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Eagles-Falcons Pregame Thoughts

It’s Time To Feature McCoy

Andy Reid and Marty Morhinweg can’t put it off any longer. It’s time for the Eagles to make a concentrated effort to heavily involve their best player in the offensive gameplan.

When you look at Sunday’s matchup with the Atlanta Falcons, every ounce of conventional wisdom says that this is the week for the Eagles to go to a run-first offense. The Falcons are a team that you can run on. Atlanta is giving up more than 140 yards on the ground per game, ranking them among the five worst run defenses in football.

The Falcons defensive line is built to rush the quarterback, but they aren’t nearly as successful when it comes to shutting down offensive running lanes.

LeSean McCoy has had a good season so far, but he hasn’t had a game that he’s been a dominant force in. A big reason for this is that the coaching staff just isn’t interested in involving him as much as they should. The fact is, when the Eagles have given McCoy 20 or more carries this year, they’re 3-0. When he has less than 20 carries, they’re 0-3.

The coaches will point to their shaky offensive line as one of the primary reasons that they don’t run to McCoy. While it’s fair to say that the offensive line’s struggles have limited the number of ways that the Eagles can try to use their running attack, I think it’s foolish for the coaches to use the offensive line problems as a reason to avoid the running game.

I’m sure the coaches have noticed after watching the film that this line is just as poor in pass protection as they are in run blocking. If they’re going to use the logic that they can’t run the football because of the offensive line, then by that same line of thought they shouldn’t make any effort to throw the football either because the line’s ineffectiveness impacts the success of the passing plays just as much as it does the running ones.

Oh, and there’s also the possibility of howling winds and blinding rain due to the massive hurricane currently making its way up north. Poor weather conditions don’t make for successful passing attacks. Run the ball Andy, please.

The Todd Bowles Era Begins

One the biggest storylines of this game is Todd  Bowles coaching his first game as defensive coordinator.

During the week, Bowles and his players have talked about mixing the defense up and making the unit less predictable.

Bowles doesn’t have an easy first assignment. Matt Ryan and the his receivers make for one of the most dangerous passing attacks in the game.

However, Bowles is a much sharper defensive mind than Juan Castillo, and the impact his previous experience with quality defensive minds and his 10 years of defensive NFL coaching experience can’t be understated. The Eagles now have a qualified individual pulling the strings of their defense, and I believe we’ll see a much improved, polished, and confident unit because of him.

How The Falcons Can Beat The Eagles

The best thing that Atlanta can do to put themselves in a great position to win is to get ahead very early in the game.

It will be critical for the Falcons to score on their first two possessions, and gain a quick double-digit lead on the Eagles. Putting Philadelphia into an early hole would make it much more likely for Andy Reid to forget about his running game, and make him put the team’s fortunes into the turnover-prone hands of Michael Vick.

The Falcons have a deep receiving corp, and can attack the Eagles in a number of ways. Julio Jones and Roddy White have combined for over 900 yards and eight touchdowns on the year. Ageless tight end Tony Gonzalez is still one of the best in the game, and has 43 catches for 430 yards and four touchdowns.

The Eagles are going to have trouble accounting for all of these players. Nnamdi Asomugha is coming off of his best game as an Eagle, but he’s going to have a more difficult time with the speed of these Atlanta receivers. Rookie linebacker Mychal Kendricks has performed well against opposing tight ends this year, but I don’t know that he’ll have an answer for Gonzalez.

If the Falcons can get the Eagles to fall into the pass-happy trap, they shouldn’t have much trouble coming away with a win. The Atlanta defense is built to defend the pass. They’ve picked up 16 sacks (with defensive end John Abraham leading them with six), and also have recorded 10 interceptions.

If Reid and Mornhinweg just sit back and call pass after pass after pass, it’s going to be a long day at the Linc. The offensive line won’t be able to hold off the Atlanta pass rush and Vick will almost certainly commit multiple turnovers.

Why The Eagles Will Win

The Eagles match up pretty well with the Falcons.

A year ago they had one of their strongest offensive outputs against this same Atlanta team, and they might have won that game if they didn’t have Casey Matthews at middle linebacker or Juan Castillo calling the defense.

This is a good spot for the Eagles to be in. They’re fresh off of their bye week, which of course Andy Reid’s teams are 13-0 after regular season byes. The head coach has spent the last two weeks doing some serious soul searching, and the changes he’s made to this team during the bye have put everyone on notice that this is a make-or-break moment in the season.

After losing the last two games, many of even the most faithful of Eagles fans have now begun to doubt whether or not this team can even make the playoffs this year in a very competitive NFC. What better way to quiet those doubts and build up confidence than by handing the last undefeated team in the NFL their first loss of the season?

If the players have the proper mentality, the Eagles should win this game going away. So many of the veterans on this team have a lot to prove. Michael Vick is in the midst of an awful season, and he may only be a handful of turnovers away from a benching. Vick has spent most of the year defending himself and claiming that he has no turnover problem. This is a great opportunity for him to put some validity to his words, and put together a strong performance. And that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s got to go out and put up big numbers, I’d be happy if I saw him play like he did against New York. I want him to see him be turnover-free, and make sound decisions.

The defensive line is primed for a breakout performance as well. After going three straight games without a sack, I have to believe that this is the week that the drought comes to an end.

Final Thoughts

I like the Eagles to win this game. I think the matchups favor the Eagles both physically and in terms of intangibles as well.

I feel that this will indeed be a week that Reid commits to establishing a running game, and I expect to see a lot of new life from the defense with Todd Bowles now in command.

The offensive line will also have a couple of new starters this week with King Dunlap taking over at left tackle and rookie Dennis Kelly playing right guard. While neither player may be anything to get excited about, they can’t possibly be worse than Demetress Bell and Danny Watkins, so I’m at least optimistic to see how successful the new-look line will be.

The Eagles need this win, badly. After letting two straight games slip away in the fourth quarter, they’ve greatly reduced their margin for error on the season. This is the time for this team to rise up and make a stand if they do indeed have any hope of fulfilling the lofty expectations that many had set for them before the season.

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56 Comments for “Eagles-Falcons Pregame Thoughts”

  1. Everyone knows the Eagles should run the ball, which is exactly why they won’t. Andy Reid is much smarter than Everyone.

  2. “A big reason for this is that the coaching staff just isn’t interested in involving him as much as they should. The fact is, when the Eagles have given McCoy 20 or more carries this year, they’re 3-0. When he has less than 20 carries, they’re 0-3.” …. Denny Basens

    This is probably the main reason I want Andy Reid Fired. This is nothing new to him. Football logic is just not his strong suit. He has a top RB in his prime and he keeps passing every down with a weak pass protection line. Everybody knows you can’t win if you have turnovers. Yet he has not adjusted his game plan for the turnover machine. Shorter pass routes, screens, draws and running will reduce the pounding Vick is taking, and thus reduce the turnovers. Then he needs to bench Vick just to embarrass him and get his attention. When a QB says he’s not worried about getting bench, as bad as he’s been, somethings wrong.

    Wonder what the crime rate in Philadelphia would be if criminals knew they would not go to jail or be punished.

    Andy Reid has done a good job putting talent on the field. He should get a nice front office job. He’s simply not a game day coach. Too Stubborn. You have to be flexible and take what the defense gives you. He has no patience. To Prideful.

    He walks around like those hollywood celebrities. Living in a fantasy world where offensive line coaches are defensive coordinators.

  3. Disagree that Reid has done a good job of putting talent on the field, with the exception of McCoy there are no impact players, undersized interior lineman, old, inflexible coaches, Bowles possibly excepted, the team on balance is very mediocre, throw in the lack of discipline, the attitude of the qb, it is not a good football team

  4. I agree with Jakeman and have stated for a few years now that the local media,fans and the Eagles Franchise themselves have overstated the Talent on these recent Eagles Teams. Look Round the NFL, every team has talented players but it’s up to the Coaches and the players themselves to put it together and play smart, discipline and tough football. Coaches have to anticipate challenges with their game plans every week and have to have plans B,C,& D ready to implement as games are unfolding and these Eagles and their Coaching Staff are simply unable to do so during games which is why we see the same old shit every year with poor play calling and especially in the Red-Zones both Offensively & Defensively and have ranked among to bottom on the NFL the last 5 years or so and this my friends is where NFL games are really won or lost… How many times do the Eagles settle for a short FG and when on Defense can’t hold a team to a FG. Fire the whole crew and start again for this current group is just not getting it done to be a legitimate Playoff/Super Bowl Contender.. Coach AR time has passed and everyone, including his opponents know it

  5. Eagles look confused on D with both Allen and Coleman waving at fellow players to gt them to move to new spots. Lots of heads turning back and forth wondering where they should be.


    That being said, how refreshing would it be to watch an Eagles qb stand there, survey and shred. I want one.

  6. Clarly the issue was with Juan Castillo.

  7. Seriously? They have to burn a time out because they can’t get the play in and line up on time? What a F’d up team….

  8. The d-line is putrid!

  9. This team & it’s coaches look lost and frequently out coached by its opponents more & more frequently over the past few years.

  10. I was expecting some drop off by the defense out of the gate but not 24 points in the 1st half… Ho-hum. Maybe both the D & O will get it together for the 2nd half. Lets hope so but I certainly don’t expect it.

  11. I know this disaster is (so far) all on the D.

    But can anyone tell me why the ATL WRs are almost always moving as they get the ball, and almost every Eagle WR is standing still when they get the ball?

  12. Two first round picks and a high priced free agent on the d. Line and Ryan hasn’t been touched. Someone please stick a fork in these losers. On the bright side I see that my Sunday’s will be free to enjoy life

  13. Pretty bad when watching the approaching storm is more exciting than the Eagles game.

  14. Hey brandon graham aka vernon gholston, hey namdi and all the pass interference bunch, is castillo that bad? At least he could get the opponent to punt once in a while.

  15. Half way in to the third Qtr and still wondering if the Falcons have a punter. I know the Eagles punter has had a lot of work today.

  16. So…all you guys asking for “short passes”. Are you enjoying this kindergarten attack? One more WR screen and I’m going to lose it.

    The Eagles should go for this 4th and 1 down 17 with 20 mins left.

    Why punt to a team that’s been tearing your D apart? Have to go for it there. Punting in that position is weak.

  17. The challenge appears to be an example the coach, or his advisors he listens to any, not knowing the rules. It’s OK. It’s not like your time outs are limited.

  18. Please don’t give me a college coach to take over this team and no re tread… No cowher or feuded. Young and exciting up and coming coordinator

  19. Nice tackle Nate Allen

  20. 10 freaking points! This pitiful Vick led offense does not score points! Dynasty? Dynasty? WTF get a first down you asshole

  21. Down 20 4th Q…..Atl has scored every drive…or O has 170 yrds of offense…..lifeless team…lifeless stadium….is it not time to throw in the kid for a couple of series?

  22. OMG. Moose Johnson just said that Mike Vick throwing “is a thing of beauty”

    This 2 plays after he sidearmed one off Abraham’s face.

    In garbage time. With ATL in total prevent D rushing 3.

    The kid should be in at this point gaining confidence against a slacking ATL D who’s already thinking about getting on the plane.

  23. It’s John lynch not moose but your point is valid. For all of vicks talent.. He is terrible. I think it’s lack of character and brains

  24. The offensive line sucks, period! Exactly what do you jerk offs want Vick to do behind it, seriously!!!

  25. The vick apologists don’t really watch the game

  26. Hey Casey Matthews made a play!

    Honestly…why the F has Vick been the qb this quarter?

    This game has been over since Reid punted on 4th and 1 with 20 mins to go….you’ve got to put the kid in when you anounce the game is over…get him some experience…..

    .that being said, it is funny watching Vick sling it 10 yrds over wide open guys all quarter….and its about the only thing I find entertaining at this point….

    BTW…did anyone else notice Vick being caught from behind 3x this game…he’s finished. Can’t run anymore….never learned how to throw….

  27. O-line did not play too bad today. The realizations I had were the d-line is a train wreck and Vick seems lost. I thought the offensive game plan was going in the right direction. Not every play was a go route or 25 yard out. Vick just couldn’t make it happen.. He looked like he didn’t even want to be on the field on the last two possessions. I think it’s time for the kid!

  28. We’ll see the kid in 2 weeks. Reid isn’t going to tart him on a Monday night in the Superdome. A loss next week will seal it however.

    In order to beat the Falcons and Saints, you’ve got to score 30+. 19 for 33 for 190 with a garbage time TD when Atlanta already on the bus isn’tgoing to cut it. Scoring 30 isn’t going to happen with this inept offence anytime soon…..(did you know the Birds have only scored 30 pts 2x over the last 16 games? And they were against the pitifl Jets and the No-effort Skins in the season finale last year)

    This offence is completely dysfunctional at this point.

    And that is not deflecting from a D that was porous today….but you did know going in that Atl was probably going to score 30…….

  29. This team is pure trash truck juice! The game was over, as soon as we deferred the coin toss win! 4 things that should happen immediately-
    1- Reid & his entire staff needs to be fired!
    2- Asomugha needs to be outright released!
    3- Vick needs to be benched!
    How did that Castillo firing work out? We looked like a field of blind quadriplegics! This team is full of uncaring, overpaid, overhyped, undisciplined, bums! They have officially quit & checked out, on their coach! They ought to be ashamed & embarrassed, to call themselves MEN! Bunch of disgraces!!!!!

  30. I hope all of the pom-pom waving, excuse making, stepfords, stay in hiding, because there is no defending of anyone, on this $#!thole team. The only one with heart, that didn’t quit, was Shady. The rest can go f^#@ for all I care! I’m embarrassed to admit I stayed until the 4th quarter! The most exciting part was, “THE FIRE ANDY CHANTS!” HE MUST GO ASAP!!!!!!!!

  31. Reid is clearly gone at the end of the year. So is Vick. They won’t resign DRC either.

    Lot of guys on this team played significantly better pre-contract and have dropped off a cliff once paid (Vick, Desean, Mathis, Cole…..even Shady……)

    Perhaps Joe Banner was right!!

    Right now, completely disfunctional on O and D. And the Saints next week, who will drop 35+, but have a ridiculously bad D…will we be able to match them? Not a chance.

  32. Why do people talk about the ‘talent’ on this team? What talent? They are a bunch of individuals, not a team it’s a disgrace. What is cole and babin going to say now? Dynasty? How bout you score 30 once in awhile

  33. Wow what an offensive display by the birds today. That young QB realy lit up the scoreboard and Ived the game early. A philly native showing his goods in front of friends and family. I really admire the coaching and talent on that birds team. Too bad I am talking about the Falcons.

    Hey ANDY …. IT’s TIME…..TO CLEAN HOUSE and there are rats in the nest instead of eagles.

    Marty M and Micheal Vick should be on the street by Wednesday… Andy should be gone after the NO game if he cant get a win there.

    17 points per game and we were worried about our Defense.. Thats BS

  34. Yeah….It’s apparent Asante was the issue last year and we are a better team with that 7th round pick we fooled Atlanta into trading to us.

    Fans let’s rally behind Andy.

    He got us to NFC championship games and a Superbowl.


    Well anyway, I thought we would at least win this one before Brees rip us apart in New Orleans next week.

    New Orleans 40 Eagles 16


  35. Some of ya’ll are so predictable. I know I know – the defense lets ATL score on six drives and it’s all VIck’s fault.

    “BTW…did anyone else notice Vick being caught from behind 3x this game…he’s finished. Can’t run anymore….never learned how to throw….” mean the times he ran still looking to throw and NOT to score first down yardage. Or the QB who was the leading rusher last week.

    You mean the QB who threw for 311 yards last week – or the guy who threw no INT’s this week.

    I guess he was supposed to make his receivers catch the ball and run their routes correctly. Or perhaps he was supposed to call the plays that would have given the stud RB the ball more than 16xs and more than 9x in the first 3 quarters against a crap run defense.

    The defense – as has been th case the past three weeks was the biggest liability. The team def has to score more than 17 points but it would help if folk would catch and hold onto the ball as well – and folk don’t rack up dumb penalties int he process.

    Vick has his problems but he hasn’t been the biggest one in this game or the last 2 before this one.

  36. Michael Vick told reporters following Sunday’s loss to Atlanta that Eagles coach Andy Reid is considering a quarterback change.
    The alternative would be rookie Nick Foles. Vick wasn’t to blame for the disaster post-bye loss, but the Eagles clearly scaled back their offense following the open date, employing a conservative, dink-and-dunk passing game combined with balance in the run game, before the scoring got out of hand. Reid holds press conferences on Mondays and should have something to say about his quarterbacks tomorrow. The Eagles face a bad Saints defense next. Vick finished Week 8 21-of-35 passing for 191 yards, a touchdown, and 42 yards on the ground. He did not commit any turnovers.
    Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter Oct 28 – 5:18 PM

  37. Look on the bright side … I see us going 5-1 in the las t 6 games to finish an impressive 8-8!

  38. looking forward to next season, this is what we need.

    Build a defensive line around Fletcher Cox.

    Cut Babin, Graham, Landri, Hunt,Jenkins & Tapp, and build with a free agent DE and a top big game changing draft pick for the DE position.

    Tell Cole he will come in as a backup to save his legs for later in the season.


    Cut, Matthews and draft the top Sam linebacker in the draft and move Kendricks to the weakside with a coach who uses him to get home in key blitz packages…keep Jordan for Special Teams and backup depth.

    Safeties….Cut Nate Allen and draft Eric Reid to man the Safety position….Move Asmo to Safety with a reduced salary to pair with Reid, demoting Coleman to backup/special teams.

    Promote Hughes to corner along with drafting a corner in the 2nd round.

    Tag Drc with transition…and trade him for an offensive lineman.


    Let Vick walk and promote Foles.

    Move Herremans back to left guard next Peters draft a big Center in case Kelce struggles after major surgey. Keep Mathis but cut the fireman and move Bell to RT with a reduced pay.


    Cut Avant and draft 2 strong fast receivers in a real good draft filled with great prospects.

    DJax is put back on the punt return team and becomes a situational receiver similar to Welker.

    Get a top fast, strong TE and have Celek as a good number 2.

    ..I’ll write what I want in a coach next.

    Reid Sucks

    Corners… transition tag and trade

  39. Navy…um I mean Dr, Bridge…

    The bet applies to different screen names too.

    you can comment under Navy, Dr. Bridge, Schill.

    Whatever but remember if this team in under 10 games after the season you can not comment here again.

  40. Y you’re right tsjohnson. Vick is $$. He was great today.

    19 of 33 for 170 and one td in garbage time is amazing

    I’m not taking any blame/responsibility away from the D who were terrible in the first half….but…Did you expect Atlanta to score 30 roday? I did. They are one of the highest scoring Os in the league. They’ve scored over 27+ 9 of their last 16 games…and 5 of their last 7…(and I expect NO to score over 30 on us next week too). Its what happens when you go up against elite/very good QBs….the problem we don’t have an elite QB to match…hell, we don’t even have a remotely functional qb to compete…..

    This Vick led O has scored 27+ just 2x over the last 16 games (against the pathetic jets and hapless redskins, both after their respective seasons were done and they weren’t trying)

    The Eagles are the lowest scoring team in the league.

    BTW – Did you really enjoy watching the kindergarten offence today? ‘Cause that’s what some of you clowns have been calling for. Dinky little wr screens every 2nd play, every wr a staionary target at 6 yards.

    As for being caught from behind… on all 3 tackles I’m talking about, Vick was running, not looking to throw.

    That being said…I doubt they’re going to put Foles in on the road in New Orleans in a game where the Birds have no chance unless they score 30…..a much better game would be the following week against the almost equally dysfunctional Cowboys

  41. As for being caught from behind… on all 3 tackles I’m talking about, Vick was running, not looking to throw….

    …uh I watched the game…the 2 he was got from behind on in the second he wasn’t running full out. He was still looking to throw and then looking to avoid a sack.

    ….he slid for another first down.

    The biggest issue with VIck and running this year has been he doesn’t do it ’till the last possible moment. When he has made decisive decisions to run he’s run well. I don’t expect him to be 24 year old VIck – but the idea he can’t run anymore is bogus. They’ve just coached it out of him. Period.

    “BTW – Did you really enjoy watching the kindergarten offence today? ‘Cause that’s what some of you clowns have been calling for. Dinky little wr screens every 2nd play, every wr a staionary target at 6 yards.”

    Oh I’m sorry…where there all these times when he could have thrown the ball deep. They went conservative…but folk still have to catch balls – and get YAC – they didn’t. I swear if you play the whole “take what the defense is giving you” it’s a problem too.

    Time of possession was HUGE in this game…Atlanta got the ball and kept the ball – period. It was a crap game – but hardly Vick was the most responsible for this mess.

  42. Y they went conservative…its what many of you Vickpologists have been calling for…the idea that Reid “only calls 7 step drops and gets Vick killed” blah blah blah…and so we get the kindergarted attack we saw today.

    At any point do you think the Atl D was intimidated or worried about the Eagles’ O.

    Look…some games are going to be defensive battles…and others are going to be shootouts…this one…against one of the highest scoring teams in the league…was going to be a shootout.

    Next week the Saints are going to score 30+. It is going to be another shootout.

    The Eagles have a pop gun at QB.

    “coached it out of him” That’s drole. He’s 32 and is broken down.

  43. Vinnie…. love the shots…. nice ones. I would be fine with an Air it out O if they had an Oline. they dont.

  44. and….. If the birds came with this kind of game plan against the lions… we would have won that game. same goes with the steelers. But…. the D came up short today and the O wasnt much better. I for one will be glad when Andy Reid is gone….. I gave up on him after the Cards champ game. I will give Bowles a shot. I hope he does something with it… but…. Im also looking forward to getting someone in here who can Run this D…. if i could pick a HC right now….. id go with Wade Phillips.

  45. Nein Wade Phillips as a head coach!

    He’s clearly a premier D-co-ordinator, but not as a HC…..

    this is going to be a tough week for the Eagles’ that’s for sure….but can you imagine what’s going to happen if the Saints are leading 24-3 at half next week on national tv??

  46. I would take Wade Philips if he bring is philosophy defensively calling the defense…and hire Jon Gruden as asst head coach/offensive coordinator.

  47. Someone help me out. While Vick is the topic for weeks around the country to get benched for his turnovers. I watch QBs like Tony Romo be allowed to throw 4ints in a game, 5 ints in a game. Lead the league in ints by alot, have his team well under .500 but yet no outcry for him to be benched. Only certain types of QBs are held to different standards. The lead story in Dallas and around the country should be TUROVER machine Romo needs to be benched. Ive heard from fans a analyst you cant turn ball over.I guess it only applies to certain QBs. Theres never ever talk of him being replaced.with his 1 playoff win. hmmmm

  48. @daggolden

    I’ve said it a gazillion times. If ANY QB needs benching it’s Romo. But of course that’s not a convo anyone has. It’s Bryants fault. It’s his line’s fault. It’s lots of faults with Romo. With Vick it doesn’t matter what happens…it’s his fault. lol.

    Some things don’t change.

  49. “Y they went conservative…its what many of you Vickpologists have been calling for…the idea that Reid “only calls 7 step drops and gets Vick killed” blah blah blah…and so we get the kindergarted attack we saw today.”

    Oh please dude…they played the game that has been most successful for them. Short and intermediate passes. 5 and 7 step drops haven’t worked at all this year. You take what the defense gives you. Period. If you saw some wide open plays he missed do tell. There’s maybe one – Djax says he was open one play that would have led to a touchdown. Other than that – there wasn’t a lot happening.

    Falcons came to play. On both sides of the ball. Period.

  50. You “everything is about race” clowns would be amusing if you weren’t so pathetic.

    ’cause no one is ripping Romo at all out there. No one. Free pass. Have never ever read anything about Romo and choking…ever.

    Come to think of it, never heard a bad thing about Rivers either.

    And that Matt Cassel guy. Everyone loves him.

    And there’s never ever been one dispraging remark written about Ryan Fitzpatrick.

    I have read the odd bad report about Sanchez, but he’s hispanic, so that’s probably the reason.

    Really though only black QBs on sub-500 and who are at the very bottom of the league in just about every statistic ever get critized.

    F-ing racists!!

    No one ever has a convo about Romo’s problems…how completely ignorant can you possibly be??….type in Tony Romo in urban dictionary and you get this….


    1) Tony Romo

    The sexual act performed under the circumstances when everything seems to being going well, but then the condom breaks and you blow the game…..right inside of her.

    I’m nervous, i pulled a tony romo last night.

    2. Tony Romo

    Tony Romo (born April 21, 1980, in San Diego, California) is the current starting quarterback for the National Football League’s Dallas Cowboys. He took over for Drew Bledsoe in week 8 of 2006 season.

    Tony Romo just threw a touchdown pass to Terrell Owens

    3. Tony Romo

    To drop something
    To mess up horribly
    To make the biggest fuck up of your life
    To be overrated
    To be a guy who has fans that thinks he is the savior of their team, yet he hasn’t started for a full season yet……..

    Don’t Tony Romo the ball.
    Don’t Tony Romo the baby.
    I had an affair with my wife and now she is going to divorce me. Well, at least I’m not Tony Romo.
    I just found out I had cancer, but at least I’m not Tony Romo.

    oh and “…they played the game that has been most successful for them.”

    How exactly is lowest scoring team in the league “successful”????

  51. Tony Romo 13 ints and 4 fumbles this year his team is 3-4. Mike Vick 9 ints and 3 fumbles. Talk about turnover machine? Romo has 17 turnovers and not one peep about Romo being replaced, not one. Not one anaylst on ESPN or anywhere else talking about the Cowboys going to Kyle Orton. The headlines around the country today are about how Dez Bryants fingertips were just out of bounds. Not a peep about Romos 4 friggin ints that put them in the position that they were Vick leads his team to the lead and the defense gives up the lead and the headlines are Vicks turnovers continue. Heres another example, Jay Cutler gets sacked more times than any other qb. 8,9,10 times a game. Not once do I hear hes dumb cant he read a defense? WTF cant he read a blitz. Nah that dont happen his oline isnt any good, its the offensive coordinators fault for the offense he designed. lol When its Vick, hes dumb, cant read a defense, cant recognize a blitz, Desean was open. lol. So yes their are different standards for different QBs.

  52. @Vinny. We go by FACTS. Fact one. You have Romo who has 17 turnovers and Vick who has 13 turnovers. Fact 2. Both teams are 3-4. We agree you cant have your QB turn the ball over. Fact 3. Romo 1 playoff victory in career. You must explain to me Specifically why Vick is talked about being benched and why Romo is not. I dont want to hear about Romos girlfriend or Romo jokes. Make me understand why he isnt talked about being BENCHED and Vick is. I have no problem with sitting Vick, I do have a problem when its not a level playing field. Make me understand. Nothing else.

  53. “not one peep about Romo being replaced, not one. Not one anaylst on ESPN or anywhere else talking about the Cowboys going to Kyle Orton. ”

    1 – There’s probably your answer right there. Orton would be coming in. Orton. Why exchange one POS with another? No coach in the league would be excited about bringing Orton in.

    2 – You don’t get out much. 3 weeks ago on NFL network Deion Sanders said (paraphrasing) Romo is the problem and he needs to be on the bench. Last night he and Irvin arguing…Irvin saying it was all Garett’s fault, Deion saying its time for Romo to be gone.

    3 – You really don’t get out much
    Dallas Morning news:
    Cowlishaw: Too much ‘Bad Tony’ means another heartbreaking loss
    Sports Ill: Romo 2nd most overrated player
    There’s a “Bench Tony Romo” facebook page
    Isports: Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Tony Romo To Be Benched For Kyle Orton?

    4 – No, honestly, you don’t get out much…use a radio app on your Iphone or whatever today and listen to a Dallas sports talk show. I guarantee you’ll hear the word “benched” about 50,000x.

    BTW – Vick has fumbled 9x this year…losing 5. Don’t know where that 3 number comes from…but seeing that you live in a wold where all you hear is news about Vick being benched and nothing else, I’m not suprised you got that number wrong.

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