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Eagles-Cowboys Pregame Thoughts

This Is Cowboys Week…Right?

Want a damning indication about how disappointing and unlikable this Philadelphia Eagles team is? Just look at how little excitement there has been amongst the fans this week for a home game against the hated Dallas Cowboys.

Normally before a game like this, Eagles fans would be talking about some of the great moments in this rivalry in great anticipation of the latest chapter set to unfold in the coming weekend.

But this year, it’s different.

Eagles fans aren’t talking about how many turnovers they can force from Tony Romo. They aren’t talking about what the Eagles can do to slow down DeMarcus Ware and the Dallas pass rush. They aren’t even talking about Cowboys owner Jerry Jones getting locked out of his team’s locker room a week ago, or about how he just declared that he will never step down as the team’s general manager.

This year, there isn’t much energy or enthusiasm entering Cowboys Week. And the 2012 Philadelphia Eagles can thank themselves for that.

The Eagles have managed to suck all of the enthusiasm for the 2012 season out of the city just eight games into the season. Followers of this team have been worn down by the underwhelming quality of play they’ve seen from this roster. They haven’t seen an Eagles victory in well over a month, and instead have been treated to high-profile players make hollow excuses for their losses while scolding the fans about loyalty.

Halfway through the season, the Eagles haven’t shown their supporters any reasons to suggest that they can make a dramatic turnaround. Fans have been waiting through one letdown after another for this team to put forth a dominating effort that makes them resemble the squad that many projected to win 10 or 11 games before the season. But at this point in the year it’s clear that this team was overrated by many, and they’ve got too many flaws to be a winning football team.

After seeing this team produce mediocre results while making the same head-scratching mistakes over and over again for the last year and a half, this team’s act has really grown stale in the city and turned what is typically one of the most anticipated weeks in every Eagles season into somewhat of an afterthought.

However, on Sunday the fans will put aside the frustration they feel over their team. They’ll be at Lincoln Financial Field in full force, hoping that the Eagles can do what they haven’t done all year, and summon up enough competency to convincingly defeat the Cowboys and restore a little bit of the fans’ confidence in them.

How The Eagles Can Beat The Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are a team that has many of the same problems that the Eagles have. They’re ranked near the bottom of the league in scoring, they’ve got a quarterback that turns the ball over, they’re run by an incompetent head coach, and as a whole they’re a talented team that underachieves.

Tony Romo has reverted back into a turnover machine this season, tossing 13 interceptions. He’s going to give the Eagles several opportunities to create turnovers, and change the outcome of the game. The Philadelphia defense needs to be ready to capitalize on these chances. These potential turnovers will not only give the Eagles more scoring chances, but it will keep the Dallas offense from getting into a rhythm. On a good day, Romo can run the offense at a high level if he’s allowed to get into a flow. The Eagles need to force at least two turnovers to win today.

Once again, as laughable as this sounds, the best way for the Eagles to put up points on Dallas is to put the ball in the hands of their best player (LeSean McCoy) and establish a run against an average run defense. The Cowboys are ranked fifth in the league against the pass, and their elite pass rush is sure to give the pathetic Philadelphia offensive line trouble throughout the day. A pass-happy approach is doomed to fail against this defense, but a balanced attack stands a chance for decent production.

Why The Cowboys Will Win

The Cowboys will win this game simply because Andy Reid and Marty Morhinweg won’t do the sensible thing and commit to a run-first offense. For an offensive line that now only has one of their original starters, that’s the recipe for a long afternoon.

The Dallas defense is the difference in this game. They’ve got a number of favorable matchups, and I can’t see how an offense that could only put up 13 points against the New Orleans Saints (who were giving up an average of 30 before last week) will be able to accomplish much against a superior defense.

The thought of guys like DeMarcus Ware, Anthony Spencer, and Jay Ratliff matched up against the likes of Demetress Bell, Dallas Reynolds, and Dennis Kelly may be the mismatch of the century.

Offensively, the Dallas offense hasn’t had a good year, but they’ll have a chance for strong success against the Eagles defense. The league has figured out the Wide-Nine pass rush, and the Eagles can no longer count on their defensive lineman to give them a strong pass rush. The secondary figures to struggle again against talented receivers Miles Austin and Dez Bryant.

Final Thoughts

As bad as the Cowboys have been this year, I think they’re the better team right now and that really says a lot about just how bad this Eagles team is.

The difference between the two teams right now is that the Eagles have quit and the Cowboys are still playing to save their season. They gave the Atlanta Falcons a better effort in Atlanta a week ago than the Eagles gave against the same Falcons in Philadelphia two weeks back.

I think the Eagles are going to struggle to put up more than 13 points again, and the Cowboys hand the team another frustrating loss.
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82 Comments for “Eagles-Cowboys Pregame Thoughts”

  1. Watching Carson Palmer Im still wondering why this STIFF isnt being benched. Why isnt the national media on his pathetic ass. How many 1st round draft picks did Oakland give up? What a double standard and a joke.

  2. What are talking about? Enough with the double standard BS. What does that mean?

    You need to get out of the “everyone hates Vick” bubble….there are a lot of QBs who get shredded in the media

    Everyone knows Palmer sucks…but Oak Mgmt won’t replace him because they chose him. To dump him is to admit failure and no one wants to admit that.

    Its the same reason Vick is still the QB…why Locker will keep playing in tenny…why Smith got 6 years of shit……no one like to admit mistakes…no GM does…

    But, as an observer who watches from afar….outside the Philly region…outside the USA…. I read a lot more anti-Palmer, anti-Rivers….anti-Fitzpatric…anti-sanchez, anti-Romp, anti-anyone the Browns have news than I do anti-Vick news…..In fact, the Vick narrative is howhis struggles are the coaches’ fault, the oline’s fault…everyone’s fault.

  3. Would you all just shut up and stop thinking that your opinions matter so god damned much? Jesus wept, your pathetic. Its a bad year. it happens. Injuries on the O-line. bad coaching. whatever… Just root for your team and shut up.

  4. Neither TeM is close to a Playoff Caliber Team compared to the Top 6-8 Teams in the NFC this Year (Falcons, Bears, 49ers,Packers,Giants,Seahawks, and even the Saints)CEO whoever Wins gets to live for another week as an uphill struggle, but the loser is toast and their Season is over for intents and purposes
    As I stated way back, only the NFC East Wiiner will make it to the postseason and right now that’s the Giants
    Cowboys will probably open up with no huddle where they have been at their best and I see them winning 31-16 in a game basically over by the 3rd Auarter
    The only shot the Eagles have is to get a Defensive/Special Teams score to swing momentum and then have a chance. I fully expect the Boo-Birds out in full force against Coach AR, QB Vick and this confused Eagle Defense who look worse under Todd Bowles than they did under Juan Castillo
    I see big games by Cowboy TE Whitten, WR K Ogletree and 3 Sack he’ll raising game by DE DeMarcus Ware versus OT Bell and the rest of this sucky Eagles O/Line
    McCoy will make some plays and Cowboys rookie CB Claiborne can be beaten on double moves, but will Vick have the time to throw deep.
    Cowboys 31-Eagles 16 to put this 2012 Season to rest

  5. Where are the Riley Cooper haters at now!!!!????

  6. Nick foles is our qb.. good luck bro. So far your line is killing you and your wr’s have them bounce off your heads… ive seen this before.. oh.. and your d just gave up a bunch of yards.

  7. ….. and your coach still sucks at play calling.

  8. And your wr^s are afraid of the hit. Come on eagles… lets go… your d did something.

  9. Amazing what happens when you run the ball.. amd your line holds…. great job nick. Lets keep it rolling.

  10. 1st and goal from the 1? Nope!! 3rd and forever cause of the line. … and what…another timeout? On 4th just before a fg? Good job bobby april.

  11. Look at the composure of this kid in the pocket. I’m going to drink the kool-aid!
    If, and its a big if, but if this kid looks like the truth, Andy could keep his job.

  12. He looks good. Love it. Now… lets hope this d holds up

  13. If not for Alligator arms Maclin and the penalty machine Dinlap we’d be watching one of the best rookie debuts in Birds history

    btw….I really really really find it weird that he’s only been sacked 1x

  14. whatever happens….I’m excited…..suddenly we might have a qb

  15. So what your saying vinnie is the line and the wr are not playing well. Dont forget drc… had he not blown this. So… the d and line and wr are not helping the qb? Is that what u are saying?

  16. But vinnie… who cares about all of that… it “begins and ends withb the qb”. Pay no attention to any of that… the good ones will make them” all better”.

  17. Thank god for that call…

  18. Bobby april should be fired today.

  19. Wheres vinnie? Nice pass right? Thats ALL on foles. Its behind him.

    I would love to hear your spin here.

    Dont get this twisted… im rooting for foles and the birds and all of it BUT…. this is what happens when tour team is not good. Doesnt thins look alot likebwhen vick was in? Should i do what you do? … foles SHOULD have 2 pickss.

  20. alligator arms Jackson, Foles is getting the ball out quick

  21. 3 man rush on 3rd and 24 and they get to him. Y? Did he hold it long? Nope… hit him at 3secs. He got it off though.

  22. Really berks? Really? Keep it real…. it was behind him.

  23. but catchable, not a in the dirt vick or mcnabb throw

  24. Im in foles corner. I PRAY hes what we need but im not so stupid as to think he will make this oline… this dline…. this special teams… this head coach… better. This TEAM blows. Sure….. a guy like brady would make thwm look better but lets be real here…. this team is not good.

  25. Berks… just stop. You said jackson is allegator arming it… give me a break. Be real people….be real.

  26. Ive seen bettwr catches today from this wr core than i have all year… cooper in the endzkne for vick? Macklin with the one arm? Whatever that catch was right there.

  27. Good bye andy reid. Good bye small “high energy guys” , good bye timeouts on 4th down before kicking a field goal. Good bye pass pass pass… good bye 3 dc^s that have never been dc^s. Good bye… marty m. Good bye “tweeners” and good bye no full backs.

  28. Great oline…. i see what you mean vinnie…. he makes the oline so much better. Saftey.

  29. What weve learned today….. it does not “begin and end with the qb” as vinnie says. It begins with the lines. Not sure anyone with half a brain can disagree… not only is it about the lines…. it helps to have good coaches…. good special teams and good play calling. It doesnt hurt to run the ball… we did that well today… it doesnt hurt to stop hitting guys in the face (im sure that was vick or mcnabbs fault) and in the end… doesnt hurt to make a play.

    This year is done girls. Times yours.

  30. Bad special teams and bad o-line. Despite the bad bounces the eagles had some fight in them today. Unfortunately, that is progress for this team! When things are going bad for the eagles, Vicks body language looks terrible and that is contagious. Eagles would have folded had Vick been in there with the same circumstances. I look forward to next year and seeing what foles can do with a healthy o line and commitment to the run game!

  31. Akers missed the game winner!

  32. The putrid carcass of a football team reeked today.

    The bums Reid, Morneigwig & April should be dismissed immediately.

    The bum Vick quit, along with his buddies.

    Foles played well, but was called on to pass 90% pf the time by the moron Reid, trailing by only 3 points.

    The abysmal Avant & Maclin also quit.

    Reid a complete BS artist.

    Hacks Merrill Reese & Mike Quick also stunk in their commentary.

    Defense are pussies.

  33. No… this is all vicks fault… right vinnie? Where r you?

  34. And like I’ve been saying all year. It’s the line Stupid.

    QB doesn’t matter.

  35. O-line badly coached & stinks…

    However, no concussion: Vick quit.

  36. Yup. Right on johnson. Simple but true.

  37. What friggin coach is gonna come here and have Napolean Dynamite Foles as there starting QB. lmao. Foles stinks. Bobby Hoying, Kevin Kolb anyone? Hey Bill Cowher dont worry your playing Eli Manning, RGIII and Tony Romo. By the way were gonna shove Napolean Dynamite Foles down your throat. Who the hell wants him as your franchise QB. good grief.

  38. Dont give me that… “vick quit ” crap. He stood in there every week.

  39. The Foles Era has Started
    But there are many, many issues with Team all across the board
    I called for April’s firing last Season. The eagles played with more energy but I still get back that they are just a very good team any way you look at it
    In my opinion.. How many Pass Interference calls did the Cowboys have today..
    In today’s pass-happy NFL, you need some bigger, stronger WR’s
    And a deep, athletic threat at TE which the Eagles don’t have as a receiving Corp
    Still saw too many missed tackles, would be sacks missed and spotty coverage downfield
    Special Teams play are among the worst in the NFL in my opinion
    Missed x-point. Poor on-sides attempt by the 4th Rd draft pick 2 years ago in Alex Henery (why waste a top 125th pick in a draft on a kicker)

  40. The real shitter is that the Giants lost today also for this was the Eagkes last best chance to get back in the NFC East race but to be honest, they are just not a good Football Team and deserve to be where they are
    Which will be battling the Redskins for the basement of the NFC least divsion which gets overhyped every year it seems
    Only the Division Winner will make the Post-Season as it has been the last couple of seasons
    TB Bucs are hot, Saints are hot also along with the Bears, Packers,49ers, Falcons, the Eagles are not even in the same mClass as these Teams

  41. Paulman what do you mean the Nick Foles era has begun. Who is evaluating Nick Foles you, Vinnie, Andy Reid? None of your opinions count. I would think the next coach coming in will want THIER guy. Who the hell is gonna force Nick Foles down thier throat? What if the next coach isnt high on Foles, never has been? If Im the next coach I may say I will fix this oline and defense, run the ball and I can protect Mike Vick. I want to win now and I believe its with Vick not Foles.

  42. Did I, or did I not, just see a rook go

    22 of 32 (68%) for 219 1 and 1

    Luck 23 of 45 (51%) for 309 1 and 1
    RGIII 19 of 26 for 320 2 and 0 (against pathetic saints)
    Wilson 18 of 34 (53%) for 153 1 and 1
    Tannehill 20 of 36 (55%) for 219 0 and 3


    seems this as the 2nd best QB rookie debut of the year.

    I’m ecited……

    though what I really find weird is how Foles got sacked 2x in 32 pass atts….that’s weird….

  43. vinnie.. and how much of that was against prevent D at the end? come on man…. ill give it to foles.. he looked good but… he did nothing more or less than vick.

    Vick had a 127.1 qb rating.. no sacks.. no INt’s

    who cares? whats your point?

  44. My point is that Vick will be realeased at the end of the year, so it was good to see a nice rookie debut today.

    I hope to see Foles playing well over the next 6 weeks.

  45. Nick Foles had 2 turnovers for tds and a 3rd int called back because of penalty. What game were you

  46. Says who? Reid? Did he say it? We know nothing…. u know less. And dont sugar coat this… u said thia line would be better…. this team would be better with foles under center.

  47. Every news cast and station said Foles was ok at best. Vinnie is the only person in america that said he had a good debut.

  48. Watching the Bears game right now…. 2 great D’s but… its amazing how much time these guys have to throw the ball. Just watch for a min and notice… its really amazing. Neither of our QB’s has this kinda time.

    • You are right, there was time. But I noticed how many times Cutler threw into coverage. I think that guy is overrated. Against any good team the Bears are going down.

  49. it was his first game you stupid vickpologist loving dork.

    “OK” is f-ing GREAT in this situation.

    Guy was damn good for a first ever appearence. Led the Birds to 16 pts in 2.4 quarters…….better than they’ve been doing over the last season and a half under Vick.

    Did ssome good things
    Did some stupid things

    Expected of a rookie.

    Ask yourself….compared to Vick…what did you see?

    Less “pressure
    less hits
    higher comp %
    higher pts/game avg
    same turnover avg

    This in his first ever game.

    He puts up better #s then your hero daggolden.

    I’m in.

    • He sucks. Team lost he cost us the game with his pick 6 and his fumble for td.

      • You are a moron. The fact that you look at Foles as the reason they lost this game shows how little you truly know about the game. Let’s start with Fat boy and the fact that he had his ROOKIE qb throw 32 TIMES when any coach knows to ease your ROOKIE qb into his FIRST GAME you RUN the ball. Let’s talk about special teams giving up a TD. Let’s talk about an INT that deflected off of TWO people. THere is a coach in SF who doesn’t let his SEASONED QB cost him games and you are blaming a rookie. Blame the coach. You are a moron.

  50. its also sad to see 2 teams built to smash on D. Man i wish we had coaches and a style like this.

  51. and i bet if we booed our player while he was getting up off the ground and getting med help…. it would be all over the news. Hey babbin….. what did they say today?

  52. No vinnie….. thats not the point. “ok” is not ok. This team was in it all the way till today. You said they would be better with Vick on the bench and they were not… THATS the point. You have made it clear over and over that this TEAM is not to blame but that Vick is to blame. They changed the QB and NOTHING changed. THATS the point.

    I dont like Vick. I dont like him as a man. I dont like the drop back and let it roll…. swag…. crap. BUT…. thats what he was brought in to do. Thats what this O is built to do. And he has not thrown his team under a bus… or “quit” on this team either. He is doing what he can and bottom line….. this TEAM is not good enough.
    U backed yourself in the corner. U wanted the rook… not to see what he can you claim now. But because you felt he was the best QB we have… the guy who would take us over the top…NOW.

  53. fitting…. i call you out on all the silly points you try to make and… you change your motives… i call you out on your motives and you name call.

    You sir are predictable and simple.

    • Firstly, It was late and you’re obstinate.

      Secondly, I never once said any of the things you said I did.

      Thirdly, the team did improve yesterday under Foles, (if you didn’t see that I can’t help you) though I will highlight the improvements for you later today when I have a couple mins.

      • How? How did they improve?

        Did he make the Oline look better? Vick was not sacked last night. Was foles?

        Vick had no int’s last night. Did Foles?

        How did he make them look better?

        Listen, dont get it twisted… I pray Foles is AMAZING… i want him to lead this team to 27 str SB’s. I was praying he led them to a win last night.

        My ONLY point against you for these last 2 years or whatever is that THIS TEAM SUCKS AND THERE IS PLENTY OF BLAME TO GO ROUND.

  54. Vinnie is right.Foles played well and the some of the mistakes he made like staring down Havili I saw Vick do as an 11 year vet against Cleveland.The swing pass he threw that go picked was called back was a play where he assumed he looked off the linebacker a play that is very correctable.The pick six to Desean is a play that a top reciever makes and thats one of the big problems on this team.They cant come up with big plays consistently.The sack in the endzone was meaningless,the game was over.I see something in this QB can’t wait to see him again!

  55. i have to do a better job

  56. Have anyone noticed that the media is not blaming Foles for turnovers but would have blasted Vick if he would have did the same as Foles?


    More proof the issues is with coaching nd this pathetic offensive line, along with a soft defense.

    No QB could survive in this system under Reid…not one

  57. Songs- I expect rookies to play like Foles did tonight.. Especially coming off the bench after not playing ball in almost 3 months.

    I expect a 11 year Veteran to be sharp. The facts are that regardless of what Foles is will be or is not and will not be. It was far more interesting to watch something new. We have seen the vick show and it’s average over the course of his whole career.

    Foles played like a rookie. So did vick early this year. One is and one should be helping his head coach get out of town. (Well maybe he has)

    • Not the point. The point is not about WHO is qb. Its not about Foles doing a great job or a bad job. The point is that QB is not the BIG problem on this team.

  58. Who Here ever said that over the past 3 years Coaching was not the primary problem?

    Almost everyone agrees with the fact that the coach should have been gone in 2006.

    14th year of a 5 year plan. YUCK

    • Vinnie. Vinnie says it starts and ends with the QB.

      Vinnie says that Montana and a butt load of other guys could play behind this system and this oline and win under coach Reid.

  59. I see 1win over the Redskins and Panthers and that’s about it to
    Finish 5-11 which should place the Eagles for a 5th-8th Pick
    In 2013 Draft and the entire Coaching Staff fired
    Vick gone, Avant gone, Dion Lewis, D Bell, Babin. C Jenkins, Asmo
    All released or possibly traded if there any takers out there for these chumps
    Play CB Boynkin on the outside where he belongs
    Play Hughes as Slot CB, convert Marsh to Safety
    Play Kendrick’s at WILl and move Fletcher Cox to DE
    Then draft a Safety, SAM LB, and DT and another CB

  60. Paulman… im basically with you on all of this. Bull blown rebuild time baby.

  61. what happened to the schill & Navy?

    Paid, Eagles PR internet schills.

  62. I think they went on a Cruise..

  63. Right Now the Eagles would be looking at a 5th thru 8th Selection in the Draft

    #1) Jaguars (1-8)
    #2) KC Chiefs (1-7)
    #3) Panthers (2-7)
    #4) Browns (2-7)
    #5 thru #9 (Eagles,Redskins,Raiders,Jets,Bills are all 3-6)
    #10) SL Rams (3-5-1)

    Paulman’s 1st Mock Draft of the Top 10 Draft PIcks in the 2013 Draft

    1st Overall Pick – Jaguars – DT Star Lutuleile (Utah 6-3 320lbs)
    2nd Pick – KC Chiefs – QB Geno Smith (West Virginia 6-3 220lbs)
    3rd Pick – Panthers – CB Dee Milliner (Alabama 6-1 200lbs)
    4th Pick – Browns – OLB Jarvis Jones (Georgia 6-2 245lbs)
    5th Pick – EAGLES – OT Luke Joeckel (Texas A&M 6-6 310lbs)
    6th Pick – Redksins – MLB Manti Te’o (Notre Dame 6-2 255lbs)
    7th Pick – Raiders – QB Matt Barkley (USC 6-2 230lbs)
    8th Pick – Bills – OT Taylor Lewan (Michigan 6-7 310lbs)
    9th Pick – NY JEts – DT Jonathon Hankins (Ohio State 6-3 320lbs)
    10th Pick – SL Rams – OT Jake Matthews (Texas A&M 6-5 305lbs)

    That’s How I see it as of November …

  64. ill take that Pman….

    We would get our LT back too.

  65. I would take either OT from Texas A & M and have them Start Day 1 at RT
    J Peters returns back at LT, then Maths at LG, Center Kelce returns, move Herremans to RG and play 1st Draft Pick at RT..
    Then you have Watkins,Reynolds,Vallos, Vandervelde as back-ups and still need an OT for Depth to groom.
    I would release Dunlap.Bell immediately after the Season is over
    (actually D Bell would have neve made my 53 Man Roster to begin with as he’s been clueless from his 1st day at Eagles Camp and has gotten progressively worse since )

  66. I would attempt to sign one of the FA tackles: Clady, Vollmer, Long or Bushrod. Agree on moving Herremans back to G and then drafting an impact player at another spot.

  67. I can’t see any of the Top OT’s in Free-Agency not being re-signed by their Current Teams..
    You have Franchise QB’s for the Broncos,Pats,Brees, and even the Dplphins Future with up and comer Tannehill at a Premium position that’s hard to fill..
    I see all the Players above being resigned by their Current Teams

  68. I can dream can’t I? If not, then yes take the best Tackle available with the 1st pick.

  69. Top 10 OT’s in the 2013 Draft as of Today

    #1) L Joeckel (Texas A&M – 6-6 310lbs- Starting LT from Day 1- Top #5 Pick)
    #2) T Lewan (Michigan – 6-7 310 lbs- Top 10 Pick in Draft )
    #3) J Matthews (Texas A&M 6-5 305lbs – Top Half of 1st Round)
    #4) E Fisher (Central Mich 6-7 305lbs – late 1st Rd)
    #5) B Williams (UNC 6-7 315lbs -early 2nd Rd)
    #6) D Thomas (Tenn 6-5 310lbs- mid 2nd Rd)
    #7) O Aboushi (Virginia 6-6 310lbs – mid 2nd Rd)
    #8) DJ FLuker (Alabama 6-6 335lbs- mid/late 2nd Rd)
    #9) L Johnson (Oklahoma 6-6 303lbs – late 2nd Rd)
    #10) J Pugh (Syracuse – 6-5 300lbs – early 3rd Rd)

    Lots of Good Tackle Prospects in the 2013 Draft..

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