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Thoughts From Eagles-Saints

Another Disgraceful Effort

Just when you think this Eagles team can’t sink any lower, they do.

Through the first quarter, the Eagles were the dominate team. They were controlling the clock, moving the football, and kept Drew Brees and the New Orleans offense off of the field, and managed two trips to the redzone. And somehow the Saints led 7-3.

This offense continues to play sloppy, mistake-prone football, and it costs this team more and more every week. This team went to the redzone five times, and came away with touchdowns on any of their trips. Against a defense this bad, such a performance is flat out ridiculous and inexcusable.

On the first trip, Michael Vick and Brent Celek each made a mistake that allowed the Saints to intercept a pass and return it for a touchdown. Vick made a poor throw on the play, tossing the ball too high and away from his tight end, and Celek made a bad situation worse by tipping it into the arms of Patrick Robinson.

On the second trip, the Eagles got the ball down to the four, but couldn’t advance the ball another inch and had to settle for an Alex Henery field goal.

The third opportunity came in the third quarter after the Eagles had recovered a fumble on a kickoff. Michael Vick took the ball down to the eight, but the offense stalled again and they had to settle for another Henery field goal.

The fourth scoring chance came late in the fourth quarter. With the Eagles down by 15 and in desperate need of a touchdown, Brent Celek clumsily fumbled the ball away to kill another drive and end the game.

The Eagles received one more opportunity to score a touchdown for pride in the final moments of the game, but turned the ball over on downs.

It’s official. This offense, and the players it has been built around, is not good. It’s clear now that the talents of Michael Vick, DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Jason Avant, and Brent Celek have been vastly overrated. These guys as individuals may have all the talent in the world, but their skills don’t mesh well together and don’t result in an efficient offense that can be counted on to come through and win football games.

There’s no excuse for this offense to put up just 13 points on a defense that had been trampled by even the worst offenses in football.

Yes, the offensive line is pure garbage right now, but the issues on the line didn’t stop the Eagles from moving the football tonight. They had their redzone opportunities, and this group of guys couldn’t get the job done and failed miserably. LeSean McCoy is the only offensive player I’d have any interest in building around in the future, the rest of them have shown me that they just aren’t winners.

Quick Thoughts

  • Congratulations to Brandon Graham on making his first impact play in the NFL, just three years after he was drafted in the first round. In all seriousness, Graham’s sack and forced fumble in the third quarter was a huge play that changed the flow of the game. It killed a redzone chance for the Saints, and helped the Eagles get back into the game.
  • Demetress Bell is just the worst. He was called on to replace the injured Todd Herremans, and the former Buffalo Bill was just dreadful. He was beaten all night, and committed several penalties.
  • Right guard Dennis Kelly was just as bad. Kelly struggled in pass protection, and missed a block on a shovel pass to LeSean McCoy in the redzone.
  • David Sims got the start at safety for Nate Allen, and was picked on by Drew Brees throughout the game. Colt Anderson replaced him in the game’s final moments.
  • Once again, we saw some atrocious tackling from the defense. It’s things like this that make this team unwatchable right now.
  • Positives? Well, LeSean McCoy made the most of his 19 carries, picking up 119 yards. Bryce Brown was pretty strong in this game too, rushing for 49 yards.
  • It’s a shame Brandon Boykin’s lateral was a forward pass. The Eagles reached deep into their bag of tricks on that play, and it would been an impressive feat had it not been called back.

Final Thoughts

This team is just awful.

They’ve got little sense of pride, and absolutely no urgency.

In the final eight minutes of the game, it was sickening to watch the offense drag their feet and let precious time slip off of the game clock while failing to come up with a score when they needed it most. On Monday night, the Eagles looked like a team that had accepted defeat and wasn’t interested in playing competitive football at a high level.

What happens next for this team?

At 3-5, the season theoretically still isn’t over. A team with heart and pride would still fight at 3-5 to get back into the playoff hunt, and with a schedule packed with teams with losing records, the chance is still there for this team to make a run.

But the reality is that this group doesn’t have the heart to do it. They couldn’t so much as score a garbage time touchdown for pride, let alone go on any kind of winning streak. We’ve only played eight games, and as bad as things have been to this point, there’s a very good chance that we haven’t seen the worst yet.

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38 Comments for “Thoughts From Eagles-Saints”

  1. Denny, your first line of the article & your first line of your final thought, says all that needs to be said! This team is an embarrassment to the city. They have officially have packed it in, are heartless, leaderless, are soft & flat out suck elephant nads! Lurie needs to send out the Hazmat team!!!!!!

  2. Who is to blame for having such a horrible O-line?

  3. As a season ticket holder for 26 years now this is one of the worst teams I have ever seen(players and coaching), they have NO HEART WHAT SO EVER.Once again I have tickets remaining for a season that means nothing,a total waste of my time to even attend the remaining games ….but like before Ill be there watching this poor excuse for pro football !

  4. there is no depth on this team ! did banner see this coming and just want out ? it is very possible the cowboys d-line knock all 3 of our QB’s out of the game . did andy say he has to do a better job again or is he realizing he just can not do it

  5. You cant fire all the players. When the offense stinks and the defense stinks replacing 1 or 2 players isnt the answer. Fire Andy Now. The ONLY positive that happened last night is that the WHOLE world saw that offensive line. While dumb ass Eagle fans have been clamouring to put a 3rd round pick (who sucked in college under pressure) the rest of the world said WOW no QB in the NFL could play behind that offensive line. Dont worry Foles will play next week after Vick gets injured. Then we all can continue to laugh.

  6. Season is over and Andy needs to go. He’s not a bad coach, just not a great coach. Just like Vick, not a bad QB just not a great QB.

    It’s the wrong mix. Only way, Andy should stay is if we can get Dick LeBeau out of Pitt and come to Philly to replace Jim Johnson (RIP). That’s not going to happen!!!

    So hit the RESET BUTTON MR LURE!!!

    Andy rode Jim Johnson’s D for the successful years Plain and simple.

    Andy is never going to change his pass happy ways. Not when he had Winston Justice give up six sacks and continue to call pass plays. Not when you have back up tackles on both ends and a practice squad center and continue to call pass plays.

    His best weapon has been RB for several years (Westbrook/McCoy) but Andy continues to script pass plays.

    Yes this line is depleted but Andy is to be blamed for not having capable hands for backup. He drafted Defensive end in the second round that’s not even dressing when he needed an OL. Who’s to Blame?

    Bad Drafts, Bad Play calling, Bad personnel decisions, … being a good guy, does not cover all that.

  7. Blame goes all around from GM Roseman is signing FA Busts CB Asmo, DT C Jenkins, OT D Bell.. (When the Buffalo BIlls make no attempt to resign D Bell when they have their own OL issues is a pretty good signal that the guy can’t play)

    Today I would Release OT Bell,WR R Cooper, TE C Harbor for none of these players are NFL Roster worthy ..
    At the end of the Season, I release Vick, Asmo,Babin &C Jenkins
    Over the Off-Season, I go out and sign a legitimate RT and move Herremans to RG and then with Center Kelce and LT Peters Returning, Eagles have at least have a shot for 2013 Season to protect QB N Foles.. I then Draft a OT and Guard to groom who are big and physical.

    Defensivley In Free-Agency, I get a Safety and a bigger DE (6-4 280 lbs type)
    and maybe a CB
    I convert CB Boykin from the Slot where he’s a fish out of water, to the Outside where he can use his Speed and Ball Hawking Abilities, I move Curtis Marsh to Safety and if neither of these players can cut it by next SUmmer Camp/Preseason, then I release them next Summer
    At LB, I Draft a 6-3/6-4″ 255-260lbs True SAM LB and move Kendricks to the WILL Spot which is a more natural Position for him
    (Kendricks has hit the proverbial rookie wall and looks more and more confused and and out of position as this Season has gone along)
    I then Draft a DT, CB, Safety

    But first,I fire GM Roseman and HC AR and the complete Coaching Staff
    I stopped counting at about 12-14 Missed Tackles by the Eagles Defense and it was still in the 3rd Quarter… Asmo had at least 4-5 himself and is a puss and does not belong to wear the Silver and Green, Kendricks missed a few also as did the Safeties and DRC and just about everybody on Defense

    I would look to hire Mark Ross (Asst GM w/GIants) or Bill Polian and even talk to Mike Mayock or Ron Jaworski as possible Candidates
    I let the GM Hire the Coaching Staff
    Some potential Candidates to consider

    Perry Jewell – (DC of the Giants)
    Tom Clements – (QB Coach of the Packers)
    Winston Moss – (Asst HC of the Packers)
    Ray Horton Jr – (DC of the Arizona Cardinals)
    Brad Seely – (Special Teams Coach of the 49ers)
    VInce Fangio – (DC of the 49ers)
    Bruce Arians – (OC, Interim Coach of the Colts)
    Jay Gruden – (OC of the Cincinnati Bengals- Brother of Jon)

    From the College Ranks (though I doubt any of these are interested)
    Nick Saban – (HC of Alabama)
    Pat Fitzgerald – (HC of Northwestern)
    Chris Peterson – (HC of Boise State)
    Mark Richt – (HC of Georgia)

  8. Rememer back to the Summer that I stated the Eagles Offense would be a bigger issue with this Team,as far as preventing this Eagles Team to even contend for a legitimate Playoff Spot..
    Forget about Yards, It’s about scoring TD’s and the Eagles the last 2 1/2 Seasons have been among the worst in the NFL in Scoring TD and especially in the Red-Zone
    Meanwhile on Defense, Eagles never can hold a Team to a FG, It’s always TD’s for the Opponents… and while the Eagles are on Offense in the Red-Zone, they continually have to settle for FG’s or even worse, make Turnovers
    Starts with Coaching, Philosophy,Talent Level and the Heart of the Players and in thes Areas, the Eagles are lacking big time and are amonf the NFL’s Worst in my opinion…
    Eagles are now 21-21 since the 2010 Season– Go figure it out, anyone who says the Eagles have elite Talent doesn’t know what they are talking about or understand the game of Football.. All Teams and Players are Talented
    It’s about having Heart, Passion, a sense of Urgency along with a High Football IQ and the Eagles do not have this across the board on this Team so “Physical Talent” alone means absolutely bunk and what we have is what we got as a Team which will probably finish with 6-7-8 Wins at best.
    CLean House

  9. well i was gonna right this big long post but why bother. im embarrassed our team isnt embarrassed and has no heart. Basically from the owner to the practice squad this team is awful.

    BYE REID AND VICK!!!!!!!! few more weeks baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It would be nice if the organization would send Desean, Nnamdi with the 2 above.

  10. 1 – I honestly thought the game was over on the first defensive play. Cole (unblocked) tackles the RB for a 3 yrd loss and then walks to the sideline flexing for the cameras. 2 plays later he comes in unblocked again (gee, not just the Eagles’ line) Brees takes two steps to his left and ‘ole’ COle goes charging by. 41 yrd completion. Funny, no pose down on that play eh Cole. The pose downs are examples of “me first” attitude that is prevalent on the team.

    2 – Andy Reid. The decision to throw the ball on 2nd and goal is pretty much inexcusable. You’ve got a shell-shocked QB, you’re gashing the Saints with the run, and you decide to throw. Terrible. This is not the first time Reid has done this, and I’ll remind everyone of Kolb in Baltimore. First game action of his career and he marches the Birds 80-90 yrds to the Balt 5. Rookie. In Baltimore. And he called a pass there too which Reed of course took back to the house. When your QB is young, or struggling, he must be protected. (this does not excuse the stupid decision to throw a short out at the goalline. That’s a pure rookie mistake throw)

    3 – The oline is being maligned, and they should. They are down 4 guys. QB still holds the ball too long. I saw COle and other Eagles come unblocked at Brres several times last night two. even said “jailbreak” a few times. Quick release, sidstepping in the pocket neutralizes this.

    4 – The Qb. He’s terrible. We were 6 in the bar last night and for every Birds play we all put twonies on the bar ($2 coins) and made predictions. The options usually were “ball hits the turf” “Overthrow” “Bounces off a Saints player” It was getting comical. The running joke was, “This will be the beginning of his Raider career.” He opened the game Inc, Comp, comp, inc, inc, comp, fumble, comp, pick6…that’s beyone terrible. He’s just bad, and the oline plays a role, but isn’t all of it. He keeps other teams in the game. Takes points away from the Birds and give to the other team…he was doing this last year (Buff, SF, ATL) and he’s been doing it this year (Clev, Balt, Ariz, NO) He was bad last year too and the oline was good. The Eagles have now only hit 24+ points once in the last 17 games….that’s on the QB. He’s confused. He’s shelshocked. He’s innacurate. At this point the merciful thing to do would be to sit him down.

    5 – Red Zone. Terrible. But they’ve been terrible in the redzone for 3 years now. Why? 5′ nothing QB can’t see the endzone when he getts close.

    6 – The D. Actually, I’m not really angry at the D on this one. They gave up 21 pts to a record setting QB and O. Was to be expected as the Saints score on everyone. We knew the Eagles’ O was going to have to score 30 to keep pace in this one, and they are incapable of doing that.

  11. everyone is making a big deal about Marcus Vick’s tweet about wanting his brother traded BUT i found this tweet by Marcus to be more interesting:

    “Can we win a game 10-7 or 13-10 got damn… Lol everything 20+ or better. @Mike dont play defense too”.

    This tweet by Vick’s brother implies that even his brother knows Mike cant put 20+ on the scoreboard anymore. haaaaaaaaa

  12. great post Vinnie!

  13. How many of those red zone play-action passes did you see a huge gap where the running back could easily run through only to see Vick pull the ball back to pass. They call the perfect run play but behold that they were only bluffing. Dag

  14. Eagles Tackling and especially from the LB and SEcondary positions was terrible last evening, CB Asmo does not belong in the NFL, maybe Touch/Flag Football, I have never seen a 6-2 205lbs Player play like a Puss like him in my life.. Get him the F out of Philly.. Hell even Samuel would make a Tackle once in a while.. Asmo was diving in at straws with his head down every damn time.. I guss this is Coach Castiilo’s or I mean Coach Bowles fault too… He flat out sucks and is a Cancer for this entire Secondary..

  15. This team is an absolute disgrace to the city and its fanbase

    You got Lesean McCoy against THE WORST run D in football and you refuse to pound the rock. Lets look at some of the spots JUST in the first quarter where the Eagles shouldve called runs against THE WORST RUN D IN FOOTBALL:

    1ST DRIVE:
    1st and 10 at PHI 20 M.Vick pass incomplete deep right to D.Jackson.
    1st and 10 at PHI 48 (Shotgun) M.Vick pass incomplete deep middle to B.Celek.
    1st and 10 at NO 27 M.Vick sacked at NO 30 for -3 yards (B.Bunkley).

    2ND DRIVE:
    1st and 10 at PHI 42 (Shotgun) M.Vick pass short left to D.Jackson ran ob at PHI 47 for 5 yards (M.Jenkins). Pass -2, YAC 7
    2nd and 6 at NO 6 M.Vick pass short left intended for B.Celek INTERCEPTED by P.Robinson at NO 1. P.Robinson for 99 yards, TOUCHDOWN. PENALTY on PHI-M.Vick, Low Block, 15 yards, enforced between downs. The penalty for a low block during the interception return will be assessed on the ensuing kickoff.

    3rd Drive:
    1st and 10 at PHI 20 (Shotgun) M.Vick pass short right to B.Celek to PHI 25 for 5 yards (J.Casillas; R.Harper). Pass 5, YAC 0

    This is just the first quarter. You know when you have an awful coach? When you have a top 5 running back going against THE WORST RUN D IN FOOTBALL and you refuse to at least try to impose your will against that D by running the ball down their throats.

    What a disgrace. Get this QB and Coaching staff the hell out of here!!!!!!!!!

  16. So the eagles go against THE WORST RUN D IN FOOTBALL and our coaching staff calls 47 passes (YES 47 because the 6 Vick runs were pass plays) and you call 23 runs. It makes me sick to my stomach knowing these coaches are making millions and our mentally challenged at least when it comes to the game of football.

    the Saints going into last night were BY FAR THE WORST RUN OFFENSE in football and they smashed us for 140 yards.


  17. I know its probably not the time right now but what did you guys think of David Sims?

  18. David Sims belongs in the CFL at best

  19. You would think that after Vick was sacked a couple of times that they wouldn’t go back to an empty backfield, but they did.

  20. Juan should have never been fired instead Howard Mudd should have been shown the damn door and Juan should have been given his job back to the Offensive Line Coach. Todd Bowles SUCKS.

  21. Look at the Bottom 7-10 Players on thisd Roster and none of them are Quality NFL Players if you ask me and probably wouldn’t make most NFL Rosters

    WR Riley Cooper & Danarius Johnson, TE C HArbor
    RB Dion Lewis, OT Demetress Bell, OL D Kelley
    Safety’s David Sims, Colt Anderson, LB’s Matthews and J Chaney and you could argue DE P Hunt and we still don’t know what V Curry can do..

    Eagles had all Summer Camp OT’s DJ Jones and Tom Welch who had a least a fighting chance to sustain blocks when they played if needed due to injury.. Eagles let both walk and are paying still D Bell ($9 Million this year) and Draft D Kelley just because H Mudd hand-picked him in the Draft on the Roster instead..

    Watch Kelly, Bell and even Mathis in pass-prtoect, these players have a tendacy to turn sideways (their shoulders in) and can never stay in front of their Defender’s.. Turning your bofy and head away from action is a sign of poor fundamentals,coaching and being a puss if you want to know the truth..You have to stay squaer, get low and use leverage and strength to sustain blocks and the EAgles have horrible techiques in these areas which I go back to Coach Mudd who has been a huge disappointment
    Even a usually reliable pass blocker Todd HErremans has got the turn sideways habit and he’s performance has really taken a nose-dive this Season and he looked like shit too before his injury last evening..

  22. This Right Here says it all for me

    ” The D. Actually, I’m not really angry at the D on this one. They gave up 21 pts to a record setting QB and O. Was to be expected as the Saints score on everyone. ”

    Why the in the hell am I conceeding points to ANY QB…
    When does the DEFENSE say not on my watch ?

  23. The D did say “not on my watch” did you twit.

    The Saints have scored:
    34, 30, 40, 23, 30, 20, 62, 21, 27, 23, 49, 31, 22, 42, 45, 45, 32, 27, 24, 27, 31, 35 and 14 over the past season and a half + 45 and 32 in the postseason…

    So….giving up 21 points was actually the 3rd best performance of any D over the Saints last 26 games you putz. “Good” Ds like SF, Chic, and NYG, have all given up over 30 to the Brees led Saints……

    But that’s what it is with you Vickpologists….everyone and anyone except Vick….the D should have said “not on my watch!!!” BS. They gave up 21 vs the Saints. That’s a win for them.


  25. On the flip side, the Saints have given up:
    28, 36, 42, 13, 33, 10, 27, 26, 7, 31, 16, 23, 24, 17, 17, 20, 16, 17….and this year…40, 35, 27, 28, 24, 28, 34 and…..13

    The3y’ve been historically bad, until they ran into the equally pathetic Vick led Eagles’ O.

    Scoring 13 points was the 3rd worst performance vs the Saints in the last 26 games….and the worst, by far, this season.

    Don’t even consider putting this on the D. Think about who threw the rookie like shallow out that resulted in a 10 to 14 point swing before complaining about the O.

    Dude goes out and does what he does. Sure did get his “swag” back. Played the way he plays. Swag Back!!

    Fumble leader the last 10 years.? 1st Q fumble.

    Master of keeping both teams alive? 1st Q pick six.

    That’s Mike Vick, “doin’ what he do!”

    At this point I have to wonder what sort of incriminating pictures Vick has on Lurie or Reid in order for him to have hung on to his job for this long, and through this disaster.

  26. Michael Vick – QB – Eagles

    Coach Andy Reid reaffirmed Tuesday that Michael Vick will remain his starting quarterback.
    In his last 21 games, Vick is 10-11 and has turned the ball over 32 times. Apparently, he gets a pass as the Eagles’ offensive line is now taking the brunt of the blame for a 3-5 record. Vick has been sacked 27 times already this season, but he shows no awareness at the line when adjusting to blitzes and can’t find hot receivers. Regardless, Reid appears poised to go down with his guy until the Eagles are truly out of the playoff chase.

  27. Good times.

    Vick must have some insane video of Reid in some very compromising situation. Its the only explanation at this point.

    Or wait….Vick will “turn it around”. All he needs is one more offseason…….

  28. NOooooo

    Sources tell the Philadelphia Inquirer that GM Howie Roseman was given a 4-5 year contract extension when Joe Banner stepped down.
    The Andy Reid era is coming to a close, but the Howie Roseman era is just getting started. In his first three seasons as GM, Roseman has made 31 trades including the Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb and Asante Samuel deals. He’s also put together the Eagles’ failed “Dream Team,” signing the likes of Nnamdi Asomugha, Jason Babin and Cullen Jenkins in free agency. Reid currently has final say on all football matters, but that could shift to Roseman if/when Big Red is ousted.

  29. I read the same Article Henski and this doesn’t mean that Lurie cannot fire GM Roseman if he feels he’s underperforming in his Jub Duties..
    I do have a sneaking suspicion that Roseman will use his failings as a GM on Coach AR who will definitely get fired after this Season to save his own scalp..
    Can ayone say disaster id Roseman is controlling all the Personell Moves .
    The Next Coach wouldn’t have a prayer to be a succesful Coach or Team..
    The worst thing about this is that Owner Lurie is a Football Fan who owns a Team, but he has limited knowledge about the X’s and O’s and havin a Football Identity or Philosophy.. He’ relies on others to provide that for him..
    so we could have the “Blind leading the Blind” or for you younger crowd who is less read and enjoys Moovies more, “Dumb and Dumber III” .

  30. I’m not a Vickpologist Vinnie…LOL
    I just refuse to let you place ALL the blame at the feet of the QB
    while ignoring/glancing over the other problem areas of this team
    If you can’t see the other issues with this team…then you my friend are biased

    Funniest Gruden saying of the night…talking about Bell
    “he can’t play left tackle he can’t play right tackle..I don’t know what to call a guy who can’t pass protect”

  31. Vick got his swag back last night for shore guy wore is favorite underwear and went with the throwback tinted visor.

  32. It is obvious even to sponge brains like Navy, Schiller, Real Talk, Erock, Real Talk, and the rest of the pom pom girls that the Birds are not making the playoffs this year. There is no reason to allow Coach Reid to fudge up a good draft pick with a few late season meaningless wins. He won’t be coming back and neither will half his players———cut the cord on Reid now

  33. The 2011 draft alone should be enough to get Roseman fired.

  34. If you look at my earlier post, I put Vick at reason #4. That doesn’t mean he’s not finished however. He is.

    But SOMETHING has to be changed doesn’t it?

    We just scored 13 pts against the worst D in the entire NFL.

    So changes needed….we all understand this….so where then??

    I suppose we could change the WRs a bit. More who….McNutt? Brown? Do you think this will have an effect?

    We’re down 4 OL. There can’t/won’t be any changes there. There are no players to change to. I don’t see any probowlwers sitting out there in Free agency – do you?

    The coach…everyone calling for him to be fired. And he will. At the end of the season. But its not going to be now. Who would become the coach? MM? Bowles? Muss? Washburn? So a change won’t be made there this season either.

    So that leaves the QB. He has to be changed. Has to. First, he’s terrible. Second, he’s terrible, and third I don’t think he even wants to go out on the field anymore. Plus, he’s terrible. He had his patented fumble and int over with by the end of the first quarter.

    The guy has become a charicature of his own foibles. He’s a self-fulfilling prophesy at this point.

    Season is over. We’re going to have a top 10 pick (at least)

    We need to know if Foles has potential. There are 8 weeks to find out.

    If not now…then when?

  35. FOles hasn’t taken a snape in a meanigful contact in almost 10 Weeks..
    Switching to him now is meaningless and does him no good and will end up getting him shell-shocked playing behind this detrioating OL which could have a David Carr, Jimmy Clausen and Brady Quinn result of a Young B thrown into a poor Situation only to have their Confidence shaken and potentially broken.. Coach AR will Play Vick to help VIck land on his feet elsewhere for next Season for that’s hoe AR Coaches, once the Eagles are officially elimanted (probably week #12-#13) then Maybe we’ll see FOles.. I would not even be surprised to see Trent Edwards play before Vick if AR sees a glimmer of hope to win a meaningful game..

  36. Foles doesn’t have to play the whole game — the birds could ease him into 4th quarter mop up duty- on the job training — usually by the 4th the birds are a couple TDs down with this new DC and then let Vick start again the next week

  37. your right paulman. lets go trent edwards the rest of the way!!!!!!!

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