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Can The Sixers Capture Philadelphia’s Attention?

” Sixers, you are about to embark upon the great crusade, toward which you have striven these many months. The eyes of  Philadelphia are upon you.. “

OK, I will stop there. I was looking for this big entrance into one of the biggest seasons for the Sixers and I figured to quote Dwight D. Eisenhower to give it some power. I nailed it! Well, in my mind I did. Whatever..

There is some truth to that quote though. The Flyers season is about to disappear. The Eagles are falling on their faces again and the Phils are out golfing somewhere. The Sixers have MAJOR opportunity to get the city buzzing about them. Hopefully, they can grab it..

I know it was only preseason but the Sixers did surprisingly show good chemistry. I thought that was going to be an issue in the early part of the season. Any line-up Collins ran out there they seemed to understand each other. The spacing was good and the ball movement was solid. The chemistry issue might still crop up a few times in the early going. There are a lot of new faces.

Obviously, the biggest concern and it might make me cry is Bynum’s knee’s. Please don’t be damage goods. Please don’t be damage goods. Maybe by me saying that more than once will help. Some reports think that Bynum is OK. That the Sixers are just holding him out to let the procedure he had done do its job fully. Others are stating that he might be damage goods. Seriously, I might cry if he is.

Here is a breakdown of the roster..

Holiday: The 22 year-old seems to be primed for a breakout season. There were reports outs during this past summer on how good he looked going against Team USA in scrimmages before the Olympics started. He also looked very good in preseason. Does he take the next step?

Turner: Anyone who has read my posts before knows about my “Man- Crush” with him. There is no more excuse for him. “Iggy” is gone and Doug has finally given a full opportunity. It is ‘Boom or Bust” this year for my boy.

Bynum: Knees, Knees and Knees. Like I said before hopefully he is not damage goods. He could be the corner stone of this franchise for years to come. The latest reports are that he doing some things on the side.

Hawes: Not a big fan of Hawes. He gets pushed around way to easily down low. I have never seen any other seven-footer shot so many DAMN floaters. I will give him this he has the skill set to fit nicely with Bynum. He is solid high post player. Hawes, please get rid of that mullet…

Lavoy: He seemed to pick up right where he left from last years playoff in the preseason. He is strong defensively and offensively he is improving. I got my wish with him starting. Unfortunately, he is the starting “C” and not the starting ‘PF’.

Thad: Thad is going to be Thad. He brings a ton of energy and craftiness around the basket. He is a heart and soul player. Rather have him off the bench though. Thad wears down against the big boys down-low.

J-Rich: He needs to be that veteran influence on this team. That he will be. He also has some game left and still can knock down the long-ball.

N. Young: The “boy” can flat-out score. He made it look easy in the preseason. His shot selection can be a question at times. I say that nicely.. Collins will have to keep him in check.

Wayns: Thank God he can play. Really did not want Ivey as the back-up PG. No, thank you. Sixers might have found themselves a “Diamond on the Rough”. He can fly with ball and has nice vision..

Wright: Speaking of surprises, he definitely is one. I knew he could knock down the three-ball but he actually showed the ability to put the ball on the floor as well.

Kwame: Well, I guess as a fourth big-man (once Bynum gets back) he is not that bad. It does not feel right to give him any other praise.

Moultrie: Will get some minutes here and there, while Bynum is out. He will likely be on the bench learning this year.

Wilkins/Ivey: Do I really have to talk about these guys?

Final Statement..

This team has little bit of everything. They can run the floor, defend, half-court offense (once Bynum is back), and they can shoot the ball. Could there be an Eastern Conference Finals run in them? If Bynum comes back and is healthy there could be. Prediction for wins is 47… on Facebook

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6 Comments for “Can The Sixers Capture Philadelphia’s Attention?”

  1. Do we have a choice, but for them to get our attention?!? NHL is non-existent! The Phils were abysmal, & look to rebuild! The Birds are horrid, & the season is over at game 8! So what else will catch our attention?!?!?!? DUH!!!!!

  2. BTW, Joe, I don’t know what your infatuation with ET is all about? He has no true position, flat out sucks, is soft & timid, & is a bust!

  3. Joe — WHY is Turner your “boy”? Were you an Ohio State fan growing up? The kid has NEVER shown anything but a horrible shooting form and a voice that would make Boy George sound like a man. Be real.

  4. My money is on the LaSalle Explorer’s Men’s Basketball Team..
    the Rest of the City’s Teams are Overhyped,Overpaid and Underperform and coddled by the local media and fans who continue to think they are better than they really are.. (Eagles,Phils,FLyers,Villanova Basketball)
    Hopefully the 76ers can gel quickly and give Sport and Basketball Fans a reason to get really arround and to ge excited about .. I think they hav a decent chance to do this but they do have quite a few pieces to mesh and Team Leadership to establish.. Who are the Team Leaders.. Holiday and then ??

  5. What up fellas! Have not talked to you guys in a while. Not going to lie, at times I have no idea why I like ET. He drives me nuts as well. I just think he can still be something. DCar, I was ready for your entertaining opinion. LOL . You never disappoint me. Birdo- Never Ohio state fan. I am Philly everything.. I have no more excuse for ET this year, like I said in my post. It’s Boom or Bust this year..

    • Joe, you the man! You know I like busting your bean bag, about your boy-toy ET! He does suck though! LOL! Let’s just hope he improves, because it ain’t looking good for him. We look very promising this year, with an actual, legit upside, & not the fraudulent, garbage, that we witnessed last year. Also we rid ourselves of the cancerous tumors, of Stinkadala & EB! Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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