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Andy Reid: Never Had Plans To Bench Michael Vick

Eagles head coach Andy Reid says he never planned on benching quarterback Michael Vick.

“My point wasn’t that I was going to bench Michael Vick, it was that I needed to step back and evaluate before I came to you,” Reid said today.

That’s hard to believe.  The offense has been struggling and Vick seems to be uncomfortable in the offense.  They can’t run effectively and they can’t throw the football downfield.

This offense has scored only seven points in the first quarter all season.

I can understand why Reid would want to backtrack, but there’s no doubt that he was considering making a change at the quarterback position. on Facebook

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4 Comments for “Andy Reid: Never Had Plans To Bench Michael Vick”

  1. It’s not hard to believe, look if they could run behind that o-line then Foles would be in but Reid knows that behind that o-line Vick is his only option.

  2. RIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!! I believe that? NOT!!!! Crash & burn with him, Hindenburg! See ya, on the unemployment line!

  3. With a third round rookie to fall back on and save his job I believe what he said.

  4. Somoe of us stated this back in the SUmmer,
    the Eagles would only go as far as Vick was able to take them this Season
    which obviously isn’t very far and most likely not even a .500 Record for the Season.. Coach AR and his Staff are finished in Philly, QB Vick is finished, they know this and will play it out the Season knowing they will be someone else next Summer.. Life will go on, Football will continue to be played and the EAgles will have a new Front Office and Coaching Staff with about 20-25 New Players on their Roster which I can’t wait for you…
    I am starting to really dislike the makeup of this time full of premma-donna’s have have done shit in their careers, and who are still in denial in thinking they are a Good Football Team.. They are not a good Football Team and their record of 20-19 since the 2010 Season states they are simply average and they also have not won a Playoff Game since 2008.. Who is everyone kidding here and why do Fans keep buying into this garbage that they are a talented and good team.. The are not ..

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