team… not winning it all is not an indictment of a team. It takes a lot of things falling in your favor– it takes some guys stepping up who you don’t expect (think bruntlett for example).
    the eagles will be imploded at the end of the year in all likleyhood– no QB, a bunch of selfish players. AR’s biggest mistake was the Free agent crap– he used to go for one (owens, kearse etc)– now its full of me guys, not home growns.

  30. Winning is what counts HAC
    Phills have had the 2nd Highest Payroll in MLB (only Behind the Yanks) the last few Seasons and what has it amounted to… 2008 is ancient History now, are the Phils going to get a 20 Year Pass because they Won a WS in 2008.. Just like many of Philly Fans have Given the Flyers for Winning the Cup back in 1973-1974.. This is why the City Deserves and Gets the Teams that it has..

    And yes I have played Sports (Football,Westling,Hockey and Baseball and then Softball) so I know how improtant Teamwork,Good Coaching and Pulling for one another in Team Sports.. I just have not seen this in Philly

  31. Phil’s are a third baseman, one outfielder and one reliever away from contending for a third world championship, which would mark their fifth appearance in the world series, to suggest that the eagles are better positioned because they are younger? Man paulman, you make no sense

  32. Vick voted as the 4th most overrated player in the NFL by his peers.

    • hahaha Mhenski, Ray Lewis was always ranked right behind Vick as the 5th most overrated player in the NFL….in my opinion, that makes that whole process a joke…although I do agree with the number 1 and 2 selections….

  33. Phils need a lot more than that Jake, who are you kidding…
    You have 2 Solid very good Starters in Hamels/Lee.. Doc is Fading,
    Worley a 1 Hit Wonder, and Kendricks who is a serviceable 5th Starter
    Bullpen– Bastardo/Stutes were 1 Hit Wonders in 2011, the guy from the Dodgers in Victorino Trade is a bust, Papelbon is good and a lot of question marks, unknowns from there..

    Howard,Utley,Rollins are all another year older
    Ruiz had career year and is a great player,but very unlikely to duplicate whar he did in 2012 again in the future.. Who are the OF, Mayberry, Brown,Pierre,Scheirholz… yes, that’s a scary line-up Jake..
    Come back when you know a little more about Baseball..

    I do see the PHils making a strong Offer Josh Hamilton but with needing some Right Haand Power, not sure that a L-L-L combo at #3/#4/#5 unless Utley goes to #2 or #6 and move Ruiz up..

    Either way, they probably won the most games in MLB over the last 6 Seasons with 1 Championship to show for it, that;s the bottom line..
    Maimi Marlins won 2 Championships in 20 Years of Existence while the PHils have played 4 over 100 years of History.. C’Mon Man…

  34. Ray Ray at this point in his career is overrated. he is a big part of the reason theyve given up the 5th most yards in the NFL and the 3 most rushing yards. Ray Ray coming into this year is probably the most overrated player this year, he is toast, great career though.

    • toast because of his latest injury? I dont know, maybe my definition or understanding of overrated and when to use that term is incorrect…but a player who has had his career, should never be called overrated…

  35. Don’t exactly know how Sanchez can be voted “overrated” . I mean, who ever had him ranked highly in the first place. How can you be overrated if everyone thinks you suck?

    Romo’s pretty good at 2

    Vick is too low. No one gets (or got – as media is slowly turning against him – damn haters!) as much pub for such mediocre results.

    Ray Lewis also spot on as he’s been an average to below average LB for several years now…yet every time I turn on NFL network there he is getting interviewed, or dancing or whatever….in fact the best thing that could have happened to Lewis was his latest injury that’s going to allow him to leave with his rep still intact, before the media really started running with the “Decline of Once great Ray Lewis” articles all next year….

  36. 1 thing is for certain I will be forever gracious for being a part of this Phillies run the past few years. Time will tell whether that run is over or not, but the transition from the Vet to Citizens Bank Park has made my summers literally hundreds of times more enjoyable, fun, and intoxicating as they were prior.

    Having Reub get player after player after player to give our city a chance every year was refreshing also.

    Celebrating on broad street and watching those playoff games with family and friends are memories I will be forever grateful I have. They could have losing seasons the next 50 years and I will always remember these post few years and be grateful.

    Am I pleased with Chase Utley’s lack of desire – no. Am I pleased with the regression of Doc, Rollins, and basically the entire outfield – NO. But I am optimistic our GM will do what is necessary for this ballclub to stay in the mix.

  37. Pretty good insight Vin. You’re right sanchez cant be overrated because everyone I know rates him as a loser.

  38. Cheers Mhenski, I’ll drink to that and hope your right, but I am not as sold on Amaro’s ability to make the smart signings or Managers Manuels ability to play/manage “small ball” type of Wins which are more neccessary as the Pitching in MLB has improved across the board and games have are more lower scoring than 5 Years ago.. ..

  39. Other Overrated Players in the NFL

    QB Tony Romo, QB Phil Rivers, Safety Troy Palomula, Safety Ed Reed,
    RB Reggie Bush, DE Julius Peppers LB Brian Urlacher, CB Chalres Woodson,
    WR Santonio Holmes, WR Andre Johnson, WR Miles Austin, DE Mario Williams RB’s Steven Jackson, Chris Johnson, Michael Turner

  40. Paul I am not sold either but there is enough of a track record to be hopeful. I have emailed the Phillies on multiple occasions telling them to sign Cavan Biggio next years draft. I assume nobody will read the emails but it is worth a shot, kids a beast and will be a stud MLB player.

  41. Phil Rivers got a dead arm he is toast, I think he should be #1.

    I disagree with Reggie Bush, Miles Austin, Steve Jackson and Chris Johnson. I got the NFL package and can say with confidence these guys can play. Now if you wanna sub Miles out and put in Dez I wont argue.

  42. Real yea just my opinion but at this point in his career Ray Lewis is overrated, nothing to do with injury. Guy was a brickhouse of a MLB and he is a legend but his current game hurts his team. They are awful on D especially run D for many reasons but Ray would be near the top of that list.

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