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Donovan McNabb Comes To Michael Vick’s Defense

Donovan McNabb was in the studio for today’s NFL AM show and he was asked whether a decision to bench Michael Vick and make Nick Foles the starting quarterback would give the Eagles a better chance to win.

“No not at all.  They have more issues than just the quarterback position.”

When asked about what Vick needs to do going forward.hearing the boos, hearing the radio station talk, people outside (the organization) bringing your name up

“He has to focus on his job. If you focus on your job, you block everything out. Once you start hearing the boos, hearing the radio station talk, people outside [the organization] bringing your name up[about] being benched, then you begin to lose focus. He needs to feed off his play last week [where he didn’t turn the ball over].”

Isn’t it ironic that McNabb seemed to have more confidence in Vick than one of Vick’s receivers, DeSean Jackson.

I don’t think there’s any legitimate argument with McNabb’s statement about the team having other issues.  The truth is they have some very serious other issues.

Clearly Andy Reid and his staff haven’t done their best job and the offensive line has been horrible.

They weren’t able to run the ball against an Atlanta defense, which is one of the poorest run defenses in the league.  They couldn’t average over three yards a carry despite having one of the best running backs in the NFL, in LeSean McCoy.

That let’s you know this offensive line is very bad.  That doesn’t get Vick off the hook, but it does let you see the big picture of the problem.

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4 Comments for “Donovan McNabb Comes To Michael Vick’s Defense”

  1. Donovan speaks the truth, you can tell that 7 is thinking too much and not cutting it loose, maybe a step back might help who knows. The Eagles team that showed up Sunday was bad, the QB was not the issue.

  2. This team has so many issues… The biggest one starts with Andy. He is the coach, he is the leader. The play calling is horrendous, the personnel packages are horrendous. It’s almost as if Andy wants to fail. I can’t explain why he will not change offensive personnel packages to protect his QB and give the defense different looks.Where’s the 2 TE packages, where’s the FB, where’s the max protect packages, where’s the motion in the offense. He’s arrogant…

    • Good Stuff Chuck,
      The offense is too predictable. If you’re going West Coast Offense, then go WC Offense, where’s the fullback catching passes out of the back field? Where are the quick crossing routes. We saw the Falcons, use draws, and screens to defeat our pass rush. Why can’t the Eagles do that. It doesn’t
      take a genius to play this game. Instead of making a hysterical decision to throw a rookie to the wolves assuring a losing season, the Eagles might do better by making a major trade for a couple of studs to shore up the O-line before the trading deadline. The seasons not over yet. When we’re mathmatically out it that’s the time to let the rookie play.

  3. It’s Official: Michael Vick Will Start Against The Saints

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