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Report: Eagles Ready To Replace Vick With Foles

Howard Eskin of FOX29 and 94WIP tweeted last night that Andy Reid and his coaching staff are about to make a change at the quarterback position.  The reason given has a lot to do with Michael Vick’s inability to correctly make the audibles necessary to run the offense.  Here are the two tweets which Eskin made last night.

“#Eagles Andy Reid met with coaches after game on Sunday to discuss QB situation.  Meet again Monday morning.  I’m told likely QB change to Foles.”

“I’m told Vick made 2 bad audible mistakes on calls and has same problems each wk.  Reid leaning 2 change at QB bcause Vick not getting better”

Vick’s inability to make the correct audibles has become public.  It had been going on behind the scenes.   If Reid is ready to make a change because of it, you know the problem has been occurring for a while.

This would be a huge move because making a change at quarterback from Vick who is a seasoned veteran in the NFL to rookie Nick Foles.   This would be a statement by Reid that he doesn’t have confidence in Vick and his ability to run the offense.

It would be signaling a major change in direction and that Vick won’t be back to play quarterback for the Eagles in 2013.

Nobody has any idea how Foles will play if and when he gets the chance to start, but he did show a sharp acumen during the preseason.  He’s going to need to be able to decipher much more in the regular season, but I was impressed by his ability to make chances on the line of scrimmage.

If Reid makes this decision, it will be the point on no return.  There’s no way he will return for the next season, unless Foles has an outstanding run and takes the Birds to the playoffs.  This move would be equivalent to moving all of his chips to the middle of the table.

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35 Comments for “Report: Eagles Ready To Replace Vick With Foles”

  1. Vick’s inability to audible is nothing new. He has shown since the end of 2010 that he cannot adjust to the different looks teams bring against him. Once teams got a little bit of film on him they were able to figure him out. It’s now been a year and a half and Vick can’t change is game to overcome the defenses adjustments to him like the great qbs can. Don’t get me wrong, the defense was awful yesterday, but Vick showed he was completely unable to win the game. Nick Foles is the only one who can save Reid’s job. Time to climb aboard the #folestrain!

    • I agree, I have one Eagles jersey in my closet and it is a Vick jersey, but Mike isn’t getting it done. It is time for a change at QB, along with several other positions.

    • These stupid ass writers HAVE NO PROOF that Vick cannot audible nor do they have any proof that Andy has already made the change. Vick should not be benched. Did you people see the defense?!?!? They were horrible and they acted like they were scared to tackle. Fuck that. Keep Vick in there till the end. This fuckin town has the worst fans in America. We are 3-4 no 0-7.

  2. Suprised it took this long.

    That being said, I still find it hard to believe Reid starts a rookie on a Monday night in the Superdome. Tough spot for a rook.

  3. This now has the smell and feel of a regime change. Can’t describe it, but you just know when its here.

  4. Man..looks like fat boy will empty the ship before finally walk the plank.


  5. You guys hear these nameless reports in regards to Nambi Ass? Just wondering what those are all about ?

  6. You mean all the cheesesteaks to the middle of the table.

    The discipline on this team has vanished into Fat Air.

    Sorry Sorry Coaching. Every draft the Eagles draft a offensive lineman and always say the same thing. He’s versital. He can play guard and tackle.
    He can play center and guard. Well, where is all this versitility? Were is the return on investment? Well I guess they are versital. Equally poor at guard tackle and center.

    Replace the QB he has played poorly. Most do, behind a garbage offensive line. Solution is to restructure the gameplans. Use the rookie. He will probably release the ball quicker. He can’t be any worst at turnovers.

    I’m sorry. I must apoligize. Using logic is strictly prohibited with Pass every play Andy Reid.

    Andy. Do the honorable thing and fall on your sword. Never mind. You’d just bend it.

  7. It will be interesting to see if Lurie will actually fire Reid. I don’t think he actually felt his team was this bad. Vick will be told that if he doesn’t beat the Saints he will be benched. If Vick goes, Morningweg should go with him.

  8. first juan as a scapegoat, how did that work out?, although i want to see Foles, this is Andy’s last grab at the expense of Vick, the problem though is this: if Foles does turn this thing around, which he may, We get Andy back, so we are again in a catch 22, Lurie should take Andy out NOW

  9. Foles isnt turning shit around, and i like foles.. Andy reid has lost his integrity

  10. book your tickets fellas…….this power movemean Superbowl Win!!!


    Andy is Pathetic

  11. Can’t believe we were all wrong about Vick!! oh wait Vinnie, tonto, think there was one more wanted to trade Vick for two number ones his (mvp type) yr two years ago.

    • There are only a few Vick pom-pom waving, stepfords, on here. Nobody with a functional brain, & working eyes, thinks he’s a good QB. I’ll say it again for the umphteenth time, he is, was, & always will be a bad QB, & a fraud. He is, was, & always will be nothing more than a fake superhero character, created by ESPN & the Madden games. He BLOWS! He isn’t the only one to blame, but good bye, good riddance!!!!

  12. At this point I dont really care what happens I lost all respect for Andy Reid and he really needs to go.

  13. Could go either way, even though the Saints D is soft right now, Spagnoulo obviously has a great mind fro drawing up creative blitzes. Reid would be better off making a quick McNabb signing now and give Foles a little more time.

    Sign Jamal Jackson, Plexico Burress and shake up the O-Line.

    Herremans LT, Bell LG, Jackson C, Reynolds RG, Dunlap RT

  14. Hell…the Eagles should be looking at Jeff Otah at guard (he certainly wouldn’t be able to pull well, but he could probably pass protect well and limit his movement hopefully limiting the possibility of injury.

    Kick Mudd to the curb and then they can get some proper sized O-Linemen.

  15. If Carson Palmer, Tony Romo, Matt Cassel, Phillip Rivers can keep thier jobs can keep thier jobs but Vick shouldnt? Yeah they are soooo good. They SUCK!Thier team sucks but yet they keep thier job. How
    is that?


    Remember these qoutes guys while the Eagles FO was blowing smoke up our asses?

    I woke up a long time ago and glad you guys finally see the light.

    Andy have always been a fraud benefiting from the players inherited from from Ray Rhodes.

    His coaching staff covered his deficiencies and he threw his most loyal coach under the bus.

    Asante Samuel told the truth.

  17. What is your arguement daggolden?

    That because the Raiders, SD, Dallas and KC are making a mistake by keeping their shitty QBs that the Eagles should do the same and keep their shitty QB?

    Sounds like a plan. Lets do exactly what the Raiders do!

    Reid was/is between a rock and a hard place with this one.

    a) He pretty much knows this team isn’t going anywhere with Vick running the O…but there is still a small chance that he can turn the 2nd half of the sched into a bit of a run as it is littered with weaker teams (TB, Car, Call etc) Perhaps there’s a chance Vick can turn things around (I do not believe this, but he might)

    2) If he goes with Foles the playoffs are over. He’s a 3rd round rookie who will make mistakes. He’ll have some good games, but he’ll also make some ridiculous mistakes. We’ll probably lose more games than we win. We will have to endure the growing pains that come with every young QB. Neither the D or the O will be able to cover up the rookie mistakes, just like they’re not good enough to cover up Vick’s incompetence.

    The difference….Foles is a rook and the fanbase should expect these mistakes, while Vick is a vet and the fanbase should expect the opposite.

    There will be a leway with Foles that there isn’t with VIck.

    Ansd right now that might be exactly what this team needs. Going with Foles takes some pressure off…right now they’re trying to be the “dynasty” They may be pressing. Go with Foles, and you go from MV7 led dynasty to breaking in a new QB…..the team might need that.

    Lastly….this is the issue of potential short term goals (Reid’s future, Eagles dimming playoff hopes) vs potential long-term goals.

    I think Reid has to be unselfish, has to think of the long term good of the team, and the long term good of the team is linked to finding out if Foles is a NFL caliber QB.

  18. You think Reid is being unselfish going with foles, don’t think so, it is his only chance to save his job, if he thought Vick could get him the playoffs he would stick with7, but he knows by now what everyone believed awhile back, that Vick will not get it done , the rook?, he doesn’t know but as bsm said “he is all in”

  19. @Vinnie my argument is that its tiring hearing about how bad Vick is. He cant read a defense. He cant read a blitz. He is a turnover machine. This is nationally broadcasted. Its the lead story in the media. Then I watch Tony Romo lead the league in ints. Hes a gunslinger. I watch Jay Cutler get sacked 8,9,10 times a game. WTF cant he read a defense? Its the O-cord fault. Its his olines fault. Carson Palmer just plain sucks why isnt Terrell Pryor being called on?, LOL Matt Cassell are you kidding me? I just want all QBs to be judged the same.

  20. Question. I don’t know the whole power structure of the eagles but it’s evident that 1. AR has some juice considering banner left. 2. That since Howie has been GM all personnel moves have sucked. is it possible that somehow Reid makes a power play, brings in Foles (his personal pick) he shows promise, Laurie demands big changes, no MM, no MUDD, no Washburn but AR survives to rebuild?

  21. @Vinnie Starting Nick Foles means nothing. anyway. Unless he looks like Joe Montana and leads this team to greater heights than playing Nick Foles means nothing. A new coach and hopefully GM will be here next year and If you think they are hitching thier wagon to a 3rd round reach @ QB you must be crazy. I would think they would want there guy. Just because he threw a couple of passes to a practice squad “Damarius Johnson” means nothing. Preseason success means shit. Ask Phillip Hunt how thats working out. Nick Foles MO at Arizona, Withers under pressure. Very inaccurate under pressure. Well hes on the wrong team if thats his weaknessess. If Im a new coach Im looking at RGIII and say Im countering that with Nick Foles? Really? I think a new coach, a new GM and thier QB will be brought in.

  22. 9 games remaining… If Andy makes a change to Foles he is giving up on the season… If the team needs a spark let someone else call the plays …not named Marty or Andy…BTW… bob fords article today hit the Vick situation on the head




  24. McNabb had nothing left. See his last 2 years.

    That being said, time for the firesale. AR, MM, Washburn, Mudd, Bowles. All of them and then get the GD GM who doesn’t know anything about football out of here too.

    Vick will be gone too, because they won’t want to pay him. Hopefully he can give Nnamdi a ride to the airport.

    • GM HR has to take the fall for his part in the pathetic 2010 & 2011 drafts that put this team in such a pickle at so many positions and gave us no real depth. So, I agree that you have to clean house when the season is over. Nnamdi will either have to take a substantial pay cut or he’ll get his release. They can find a FA who can perform at his level or better for less.

    • Donovan McNabb threw for more yards than Tom Brady his season with the the Redskins…check the stats. Had McNabb not been benched the last four or five games he probably would have broken 5k yards passing for the season.

      McNabb was benched after four games having two weeks of training camp to learn the Vikings version of the WCS.

      People’s personal opinions of McNabb have clouded their judgment relative to the actual facts of the situation.

  25. As I figured, Vick will start this week in NO. No coach is going to drop a rookie into his first game on the road on MNF. Especially in a game where the Birds will have to score 30.

    That being said, the Saints are an epicly bad D having given up over 27 in every game this year…., so Vick will be on a very short leash.

    We see something like 10 points put up at half and the new era will begin…..

    Going to be an interesting matchup…the O that can’t score vs the D that can’t stop anyone from scoring!

  26. My take is that the Eagles give Vick one last chance to get a win against the Saints. Face it the season is over if we lose that game, most likely already is as of now considering how strong the NFC and Giants being in such a big lead right now. Vick should tear that Defense apart. AN average QB could easily get 300 yards and 3 tds against that pathetic nfl worst saints defense. (made me sick watching P. Manning btw just tearing them apart, especially at the line of scrimmage. I envy Bronco fans right now for having a QB who could just tear an opposing defensive apart before the ball is even snapped)…

    DAg your argument is ridiculous. Every QB who plays like shit gets crap from the fans media basically everyone…Cassel was booed by his own fans when he got hurt and was basically benched already for Brady Quinn out of all people. Chicago fans boo Cutler on the regular..They burn his jersey in the streets. Any Cowboys fan I know despise Romo. They cant wait till he is gone because they know how much of a loser he is. He also gets ripped in the media for caring more about his golf swing than about football. You can go on and on about everybody. SO yea continue to make yourself sound beyond stupid with more illogical pathetic arguments.

    If we lose to the Saints, they better start Foles. It would be whats best for the Eagles future. Because there is no way in hell Vick is back next year in Eagles uniform. No chance with his contract and the play he has put on the field the past 2 seasons.
    Im not the president of the Nick Foles fan club. I have no idea how good or bad he is. But that is my point, we need to find out before the offseason or draft come around. We need an answer for what he is so we know whether or not to draft a QB with our 1st rounder. It would be whats best for the Eagles and if you are a true Eagles fan you would want whats best for the team overall not some individual player who hasn’t done a damn thing in an Eagles uniform especially when this would be a lost season. Im sure many disagree with me on here but I could care less because those people have proved they dont give a damn about the Eagles. They likely won’t even be on here come next season when Vick is in a different uniform. They will be cheering for their new team

  27. Daggoldin…where do you get this: “Nick Foles MO at Arizona, Withers under pressure. Very inaccurate under pressure.”

    VS Stanford. Sacked 6x 24 of 33 (73%) 1 td no ints
    VS Oregon sacked 6x 34 of 57 (60%) 3 tds no ints
    VS ucla sacked 6s 26 of 39 (67&) 3tds 1 int

    Now he did have 2 bad games @ colorado and @ washington….but there aren’t many college qbs who are aces every game.

    In fact he was well over 60% in all but 2 games. FInished with 69% 28tds 14 ints…everything I read said his oline was a disaster and he had no WRs.

    Now I have no idea if this will translate to the pros…(though he does pass the 26-25-60 rule for drafting QBs with flying colours)……but I don’t know where you get this inaccurate under pressure business.

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