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Eagles-Saints Pregame Thoughts

Offense Must Come Alive

There will be no excuses for the Eagles offense this week.

Andy Reid’s offense is ranked 28th in the league, managing just 17.1 points per game. Through the first six games of the year, the offense has looked painfully inefficient and hopeless. Poor playcalling combined with even poorer execution combined with 17 turnovers have reduced what once an electric, explosive unit into a joke. The Eagles were once a threat to score on any play, but now they struggle to put together multiple touchdown drives in a game.

Many people came into the season with high expectations for this offense, but after watching them perform at a mediocre level for seven games it’s fair to wonder whether or not they’ve been overrated as a group. Right now this offense doesn’t have an element that they can point to and confidently say that they do well on a consistent basis. It seems like each time the unit takes the field that they’re desperately grasping at straws in search of a spark that can get them into the endzone.

Followers of the team have been waiting for this group to have a breakout game in which they come alive and play like the group they were in the past that could move to football at will and put up more than 28 points in a game. If that breakout game doesn’t come on Monday night, then I don’t think it’s going to come at all.

The Saints defense is simply the worst in the business right now. New Orleans is giving up almost 500 and over 30 points a game. They don’t stop the run, they can’t cover anyone, and they don’t get pressure on the quarterback. This defense is so soft and incompetent, it makes the Eagles defense look like one of the best in the league by comparison.

The Saints have been lit up by every offense that has lined up against them so far this year, including the lowly Kansas City Chiefs. If you haven’t seen a Chiefs game this year, let me assure you, the Chiefs may be the worst offense in football. If you think Andy Reid does a terrible job of integrating his best player (LeSean McCoy) into the offense, Romeo Crennel does an even worse job by going weeks at a time without using Jamaal Charles while constantly putting the football into the hands of Matt Cassel, a quarterback who is more turnover-prone than Michael Vick. Yet in spite of their issues, the Chiefs managed to put up over 30 points against New Orleans in Week 3.

The Eagles have spent most of the season saying that they need to get better and that they’re a much better team than what they’ve shown. Well, it’s time to shut up and put up. Anything less than 28 points is unacceptable.

You can blame the coaches for poor playcalling. You can blame the offensive line for missing assignments and struggling to get any push. You can blame the quarterback for costing the team valuable scoring opportunities with his careless turnovers. But the reality is, if the Eagles offense comes up small again and against a defense this bad, it’s time for everyone to accept that the players on this offense have been vastly overrated, and aren’t nearly as good as many thought they were.

Defense Remains Unpredictable

I don’t know what to expect from the Eagles defense on Monday night.

While they’ve got nowhere to go but up after last week’s nightmarish performance against the Falcons, the Saints offense isn’t any less daunting.

The idea behind the firing of Juan Castillo was that Todd Bowles would be able to come in and provide some stability to a talented defense that had been underachieving and blowing fourth quarter leads. In the first week of the Bowles era, the defense took no steps forward and stumbled through their worst performance of the season, allowing Atlanta to score on each of their first six possessions.

The pass rush was still MIA, and the elite talent of the Falcon receivers was too much for the Eagles secondary to control.

After seeing such a lifeless, uninspired performance a week ago, I don’t see how Bowles can do anything to turn this group around. Maybe the Eagles do some things different with their rotations (maybe this is the week they finally give some serious consideration to activating their second-round pick Vinny Curry to inject some fresh blood into a defensive line that has been almost completely ineffective against opposing offensive line), but ultimately I think this defense just has too many underachievers that lack the drive necessary to dramatically improve themselves.

Part of what made this defense successful in the first few weeks of the season was that were creating turnovers in big moments. In each of their three victories this year, the defense has been responsible for at least one turnover that changed the outcome of the game. During the team’s three-game losing streak, they’ve stopped doing that.

How The Eagles Can Beat The Saints

As mentioned above, this a week for the offense to click on all cylinders and put up some big numbers.

As laughable as it is to even suggest this idea, the Eagles could take advantage of a run defense that gives up over 170 yards a game and lean heavily on LeSean McCoy and the running game. Once the run is established, the Eagles can turn to Michael Vick and the passing game to try and connect on some big plays down the field against a terrible New Orleans secondary.

Defensively, the Eagles have nowhere to go but up after last week.

The Saints don’t run the ball very well, and most of their offense runs through Drew Brees. As great as Brees is, he is a guy that is capable of turning the ball over multiple times in a game.

Nnamdi Asomugha should stick to covering Marques Colston most of the night. Colston isn’t a speedy receiver, he’s a big physical player that Nnamdi has a better chance to shut down. Several weeks ago the former Raider played his best game as an Eagle while covering Calvin Johnson. He has a chance to do the same to Colston.

Maybe this will the week that the Eagles get a sighting of either Trent Cole or Jason Babin. Neither player has been seen or heard from on the field in over a month, and these two are certainly overdue to have big games.

Why The Saints Will Win

Even though the Saints actually have a worse record than the Eagles, I think they’re a much more functional football team.

Their offense is still a powerhouse, and Brees has traditionally had no trouble carving up the Eagles defense in recent years. Their offensive line should be able to buy the quarterback ample time against an underachieving defensive line.

I don’t think the Eagles can account for all of Brees’ weapons. In addition to Colston, Todd Bowles will also need to find answers for a very good tight end (Jimmy Graham), an excellent slot receiver (Lance Moore), and a speedy guy who can stretch the field (Devery Henderson). After seeing what Matt Ryan did to this defense last week, there’s just no way I can see the Eagles limiting what the Saints can do.

If the Saints can follow Atlanta’s formula for success, it’s going to be another long game for the Eagles. New Orleans is very capable of putting together long, powerful drives that end in touchdowns. If they’re able to accomplish that, they’ll keep Michael Vick and the offense from getting into sync, and make it all too easy for the pass-happy Andy Reid to cross his running plays off of his play chart.

Final Thoughts

I just can’t see the Eagles coming out of New Orleans with a win.

To me, the Eagles are a sinking ship.

There is a sense of desperation around the team, but it’s not the type of desperation that translates into a team waking up and kicking things into high gear. This is the type of desperation in which the coach and his players are grasping at straws while blindly searching to solutions for their problems without a real sense of direction.

I think the Eagles will play a much more competitive game this week than they did against Atlanta, but the defense won’t be able to stop the Saints any more than they could the Falcons, and even if the offense plays well I don’t believe that they’re capable of keeping up with Drew Brees in a shootout.

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83 Comments for “Eagles-Saints Pregame Thoughts”

  1. Saints are playing without scat/back and returnman Darren Sproles who is the kind of player who usually kills the Eagles on screens-whhel routes and is a dangerous return-man so they catch a break here
    I still like Saitns 31-20 over the sinking Eagles
    With all the NFC East Teans losing Sunday, this is the biggest game of the Season and if the Sagkes can’t get up for this one and play a complete game, then they simply don’t deserves to be mentioned any longer as a potential playoff team. Tonight is for the rest of the 2012 to remain relevant for if they drop another NFC Conference game after already losing to the
    Cardinals, Lions and Falcons, then the only shot is running the table and winning all their NFC East Division games to have a chance to win the Division outright which I guess is always possible since the East is pretty weak this year
    But I would not count on this…

  2. we win if our front four get to brees , punish him and hurt him . i am NOT optimistic ! but we should score some points tonite

  3. it will be too loud in there for our front four, they like quiet!

  4. Getting the Saints at a good time. Sans Sproles.

    That being said, the story of this game is going to be about the offence that can’t score versus the defense that can’t stop anyone.

    Birds will need to put up 28 to compete tonight….something they’ve been able to do only 2x over their last 16 games.

    But then again, why worry….MV& is gettin’ his “swag back”. And if he doesn’t get his swag back, well, that’s clearly the media’s fault.

  5. Playoffs right now:
    NYG 6-3
    Chic 7-1
    Atl 8-0
    SF 6-2
    Min 5-4
    Sea 5-4
    Det 4-4
    TB 4-4
    Ariz 4-5

    Eagles lose and drop to 3-5, season is over and Foles era begins. Win and its 4-4 with some easy games coming up…playopffs still alive and Vicksperiment continues for at least another 4 weeks.

    Big stakes.

  6. Yikes by that math they are alive. I guess it doesn’t seem that way because of the implossion thats been going on. I am rooting for them but they are hard to like as a collection of players.
    teams in the nfl go up and down weekly it seems.

  7. The Saint’s OL is not as strong this Season as in years past as Brees has been hit more often in 8 games this year as he has been the last 2 Years Combined.. They really don’t have a consistent Running Attack and losring Sproles hurts their Screen/Passes out of the Backfield..
    in the Secondary
    Kendricks needs to follow TE Graham everywhere he goes
    Asmo needs to Cover slower footed WR M Colston
    DRC/Boykin/Hughes can cover the speedier Lance Moore, D Henderson..
    do not allow Asmo to cove Lance Moore

    If the Eagles DL cannot win the Battle Up Front against this Saints Struggling OL, then they simply deserve to lose the game and lose the Season Chance’s of ever seeing the Post-Season..
    Does anyone realize how much $$$ is tied up with this DL and how Much Experience this DL has a Group.. I find it embarrasing that their Performance as a DL ranks very low in the NFL, when it was supposed to be the Strength of this Eagles Defense .. Players like Cole,Babin, Jenkins,Graham,Tapp are all very well paid and have been outplayesd by Rookies/1st Year/2nd Year Players like Fletcher Cox, Cedric Thornton and even Hunt when he’s has a chance. Why isn’t DL Coach Washburn catching any heat from the Media on why his hand-picked unit is so damn underperforming..

    Wild-Card Teams Rising in the NFC besides the Divisional Leaders of
    the Giants,Bears,Falcons,49ers who are heads and above the top of the NFC right now, but here come the hot Packers, Lions (Winner of 3 in a row) and even TB Bucs (Winners of 3 in a row) to get into the chase
    Teams that are Sideways and can still make noise in the Playoff Chase
    Seahawks,Vikings,St Louis Rams

    Teams that on the way Down and are playing or have played their way out of Playoff picture as far as I am concerned..
    Eagles, Cowboys, Redksins, Cardinals, Panthers & Saints

  8. The NFC East is the new NFC Least and has probably become the weakest
    Division in the NFC from Top to Bottom

  9. Word in the NFL Office is that Each NFC East Team will be hosing a Home Game each in London for 2013 .. Eagles Season Ticket Holders are getting screwed again..
    Commisioner Goodell wants to play 6-8 Games a Season in London which is a joke…

  10. To Vinnie, there are no “easy games” for the Eagles
    In fact, many of their opponents are circling the Eagles games as easy wins for their own teams
    (Saints,Redskins,Cowboys,Panthers,TB Bucs,Bengals) are all counting on easy Victories over the sinking and players quiting on themselves/each other on this 2012 Eagles Team

  11. Even if we win, what does that prove? They have the 31st ranked DF, Sproles, who is their only RB, is done for the year, & Jimmy Graham is playing with a bad wheel! We BETTER WIN THIS GAME, or Lurie should fire EVERYONE! PERIOD!!!!!

  12. After the Saints game we have
    Dallas: already talking about new coach – Peyton rumours will swirl
    @ Wsh whose coach today said they are now evaluating for next year
    Those are 3 very winnable games
    @TB….split those 2
    Cinci at home on a Thursday….home teams win Thursday at an .800 clip
    Washinton again

    The last game might see NYG sitting players

    So its a pretty easy sched.

    Perfect for grooming a new QB.

  13. I think someone should Kidnap VIck at the Airport and take him to a safe Spot
    for the next 8-10 weeks

  14. Eagles corners match up very well against the Saints receivers…. the Saints running game is weak, this is a game the Eagles can easily win, however, they can’t turn the ball over and special teams could hurt them in this game.

  15. 3 keys to the game:

    1 – turnovers
    2 – special teams
    3 – Jimmy Graham

  16. Eagles rest of the year prediction:

    @Saints – Eagles win 34-27
    vs. Dallas – Eagles win 21-20
    @Washington – Eagles win 37-24
    vs. Carolina – Eagles lose 28-20
    @Dallas – Eagles lose 23-13
    @TB – Eagles lose 34 – 31
    vs. Cincy – Eagles win 17-13
    vs. Washington – Eagles win 13-10

  17. I guess Coach Reid is telling Philly fans that Nick Foles is no better than Gabbert or Cassels with his decision to remain with Vick for the year. If Trent Edwards or Nick Foles can’t start ahead of that horrible Mike Vick this week it reminds me of Freddie Mitchell not being able to get on the field against the equally horrible Todd Pinkston and James Thrash — Can’t play
    Don’t sell me Nick Foles next year because Reid just told Philly Foles is Cassels/Gabbert territory by staying with Vick.

  18. Mike Shannahan did pull the plug on McNabb after they were officially eliminated from playoff contention — so maybe Coach Reid pulls the plug then on Vick
    I like the Birds draft this year so I am OK with Howie Roseman staying and picking a new Head Coach — I have no reason to doubt the official Bird word that Coach Reid had final say for drafting the horrible (Graham, Allen,Watkins and Jarrett ) so I won’t blame Howie for that.

  19. Reid can’t pull the plug just yet. The season is still alive, though on life support.

    Plus, he’s never going to give a rook his first start on the road on Monday night.

    Don’t be misled by the “he’s our QB business” though. Vick goes out and throws and INT and has another fumble in the first half tonight and Birds are losing 17-3 or something, you can be sure it’ll be the end of the Vicksperiment.

    Actually, I’m very interested in tonights game…I actually think Vick will have his best game, scramble around, put on a “I’ve still got it” show….but it willl be a “last gasp” kind of thing from a rapidly fading player…..

    I think that’s possible seeing the Saints are that bad on D.

    Or….we could have a complete meltdown if the Saints get out to an early 2 td lead…..I’m not sure that will happen…like the Eagles, the Saints have been a very slow starting team this year…..

  20. 2 Years in a row the Eagles Season is over for all pratical intents by Halloween Weekend.. That’s pretty sad for all the build-up, hype, big talk for the Season
    to be over in 8 weeks.. What a bunch of Chumps on this Eagles Squad

  21. If im the Eagles, i fire Reid as soon as the season is over and replace him with the intern coach of the Colts, Bruce Areans, this guy did wonders for Big Ben and hes doing the same thing with Luck, i believe he can do the same thing with Foles, he can bring someone in from the Steelers to run the D through his long ties there and put us right back above the pack in the NFC.

  22. I like Bruce Arians also, unfiortunately with COlts HC Chuck Pagano’s declining Heatlh, He will probably be the next Permanent HC of th COlts to continue what he’s built with QB Luck..
    I expect and hope Lurie just concentrates on hiring a qualified GM who in turn can hire the next Coaching Staff..
    I believe a Marc Ross (Asst GM to the Giants under jerry Reeses) who used to work for the Eagles a few years back would be a good hire, Bill Polian has developed WInners everywhere he’s been though he is getting older..
    A mike Mayock or even Ron Jaoworski are very good Talent evaluators and good with players and the public and would be a big updgrade of GM Roseman..
    Eagles need a dominate type of GM and not have a HC who dominates the GM as we have had for the last 14 Years with AR..

  23. I want to have faith. BUt I just don’t know. Do yall realize what losing this game TRULY means? It’ll be over. The end of an era.

  24. once again you are an idiot and fraud. Pagano’s leukemia is in remission and the prognosis is VERY good! what a total A$$

  25. HAC,
    Just because Pagano’s Lukemia is in remission right now doesn;t mean he wants to remain as Coach which Requires 18 Hour Work Days 10 Months a Year.. HE may have a little different perspective on his life and want more time with his Family, he has a couple of Teenage/young adult Girls that he may want to spend more time with.. Did you ever think of this..

  26. I think the Era is already over Birdo
    To me it started with those back to back annihilations by the Cowboys to end 2009 and then really hit the head on that Snow-delayed game on a Tuesday night at Home versus the Vikings with a potential Top #2 Seed at Stake and the Eagles lost to an overmatched, downtrodden Vikings Team with a 1st Time Starter at QB (QB Webb) and an INterim HC in Leslie Frazier who just took over for the VIkings … Pitiful, it was over then my friend.. the last 1 1/2 years has been just a slow death.. Cut the Chords and move on and forward again

  27. you said ‘declining health’ — if you know anything about coaches he will be back with a vengence! your perspective point is ok but these men are wired differently– he will coach again guaranteed. point is you just make shit up.

  28. Going from Heatlhy to finding out you have Lukemia and then having susequent treatments for it is something I would say is being in “declining heatlh”, whther your in remission or not. wouldn’t you say . You say with teh same certainy that he will CoachAgain guaranteed and you as much as a clue as me saying that maybe he won’t return to Coaching, Hence, your the IDIOT here

  29. Paulman, I agree with you on the GM, i do believe we need a new one, it seems we had a better GM right here under Roseman in Grigs whos shocking everybody with the team he put together in Indy, we all know it was a no brainer to draft Luck but after that its all him, i believe we should forget these boy wonders and bring in someone with experience.

  30. does 13 points tonight , end the marty era ?

  31. Eagles could get shutout tonight NEv
    There will be no more Coaching Changes until after the Season is over and to be honest, it was probably a stupid panic move to fire Castillo when the Defense was improving and shows desperation throughout the entire Franchise
    Players talking about the Fans, Nedia being to harsh and critical of their play.. Players throwing Coaches under the bus for their poor play.
    This Team is lacking in accountability and teamwork and for years Coach Ar continues to coddle players and this is the result of what you end up with when you have spoiled, immature men who many of which are paid very well and they still don’t seem to get it.. Blaming everything else but looking at themselves, it’s become a joke,embarrassing and harder and harder to evento even root for these ungrateful assholes on this current team

  32. It’s funny that there is no mention of Defensive guru Spagnola that many of you wanted last season as DC. How’s this working out for the Saints who have by historical statistics, the worst Defense in the entire NFL and this after signing 2-3 free agents to their Roster…

  33. Trent Dilfer and HOF Steve Young just went through 10 plays of Vick gettoing blown up on GOOD passing plays. They said no QB Brees, Brady, or Rogers could play behind that oline. They said only dumb ass Eagle fans dont realize this.lmao. Yeah lets bench Vick its his The oline is so bad in the run and pass game its comical. Dumb ass fans. lol

  34. I dont wanna hear nothing else about Vick and that he stinks n this n that. Both Steve Young and Trent Dilfer said and showed thru the video that the oline is the issue its not VICK OR ANDY REID! And they are absolutely!

  35. Nice Daggolden its proof we all saw the same thing. Ive been saying this since the beginning of the year. Jp and Kelce going down ruined this offenses chances fast.

  36. The oline looks great again That oline sucks!

  37. Bench Lesean McCoy he is only averaging 30 yards a game his last 4 games. He SUCKS bench McCoy!

  38. i love this oline. DANG.. why cant vick get the ball off in .1 seconds like the other 31 QB’s in the league.

  39. Play Nick Foles he would do better. lol. Dumb ass Eagle fans.

  40. somewhere… Vinnie is gitty.

  41. oh i guess that was the o-line’s fault. int for TD

  42. and the only lineman we have goes down

  43. who was 67 blocking there..?

  44. Dumb Ass Vick, enough said

  45. nice catch jackson. ugh

  46. another Reid year that we can’t stop the run, oh well

  47. 3rd and long and we cant block anyone!!

  48. 14 more years!! 14 more years!!!

  49. i will miss these tiny o and d lineman next year.

  50. This team is embarrassing.

  51. i will miss passing on 3rd and 1

  52. my first q is this…. who will be our qb next year? who will coach this team? better yet…. what will our D look like? will be have an Oline or will they just roll out some cones like they do this year?

  53. guess i have a lot of 1st q’s.

  54. is Jim J alive again? all out blitz shown every time. sorry but i hated that. Does this D know how to get a sack… or a turnover? or off the field?

  55. haha… a turnover? lol.

  56. lol they acted like they have never seen a sack

  57. I guess we can put to rest what a good draft we had. Kendricks Boykins and Fletcher Cox all dont know what the hell they are doing. They all arent very good.

  58. odd what can happen when you have a little time

  59. I repeats the following players Tuesday morning
    OT Demetress Bell, WR Riley Cooper, CB Nnamdi Asmogoah

  60. Has Riley Cooper ever gotten separation from a CB
    He’s got a big framed and still doesn’t know how to use it
    He sucks

  61. If any of you believe the Eagles are anywhere close to a Playoff Team, you do not Know Football
    This Team is far from it, not does it deserve a chance to even be consideration even be considered an average Team
    These Eagles Secondary is still one of the worst tackling Secondaries in the entire NFL and rookie LB Kendricjs has regressed as the Season has gone along in both pass-coverage and tackling
    Lots of positions need upgrades, Safety
    CB, LB, DL, OL, QB, TE

  62. Welp.. Cut Bell, cut Riley Cooper before the game ends! For that matter cut the whole line except Mathis.

    This game is not on Andy Reid from a play calling, preparation standpoint. This game solely rests on the shoulder of the o-line, or lack there of!

  63. Fire Howard Mudd and rehire Juan Castillo

  64. . The eagles will not make the change to foles this year due to the shear fact he mite die back there. He literally mite die! I really am a pulling for mike Vick the person. He’s one tough sun of a gun. Unfortunately that will not always make you a good qb. At some point we do need to take into account how bad this o-line really is! I completely understand the injuries they have sustained but mike really has 2 secs before he’s getting drilled!

  65. I will say and stand by my earlier statement
    The Eagkes 2012 as far as playoff chances is over
    Release D Bell, R Cooper & N Asmogoah
    On the OL switch D Kelley out to RT
    And put Watkins in at RG

  66. Sign free-agent RT in the off-Season, shift Herremans back to RG and then get bAck Kelce at Center and LT J Pegers and then Draft an OT and Guard to groom in the early Rounds of 2013 Draft and then go with Foles or Edwards at QB to at least have shot of making Playoffs in 2013

  67. Defense play CB Boykin on the outside to replace Asmo,
    Convert Marsh to a Safety and Draft a SAM LB, Safety, DT
    And bring and move Fletcher Cox to DE

  68. Fire Reid and concede defeat, This team has more holes than the Titanic.

  69. So annoying.

    I had $100 on Vick being at +300 odds. So close to a nice $300. Was so going to collect till Desean turned that hook into a useless 77 yrd td, and Vick stayed in the whole game for no reason.

    He’s so bad….I know people will point to the oline, but I guarantee they will improve 100% when Foles comes in next Sunday.

  70. I officially, am ashamed to call myself an Eagles fan! Absolutely embarrassing, shameful & disgraceful!!!! The entire team needs to be broomed!!!! The O-line is horrifying! The D-line are a bunch of overpaid, overrated MUTTS!!!! The secondary is an abyss!!!! The coaching staff is clueless, inept, stupid & lost!!!!! And the QB is a brain damaged, lost puppy, running for his life!!!!!!!! They all must go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. I will tel you what I did see….after every tackle, decent run…..a lot of Birds walking away from their teammates and towards the cameras to flex/pose…..

    ….during a 3-5 season in a game they were losing from the start.

    Not a fan…..(talking a lot to you Coles….though there are others in your showboating crew.)



  74. Vinnie YOUR A IDIOT. From Steve Young to John Gruden to Trent Dilfer said that no QB could function behind that oline. They said they watched so much film and that the oline was so bad they didnt know how Vick was still functioning. But Vinnie on the internet says they are all wrong.lmao. Who the hell are you? Are you kidding me? Vinnie on the internet says it would be better with Nick What coaches tape have you watched? You know more that alol the experts? lmao. What a joke.

  75. You know who sucks. Kendricks he sucks. He cant tackle or cover. Fletcher Cox WTF has he done in 6 weeks? I havent heard his name all Boykins not only is he a terrible return man can he actually cover someone? Enough with the great draft this year.

  76. Vinnie you state you see alot of players flex and pose? Well turn on the games on Sunday. Every damn team flex and poses. From 1 win teams to 8 win teams. lol You think Philly players are the only ones that do it? I watched the 1 win Panthers flex and pose all day. The players could give a damn what any fan thinks.

  77. @ Vinnie when everyone in America was talking about how bad the oline is and you come on the internet and dont even criticize the oline and the first thing out of your mouth is”with another QB the oline will be better”, not even stating that the oline was bad and going right to Vick and calling his TD meaningless it is quite clear you have other issues with the QB. Is it a race thing? Is it the dog thing? Its definetly something. . You never ever criticize the oline. Why is that?

  78. Exactly Dags…I understand the dude saying he doesn’t like Vicks play and doesn’t think he can get it done..I got that…but when the other glaring issues with the team is ignored to the point where it’s not even mentioned.. Makes me wonder whats really going on with dude…
    Gruden spent the entire game calling out the O-line
    telling us how bad the are…but dude thinks they’ll play better
    With the other QB out there ?
    No mention of #67 missing numerous blocks which were clear as day
    No mention of #77 pissing his pants
    No mention of #65 getting beat causing a sack
    No mention of #66 allowing blitzes straight of the middle again
    No mention of #69 being exposed
    Man 5 redone trips inside the 15 and only 13 pts
    Ok I’ll give dude the pick 6 should’ve been a tighter throw
    But give me a break why no runs called…
    Anyway….why no Fire from the coaches..somebody should’ve been gettin
    Their ass chewed thoroughly the most animated coach was Duce
    As much as I love my team as much as I want them
    To win…I just want this to END

  79. Just a minor note that probably sealed the game for the Saints
    On the Int play down by the end one, why are 2 Receivers running
    Short routes 3 yards together wher the open space is smaller and defenders have less field to cover (both Celek & Harbor) were too close to each other
    And again as we have seen for a couple of Seasons now, why run routes in the Red -Zone short of the end-zone. I can see a RB in the clat as an outket but the Wr & TE’s beed to run routes into the end zone when you are within 15 yardsnot these short routes where the Secondsry is condensed and have a shorter field to defend. Eagles are losers and to deserved to lose last night as they have most games this Season. Time to. Clean house from GM Roseman down to about 1/2 this Roster

  80. The fact that the oline is horrible does not negate the fact that the Qb is also horrible.

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