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Michael Vick Shares HIs Feelings Regarding The Chance Of Being Benched

Michael Vick explained to a throng of media members circling his locker today, about why he had brought up Andy Reid deciding to bench him before the coach had talked about benching him.

“That was the question that was thrown at me,” Vick said. “So I didn’t know that conversation took place. So, hey, it’s all hindsight now. You got to move forward. I can’t continue to entertain that. I got to stay focused for this team.”

Vick was very open and honest about what’s been going on in his mind during the time when talk about his possible benching has been all over radio and television.

“I’m human,” Vick said. “It does tend to bother you because I have emotions just like everybody else. It’s not like you can just block certain things out. You want to have that comfort level. You want to know that everything is going to be what it’s going to be at the end of the day. … I kind of let it get to me, to be honest.”

I did like the way Vick finished up today’s interview by expressing his decision to stop worrying about everything and trying to please everybody, but just go back to playing his game.

“The most important thing is I just got to let it go,” Vick said. “I got to get my swag back, I got to get back to playing the way I love to play it and not worry about what’s going to happen because that’s out of my control.”

We’ll see how it goes because there’s no doubt that the clock is ticking. on Facebook

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26 Comments for “Michael Vick Shares HIs Feelings Regarding The Chance Of Being Benched”

  1. Michael Vick is one tough son of a bitch. Anything short of an absolute thrashing of the Saints which in turn leads to a strong run into the playoffs..AND THEN go deep into them and this is the last of Vick starting in this league and Reid coaching in this city. Either way it’s a win for an Eagle’s fan.

  2. gettin’ his Swag back!

    its alllll he needs.

  3. whatever he needs it needs to be back by Monday night so they can somehow salvage this season.

  4. Big…if they could run the ball behind this oline we’d be 5-2. And Vick could operate what they ask him to do.

    I’m rooting for these guys to get one win in the column. Would be a shame if they go out like this..maybe some of you want Reid gone so bad your ok with watching losing football.

    Regardless of teams “figuring Vick out” why the fuck this genius cant win with these guys on offense.? Is he that bad a schemer? Is this how the bigman really wants to go out?

    This is Reid’s career on the line ? How’s he gonna call this game? Do they change there whole approach and grind a dub to get to .500?

    I don’t see how any of us can predict failure or success and even have a ounce of confidence. This is a tough season. We suffer to much,thought we had a shot at a solid season. Now it’s clocks tickin and sky’s fallin. That’s post turkeybowl

  5. I want the Eagles to lose remaining 9 Games and Finish 3-13 for a Top #5
    Draft Pick in Every Round for 2012 so that the next Regime that comes in, can rebuildf this Franchise for it’s become a joke over the last few years under Roseman and Reid..

  6. Lose the remaining 9?? Not gonna happen. Had a players meeting! Getting the Swag bak!! 9-0. Guaranteed.

    God I’m gonna drop “getting the swag back” every stupid play for the next 9 weeks. So fantastic.

    Heave it up in the air while being tackled….Swag back
    strip fumble being caught from behind….swag back
    throw a ball directly into arms of defender heading the other way…swag back
    overthrow a WR for a pick….swag back

    Just for reference vs the Saints

    Griffin 19 of 26 (73%) for 320 2tds 0ints
    Newton 14 of 20 (70%) for 253 1 td 0 ints….Newton at 70%>>>>
    Cassel 26 of 44 (59%) for 248 0tds 1 int
    Rodgers 31 of 41 (76%) for 319 4tds 1int
    Rivers 27 of 42 (64%) for 354 2tds 1 int
    Freeman 24 of 42 (57%) for 420 3tds 0ints
    Manning 22 of 30 (73%) for 305 3tds 0ints

    I mean that’s pretty insane.

    Good QBs like Manning, Rodgers and are almost 75% for a gazillion yards, 7tds and 1 int….this D can’t come close to stopping them…

    Rookies like Griffin hit 70+% and no picks

    Struggling QBs like Rivers have their best days of the year

    Bad QBs like Newton have their best days

    Freeman, who normally takes 3 games to get to 400 yards, dropped 400+ with 3 tds

    So…will Vick be like them, or more like Matt Cassel? My $$ is on “like Cassel”

  7. On a Serious note,
    I have the Eagles winning 3 maybe 4 more games this 2012 Season

    I see them splitting season series with the Redskins & Cowboys for 2 Wins and then Beating the Panthers for sure who are worse than the Eagles and then thats about it.. Bengals at home on a short week should be a win,
    road game down in Tampa Bay who Coach Schiano has them playing hard and for a full 60 minutes and they do have a nice WR Corps and a great young RB..

  8. And on another note,
    I could really care less on how M Vick feels about being benched no more than
    seeing Casey Matthews getting Benched last Years.. Stop the F’N whining already and stop felling like a Victim, go play damn Football and be happy you are even still able to play… This Team has a bunch or real assholes on it..

  9. I hope you are correct paulman, We look forward to the day when this garbage football team and its coach are shipped out of here, Andy Reid is a poor man’s Marv Levy, that’s the best you can say about him, if it weren’t for Jim Johnson, Ray Rhodes’ players and the fact that Andy made his bones when the NFC was garbage he wouldn’t have had the wins he did, he is the most overrated coach in NFL history, just like his quarterback, good for you Andy, stay with vick , because you just made your axe job a lead pipe cinch

  10. I think a lot of us Jake are just faigued with Coach AR and this entire Eagles Franchise.. Just like we want regime change in Libya,Egypt,Iran and Syria..
    It’s way overdue for Regime Change at the NovaCare Center but it has to start with Hiring a real,legitimate GM who knows Football and not a BS Pencil pusher, Fanatasy GM Wanna-Be like Howie Roseman..

  11. Vick is lucky to have a second chance in the NFL… he is an athlete playing QB… he is inaccurate at passing downfield…. can’t see over the lineman, thus, runs outside whenever there is some sort of a pass rush…he can’t read a defense and still doesnt recognize the blitz…. no one will EVER win with him at QB… give the ball to the 6’5″ Foles and let him lead this team.

    all this whining about the o-line is tireing… Vick holds onto the ball to long…the avg time to release is 3.8 seconds.. he holds onto it for 4.8 and more per Jaworski…. plus, he takes more hits because he has no clue how to slide out of the way like real QBs do…. hate the guy get him out of here

  12. I want to see the Eagle’s team that lit up the Redskins two years ago on Monday night. Where the hell are they at? More to the point, where is that Vick?

  13. Erock- im with you. I’m rooting for this team till we are out of it. No reason we cant turn this around….. would i bet on them doing it? No. but i’m bleeding green till the end.

  14. That game and performance was a mirage Jimmy Mac.. Just like QB Doug WIlliams 2nd Quarter Performance in the Supper Bowl or Redksins RB Timmy Smith Super Bowl Performance or back-up Buffalo Bills QB Frank Reich in that 2nd Half comeback in the Playoffs versus the Houston Oiles..
    The Eagles caught the Redskins flat-footed from the Get go and shocked them for 35 Points in the first 20 minutes or so of that game and that was it.. Vick shot his wad and will never be that QB again and same with the Eagles Offense either.. so enjoy it, but let it go for it’s not coming back and think that it will or should is complete foolish thinking..

  15. this team is a bunch of finger pointing blame passers– it is soooooo unlike an AR team– the exact opposite of his type of guys– i guess he sold his soul and didn’t stick to his principals. Damn shame to see. no one will man up!! after every TD the D.backs start looking around for where their help was! the d. lineman talk of ‘max protect’ and how the fans were saying mean things as a distraction! D. Jax talking bout how great Foles is and how Vick is out of place etc.– LACK OF CHARACTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. You said it Paulman. I blame a lot of this on GM Howie Roseman. Moving up in the 1st rd to select Brandon Graham, and then gambling on a 45 yr old fireman named Danny Watkins who now isn’t starting. I’d like to know who hired Roseman. Was it Reid or Lurie? Anyways both need to go. I almost feel like one of the reasons why were playing so bad is cause we have this dark cloud hanging over this team. Like a bad omen. Maybe when Reid, Roseman and especially Vick are gone hopefully things will start looking brighter.

  17. you guys do know that there is a “search site tool” up on right side of the page
    that means once this team turns it around (like they always do)
    YOU WILL be held accountable for all the Bullshit

  18. in years past gotta I would have been the guy saying what you were saying… No bigger AR fan then me but he sold his soul to the devil and the devil gave him Vick, d.jax, babin and Namdi! These players lack character and winning attitudes. Me first sign my contract, get mine and who cares. I have NEVER criticized this coach or this franchise like this group of non-like able jerks

  19. LOL. People have been saying that on here to me for 3 years. Problem for you is, I have MV7s decade long history of ineptitude on my side.

  20. I never bought into Vick taking over. His redemption story is commendable but his deep down character will never be repaired. He may be a better person now but still doesn’t have the character for the role of qb of a nfl team

  21. Exactly. Vick might be a better person now, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to help make this team win games. He is not the QB he use to be. I’m surprised Vick has lasted this long without being seriously injured. A part of me wants to see him succeed, and another part of me wants to see him go. I just wanna see some good play on Mon night. We will all findout if Vick’s pep talk makes a difference..

  22. I swear some of you are so feminine. You watch football like an old housewife watches soap operas. Please don’t hide behind the word passion either it’s a cop out. The season is far from over so man up and support your team until the bitter end like a true fan. I dont like what’s going on as much as anyone and if they don’t get it done I believe heads should roll. But c’mon guys! It’s ridiculous how you guys let Vinnie “The GrandDragon” turn every post into a Vick Bash-a-thon. We all know that he is more comfortable with a tall white guy as our QB so let’s all just move on and ignore him. And Paulman I truly hope you get carpel tunnel so I won’t have to skip over your moronic 5000 word essays (or assays as I like to call them every time on this site) . You should be ashamed to spend so much time here pretending to be an expert. You need a woman in your life, sheesh. Ok I’m done ranting; that is all.
    Go Birds!

  23. Nice post marley, but if paulman got carpal tunnel he’d put a pencil in his mouth and type with that

  24. I have to admit Jake, that’s a good one… ha ha …
    As far as Marley’s Post above, to each his own, If yor Fans want to keep supporting this Eagles Franchise, go ahead,nothing is stopping you and is probably part of the reason that Lurie has stuck with Coach AR this long to begin with.. but I am done with them until the whole Front Office/Coaching Staff and about 1/3 of this Roster is gone… Piss on them, I am not wasting my Fall Sundays,watching a amateur-coached Team who can’t even execute a 1/3rd of their plays cleanly… I hope they lose their last 9 Games and finish 3-13 for it’s waht the Franchise deserves and would give the next GM/Coaching Staff some better Draft Positions to upgrade this Roster

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