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Jrue Holiday’s New Contract Is A Good Deal For The 76ers

As we all now know Holiday signed a four-year $41 million contract extension right before the stroke of mid-night after delivering 14 points, 11 dimes, and 6 rebounds in a win over Denver.  He will make $2.674 million this season and his contract will kick in next season. So the next question is, did he deserve it?

There were reports in the last couple months that he was looking for MAX contract. Nothing against Jrue, he is no MAX player. Maybe he does turn into one, but not yet. He does have the talent to be and is only just 22-years old. He has good vision, he can shoot, and has very good size for a PG. I would love for him to learn how to post-up more to take advantage of his size.

Jrue has averaged 11.7 points and 5 assists over his first three seasons. He has performed well in the playoffs and showed he can handle the pressure. He led the Sixers in scoring during their playoff run last season with 15.8 points and dished out 5.2 assists.

When it comes down to it Holiday’s extension, it’s based on potential. Doug has given him the keys to this team, but when Bynum gets back Jrue will slide to the passenger seat.

So is Jrue getting over-paid? I think it’s about right. Ty Lawson and Stephen Curry just signed contract extension with their respective teams and they set the market with their deals. Lawson got 4 years 48 million and Curry got 4 years 44 million. Jrue is younger than both of them. I am OK with the deal.

Here is list of some of this year PG’s salaries.

Deron Williams, avg $20 million

Chris Paul, $17.79 million


Derrick Rose, $15.5 million

Russell Westbrook, $12.9 million

Tony Parker, $12.5 million

Rajon Rondo, $11 million

Jose Calderon, $10.5 million

Steve Nash, $9 million

Rodney Stuckey, $8.5 million

Goran Dragic, $8.5 million

Devin Harris, $8.5 million

George Hill, $8 million

Mike Conley, $7.3 million

Kyle Lowry, $5.8 million

Jarrett Jack, $5.4 million

Andre Miller, $5 million

Luke Ridnour, $4 million

Ray Felton, $3.3 million
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16 Comments for “Jrue Holiday’s New Contract Is A Good Deal For The 76ers”

  1. Word on the Streets is that Bynum probably not ready to mid-late January at the Earliest…

  2. what street is that?
    also, if bynum never truly gets healthy don’t all the second guessers rip the sixers. the nba is a star driven league and they are impossible to get– to win it you have to somehow fall into one. and we all know iggy wasn’t one– they had to take the shot–

  3. Bynum has never been a “Star” in the NBA and neither has “Iggy”
    That’s “Paulman Blvd” by the way.. A block down from Aramingo and Shunk Sts

  4. Even if Bynum isn’t in our future plans, so be it, more cap space to make a splash in free agency this summer.

  5. Paulman SHUTUP. Bynum automatically becomes the #1 Center in the East with this trade and the way Dwight Howard has played as of late, he may be the #1 Center in the league.

  6. Bynum = Asmogoah which means “BUST”.. Bynum has Bum-Ass Knees which is a Chronic condition (remember Jeff Ruland).. Bynum will be fortunate to play 40 games this Season and you want to 76ers to throw a boatload of $$$ for a huge ???
    Hell, I don’t even follow Basketball much Bird-Brain and know that Bynum is bust.. You fans want a Winner so bad that it distorts your reality and clear and rational judgement on players.. Unbelievable …

  7. once again fraud you’ve proven why you are nothing but a second guessing fraud. you talk about making you a gm, well you have to crack an egg or two and once in awhile they will be rotten eggs (in the 2010-12 eagles case they are all rotten)– the sixers were in a spot where they could trade a guy who was over paid by the previous regime where there was no way their team would improve- they cracked an egg and i would think even by your admission is a top center in the league– built a team around his presence and if the plan works they are contenders. if it doesn’t work second guessing a.holes can say look i know what i’m talking about. (the sixers were dumb to do it etc). you need to take bold strokes ESPECIALLY in the NBA–

  8. Paulman, regardless if you think Bynum is a “bust,” the 76ers didn’t give up much to get him. Iggy can be replaced by a combination of EvanTurner, Jason Richardson, and Nick Young. All sixer fans should care about is Bynum being healthy towards the end of the season so he can create some chemistry with his team mates and make a run in the playoffs. Sixers with Bynum would have beaten the old, run down Celtics team and could have been in the Eastern Conference Finals. 76er fans haven’t seen their team in that spot since the real AI.

  9. Paulman, stop plagiarizing songs material with bum ass this it that but I I Agree Bynum will be a bust

  10. I’ll stop Plagarizing Songs when the Eagles,Phils,Flyboys and 76ers stop Plagazring Championship Sport Teams and replace their Amatuers they have running their Clubs…..

  11. They can’t do fantasy trades the way you do fraud. I remember you saying the birds should go out and get stud LB and special teamers after week two. I asked where you would find them you hid in your turtle shell! In frauds world you can trade Michael martinez for David wright, Akeem Jordan for Matt Ryan and evan turner for Kevin Durante! You make shot up!
    So Paul Holmgren, Charlie manual, Ruben amaro , Andy Reid, Doug Collins and rod thorn are amateurs? Uh huh right. They have all made bold moves … In non-fraud real world not all moves work out! Isn’t your mommy calling you up from the basement for you to do your homework!

  12. Bynum is not a bust. The procedure he had done though may be a last ditch effort to prolong his career at the ripe age of 24.

    Time will tell. Even if he averages 15 and 2-3 block this is a dangerous team.

  13. Fraudman does this every single week. He doesnt actually watch any of the games he checks the highlights then goes online for the stats then presents a idiotic argument against each philly team. Now his attention is on the Sixers who made alot of big bold moves giving this city hope. Fraud did the same thing with the eagles last yr after they made all those signings and trades. He knows that the city is excited and positive about it so he goes the complete opposite way with things and says how mediocre they will be and how this player sucks and that player sucks all for attention, to be contrary and controversial. Pay the fraudman fraudfan no mind. He lives all the way in Boones NC and is really a closet panthers and Bobcats fan. I can and many others can read thru the bull fraud give it up.

  14. 3 NBA Championships by the age of 24 is a bust? Huh? Hes had knee issues since coming into the league yet when it was playoff time he played huge for them on both ends of the floor. He had a procedure done that Kobe had done a few years ago and continues to do. For those that dont know go research it before listening to the fraudfan fraudman bc he does not know what hes talking about. He has even admitted to not even watching the nba at all. How can yall take the word of a fraud like that?.. The real target date for Bynums return is November 22-24 around that time and about 12 games will have passed by then. I feel that Bynum receiving this rest and time to recuperate is great and a smart move bc the lakers made the mistake of trying to rush him back to action not allowing him to recover and caused more damage. This procedure wasnt a knee replacement it was just gel put on and around the knee to strengthen it. He ll have to get it done again i believe but its worth it if his career will last longer and some championships can be derived from it for our Sixers! #ShowYaLuv

  15. bynum needs to learn how to live and play relaxed and he can be a star for many years .. but if he continues child like behavior off of the court and doing other external activities he will never adjust. He seems to be maturing .. but he needs to leave the kobe bryant surgeries and stuff alone and just let his huge body mature naturally .

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