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Todd Bowles: “I Don’t Think It’s Bad Tackling”

How do you explain why the Eagles defense has gotten worse under new defensive coordinator Todd Bowles? Yes, they did give up  a couple of last minute leads with Castillo at the helm, but how do you explain the ease with which teams are moving the ball against the Bowles-led defense.

Every time they try to blitz, the blitzer doesn’t get there and they get burned downfield.

The Birds started out the season doing a great job against the run.  The Saints hadn’t been able to run the football against anybody but they had three running backs each break off at least a 19-yard run against the Eagles defense.  New Orleans went over 100 yards on the ground and the Birds tackling was atrocious.

The New Orleans offense let Drew Brees get the ball out of hands with short throws and made the Birds tackle in the open field and they couldn’t do it.  Bowles still believes this defense can correct that problem.

“I don’t think it’s bad tackling,” Bowles said. “There are players who are going to miss tackles that are good tacklers, but there are some good players who just aren’t good tacklers. You can fix that with fundamentals, you can fix that with attitude. Attitude is the main thing.”

It looked like bad tackling to me.  Nnamdi Asomugha, Mychal Kendricks, David Sims, Kurt Coleman, Akeem Jordan were all amongst the victims.  The New Orleans running backs looked like Pro Bowlers against the Birds.

“Attitude should be the same all the time,” Bowles said. “You can have the right drive and mindset and miss a tackle. But you have to have body control, you have to have fundamentals, you have to be able to tackle.”

This surely isn’t the way Bowles wanted his first two games to go.  Plus he came into a situation where the head coach could very well be fired at the end of the season, which would mean he could be getting fired as well.  You would that he’s probably wondering whether he made the best decision in coming here during the off season. on Facebook

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18 Comments for “Todd Bowles: “I Don’t Think It’s Bad Tackling””

  1. “I don’t think it’s bad tackling,” Bowles said. “There are players who are going to miss tackles that are good tacklers, but there are some good players who just aren’t good tacklers. You can fix that with fundamentals, you can fix that with attitude. Attitude is the main thing.”


    • The ends seem to have too much freedom on every play. Numerous times, I watched Babin make an outside move, not really looking for the ball, and going back inside, then we have LB’s in the same hole…The RB makes a cutback, due to Babin inside move, all on DB’s now. The DE’s have to be more disciplined. LB’s have to improve on coverage. Kendricks/Ryans have been late on many pass plays…they are pretty sure tacklers, but they need to be there to break up a pass every now and then.
      anyone see the play in the end zone where Nnamdi ran, right into the ref and gave up a TD? off that play alone, I’d say awareness has to be addressed as well.

  2. Not a kendricks fan….he missed tons ofmtackles in college only drafted high due to combine numbers…l.eagles missed on my guy, lavonte david who went after kendricks to the bucs amd is a stud as a rookie..

    • Same guy I wated jott. But Kendricks would be better if he were at the WILL. But, same thing goes for many of the Hindenburg’s players, square peg, in round hole!!!!

  3. actually buffoonery is not a bad way to describe this situation . some of these players they let go are having decent seasons . and reid said tuesday the problems are fixable ! FOOL’S GOLD

  4. Guys… I agree… When you make it to the Pros and get paid the money they do…. If they have to “Work on Fundamentals” something is really screwed up.

    They are done… Toast… Just don’t have the talent to compete. Small and fast just doesn’t work in this league anymore… Time for major changes and years of rebuilding…

  5. I’m as pissed at these assholes as the rest of you but to suggest that pros in ANY sport don’t work very hard on fundamentals each day simply means you are a moron! Ever watch a shortstop field grounders a QB take hs drop back, a
    QB to running back exchange? These are fundamentals and are worked on daily!

  6. Gruden reached out to Juan today and will be coming out of the booth next season.

    I have a feeling Roseman reached out and they Gruden will bring Juan back as a an offensive line coach since he’s familiar with the guys on both sides of the ball to evaluate and help clean house and build a tough football team.

    Shady will become a beast under Gruden, and look for a draft that includes big, tough receivers to replace Maclin and Avant. DJax will go back to returning punts..and that scared runt, Johnson is outta here.

    We can bring Hugh in to coach the D line and Trott or Seth Joyner in to coach the linebackers.

    We’ll also cut the hell outta Nate weak ass Allen and keep Kurt Coleman for special teams and Safety depth.

    Get a the top Free Agent Safety and draft Eric Reid to bring toughness up the middle of this defense.

    Use trade Babin if there’s a taker, if no takers cut his sorry ass.

    Bring up Vinny Curry to back up Graham and Cole.

    Cut Hunt and draft a big DE end.

    Draft 2 big Linebackers with Speed.

    Sit down with Asmo to see if he’ll take a paycut..if not trade or cut his sorry ass and bring up Hughes to start at corner.

    And pleas get a top fast, strong TE in the draft. Celek is a number 2 at best.

    Come on Gru’ dog.

    I myself do not hate andy reid or think he is a bad coach, however he is not the Andy Reid today that im talking about.. im talking about the Reid who drafted in the trenchs for the first 4 rounds every year. i think someone took that power away from him, i wouldnt mind andy getting the boot from coaching but think he would do good as a GM. But not our coach… we need a change on the feild. here is who i wouldnt mind seeing as a coach next year in order i would want them
    1. Shawn Payton ( would get a good qb, maybe skam saints into trading brees, plus keeps him outta dallas)
    1a. John “chucky” Gruden (Firey coach that i think this team needs)
    2. Bill “the Jaw” cowher (HE is the Jaw)
    3. Chip Kelly (notre dame wins whereever he coachs)
    4. Mike Holmgren (has said lately wouldnt mind coaching)
    5. Rob Ryan (would fire everyone on defense, plus wouldnt have to hear “it starts with me” after a loss)

  8. I repeat my quotes from the Morningweig article! SEESH!!!! PURE IDIOCY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I am gonna throw this out, because I think that it is interesting.

    How about Jimmy Johnson as GM? He hand picked all of those players on the Cowboys and did a great job with later round picks finding gems especially on the O-line. I have no idea how he would work with a coach, but I do know that he is a great evaluator of talent.

  10. Paulman’s Plan to a Path of Success has to start with an Upgrade to the Front OFfice .

    Fire AR and his entire Staff
    Hire Bill Polian as President of Football Operations to a 3 Year Deal to ove see the the Entire Football Operations. He can groom current GM Howie Roseman, since it’s very unlikely that Lurie will fire Roseman and eat those 4 Years remaining on his Contract Deal that has been reported

    Hire one of the listed avaialable Coordinators below and not a Re-Tread who are too old,lack the energy or just been out of the loop for too long
    DC Perry Jewell of the Giants
    OC Tom Clements of the Packers
    DC Vince Fangio of the 49ers
    OC Jay Gruden of the Benglas (Jon’s younger brother)
    Asst HC Winston Moss of the Packers
    OC Dirk Koetter of the Falcons
    Special Teams Brad Seeley of the 49ers
    DC Ray Horton,Jr of the Cardinals

    I believe Owner Lurie needs to concentrate to getting the Eagles Front Office straightened out first.. Then let the new President of Football Operations or GM then hire a Coaching Staff..

  11. Yes that’s it.. I do keep getting his name wrong..
    The Reason I like him is that the Giants run a 4-3 Scheme similar to the Eagles so it would not have to be a whole new make-over for the Defense for the short-term.. Obviously they would need a solid,experienced OC..
    Eagles have to decide and wuickly Do they want to a makeover on the Offensive or Defensive Side of the Ball, It will take 3 Years to try to rebuild both sides of the ball so in the short-term, which side of the ball do they concentrate on which means decing on whether they keep VIck and some of these other players underperforming that are making big Contracts… Lots to decide on..

    Maybe they can Hire

  12. Get some more speed on the field and get after the QB with some LB, CB blitzes. Send a CB and drop a DE in flat coverage, have safety come up and cover WR…Don’t need a sack, force the QB to play one side of the field and be strong with the coverage on that side. Go with an extra DB on some occasion. Strip the rushing freedom of the DE’s on certain blitz packages…Make them rush one way, and send blitzers to the gap.Use the double team against these teams. Fake blitz with CB and bring LB in the A gap. We don’t see much action pre snap from the Eagles defense. Move the players around a bit.

  13. Juan Castillo scapegoated for this dumb ass Todd Bowles, are you kidding me, where are my Hispanic friends crying racism, what a joke

  14. Sorry, few Hispanics follow the nfl, so screw the Hispanics, let’s promote the blacks instead

    • I don’t see any Hispanics or Blacks pulling out the race card, only you Jakedog. I think the Eagles have enough problems without creating racial issues.

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