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Eagles Activate Mike Patterson, But May Be Without Nate Allen

The Eagles have decided to activate defensive tackle Mike Patterson and there’s a good chance safety Nate Allen will miss the upcoming New Orleans game.

Concerning Patterson, he’s coming back from brain surgery during the off season.  The Eagles doctors delayed his return to action, so that they could be sure that area where he was operated on had healed totally.  Now after a couple of weeks of practice, Andy Reid and his staff are ready to put him out there to play.

“He did a good job”, Andy Reid said about Patterson after practice. “He moved around well and there were no symptoms [from the] surgery he had with his head and brain. He’s felt good. He’s felt good all the way through workouts and then once he came out here he felt good.”

“I’m going to try to do my best”, Patterson said. “If the play comes my way or if I get a chance to make a play, I’m most definitely going to give it all.”

The big question concerning Patterson will be how many snaps  will he be able to play.
“I don’t know”, Patterson said. “My guess, I’m probably thinking maybe just a few and not too many. That’s all I can say.”
“I think you would probably monitor how many snaps he plays” Reid said. “You’re not going to put him in there and have him go the whole game, which our guys don’t do anyway. Definitely monitor how he’s doing.”
They’ll go with Patterson when they want to but, the safety position is something to really worry about.  Allen doesn’t look like he’s going to be able to play, so free agent David Sims will be in there for him.
Who knows what they’re going to get out of Sims against Drew Brees and that potent Saints attack?
“It’s a big challenge”, Sims said regarding playing against Brees. “He’s a great football player, so everybody knows that. My eyes just have to be great and I’ve got to read my keys and play my game.”
He was asked if he was concerned that they would target him.
“Well, you know, it is what it is”, Sims responded. “If they do, they do. I’m just going to play football.” on Facebook

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34 Comments for “Eagles Activate Mike Patterson, But May Be Without Nate Allen”

  1. I’ve been off this site for a while because, well basically it can get pretty damn shitty sometimes.

    BUT – I’d like to point out again how wrong Paulman was. Patterson is back. Paulman ignored the medical facts that were clearly reported – that the delay was for his SKULL to heal, not the brain issues. Paulman ‘stated’ that Patterson would never play a snap again. But then again, Paulman doesn’t speak word, rather, fecal matter spews freely from his mouth.

  2. Truer words have never been spoken! He’s a fraud. He won’t get on here and crow about this one

  3. Oh and very,very good for Patterson. He is a quality guy not like the phonies that have been out there this year

  4. It’s a mistake that Patterson ever suits up and plays again and just another sign of a desperate Franchise with a Desperate Coach.. 10 Months after Brain Surgery and your going to have a player resume head to head contact at the line of scrimmage that occurs on every snape is plain assanine,, I don’t care what a Doctor Says.. Mike Patterson doesn’t ever suit up for me and ever get put in a position to re-injure himself.. Why even take the risk if your a player, coach or organization… Pure fFoolery on all their partst if you ask me
    On a side note Saints RB/Returnman Darren Sproles is out for the Saints due to injured hand which hurts the Saints attack and return game a little..

  5. Now the fraud thinks he knows more than the docs of the best medical facilities in the world! If you think this was an organizational decision it goes to show simply how stupid you are. What a dick

  6. and the real reason Schiller has not been on here and some of the other “Coach AR Apologist” is that they have no defense for the BS that this Eagle Team is displaying this Season on the Field, with their Coaching Staff,Players, Interviews,etc.etc.. It’s everyman and Coach for himself..
    Coach MM calling stating that some players on this Roster just are not good fits to play in demanding Philadelphia well who is selecting these players and outting the roster together.. bunch of Amatuers.. All of them

  7. Patterson is offered and takes a Medical Buyout last Spring if the Eagles had a competent GM/HC and just move forward without him so their is no risk to Patterson,his Family and the Eagle Organization..
    Eagles are pulling at straws now…

  8. Right this was th HC call? Are you on crack? Have you ever heard of a collective bargaining agreement? Delusional

  9. Schiller, where have you been, good to hear from you my gay friend, we miss your pedantics and other other educated derelict rants…..

  10. think you will have a good gauge on the birds today when the stinkin cowboys go into atlanta and give the falcons a tough game , giving us less confidence in this team

  11. Saints 38 – Eagles 19
    Cowboys 27- Falcons 26
    Redskins 26 – Panthers 20

  12. Who cares fraud! Once again you’ve been proven wrong. That you don’t know anything about reality

  13. “No Push” Patterson is back. Big deal. This is the softest of all the Andy Reid teams.

    That’s what happens when a soft spineless head coach gets more and more power. With out the checks and balances these swelled head, head coaches are like Belichek and Andy Reid are finding out there success was a joint effort.

    Andy Reid again, I’d tell you to fall on your sword, but you would only break it.

  14. Who Cares if I am wrong HAC.. Patterson should not play in the NFL this Season 10 months removed from Brain Surgery and if the Eagles chose to Activate him,then that’s their problem and probably Patterson’s and his families problem.. He’s a non-factor who will play 10 snaps just like the rest of these chumps…

  15. Who cares……healthy or not, Patterson is mediocre….another blundered draft pick by Reid…..they selected Patterson and Reggie Brown when better talent was available…

    This team sucks and i cant wait for Lurie to hire Gruden with the notion that he gets to clean house and that includes Roseman…..Gruden will want his own GM.

  16. Not that Gruden is my first choise he is not but i think Lurie goes all in in his next coach.

    Personally, i woud go the collee route…

  17. Lurie needs to hire a GM first,

    My Call is that they hire-back Marc Ross (who is asst GM for the GIants)
    who then in turns hires DC Perry Jewel as the next Head Coach of the Eagles..
    I would be ok with this..

    Lurie needs to not only Fire AR and his complete Staff, but GM Roseman who is a Fantasy GM and has litttle idea abotu Talent Evaluation and Roster Management

    All the Re-tread names you have out there (Cowher,Gruden,BIllick,Dungy,Holmgrem,Parcells) are not going to happen, these guys are too old, Lurie needs to hire a real GM and then let that GM hire a Coaching Staff to reflect their Philosophy and Vision for the Franchise..
    Lurie needs to stay out of the Coaching Search for he has no idea about Football.. He needs to Focus on hiring a GM/President of Football Operations type of Strong football background to set the course for the next 5-10 Years of the Franchise

  18. Point is you ‘GM’ without the rules. You are ignorant to reality

  19. Athletes come back from brain injuries all the time, only to find out it was a mistake when they get their bell rung again. There are examples all over Philadelphia sports history. Keith Primeau came back too soon and is still suffering seven years later. Chris Pronger tried to tough it out and now he’ll never play hockey again. Eric Lindros has gotten lucky so far. Andre Waters didn’t.

    Maybe Patterson’s issue is so completely different from a concussion that he really can come back and not suffer any harm. Maybe it’s not and he’s committing a slow suicide by coming back on the field. Is it worth it for him? His contract must be insured against career ending injuries, and it’s not like the team is going to win the Super Bowl now that he’s back. Is it worth it for the team? I doubt it; he just isn’t that good.

    I’m with Paulman on this one. He should just count himself lucky that he’s still alive and go live the rest of his life in peace.

  20. Point is its the PLAYERS CHOICE. Not the GM or coaches. THE PLAYER consults with the DOC not the GM or coach. Roseman and AR deserve their blame for a lot of things but not this one!

  21. There’s no GW Bush around to Blame
    So I am sticking with Coach AR and GM Rosebud for all the ill’s in the Workd until there is regime change at NovaCare Ctr
    Again, I will continue to call them as I see them as I always have.

  22. Reality be damned. Why can’t you see that it is not their call? Why can’t you admit there were no unemployed stud linebackers/special teamers in September? Why can’t you say that you see everything from one side with no vision to the reality?

  23. If I’m the HC or GM, Mike Patterson would not even be on the Roster
    They could have cut/released or place on seson-long IR list after not being cleared to resume Football Duties back in March. Now I would gave given him a medical Settlement or carried his 2012 Salary to do right by him
    But in no way shape or form, do I have him play Football in 2012
    That’s just too risky for him, his family and would have kept another DT on the Roseter like A Dixon. Etc,Etc.. It called Roster Nabagenent and the Eagles gave been horrible at this for the last few seasons which falls at the feet of both AR and GM Rosebud..

  24. If you were GM I would assume you’d read the CBA and understand that it’s more complicated than what you state

  25. well the first two of frauds predictions are WRONG! lets hope the third is! wonder why he’s not on here crowing about “like fraudman predicted, cowboys over falcons and redskins over the panthers:”

  26. why the hate for Paulman — I like Paulman’s comments they are entertaining–
    Schiller has been very quiet since Joe Banner left, I’m thinking he was Joe’s main squeeze.
    Navy has been very quiet since the birds hit .500, I guess he is afraid of Songs laughing at him — Navy, Songs says you only have a few more games to post!
    And where is Real Talk’s bravado

  27. They hate on me E0SB beacuse I am right all the time and it pisses them off…. ha ha

  28. you are wrong dickwad! two of your predictions in this post are dead wrong.

  29. Schill got tired of defending common sense
    Navy got tired of exposing Songs
    Real got tired of defending the concept of TEAM

  30. And it appears everyone else got tired of following and supporting this,
    2012 Eagles Teams which has more Losers,Whiners and Lack of Accountability PLayers,Coaches and Front Office since the Sail of the Titanic
    and quite possibly the Poseidon Adventure

  31. Songs haa been correct on all points except for asmo

  32. Right Jake, he nailed it with his vaccination government conspiracy.

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