Notes From The Sixers’ 106-100 Win Over Boston

The Philadelphia 76ers won their second straight game on Friday night, taking down the division rival Boston Celtics 106-100 in Boston.The team’s record now stands at 3-2 on the season.

  • This was a great win for the young Sixers. They had an opportunity to take a game from their top competition in the Atlantic Division, and they went on the road and got the job done. They were able to soundly defeat the Celtics, and they did it without the presence of their prized off-season acquisition, Andrew Bynum.
  • Jrue Holiday continues to play at a fantastic level. The young point guard has come out of the gates strong, and put up another double-double with 21 points and 14 assists. We’ve only played five games so far, but you have to love what you’ve seen from Jrue to this point.
  • Evan Turner played his best game of the season, putting up a double-double of his own with 25 points and 11 rebounds.
  • The Sixers got 24 points from their bench tonight, receiving nice individual efforts from Spencer Hawes, Royal Ivey, and Nick Young. Hawes put up eight points and six rebounds, but also picked up five fouls. Ivey put up six points, and did a nice job spelling Holiday at the point. Young scored 10 points on nine shots, including two threes.
  • Dorell Wright got another start for Jason Richardson, and made the most of his opportunity with 15 points, four rebounds, three assists, and four steals. Wright has looked a very nice addition to the team so far.
  • I haven’t been too impressed by the Celtics in these first five games. Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce are playing great, but the rest of their team just isn’t clicking very well. Kevin Garnett needs to have his minutes limited every night, and the new-look bench hasn’t been effective so far. Both of the team’s wins have come against the Washington Wizards, and even those victories were tightly contested. There’s a very real possibility that the Sixers could win the division this year.

24 thoughts on “Notes From The Sixers’ 106-100 Win Over Boston

  1. Are you forgetting about the Knicks and Nets in the Atkantic Division
    The Knicks blew out the 76ers both games last week and present greater match-up problems for the 76ers than the Celtics
    Never the less, the 76ers looked good and are playing decent basketball on the shoulders of Holiday who is playing at an All-Star level out of the gate so far
    They still rely on too many jump shots and need to get some inside scoring going to be a real threat and top 4 Team in the Eastern Conference which maybe if Bynum can ever play can occur, but I am not holding my breath on him until he starts playing and gets into Basketball shape which will take a while

  2. Fraudman– Are you negative towards every single philly team? My god u complain complain complain. They beat the Celtics who made it to the Eastern Conference Finals last yr NOT THE KNICKS WHO GOT BEAT BY the Celts IN THE FIRST ROUND OR THE NETS WHO DIDNT EVEN MAKE THE PLAYOFFS and were one of the worst teams in the nba, no the Celtics, the team who gives every team in the east fits (except the heat) every single yr esp bc of there intense defense. The Sixers won another one tonight against the Raptors, winning all 3 road games. They are starting to assert themselves early in the yr and thats good to see. They are now 4-2. Fraudman says on the shoulders of Jrue Holiday, THATS GREAT NEWS NOT BAD, Hes the point guard, the floor general and is doing exactly what Doug wants and what the team needs in order to win games, and exactly what we want as fans. Why is that wrong or bad? For a team that isnt at full strength with no JRich or BYNUM, they are playing great great basketball. There offensive style is to shoot the ball if open but for the most part they drive to the hoop. And when BYNUM returns they will pound the ball inside then out. Noone wanted to mention Evans big game against the C’s 25pts 11rebs, Lets not always pick the bad all the time, look for the good esp being that its a fairly young team with an abundance of talent. But great start for my Sixers and I know the TRUE fans love what they see #Showyaluv

  3. So a 6 point Win is soundly defeating an opponent.. Celts are not even favored to win the Atlantic.. Article is a joke and doesn’t mention the Knicks or Nets who the 76ers will struggle without an inside scoring presence.. So many Teams chancged over this years JH, that last year means very little .. Only the Heat,Spurs,Bulls,Pacers remain somewhat intact to last year’s squad.. Everyone else add or got rid of many players making this Season an entirely new Season..
    Jump Shooting Teams are streaky an inconsisten which is what I expect from the 76ers for this Season– Calling for about 45 Wins and a 5th/6th Place finish in the East
    I like the 76ers make-up and think they will improve as the Season goes along, but until they get Bynum back (Which is not a given and at what level of play with his bum knees) they have not arrived as a Team and are not in upper echelon of the Easter Conference yet..
    The game the other night versus the NO Hornets had to be one of the worst NBA Games that I ever wahtched.. something like 40 Turnovers between both Teams, Poor outside shooting… Get Real JH.. I will continue to call them as I see them..

  4. And Im gonna keep calling you what you are and thats a Fraudman Fraudfan. So the games that are on the schedule against lesser opponents “mean very little” ? That shows how much you know. The Sixers dont pick there opponents or whose on the schedule. We just played a team that was in the conference finals a few months ago. You as you always do, trying to discredit this team as you do every major philly team.

    Cigar– Hes a joke. It used to be funny before, but now its idiocy because even when the teams do something good, he still reverts back to “even though they won they still” yada yada yada..Hes a clown.

  5. Just reported as I expected.. Bynum our for another 5-6 Weeks, then add it will take him a good 3-4 Weeks to get into NBA Basketball Shape and maybe he’s ready by late January.. Another Bust in Philadelphia.. These Guy has Bum Knees which is a shame, but what can you do about it which is why the Lakers moved him instead of the healthier, but older Gasol.. Eagles get a 1 Year Player who can’t play.. (Jeff Ruland, where are you..)

  6. A 9 Point Loss at home versus the Milwaukee Bucks..
    Good Teams do not lose at Home versus Average to below Average Teams
    This 76ers Team will be up and down all Season and end up with about 42-45 wins and a 6th Seed and 1st Round Exit from the Playoffs
    Sorry JH, I will call them as I see them..

  7. Paulman – the Bucks are a playoff team this year…Home losses happen sometimes! Dont start getting all negative on the 76ers now too…Although this isn’t my team so I could care less….

  8. The only way the Bucks are a Playoff Team is that they replace the 76ers in the Top #8 in the Eastern COnference

    (Heat,Bulls,Knicks,Pacers,Celtics,Nets are probably 6 locks making the Post-Season

    Bucks,76ers,Hawks,Magic,Cavaliers battle it out for the final 2spots but you have o like the Bucks Chances playing in a Weaker Division (Central verses the Atlantic)

  9. Paul…they dont have the Sixers in the mountains do they?

    The Bucks outplayed the Sixers last night and Jennings is one of the best pure shooters in the league.They most definitly are a p-off team this year.

    Nets arent playing well and Boston is old. The Cavs? You dont follow the game enough if your making these statements. The Magic?

  10. I’ve seen 3 76er Gaemes thus far (Knicks,HOrnets and Celtics) and I am not iumpressed at all, though I don’t expect much with all the new players they have taken on..
    I am not sure why Hawes doesn’t get more minutes or Draft Pick Moultrie
    Holiday is playing lights out and at all an All-Pro Level, but Turner, Wright,Richardson,Thadd are all to inconsistent, rely on jump shooting too often and are just not physical enough..
    Cavs will push for a 8th Playoff Spot and have some nice young talent..
    76ers are a jump shooting Team and bottome line, is not tough enough on Dribble Drives, Rebounding and PLaying strong interior defense to compete with the top Teams in the Conference.. Now if Bynum ever plays and rounds into Basketball Shape then they have a much better chance, but I don’t expect this to happen until to late Jan/early Febuary and then the Team will have to adjust to him and vice-versa..

  11. Jreu is far from all pro level. He leads the league in turnovers. Evan wasnt inconsistent against the Celts.You watched that game. Hes part of the reason we won.

    Cavs? Nice young talent doenst equal playoffs int he NBA.

    They are not a jump shooting team.They have 3 ballers and athletes?Hawes is physical,Allen,Thad? ET…ahtletic slasher,Richardson…atheltic shooter.

    Come on bro.Your a little off.You may have watched 3 games but you dont seem to have picked up on much.

  12. Hawes is Physical.. What B-Ball are you watching Erock..
    Thad Young couldn’t hit the damn side of a Barn with his Jump Shot.. He’s good around the rim, put backs, but he’s horrible once outside 8 Feet and his dribbling/turnovers are not very good
    Now Jason Richardson is a shooter who when he gets hot, can really get on a roll, his issue is now that he’s older , he doesn’t drive to the rack like he used to or get the elevation when he was younger and more athletic and now in his later years rely’s on his jump shot too much plus he is not a very godo defender or passer ..
    I seen enouh of this Team to know they aren’t going anywhere
    and you are right that Holiday isn’t top-notch yet and can’t be compared to the great Guards of teh Game (Wade,Rose,Bryant.D William,Nash,Etc,etc) but he’s the best Point Guard the 76ers have had in a number of years and if it wasn’t for him, the 76ers would probably be 2-5 so far this Season..

  13. Coulda shoulda woulda….but he is, so theyre not 2-5.Hawes has been a defensive presences for them this year. Wake up mountain man.

    You just made my point. They are not a bunch of jump shooters.Thad is a banger with an occasional 3 ball. And hes a dribble drive guy. Effort guy. Physical player.

  14. Where’s your Luv JH & Erock
    Losing by 18 Points at Home to the Winless Detroit Piston’s..
    Shooting less than 30% from the Field and you guys continue to think this is a legitimate NBA Playoff Team … This 76ers Team is a .500 Team give or take

  15. Fraud, paying attention to pro hoops in November is a waste of time. They all blow and bad teams beat good teams… Not saying the sixes are good but NO ONE knows now , not yet

  16. I don’t know what Doug Collins is doing — he had Thad Young playing center and even worse he has Evan Turner stuck in the corner behind the 3point line (Evan cannot make stand still jump shots)- Thad Young misses 5 layups a game because he is not strong enough to score on the low post at PF let alone Center — Evan Turner does only one thing good, drive to the basket and for some reason Thad and Spencer Hawes try to post up their player when Evan gets the ball above the foul line instead of getting out of the way (Spencer and Thad have no post up game)

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