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Andy Reid Confirms That Vick Will Continue To Start

Andy Reid released a statement today saying that Michael Vick will continue to be the team’s starting quarterback.  He had left the door open after the game on Sunday, but hadn’t commented on it further.

The Eagles are off today, but Reid must have heard all the noise circulating, so he stepped in and shut down all the talk with the announcement.  A number of reports have come out almost predicting that Nick Foles would be the starter.  Obviously we now know that Foles won’t be the starter.

The Birds won’t get started in their preparation for the Monday night battle with the New Orleans Saints until Thursday morning.

Vick will start this game knowing that he must play well.  The New Orleans Saints defense hasn’t been able to stop anybody, so Vick needs to get this offense rolling.  If they struggle, I wouldn’t shocked if Reid made a move. on Facebook

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26 Comments for “Andy Reid Confirms That Vick Will Continue To Start”

  1. Paulman already stated this..
    Coach AR has no choice to ride it out who he brought along the dance..
    Coach AR, is not about to bench 3-4-5 Veterans and PLay young players for the next Regime, this would only hurt his future ability to Coach Elsewhere and have a locker-room of macontents on a sinking ship..
    He and his veteran players (Vick,Maclin,Asmo,C Jenkins,T Cole, J Babin) either get the shipped righted or they all fail and go down.. But this way AR somewhat can keep his dignit and “players coach” reputation that he has to help him out for his future Coaching Spot.. it’s Week 8/9 in the NFL, it’s too late to make changes now and the firing of Castillo 2 weeks ago will also come back to haunt him as now Bowles has to spend more time game planning and straegizing which will make the Secondary even more prone to shitty play since he can’t focus strictly on them anymore…

  2. The quickest way to destroy a season and to get fired is to let the media and fans coach a team. As much as I want to see what Foles has, I have to say that this is the right move. If Vick doesn’t do well, I could see what happened to McNabb during the Ravens game the other year, happen to Vick. See how the half goes, then make a decision in the locker room. The Saints are bad, but I just have this bad feeling that their going to right the ship and we might be in for another blow out. At which point Andy might as well not make the flight back to philly.

  3. You know you are in trouble when Andy Reid confirms that you are the starting QB. Didn’t he confirm Kevin Kolb was his QB just before he changed his mind and named Vick the starter?

    It looks like the “coach killer” Michael Vick worked his magic again! Andy Reid will be the next coach of the SD Chargers.

  4. Does Coach AR really have a choice as this stage of the game.. We are in Week 9 of the Season.. Nick Foles hasn’t seen live action since late August which is over 2 months ago…It’s too late now to switch gears, he could or should have done it at the start of the Bye week instead of firing Castillo and would have had Foles a fighting chance to have 3 2 Weeks of Reps with the Offense and played his first game at home agaisnt the vulnerable Falcon Defense and kep Vick as a back-up if he faltered..
    Eagles will finish 6-10 with 3 more Wins on their Schedule
    1 over the Redskins,1 over Cowboys and 1 over the lowly Panthers

  5. I applaud coach Reid’s decision.
    Hopefully it hastens both Reid’s and Vick’s exit from Philadelphia.

  6. Eagles Remaining Schedule

    Saints 38 – Eagles19 (Brees and Saints take out frustrations verse the Eagles, no mercy by them like the Falcons showed int he 2nd half, pedal to the metal)

    Eagles 23 – Cowboy 21 (both teams going nowhere, sloppy game filled with turnovers,Penalties meaning absolutely nothing)

    Redksins 26 – Eagles 16 (RGIII outplays Vick as does the Shanahans over Eagles Staff)

    Eagles 24 – Panthers 13 (Eagles best played game of the Season but it’s over an inferior Team who has already tanked it like the Eagle, which again means nothing,as the Eagles are already out of pLayoff Picture with too many NFC COnference Games Losses)

    TB Bucs 28 – Eagles 16 (TB Bucs RB’s have a field day against a given up Defense of the Eagles)

    Bengals 34 – Eagles 20 (Bengals fighting for WIldard Spot in AFC and come into Philly to play on a National Thursday evening Game as Eagles QB Nick Foles makes his 1st NFL Start and plays pretty well, but Bengals WR AJ Green is unstoppable and Eagles Special Teams blunders give Benglas 10 cheap points)

    Eagles 27- Redskins 26 (Eagles Foles leads the Eagles to game scoring driving hitting WR Mardy Gilyard in the corner of the end zone with time Running Out)

    COwboys 23 – Eagles 20 (Eagles Foles come home to his home state of Texas but tries to do a little too much as he struggles and gets intorduced to Demarcus Ware a few too many times..)

    NY GIants 19 – Eagles 14 (Giants rest many Starters but their back-ups still comtoll the pace of the game and the line of srimmage, Agian poor Special Teams play on Returns allows Giants David Willson a couple of big returns give the Giants some easy points)

    Eagles Finish 6-10 for the 2012 Season
    Owner Jeff Luries anounces the complete Dismissal of teh Eagles Coaching Staff along with GM How Roseman..
    Owner Luries announces the hiring of “GMCliff and Paulman” to run the Personnell and Contract side of things for the Eagles splitting up the GM Duties as a HC Search and Interviews begin

    GmCliff and Paulman annouce the release of the following Players immediately.

    QB M Vick
    RB Dion Lewis
    LT D Bell
    TE C Harbor
    WR R Cooper
    DE J Babin
    DE D Tapp
    DT C Jenkins
    DT M Patterson
    LB C Matthews
    LB J Chaney
    CB N Asmogoah

    And off we go as GMCliff concentrates on Draft Prospects while Paulman concentrates on Free-Agency

  7. So you you guy think coach Reid looked at the tapes and said wow the QB is the problem so we’ll keep starting him? Seriously the Falcons scored on six straight possessions and all anyone can talk about is changing the QB. I thought the guys on this site understood football.

  8. We all new this. No coach is going to give his rookie QB a first start in the superdome, on MNF, in a game where the offence will be asked to keep up in a shootout. He’ll let Vick die on the vine in this one. Tuesday am, even Vick’s most ardent national supporters won’t be able to deny what millions and millions of people will have atched over the first half (btw I think right now its 50/50 that we see Foles in the 3rdQ)

    Anyway, we’ve have had to spend 2.5 years waiting till the Eagles moved on from Vick, so what’s one more week?

    I suspect Mr. Overrated will be relegated 10 the bench for week 10, but at the very least he’s gone at the end of the year.

    The reality of inevitability, is that, it is, in fact, inevitable.

  9. Vinnie your missing the point if Foles can play what difference would playing in a dome make? They are trying to win football games not saving anyone that is just nonsense. Start questioning Foles ability not Vick’s, 7 has played god awful football this year so obviously the coaches watching the tapes think that the guys in front of him are the problem.

  10. I agree with Vinnie.

    But to further answer your question I do not think “coach Reid looked at the tapes and said wow the QB is the problem so we’ll keep starting him”. I do think coach looked at the tape and said fuck I am getting fired in a few weeks. I also think he thought fuck I wanna bench Vick but I can’t be throwing my rookie out there on national TV in a hostile dome.

    Then again who knows what the coach thinks, the guy is a fuckin idiot for so many reasons.

    I just want this era to be done with.

  11. Coach AR is coaching over the next 9 Weeks to his next employer and future players.. He doesn’t give a hoot how FOles,Curry, Boykin,Marsh,etc,etc are going to pan out for the next HC.. HE’s worried about keeping his own reputation for being a players coach and sticking with provent Veterans and not panicking which could hurt his future employment.. I am not sure who much more clear I can be to everyone.. This Season is Lost, Coach Ar and QB VIck’s time is over for the Eagles.. They are both now playing for future jobs for different Teams.Coach AR is going down with the ship of his own players.. plain and simple..

  12. Everyone needs to relax for it’s over.. It just won’t happen until after their Final Game.. There is nothing anyone can do about it now, so wait another 9 Weeks or so and agonize watching a bunch of loser trying to compete and play football as a unified Team at a time when it will be very difficult to do so…
    Another Season oevr by Halloween, like last season.. and I don’t want to hear
    that have 5 NFC East games Left and 9 Games overall.. This Team is Toast with a Capitol T and they simply are not worthy of even making a run for their sad asses… Saints are going to humiliate and take a seasons worth of Frustrations out on this Eagle Team on Monday.. Saints 38 – Eagles 16
    Brees is going to keep passing versus AS with Lewis Morre down the Sidelines, Keep hitting TE Graham versus the Safeties and then Hit COlston down in the Red-Zone and every once in a while, will dump off a screen to RB Sproles who I gurantee breaks at least on long run on a short pass over a defuddled and Eagles Secondary who have already packed it in for the season.. Keep running plays at Asmo for that’s what every Team will do from here on out..

  13. Paulman if Vick is playing for his future employers he can retire right now. What I don’t get is the absolute regression of so many players so fast unless they were never good to begin with. Someone explain the d-line to me they have all but disappeared.

  14. I disagree Paulman. I don’t think Reid is just in this for himself. I think his first priority is the Birds. But even if he is all out for himself…you say he’ll stick with Vick to “save his rep” or whatever. Well, what if Vick continues to play the way he has and the Eagles’ O remains at the bottom of the league…that’s not going to do much for his rep as an offensive innovator and developer of Qbs.

    It doesn’t matter anyway…this last season will not harm Reid’s rep or ability to find a new job. He’ll be hired the moment he wants to go to a new team.

    Either way, I think Reid will side with what he thinks is best for the team. He’ll go to Foles at some point because he knows that’s best for the future of the Eagles. I think it will come in 2 weeks.

  15. Biglion “Vinnie your missing the point if Foles can play what difference would playing in a dome make?”

    You really have to ask that question Biglion??. You do realize Foles is a rookie with 0 games under his belt. And you think it will make “no difference” what game he starts and Monday would be ok?

    National tv game? Having to do 50,000 “are you ready to take over for Vick!!?!?!” pregame interviews because its Monday night?. In the Superdome? Needing to score 30 vs Brees? That’s a recipe for fail. That can harm a young player’s development.

    This isn’t a Andrew Luck, or RGIII top pick starting right away can’t miss prospect situation. This is a Christian Ponder 1st start week 7 at home situation. This is a Donovan McNabb week 11 start situation. Ease the kid in. Build confidence.

    My feeling, he’ll play some mop-up in the second half Monday if the game is out of reach,and then be named starter the following week vs Dallas.

    Or Vick will have a “lights out” game and keep his job….yuk yuk.

  16. I see your point Vinnie but really if the kid can play put him in, hell Ponder sucks and I’m a Seminole fan. The stage shouldn’t matter hell I’d like to see what kind of balls he has hell with easing him in. Andy Reid will have a job a week after he’s fired. And yes I truly believe if your a player the stage shouldn’t matter he’s been playing QB his whole life.

  17. The Dline is a strange situation, that’s for sure. But I think one thing you can loook at is

    Vick…I know he’s on not a dlineman, but his drop this year has been even more precipitous than I would have imagines (though he didn’t have a high perch to fall from)

    What do all these guys have in common?

    1 – They are all a little undersized for their position
    2 – They are all “high motor” guys…not guys with natural size or talent for their position, but careers built on energy, tenacity, quickness, speed.
    3 – They are all on the wrong side of 30

    Those “high motors” have a lot of mileage on them….and they’re slowing down.

    We all know that RBs often fall right off a cliff at some point between 30 and 32….why can we not accept the same thing can happen to players at other positions, especially ones whose legs have taken a beating.

    More to this point, I have no idea why I haven’t seen more of Graham, Hunt and especially Curry this yeaar.

  18. Vick Completion % 59.0
    Ponder completion % 65.3

    Vick Ints 8
    Ponder Ints 7

    Vick yds/attempt 6.85
    Ponder yds/attempt 6.65

    Vick Qb rating 78.6
    Ponder Qb rating 85.8

    If Ponder sucks what is Vick?

    Also, I am not so sure Reid will have a job a week after he is fired. I know if I am the owner of a team I would take a long look at his methodology his schemes his talent evaluations and so on… not sure he would be on the top of my list for a call.

  19. Don’t forget the offensive line is a hot mess.If he puts Foles in, the offense becomes somewhat predictable be that he will have to rely on Shady more to carry the team, something he has yet to do.

  20. mhenski I told you 7 is playing god awful and please with the stats they mean nothing the Vikings beat the Cardinals and Ponder had 52 yards passing. We need to see Curry or how about we just scrap the wide nine and see what happens. In my opinion unless or until Vick plays his natural game he is a liability. Forget all that pocket QB nonsense that’s not what he is’.

  21. he is playing his natural game bro. he tries to scramble a dozen times every single game he just cant escape the defenders anymore

  22. Reid knows if he starts Foles and if he struggles he cant put Vick back in….it will kill the kids confidence…..

  23. Chalk it up to another blow out loss. Vick 17-39 comp. 200 yds passing. 3 TO’s. Sacked 3 times. Run not utilized again. 41-20 Saints! SAME OLD $#!T!!!!!

  24. Dcar…what I think will be funnier is if Vick has another game like last week…goes 20 of 35 for 207 1td and no picks and the Birds lose 35-17 and then I get to read another week of…”why change the QB – its not his fault!” He had a relaqtively good game…he didn’t turn the ball over!!!! articles, like I did this week.

    Expectations now so low for Vick that I love how the paramaters of what constitutes a “good game” have been reduced when it comes to Vick.

    He throws for 200 and one garbage time TD when Atlanta is on the bus, and people write that it was a “good game”……


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