Bad Start For Bowles, As Eagles Defense Couldn’t Get Off The Field

This surely wasn’t the way new Eagles defensive coordinator Todd Bowles saw his career as a defensive coordinator starting.  He stood on the Eagles sideline and saw the Falcons put together a 16-play, 8 plus minute drive, which ended in a 15-yard touchdown pass from Matt Ryan to Drew Davis.

On the first touchdown of the game, the Falcons faked a quick screen to Julio Jones and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Kurt Coleman took the fake.  Davis was wide open in the end zone.

For the rest of the game, the Falcons killed the Eagles with quick screen to Jones.  You’ve got to give Atlanta credit, they had a good game plan and they went out there and executed it.

Nmandi Asomugha came up in a press technique against Julio Jones.  I thought sure he was going to get a good jam on Jones when he released.  He was in position but he didn’t jam him.  He decided to just try to run with Jones, but did he read the scouting report.  Jones runs a 4.3 in the forty yard dash.

The Falcons receiver ran off and left Asomugha.  The Eagles corner had to dive at Jones’ legs, but he made it easy for him.

The Eagles registered two sacks in the game.  The first occurred when defensive tackle Cedric Thornton reached over one of the Falcons offensive guards and knocked Matt Ryan down.  The other occurred with the clock running out when Ryan let Cullen Jenkins sack him by sliding on the ground rather risk turning the ball over.

Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks was called for three pass interference penalties.  Two times he was called for interfering with with future Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez and the other time he was caught grabbing Roddy White on a crossing route near the five yard line.  It was a big play because it gave the Falcons a new set of downs.

6 thoughts on “Bad Start For Bowles, As Eagles Defense Couldn’t Get Off The Field

  1. Players that need to go

    Nnamdi Asomugha
    Cullen Jenkins
    Jason Babin
    Nate Allen
    Kurt Coleman
    Michael Vick
    Jeremy Maclin

    These guys (with the exception of Vick) have NO HEART no passion to this franchise. These are all your problem players that need to go. Jenkins is probably the worst so called leader I ever seen. Nnamdi has no passion for this team, Jason Babin thinks he’s in a Rambo movie and Nate Allen is a damn SCRUB.

    1. ES, why did you omit Cole? He flat out blows! Has he even gotten out of the locker room yet, this year? This entire team needs to be gutted. We are too small, too soft, gutless, heartless, non-talented & overrated! It all starts with Rosemilk the Hindenburg & his entire staff! Start chopping from there, & move on to the roster. Enough, is enough!

    2. this could not be said better other than Nnamdi (toast) Asomugha is also a overrated scrub, he’s done, washed up. What did they see in this guy to sign him?

  2. They fired the wrong guy!!!!!!! It was morninweig. Notice how the fixed the offensive game plan.. But fired the wrong coach.. Ried fired the mexican because he had to do something and mornenwieg almost got a ehad coaching job last year so we cant hurt his career ..

  3. Is it too late to call Juan Castillo back? The defense hasn’t looked this bad since last year! Or allowed as many points! You can’t blame Vick for this one The line play on both sides of the ball is pathetic. Their QBs have all day to sit in the pocket untouched, while our guy is running for his life or slammed on every play. The “game” is won or lost on the line of scrimmage. These are the basics. The defensive line coach needs to be reevaluated and they need to “buy” some offensive linemen. The Eagles were never even in the game!

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