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Reid: Vick Sustained A “Pretty Significant Concussion”

At his Monday news conference Eagles head coach Andy Reid said the concussion which Michael Vick suffered during yesterday’s Dallas game was a “pretty significant concussion”.  He didn’t say that Vick was going to miss the upcoming Redskins game, but the quarterback will have to pass a number of tests and examination by a league-appointed neurologist before he steps back on the football field.

After the game Reid said Vick was “foggy” about what happened during the game.  Right now the quarterback is resting at home.  Birds heat trainer Rick Burkholder is keeping an eye on Vick via the telephone.

I have titled the Eagles Dallas game plan the “let’s get Michael Vick hurt” plan.  How do you explain why the Birds are running sweeps out of empty backfields and quarterback draws up the middle?

This was bound to happen.  I’ve never seen a quarterback take as much pounding as Vick has endured in half a season.

It looks like rookie quarterback Nick Foles will be getting his first start on Sunday against the Redskins.  Reid said Foles will be taking the snaps at practice this week as the Birds number one quarterback, until and if Vick returns.  The head coach made it a point to identify Vick as the team’s number one quarterback. on Facebook

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8 Comments for “Reid: Vick Sustained A “Pretty Significant Concussion””

  1. A significant concussive injury…..translation..Jeffrey called me and wants to see the kid…and who can argue ,that he deserves a shot .the wheels have completely come off ,special teams are playing without any discipline,king Dunlap is a monarchy in shambles …we pass ,pass ,pass ,when we have a rookie qb who had no reps with the ones,a wide receiver (avant) out,and still we show no desire to run,when shady averages 9 yds per carry in the second half.Im blue in the face for years as is the fan base ….enough of marty…he sucked in Detroit for gods sake….our owner needs to come front and center and address his fan base ,or forever ,understand we can’t wait for the state of the eagles address ,while we have spiraled into a five game losing descent into last place .jeffrey your a media guy by trade .speak to us .please.

  2. Desert- He couldn’t say anything that would be helpful at this point.

  3. The Eagles just signed a veteran Guard today that has 120+ starts in the NFL and a superbowl and has a hx with Howard Mudd. What!!

    Why not bring him in in training camp when you knew that some of these guys would not cut the mustard.

  4. Regal. He could do a donald trump impression. YOU’RE FIRED…couldn’t agree more with your point ,which endorses big reds firing,nothing the organization does or doesn’t do ,makes any sense …

  5. Eagles signed Jake Scott who I wanted them to pursue in the Off-Season
    He played for the Colts for a few Seasons, had success and signed a big Free-Agent Deal with the Titans and played ok with them though the Titans run a different stystem as RB C Johnson had a lot of success a couple years back
    I was surprised to see no one pick-up during this past off-season.. Not sure if he proced himself out of the market or had any recent injuries, now waht kind of shape he’s in and can he actually contribute this Year remains to be seen.. I do think this sends a message also that Danny Watkins has some issues going on whether it be physical or mental or a little of both for he has seemed to fallen out of favor with OL Coach Mudd and the Team and now there’s word that he may not play the remainder of the Season, I believe something else is going on with him to prevent him from playing..

  6. Tennesee ran the wide 9.
    Detroit runs the wide 9.

    How many teams have won the superbowl running the wide 9 defense?

    Another innovative bombshell from andy reid. I won’t run on offense and I’ll run a defense that and decent running team can run on.

    Jeffrey Loser should fire andy reid today and let the new coach use the rest of the season to evaluate talent and get ready for next year.

    This should be the Eagles next head coach…

    With an extensive coaching background that spans more than two decades, Vic Fangio is in his second season as defensive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers.

    In 2011, Fangio led a 49ers defensive unit that ranked first in the NFL against the run (77.3 yards per game), tied for first with 38 takeaways and second in points allowed (14.3 points per game). The defense did not allow a rushing touchdown through the first 14 games of the season, setting a new NFL record. The unit allowed just three rushing touchdowns all season, which is the lowest total allowed since the NFL went to a 16-game schedule in 1978. The 49ers defense also led the NFC in points allowed (14.3), yards allowed per game (325.9), opposing quarterback rating (73.6), first downs allowed (267) and ranked second in red zone defense (41.2 pct.).

  7. Can’t hire an active coach until his season is over so firing now gives no benefit of ‘allowing the coach to use this year to evaluate for next’.
    sorry there are rules out there. all you wanna be GM’s tend to ignore them!

  8. There will be no Coaching Staff Decisions until after the Season,
    It’s way too late for that now.. If Coach AR and GM Roseman were truly on the Same PAge and by direction of Owner Lurie, then we would see them playing many of the young players to get a good look, but the reality is that Coach Ar and GM Roseman are probablyclinging to their JObs (as is the entire Coaching Staff) so therefore they will be covering their own butts and coaching/playing the players who they think gives them the best chance to win a Meaningless Football game at this point of the Season, but it’s waht happens when Coaches are on the Hot Seat, they are not worry about what the young players Future may be, they are Coaching to finish strong to save somedignity nad respect and are Coaching for their next Jobs…
    Eagles finish 5-11 or maybe 6-10 with Victories over the Redskins, Panthers and possibly over the Bengals on a short week at Home on a Thursday night game..

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