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The Eagles Are On A Steep Decline

I think some people in Vegas lost their jobs this weekend with such a poor prediction in favoring the Eagles over the undefeated Falcons. This team has no heart, a couple leaders, and way too many followers. Shady McCoy should be the core of this team after whatever regime changes take place at the end of the year. He is a leader who says all the right things but is not afraid to respectfully say what’s on his mind. The offensive line is abysmal. Most season ticket holders couldn’t tell you the starting offensive line from left to right.

Jeremy Maclin has completely disappeared from the Eagles offense. Desean Jackson was spotted laughing it up on the sidelines on Sunday after a lackluster performance. Nnamdi is a bust. Let’s just accept the fact that he is the most overpaid mediocre corner in the NFL. His last name should be changed to toast. I have for weeks been talking about the quarterback change that will take place. Whether it will be this week or next it will eventually happen. It makes sense for Reid to do it this week on the road to protect Foles from the home base in case he tanks in the game.

Vick moved like a politician at yesterday press conference saying he knew the heat was on and expecting to be benched. I’m not sure if that helped his case or hurt him for next week but it is not the way to approach the coaching staff would prefer. Reid has stuck with Vick much longer than he had to. He has limited options to save his dynasty and salvage the season. I can say with confidence that yesterday’s loss has energized the fan base to say enough is enough. Calling for Reid to be fired during a game could be heard clearly and Reid now has more pressure on him to make a change.  I agree with the city, it’s time for a change and it has to be for the better.

Philadelphia has looked at Reid like an annoying beautiful girlfriend, afraid to break up with Reid over the fear of not being able to do better than what you have. It is time to look at the unknown and embrace the opportunity to bring in the right kind of leadership in. This is a top to bottom decision that is coming down.

The general manager position obviously needs some assistance as well. Cutting a 2nd round draft pick one year after drafting him doesn’t bode well for the changes coming ahead for Roseman.  Danny Watkins may not be a bust yet, but he has not lived up to the 1st round pick that was spent on him. It might be that the Eagles overvalue character as he is actively involved in the community. Reid did the wrong this year firing Castillo mid-year. That should have been done at the end of last season or not at all. It’s a shame they can’t fire Mudd and bring Castillo back to coach up the offensive line.

We will get to see something different very soon. Nick Foles will either be a stud or the next Bobby Hoying. I’m hoping he turns out to be a stud. on Facebook

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18 Comments for “The Eagles Are On A Steep Decline”

  1. Ok some of these writers are idiots and hate Vick for their own personal reasons. The last 2 weeks Vick has actually improved. Any qb thats getting clocked around all game will fumble and make mistakes. We have the worse offensive line in the league and some of you idiots claim ,”Aaron rodgers does to ,please shut up. Vick doesnt even get a second to throw and on top of that OUR DAMN RECIEVERS CAN NEVER GET OPEN. This is on the play calling MM and Andy i have been saying this all season. And Kelce or any of Mudds other picks were any good either. Kelce was only good at Run blocking. Lets not forget he got thrown into Vick during the pre season. START FOLES AND I HOPE HIS ASS GETS KILLED OUT THERE. Any idiot blaming Vick for this teams problems is not smart at all. You cant evaluate Vick until you evaluate the line.

    • The TRUTH!!!!! Any QB getting hit like that will make mistakes. Does he hold the ball at times? YES! He’s waiting for these soft ass WRs to get open. I think that Cooper should get more PT personally. We need some WRs that are PHYSICAL instead of trying to be some pretty boys. Maclin has been a disappointment and Jackson is having a good year…the problem is that teams play their safeties so deep that they take away what he does best…and it’s hard to score TDs straight off of YAC. These writers on here are fuckin stupid…all of them and they seem to never support the team. Fuck all of them

    • Apparently, you 2 @$$clowns aren’t Eagles fans, because anybody that wishes for another player to get killed on the field, just so your false Idol keeps his job, is NOT AN EAGLES FAN!!!! You root for the name on the front of the Jersey, not the back! Go back in your F^#@ING HOLES, TROLLS!!!!! This team wins squat, as long as Rosebuds & Reid are running things, & Vick is QBing!!! PERIOD!!!!

  2. Fuck you Matthew Fratantoro.

  3. Vick stinks. It’s not all his fault, the line stinks as does the play-calling, but there is absolutely nothing special about Michael Vick at this point in his career. He played a decent game against the Falcons, but it was all short passes which any quarterback (except Donovan) could have executed. His speed is no longer special (he got caught from behind by a lineman). His arm is still good, but he has reached the point of diminishing returns. The Eagles need to move on and see if the kid can play or if they need to draft somebody else. Vick will not be here next year, he may not be in the league next year, if he is it will be either as a backup or a starter on a bad team like Buffalo, Cleveland, or Jacksonville.

  4. The 2012 Season is over for all intents and purposes
    Foles has not played in any live action for over 2 months now so to expect he is going to save Ar’s ass is foolish thinking and to think AR is going to go down anyways and start to play younger players at this point (Foles,Polk, Curry, Kelley, Marsh, etc, etc for the next regime is even more foolish for he is going to dance with his veteran players for better or worse to protect his reputation for his next job instead of giving the young players a chance and have a bunch if disgruntled vets on his team. Bottom line is that they are all going down together and Lurie needs to concentrate on hiring a real football GM first in my opinion who will then hire his type of Coach
    Maybe a Bill Polian or a Mike Mayock or Ron Jaworski even..
    Bowie Rosenan is not an NFl Caliber GM and Lurie needs to start there in my opinion

  5. 3-4 and the season is over… 1-0 (win over Giants) and 5 division games left and the season is over…man get a grip. It’s 9 games left in the season. This season is far from over. The stars and the moon might have to align, but its not over. We are so programmed to be negative and expecting Superbowls, those days are gone for now. Take it one game at a time. Next up Saints…that’s where the focus Needs to be. Oh and repairing the JV line we trot out there every week.

  6. To the Vick supporters oops I mean apologists. When the birds wave him lets just see how much in demand he is around the league and what kind of money he signs for… That will tell you that educated football people also think he is a joke.
    AR did to this team exactly opposite of his first ten years… He built thru washed up free agents. Remember how 30 used to be a magic number… Now all these rental players are over 30… He broke his cardinal rule

  7. I’m tired of this season. I’m looking to the draft, Safeties need to go. NewSafeties
    Round 1 Eric Reid -LSU
    Round 2 Bacarri Rambo- Georgia or Tony Jefferson OK. State
    Round 3 Nico Johnson – LB Alabama
    Round 4 – Johnathan Harrison- Center Florida

    Oline needs help, however I’m looking at JasonPeterscoming back. I put herremans back at left guard, Dennis Kelly at right tackle and give Danny boy one more year in a new blocking scheme.
    Trade Nnamdi and bring in another cornerback. I still think they gave up on Cliff Harris to soon.
    Say goodbye to Babin placing Curry in his spot. Bring Frank Trotter up from practice squad.
    All the necessary moves can not needed to be made in one off season, however, it’s astart. TheEaglesneed to get bigger, faster and nastier. I hate all of this finesse nonsense!

  8. Trade Deadline is Thursday this week for the NFL

    #1) Trade CB Asmo to the NY Jets (Who lost Revis for the year and have ) an out of his contract and wanted Asmo 2 years in Free-Agency)
    Get A 2nd Rounder and a 4th Rouder (then I would move Boykin to his more natural spot at ouside BC and place Curtis MArsh in on the Slot as I have suggested since Summer Time Camp)

    #2) Trade DE Darryl Tapp to the Carolina Panthers for a 4th Round Pick
    (Tapp is from Virginia, would be reuntied with McDermott and know their schemes and the Panthers need DL help big time) and then would activate DE Vince Curry and pklace him in the rotation to see what he can do

    #3) Trade WR Jeremy Maclin to the SL Rams (who are desperate for an outside WR and is from St Louis area) for a 2nd Rounder or a 3rd Pick from the Rams and see if Cooper,Danarius Johnson,Gilyard or Ron Johnson can do

    This would Give the Eagles some nice Draft Picks for 2013 to rebuild with

    1- 1st Rounder
    2- 2nd Rounders
    1 – 3rd Rounder
    3 – 4th Rounders

    7 Picks out of the Top 130 Players or so to concentrate on Safety, OL,CB,WR,DL and LB

  9. Fire Reid and the rest of the coaches along with Roseman after the season.

    Hire Jaworski and allow him to hire a coach and staff.

  10. Jaworski just called Paulman and wants me to head up the Draft and Free-Agency part of the Off-Season…

  11. this mike vick support and putting full blame on the line is so laughable. vick is taking 3+ seconds every play to pull the trigger and throw knowing damn well his line is below average meanwhile guys like peyton manning have a good line yet on greater than 30% of the passing plays are throwing the ball in under 1 second. Oh but yea its the line and playcalling, marty and andy are drawing up most of the pass plays to take over 3 seconds, lmfao get real.

    i might add vick had no heat on him against atlanta and literally had all day to throw and did absolutely nothing with all the time he had except prove he cant go through his progressions, cant throw receivers open and cant be an above average nfl qb.

    • Agreed, it’s not the line. Granted, the line does stink, but Vick stunk last year when the line was much better than last year. A quick look at Vick’s career stats shows that he was always been an average to below average quarterback.

  12. You know Vick sucks when Desean is talkin about Foles.

  13. Wow so he had all day to throw Sunday, he can’t run away from defenders anymore but Andy Reid said he still starting. He cannot run away from anyone because of the hits he’s taking. Vick is a shell of his former self right now, no confidence in his game and no confidence in his offensive line. The line is the problem if it wasn’t Foles would start and Shady would be the main focus of the offense but look at his yards per carry they would never get a first down let alone score but hey let’s just blame Vick it’s easier.

    • I’m not blaming Vick for all of this team’s woes. I think Reid and Marty have put Vick in a terrible position with bad play calling and a sub-par offensive line. I’ve never been a big fan of Jackson, Maclin or Avant. The defense has had issues for the last several seasons getting off the field on 3rd down and forcing turnovers.

      But Vick is a large part of the problem too, because he’s an average quarterback and always has been. Historically, he’s turned the ball over a lot, completed low percentages of his passes, and been sacked often. 2010 was his best season by far, the rest of his career has been lackluster. His career statistics put him squarely in the realm of the Aaron Brooks, Chris Millers, Mark Bulgers of the world. People got caught up in his athletic prowess; he has a great arm and can run like nobody else. Problem is, these attributes have not really translated to being a great QB.

  14. @E-money I’m starting to think they overvalue the players they have. Vick is who he is big arm good wheels iffy decision maker, the problem is other then Jackson and McCoy our skill position players are not making plays. The special teams suck and the D is just terrible, but I’m a diehard fan and hope beyond hope they show some heart and get it together. I’m not ready for the bad old days again.

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