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The Nick Foles Debut Was Some Good Some Bad

I think Nick Foles is going to be the Eagles starting quarterback this Sunday against the Washington Redskins because Michael Vick didn’t seem very steady after the game as he walked out of Lincoln Financial Field.  He sustained a concussion and in all likelihood he will miss next week’s game.  After that we’ll have to wait and see.

As for the rookie’s play against the Cowboys, I thought Foles did a decent job of taking over as the Birds quarterback in their loss to the Dallas Cowboys.  He made some good decisions and he made some poor decisions but I think Foles showed that over time he might be able to become a very good NFL quarterback.

Does that mean he’s going to be able to lead the Birds to the playoffs this year or next year or the year after that?  There’s certainty of that and of how good he could become, but you do see some of the ingredients needed to be a NFL quarterback.

Foles was 22 out of 32 for 219 yards with one touchdown and one interception.  For a seasoned quarterback this was a spotty and shakey performance at best, but for a rookie who was snatched off the bench at the last minute, Foles did a decent job.

The touchdown throw to Jeremy Maclin showed one of Foles’ strengths.  In the same way that Tony Romo is able to buy time and keep his eyes downfield, Foles will buy time for his receivers and keep his eyes downfield.  That gives him the chance to find a receiver who comes open late in the route.

We saw this ability in Foles during the preseason.  On the first touchdown of his career, the youngster rolled to his right after the pocket became congested.  Maclin, who had lined up in the slot on the left side, was turned completely loose by the Dallas secondary and Foles lofted a pass which could have had more zip on it.  The ball arrived just in time for a 44-yard Eagles touchdown.

The young quarterback is able to throw on the run with great accuracy.  I thought his best throw of the game was a pass to fellow rookie Demaris Johnson.  Foles hit him with a dart of a throw, which would have put the Birds on the one or two yard line, if not for one of the many penalties against Birds right tackle, King Dunlap.

I think Foles’ biggest strength is that he has a clear understanding of the NFL passing game and the coverages at an early age.  In his first game, Andy Reid made it a point to mention Foles had made some very good checks at the line of scrimmage yesterday.  In the future, he has the potential to be able to run the no-huddle offense.

Foles must acknowledge his limitations.  On the play which he was hit by Antony Spencer and DeMarcus Ware and separated from the football, he must learn to throw that ball away.  He’s not going to be running away from the defensive linemen in the NFL.

These guys are big and tall, but they are also very quick and able to run very fast.   Foles is a good athlete, but he’s not an elite athlete who has the speed and quickness to run away from and elude these monsters who rush the quarterbacks in the NFL.

The young quarterback also threw a quick screen to Spencer who picked it off, but it negated by a holding call on Morris Claiborne.  The Eagles signal caller has to look that way before he makes that throw.

Foles seems to have a very good pocket awareness, but he must respect and acknowledge his limitations.  If he’s not sure where the defenders are, then he must consider throwing the ball away or getting on the ground.

The rookie quarterback also needs to put more zip on the football when he’s attempting a throw of a decent length.  He hung an out route to the Cowboys sideline, which could have been picked off and run back to the house.  His worst throw was an infield pop-up which was caught by Maclin in the middle of the field.  This was a horrible decision and again, it could have been picked off and run back to the house.

Foles will be able to prepare much better with a week of practice if he starts against the Redskins.  He’ll know what to expect and Washington doesn’t have much of a pass rush with both of their top pass rushers sidelined for the season.  I think it will be a great situation for him, if he gets the start. on Facebook

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183 Comments for “The Nick Foles Debut Was Some Good Some Bad”

  1. I though Foles had a very strong debut. Was he polished as a Vet? Of course not. He made mistakes. He was lucky. He was unlucky. He was not helped by WRs who alligatored passes (Maclin), and he did not help himself staring down a couple of short passes that were jumped by Dallas DBs.

    The most important thing Foles did yesterday was absolutely demolish several of the Vick myths that our out there. (I’ll post on this in a bit)

    But first….

    lets put the Foles debut in context. Over the past 2 seasons there has been amahjor influx of new QBs to the NFL. How did the Foles debut compare to theirs. Extremely favourably.

    Debuts….I’ve ranked them from best to worst…..

    RGIII 19 of 26 (73%)for 320 2td 0ints….win
    Newton 24 of 37 (65%) for 422 2 tds and 1int…loss
    Foles 22 of 32 (69%) for 217 1td 1int….loss

    Then there’s a big drop off in effectiveness…

    Luck 23 of 45 (51%) FOR 309 1 td 3 int…loss
    Tannehill 20 of 36 (56%) for 219 0td 3 ints….loss
    Wheedon 12 of 35 (34%) for 118 0td 4 ints….loss
    Ponder 9 of 17 (53%) for 99 0td 0int…loss
    Dalton 10 of 15 (67%) for 81 yrds 0td 0int…loss

    and of course…

    Vick 0 of 4 (0%) for 0 yards 0td 0int (I had to!)

    So….what was the expectation? FOr a rookie Debut, Foles did extremely well when compared to his peers. And again, what was most impressive is that he dispelled many of the myths that have sprung up around this team/offence/vick in recent weeks.

  2. And here are the myths that were exposed yeasterday

    Myth 1: “Vick sucks because the oline is terrible.”


    Vick sucks because Vick sucks. Today a rookie QB, behind the same line, with no NFL experience, and who did not practice once with the 1s all week, came in and threw for 10% higher comp% than Vick’s average. The exact same yrds/compl. He orchestrated 17 points in 2.5 quarters (that’s a pace of 27/game…something we’ve seen only 1x over the past 16 games with Vick)
    Again, here’s a rook who comes in and suddenly completes passes at a higher %, for the same yrd average, (was on pace for 347 over whole game), more pts/game avg, and the same int% Vick has. A rook with equal or better numbers across the board. Looks good on Vick doesn’t it?

    2) The Oline is so terrible that only Vick can survive with his mobility. Even with his mobility Vick gets hit 38% of the time. Put Foles back there and its going to be a disaster.


    Vick was called to throw 12x yesterday. He was sacked or scrambled 3x. Or about 25% of the called passes. This is his career average. Foles was asked to throw the ball 34x and was sacked or scrambled 2x. Or about 6% of the called passes. That’s weird. Vick gets a throw off on 75% of his dropbacks (again, career average). Rookie Foles got off 94% of the throws called for.
    Vick has been sacked or scrambled 21% of his pass calls this year
    Foles sacked or scrambled on 6% of his. (samll sample – I expect it to rise to about 12%)

    Strange the sudden improvement in the oline eh? Not strange to me.

    Myth 3: Vick struggles because our bum ass WRs can’t get separation and are never open.


    Strange again. I saw a lot of wide open guys last night. In fact, the best moment was the ball bouncing off Avant’s head. Can’t really blame him though, he’s not used to a football being there the moment he makes a break. Usually has to finish a route and sit waiting for ball. A QB who throws his WRs open. Novel concept.

    Damn…can’t remember what myth 4 was again…probably something about playcalling being the reason Vick sucks.

    To recap:
    Oline improved
    Comp % improved
    pass yrds improved
    pts/game improved
    int % remained the same
    yrds/compl remained the same

    Small sample I know, but I saw enough promise that this new experiment should continue.

    • Vinnie…Vick was playing well behind that Line last night. What are you talking about?

      HOW did the oline improve from when Vick was there to Foles?

      What the snot are you looking at?

      I dont care about Mike Vick…. noone on here does….. but what game did you watch? Foles turned the ball over 2 or 3 times and was sacked…. how was this improvement? Because he faced prevent D at the end and completed passes underneath?

  3. Truth be told yesterday was the first Eagles football game I can remember since I started watching football where I said to myself I am not watching this game period. I cant stomach the QB, the coaching, the defense, the time management mostly can’t stomach the Eagles right now.

    So instead I tried to impress my 9 month pregnant wife and cleaned our house top to bottom. Then out of the corner of my eye I see Foles under center and said to myself FUCK now I have to watch.

    I got dialed into the Eagles and was rooting, started drinking, went over to my neighbors to watch with them.

    Then I see some good competitive football, then I see Desean quit on a route, Maclin quit on a route and poof all momentum gone. Then off course the Desean drop/bobble that leads to a pick.

    So in the end Foles injected some life into me as a fan and all the things I hated about our teams current state went away for a little while. BUT after seeing these receivers and seeing Reid not try to help foles by pounding McCoy, I come away even more pissed at the coaches and now I absolutely can stomach these pansy ass wideouts in Maclin and Desean, they literally make me sick.

    The thing that pisses me off most is I know this idiot Reid is gonna start Vick next week.

  4. Good to see the rook get in there…. i wont go comparing him.. but glad to see he didnt get killed.

  5. Vinnie Vick blows and has for a long time good read on your post though. I feel bad for the Eagles nation that defends Vick because he truly is garbage and the only thing he could do under center for our team and city is lose, make excuses, turn the ball over, turn his back to the line of scrimmage, take sacks, take 3+ seconds to throw the ball.

  6. Foles looked goofy and unsteady mentally… He has the body type of Trent Dilfer and unless he develops his body more which is extremely difficult that will be his max potential.

    I still want Foles to start this week the season is over and Vick has took enough of a beating..

  7. mhenski…. congrats on the baby…. first kid?

    Dont worry about this team… its almost over. Andy will be gone soon and we can rebuild… it will be good to see a real DC out there. It will be good to see an Oline with beef.

  8. yea first Stevo. Any day now

  9. No one on the planet can truly say if Foles is a NFL quality starting Qb. The point is we need to find out before the draft and NFL season is over. Plain and simple…you play the rookie the rest of the way. If u think otherwise, You clearly are not a fan of the Eagles and are just a fan of Vick who will be lucky to have a starting gig next year.

    There is some hope guys. The NFL is not the NBA. You can rebuild fast if your making the right decisions. (firing Reid and his overpaid/overrated staff first would be a start)…

    There is ridiculous safety talent in this years draft. We can fix our problem there.
    There will be some quality OLineman out there in FA. IF you sign one of them and get back Peters, Kelce, Herremans we can fix a problem there.
    Trade Maclin for Bowe…or just try to sign Bowe and let MAclin move on. You get your big possession receiver there that would compliment Djax perfectly.
    We will have a top 10 draft pick, maybe even top 5. Draft a stud on defense there either at CB or LB. (ND linebacker would be perfect, he is a pure leader and tough football player that would fit great with Ryans, and Kendricks)
    But my point is you can fix a team fast in the NFL. SUre the fixing should have started years ago when most of us started to call for Reid’s firing. But it is what it is now…

  10. Congrats bro. It will change you forever,

  11. They only hope for the eagles is too sign the best offensive line free agents and draft the best offensive lineman available .. and keep vick.. and we need a monster wide receiver … We cant have a Foles starting with an already young team .. Its just disasterous

  12. larrwd…. Im kinda with you on that. Im not saying keep Vick but i want to see what the new coach thinks before we blow this thing up. Who knows what a new coach could do. If its gruden…. he has said on record that this Oline is the problem, not vick. If he came in…. let the 2 qb’s battle it out in camp.

  13. I also like gruden.. and i like what he did with gannon

    The eagles wanted to draft Russell Wilson instead of Foles but seattle got him first . I also wanted Wilson.. GMcliff said russell wilson was a bum and wouldnt even make an NFL roster.. where u at GMcliff?

  14. The keeping Vick around for next year hope is moot.

    How can you possibly believe the Eagles’ will be bringing him back at $16million? Would you want Hasselback, Bradford, Palmer, Fitzpatrick, Flacco, Gabbert, Newton or Sanchez here next year at $16 million?


    But those are the guys Vick comparess to this season. He’s finished. I don’t even think he’ll be starting in the NFL next year. maybe someone like Ariz or Oak will give him a shot.

    Second….Reid just got the perfect “out” by announcing its a “significant” concussion. So that’s at least 2 weeks. Assuming 2 more losses (and I think that should be expected at this point)…are they going to bring Vick back in at 3-8 for the last few games? Why exactly would they do that?


    If you didn’t see how the Oline was better once Foles came in you are blind. No more ducking and twisting. Spinning and scrambling that you guys seem to equate with poor line play. In pocket. COntrolled movemennts. Sidestepping. Was nice.

    And no matter what you say…

    Vick was called to pass 12x and he got off 9 throws. 75% of the time. This is his career average. Same in Atl. Same in Philly. (though this year he’s actually improved a bit and its at 79%

    Foles was asked to throw 34x and he got off 96% of his throws. This is a significant increase….the line may have been the same, but the new QB (and a rook!) Instantly made them better.

    And finally and most importantly…wasn’t that the first time in over a year you were actually excited about an Eagles’ game? I don’t know if Foles will turn out or not…but at least its fun moving forward with at least a glimpse of hope for the future.

  15. I would cut the chord with Vick,Asmo,Babin,C Jenkins at the minimum and probably Avant, D Lewis, J Chaney,Matthews as well..
    I think the “Loser’ Mentality and lack of Accountability and to be honest,
    the Locker Room Culture, Arrogance, “Can’t stop us BS” has to change and yes it starts with Coach AR but there are some players (some who I listed above) who also need to go to clean house of this “loser” mentality that has been increasing on this Team oevr the last couple of Seasons

  16. 3 touchdowns and a pick 6 in 2 minutes and 35 seconds .. and almost 2 pick sixes for a quarterback who had interception problems in college is not instantly better.

  17. Vinnie… im done with you. Over and over again I have shown you your comments and how they are False. There is no changing you…. you hate, therefore you live.

    To the rest of the room- I say we let the new coach decide what is what. There are clearly guys that just get shown the door… Bell. And then there are bigger investments that need looking at…. NNamdi, Vick, Babbin. These guys are gone IMO BUT…. i would let the new coach figure it all out.

    • You love to change the topic the moment it suits you eh Stevo?

      “The oline is horrible!!” you preach. “That’s the number one issue!!”

      I say the oline will be better the moment Vick leaves.

      Vick leaves.

      The oline is better.

      Foles doesn’t get sacked till 5 mins to go in the 4th Q. They allow him to put up numbers comparable or better than any other rookie debut over the past 2 years. He puts up numbers better than Vick.

      “You Hate!” Yells Stevo!

      • How did they get better? Foles got sacked.. was hurried.. freaked and tossed a pic.. almost 2. Thdy signed a guy today that will start…what game did u watch?

  18. Here are his stats from college:

    2009 = 19tds/9Ints
    2010 = 20tds/10Ints
    2011 = 28tds/14 Ints.

    That is 2-1 which is pretty good. And last season, if you watched any of the PAC 12 games, he had no offensive line so he had to throw non-stop (4300 yards on almost 600 attempts. I am not saying he was great yesterday, but let’s keep to the facts.

  19. Stevo

    if our new coach thinks it is wise to keep vick and nnamdi around we are fucked.

  20. Eagles RCB Nnamdi Asomugha has a $15 million base salary in 2013, $4 million of which is guaranteed.
    Perhaps most importantly, there would be no cap penalty to release Asomugha aside from the $4 million in 2013 because he did not receive a signing bonus. So there is zero bonus proration. Jeff McLane of the Philly Inquirer suggested late Sunday that the odds of Asomugha returning to the Eagles in 2013 are “slim,” barring a dramatic pay cut. He will get the $4 million regardless.

  21. @ bugsyhawk 2 to 1 is not good anymore in college maybe in the 80s

    andrew luck 37 10 almost 4 to 1
    robert griffith 37 6 over 6 to 1
    russell wilson 33 4 over 8 to 1
    brandon weeden 37 13 3 to 1

  22. Foles debut:

    22 of 32 (69%) for 217 1 td 1 int

    Brady debut 13 of 23 (57%) for 165 otd oint

    Brees Debut 15 of 27 (56%) for 221 1td 0int

    Mannin I debut 21 of 37 (63%) for 302 1td 3 int

    Manning II debut 17 of 37 (46%) for 162 1td 2 ints

    Rodgers dedut(s)
    Year 1 8 of 15 (53%) for 65 0td 0int
    Year 3 18 of 26 (69%) for 201 1td 0Ints

    Foles handled himself pretty damn well when compared to his rookie peers….and this behind “THE WORST OFFERNSIVE LINE IN THE HISTORY OF THE KNOWN UNIVERSE!!!” (or so I’ve been told 8.3 billion times) The same oline that hasn’t allowed Vick to be all that he can be this season.

    Seemed to allow Foles enough time to have a rookie debut better than a lot of other guys.

    Does this mean Foles will be a pro-bowler? Of course not. But it was a very nice debut.

    And Steve, you still haven’t explained how Mike Vick has a career average of 75% when it comes to throwing when he’s told to throw and yet here comes a raw rook who, behind the same oline, can somehow manage to get off 94’% of his throws?

    • Im not a mike vick guy… ive said this over and over… my beef is with andy and the oline. You were ready to praise kolb…. now foles. Alk im saying is… slow down.

  23. And Arizona had the line, WRs, and RBs that those guys had? Nope not even close. Dude was running for his life every week. He was on a horrendous team that gave up 35 points per week. If you want to discount it fine, but I won’t.

  24. College Play means nothing now,
    Debuts versus other QB in the NFL mean nothing either..
    Let’s give the kid the rest of the Season and see how he does and we will get a better sample than the 3 Years the Kolb was in PHilly..
    I liked this kid, I like his Football IQ, his mental Toughness and his steady approach to leanring and working hard to improve his game..
    Remember, It was Paulman who had Foles on the Eagles Radar back last Decemeber when some of us were starting to focus on the Draft and Eagles Needs,etc,etc,. I stated then as I do know, he reminds me a lot of a young Big Ben of the Steelers, has deceptive lateral movement and is a stronger guy that he appears and is hard to get down who has an NFL Arm… In fact, I will state for the record that FOles mechanically is a little more advanced then when Big Ben came out of College ..
    Let’s see what he can do for we all know what Vick does or does not bring to the Table and the reality is, that Vick, is a .500 QB up for making great exciting plays, only to turn around and make bonehead plays so there is no sense in moving forward with Vick..

  25. @ Paulman I have a question for you and Vinnie. First thing is what percentage of top 10 picks at QB do you think make it? 30% at best? Im just guessing. The Lucks, RGIII,, Stafford, Eli and Bradfords were very high picks. Franchise QBs. Then it drops off significantly after a top 5 pickthe Ponders the Tannehills and the Blain Gabberts of the world. All high picks but not top 5s. Now we are going all the way to the 3rd round and your telling me we have a franchise QB from there. What do you think the odds are of finding a franchise QB in the 3rd round? I bet under 5%. It just doesnt happen. You may if your lucky find a game manager if the rest of the team is strong but thats about it. Tom Brady is a once in a lifetime pick. The overwhelming odds are that Foles is a bust.

  26. Bottom Line

    Foles starting Next week (even if he flat sucks..I doubt it) = Best news in 3 years. (only to be eclipsed by the ANDY YOU’RE FIRED moment)

    I am excited about the future of this team over the next 3 years now.

  27. @Vinnie hey I hope Foles is the real deal but stats are for losers remember we can play the if game like you always played with Vick. As in if the cowboys defenders could catch Foles would’ve had at least 4 picks. @mhenski congrats on the baby but dude calling out DJax for that pick 6 is ridiculous it was a bad pass period. Maclin bailed on his route because again a bad pass it was leading him into a kill shot. Sensabaugh was closer to the ball then he was. Any complaints on him catching that horrible across the body punt in the 4th quarter? At the end of the day a loss is a loss and the Birds are 3 and 6. I hope Foles goes out Sunday and lights the Redskins up this team needs a win

  28. Name me 1 frachise QB taken after 1st round besides Tom Brady? Romo?

  29. Joe Montana round 3, drew Brees round 2

    • Gannon round 4
      Brad Johnson round 9
      Brunell round 5
      Hasselback round 6
      Trent Green round 8
      Crystal Chandlier round 3
      Bulger round 6
      Rypien round 6
      Theisman round 4
      Bart Starr round 17
      Roger Staubach round 10

      Bulger round 6

  30. To Dagolden..
    I never aStated that Foles is a “Franchise QB”, all I stated is that he reminds me on when BIg Ben came out and is mechanically more sound and advanced then when came out of College.. Now the fact the Big Ben plays for one best Organizations and Teams years in and year out has probably help ascend his Status as an Elite QB and Big Ben has improved dramatcially as a QB over the last few Seasons from when he first came up and started playing..
    I also think Foles is more advanced than when Flacco,Sanchez,Tannehill,Ponder,Calussen and many other QB’s that were selected in Higher Rounds than he was…
    I think he will spread the ball out more and get it out of his hands quicker and into the hands of his playmakers, but time will tell for he will be playing this week versus the Redksins and we’ll see how he does
    (it can’t be worse than what Vick has done over his last 25 Starts or so)

  31. Paulman did call for the eagles to draft foles, as I remember immediately googling him after paulman’s post, paulman is as good at football personnel as any, although lousy at baseball, remember there will always be paulman , there will always be paulman…….

  32. Its ludicrous to see some of you actually want Vick to return next year. I mean common sense is that it easily wont happen. You just don’t pay guys top money when they are near the bottom at their position. Don’t even have to go into it…And in regard to the coach Mhenski summed it up perfectly.

    Dag, Well we can only go off what we know. We know Vick is a bust based on being a 1st overall pick. We know he is an old, injury prone, turnover machine, who happens to be short and can’t read a defense. This is probably why he hasn’t won even 1 playoff game in how fucking long now? So thats an easy NO to having him be our starting QB next year.
    NOw Foles is a complete unknown as of right now…If he turns out to be a bust like you have suggested purely on his draft position that Im with you when the offseason comes. If he looks terrible compared to what good rookies usually do then so be it. HE can be our backup. We draft someone new. Give me Geno Smith or Barkely…and lets go from there. Our draft pick will be pretty high and most of the teams comparable with our record or worst will not be looking for QBs since they just drafted some.

  33. O yea I would include Theismann, Staubach, Kurt Warner on that list…

    Flacco has been pretty good in his career so far up to this point. Had his team in the SB just last year. Not his fault Lee Evans couldn’t catch his perfect pass to win the game. Or that his kicker choked just as bad right after that.

    Russel Wilson also looks like he has a pretty good future in the league.

    So yea I think you can find NFL winning Qbs pretty much anywhere in the draft

  34. Oh ok so if you put great team around Foles he could manage a team and function. hmmmmm. Isnt that true for any QB. Vinny you didnt give me 1 FRANCHISE QB on your list. Plus you have named me about 10 QBs with a range of 30 years. In that span I could name you HUNDREDS of QB picks that were busts to your 10 gam

  35. Heres a list FOR YA 1 -1st ROUND- Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Phillip Rivers, Drew Brees, Aaron Rogers, Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, RGIII, Matt Ryan, Joe Flaaco, Jay Cutler, Sam Bradford, Matthew Stafford. Carson Palmer, Jay Culter, Ben Rothlisberger. You give me f*&Ing Rich Gannon, Trent Green, Matt Casselll hahahahahahahahhaha. Those are just the QBs playing THIS YEAR! Franchise QBs DONT come in 3rd round!

  36. To all you Vick lovers:

    Haul your butts down to the Nova Care Complex with your parting gifts because he will be elsewhere next year. I don’t care who coaches next year they will not improve Vick’s performance one bit. No coach coming in here who wants to build will keep him around. He is what he has always been. A mediocre QB who has never won a thing. He is an ESPN created star. So put on your Madden games and enjoy yourselves.

  37. You want to rebuild and it will take a few seasons. On defense you keep Cox,Ryans, Kendricks Boykins and Rodgers-Cromartie as your core. Every one else is expendable. On Offense, Shady, Celek, Peters, Kelce, Herremanns, Jackson, Bryce Brown, Foles(backup or starter depending on the rest of this year) everyone else is expendable.

  38. Vinnie you must be on PCP if you think any of the first 8 QBs on your list are “franchise” material. Most were good to average at best. None of those guys were ever great despite their super bowls. They are the very definition of Game Manager.
    On another note I like Foles potential. I do not think he played a great game but I liked his confidence and he definitely sees the field. Like Vick he was victimized by the line’s shitty play but I’m not mad at his debut he did some good things. Never thought I’d miss Winston Justice SMH.

  39. Another Philly made myth. I havent heard 1 fan say they wanted Vick to stay. Theres no Vick lovers. All it is with some fans is fair criticizm. Hes dumb, he cant read defenses, hes the worst QB to ever play. blah blah blah. He was media made is all tiring hillbilly shit. Alot of QBs arent very good just like Vick. Some fans have to keep the balance with some of the rednecks thats all. Hes still gonna have more money than all of us put together x 10 and could really care less of what any of us think.

  40. A big thing to keep in mind
    Let’s say Foles plays pretty well and gets to finish 4-3 over the final 7 games
    How do you bring Vick back at $20 Million to compete for a Starters job when he is paid as a “Franchise QB”
    You don’t, just like the Arndy Reid is over, so is the Mike Vick era,
    It is what it is, but there is no way in hell that Vick ($20 Million)
    and Asmo ($15 Million) are back in 2013.. Think about it,
    $35 Million for 2underperforming players for a basement Team
    With a new Coaching Staff in place who have no allegiance to either player which would account for almost 25% of the Teams Salary Cap in a rebuilding mode …. No way, no how…

  41. Some of these fans will never objectively analyze Vick, foles showed more potential as a pro qb in his limited debut than Vick has ever shown in his entire career, it’s the way they look at things, they are fans of the the individual player over the team, ala Allen Iverson’s, they want the player they identify with over the better player, it’s the way it is, they are good people, but just not objective football people

    • Jake wtf is wrong with you are u serious? You must have been on your weekly crack binge when Mike Vick put on arguably the greatest performance by a QB ever against the Redskins two years ago. I will bet any amount of money that Nick Foles will never have a game that good. Doesn’t mean he won’t turn out to be a better QB in time but c’mon. You really make yourself look pathetic with these asinine statements. It’s obvious to all of us that you hardly ever watch the actual games. You one of those morons who watch Sportscenter highlights and garner your opinion from talking heads on TV. Do us all a favor and go away. Where’s Navy when you need em?

  42. OK, all the fantasy footballers can start picking Foles apart.

    No #1, Foles won’t flourish until Reid-Morneigwig are fired…Those two should be arrested for conspiracy to manslaughter for what they did to Vick and to a lesser degree McNabb.

    Foles most closely resembles Eli Manning and it took him 3 years to develop.

  43. Alot of you guys are living in the past.. Its a different league guys are coming in and playing well immediately.. I say let him start see what he does but im not expecting much .. I think Matt Skelton is a good comparision

  44. Excuse me .. John skelton

  45. Foles is BETTER than John SKELTON RIGHT NOW!

    Skelton is a big dude but he does not have a cannon. Foles has a cannon.

    Give 9 a year or two in an NFL weight room and go from Surfer dude back up to Holy crap he’s a monster that LB’s (at least eagles undersized ones) won’t want to hit.

  46. I don’t know how good Foles can be. No one does. But I am encouraged that we have a guy that appears to have more Classic QB tools than any QB this roster has had since JAWS. (BY the way 12 is and always will be near and dear to me as he is the QB of my youth.)

    Of course that may just be because we have not had a pure pocket passer in well almost my lifetime.

    • Jaws???? McNabb was by far, waayyyy better than Jaws! Give me a break…just not the right complexion for you personally? I see your agenda, and that is real talk!

    • What are you talking about 5 was a VERY good pocket QB! just because he COULD move doesn’t make him a scrambling QB– McNabb was a good pocket QB– he was 6′ 4″ big, big arm could throw deep and was a master of the screen pass. donavon doesn’t get his due.

    • Very very stupid comment… mcnabb was very good in the pocket. His big problem was that he was scared to take a chance and throw a pic. Add to this the fact that he didnt have a real WR for more than a year or so. Mcnabb was wasted by andy.

      • you are really coming on here and saying mcnabb wasn’t a good pocket? you are crazy~!
        as for the pic thing… i agree but with the turnovers from this team… ball security would sure be nice!

  47. From what ive seen they loved hitting him .. lmao

  48. I dont see it .. I just want on youtube and watched the skelton highlights.. I see a mirron of image of skelton including the exact same size… hope im wrong but its all about the system as well . and this system isnt doing very well

  49. Fraudman– The eagles are in rebuilding mode with the second youngest team in the nfl? Again you make no sense. And just because you hate Vick with a passion doesn’t mean your right. Actually Vick played good behind that Oline on Sunday. He was still hit. When Foles came in he was hit too and had 2 turnovers…

    Everyone is looking for someone to blame and why not blame Vick. Hes the perfect scape goat. Just like you guys thought Kolb was the savior now Foles is? Give me a break. The great white hope mentality. “Black QBs just arent smart enough, theyre too dumb to read defenses” or ;” look how poised Foles looks back there, he has so much potential, hes a bright kid” yada yada yada.. Great white hope crap. I don’t see color I see who gives us the best chance to win the game. You guys are so fast to anoint “the guy” that looks like Brady or Peyton or Big Ben before he proves anything. You did it with Detmer, AJ Feely,Kolb, and now your doing it with Foles. You guys are really really pathetic. Your looking to cling to anything. That oline is still the same. Bringing Foles in won’t change it. He was still sacked just like Vick was. You guys need to get your head out of the clouds.

  50. Orrect me if I’m wrong here but this team didn’t bring in DRC,Nmandi,Jenkins , Babin, draft those playmakers and give Mike a new contract because they were rebuilding they made those moves to win now
    And what many Vickpolgists were shouting was that it was not Mikr Vick holding this team back from winning we were stating that there were other more glaring issues. Now that it is obvious to all that we will not be winning anything
    Let Foles play ! Let’s see what he’s got .

  51. No John hart, you need to pull your head out of the brothers’ arze, the objective fan has concluded that Vick is not that good, just read the thesis that vinnie has put out there, better yet watch the game, as I predicted, , and vinnie as well, the offensive line looked miraculously better with foles, foles transitions in the pocket ala big Ben and the other great quarterbacks, he has a big arm, big strong body, he’s got leadership ship abilities, he’s not a whiner, he’s got great potential, any fan remotely connected to the game can see, will he realize and develop, time will tell but the fans, white, black, green are finally, legitimately excited about the potential of the quarterback

  52. i too am hopeful but am not ready to annoint him the next big ben. he staired down his recievers a bunch- hopefully thats just rookie mistakes. i love his presence, ability to slide the pocket. that type of elusiveness is very effective. much more so than the panicky run of a scrambleer.

  53. Every Season, We hear the same crap that the Eagles are one of the Youngest Teams in the NFL, maybe it’s because of Drafting Busts who don’t make the Roster so they have to add another 10-15 1st & 2nd Year PLayers on their Roster every season..
    I do not like VIck, for I look at him ove rhis 10-11 Year Career as a slightly above .500 Record as a Starter
    I don’t like his arrogance,his style of play and his lack of leadership and ownership and lack of accountability..
    What’s Vick’s Record as an Eagle Starter now… 18-16 or something like this since 2010.. He’s had ample time to improve and become an “Elite QB” abnd has failed to develope into one.. In fact when you take VIck’s Glory Run when he came back in 2010 and started out 8-1 as a Sarter , his Record since that embarrasing critical home loss to the Vikings on the snow-delayed game, and Vick’s Recrod as a Starter is 10-15 which stinks for the Talent that’s on this Team…

  54. @gotta, plenty of blame for this pathetic season , not just Vicks play, his play actually improved, this season is lost, we know what we have with Vick, I don’t think Vick wants to take any more beatings, self inflicted or not,mits time to lookntonthe future and that future is big nick

  55. @paulman, great call on nick foles, aka Big Nick, aka shaggy,

  56. Jakemut, you insignificant little shit, with no ability to process a logical thought. You should be studied to determine how one can be so damn stupid…This also pertain to a lot of you assholes….There isn’t in objectivity going on, on these boards whatsoever…I want the Eagles to succeed regardless of personnel, so I am not going to get into bashing Foles just to prove my point or stating the obvious double standards between the two QB’s. But I will say to everyone saying the O Line looked improved are dumbasses and selectively ignorant, and did not watch the game. Foles damn near got killed in the endzone behind that putrid O Line…did you see that hit? or should I say, did you see both of those hits…… he got hit both ways high and low. The pressure also forced bad throws and near pick 6’s. Vick did not get sacked in the Dallas game and left with a 125 passer rating…The O Line looked fine at times and some times was just awful, protecting Vick and Foles…The O Line did not look any better with Foles behind center. I also love how so many are on here loving another man’s injury, misfortune, karma is a bitch…If the O Line, Special Teams, and Defense do not improve the result will be the same no matter who the QB is.
    Also for those saying that Foles only had 4 wins because he played behind a putrid O Line his senior season, which is another double standard, but I digress….but guess what, he’s playing behind another bad O Line…

  57. Paul how can you begin your post with
    “maybe it’s because of Drafting Busts who don’t make the Roster so they have to add another 10-15 1st & 2nd Year PLayers on their Roster every season..”

    and end it with
    “and Vick’s Recrod as a Starter is 10-15 which stinks for the Talent that’s on this Team…”

    that doesn’t add up

  58. Good to see you real talk, jump on board the big nick train, it’s all good

  59. And real talk, no legitimate fan is glad Vick got hurt, Vick got his brains beat out of him, you got to feel for him, we are glad to see potential realized in big nick foles

    • Realistically, I saw some potential, but I also saw some “whoa wait a minutes’ you are jumping on the nick train way to soon…one things to support and wish him well, but you’re talking as if he is the next best thing…Remember folks QB’s are the hardest players to find.

      Also, for those that criticize the Eagles personnel choices…draft selections…don’t forget Foles was selected by the same heads in the FO….be careful what you wish for!

  60. Well the brothas in the hood will remain cautiously optimistic

    For we have seen this movie once before

  61. Navy, you lurking out there ? come out of the closet, rev songs is not vengeful, he will forgive you of your transgressions

  62. Let’s see what the kid has for the next month or so. See if he’s a keeper or we have to draft again. No need to see a retread, never was behind center anymore. Let’s get real, Vick never had it never will….next!

  63. @Xevious – and there still is no SB in sight…

  64. You are not wrong gotta….. thats been my point all along…. last year some wanted to blame vick for everything…. i blamed….. 1. Andy for the juan mess. 2. Starting 2 rookies on the oline. 3. Wide 9 exposing the crappy lb’s to runs. 4. Blowing 4th q leads. 5. Vick turnovers. 6. Jackson for his contract crap.

    I was labeled a vick lover for this…

    This year i say….. 1. Oline 2. The vanishing act that is the d line. 3. Juan/bowles mess. 4. Vick.

    I stand by this. This all stems from the coach who put this together. As always…. andy puts a HUGE burdon on thw shoulders of his starting qb. Back when we had pinky and thrash as our wr^s we were told it was “fine”. Now we were told that guys like bell would be “fine”. I dont buy it.

  65. Real…. glad to see someone else watched the game. How the snot did we to a place where saying the oline blows means we want to marry mike vick. People need to look with eyes and stop looking with their hearts. Vick had no sacks and no ints…. foles had a pick 6 and was sacked. If you want to say its better because tom brady had those same stats game 1…fine….. but this oline blows no matter who is under center. Dont believe me? Listen to jaws, gruden, steve young or any of the other former coaches and players that say so. Point is… u hate vck.. fine…. dont overstate or make up stuff to justify it.

  66. Same argument, different day.

  67. Every thread ends up being about Vick.

  68. @Bugsy – if Foles takes over for the future and beyond, I am pretty certain that the talk will shift to the O Line, the system, the defense, the special teams, everything that many of us have been saying this entire season and last, will become highly spoken on…

  69. I’m not saying Foles is going to be bad and I want to see the kid play until Vick is healthy, BUT if he was that great he wouldn’t he have been mentioned in the same breath with Robert Griffin and Andrew Luck?

    There was an interesting question whether there were any “FRANCHISE” QBs taken and there was a list presented that pretty much proves the point:

    Gannon round 4 — MEDIOCRE (closest to a Franchise QB)
    Brad Johnson round 9 — MEDIOCRE
    Brunell round 5 — MEDIOCRE
    Hasselback round 6 — MEDIOCRE
    Trent Green round 8 — MEDIOCRE
    Crystal Chandlier round 3 — SUCKED
    Bulger round 6 —MEDIOCRE
    Rypien round 6 — MEDIOCRE

    Theisman round 4
    Bart Starr round 17
    Roger Staubach round 10

  70. You guys are forgetting about Jake Delhomme, who went undrafted and led the Underdog Panthers in beating teh Eagles in a NFC Championship Game in PHilly and then almost beat the Patriots in the SUper Bowl..

    I don’t think it matters where a QB is Drafted as much as it does along with the other 51 Guys on his Team and more importantly, and who is Coaching That Team to their strengths of their Players..
    Brett Farve was Drafted when (2nd or 3rd Round)

  71. Stevo, your line “Vick had no sacks and no ints…. ” (for the Dallas game) is laughable.

    Here’s a guy, who for 8 weeks is getting pummelled, and you’re on here every single day talking about how its the olines fault. And the oline is the worst ever. And no QB can survive behind this oline and yada yada.

    We heard about how the saints sacked him 7x and the line is terrible.
    And on and on.

    I bring up the idea that Vick brings a lot of this on himself (30-50% of his hits are his fault). That the oline will improve when Vick leaves…..And its all, “no way! Vinnie – no one…repeat NO ONE could survive this line…..”

    Then a rook comes in and doesn’t get sacked till 3:00 mins to go in the 4th. Doesn’t scramble once all game. Gets off 32 of the 34 passes called (94%) (much higher than Vick’s career 75%) and your new story is “well Vick wasn’t sacked for the first quarter either so….”

    So what exactly? The Oline suddenly and magically improved for both of them this one game.


    The Quarterback plays a much greater roll in pass-blocking efficiency than you guys (clearly) have any knowledge of.

  72. @Vinniemysister – Two words, double standard….Sis, the truth is the O Line is terrible…Did you notice Foles get smacked on a completed pass on Sunday? I did! Did Foles hold that ball too long? had it been Vick, that would be a play in which Vick getting hit was his fault….Did you notice Foles get hit two times on the same play, in which he fumbled because the O Line completely broke down?
    The fact is we are not talking about previous games, we are talking about the same game in which both QB’s participated in…You need to get real, take Foles nuts out of your mouth…

    Sis, if I were to kick Foles in his ass, you would get a concussion!

  73. Remember that Paulman called the Obama Re-Election 299 to Romney’s 239 Electorial Vots
    I had Florida and New Hamphsire going to Romney but all the other 48 States called Correctly for a 96% Accuracy Rate..

  74. Please explain these numbers. How does the oline suddenly become better when Vick isn’t there?

    This year (reg and preseason)

    Foles has been asked to throw the ball 100x ecaxtly
    Of those 100 called passes:
    93 throws
    5 sacks
    2 scrambles

    Vick has been called to throw the ball 409x
    Of those 409 called passes
    323 throws
    28 sacks
    58 scrambles (granted a few of them were called runs)

    So…how is it that behind the same players, Foles throws 93% of the times he’s asked while Vick gets off 79% of his passes?

    How come the oline can suddenly hold up when Vick isn’t there?

    Because it was the same last year:
    Vick 522 called passes
    actually threw the ball 423x (80%)

    or the year before
    Vick 506 called passes
    actually threw the ball 371x (74%)

    His career average is 75%….and in comes a rook who’s at 93% behind the same line. Please explain why the sudden improvement if not for the QB.

    • Sis, that stat is garbage….how can you really compare the two…There has been a much smaller sampling of Foles, so his numbers should be higher…
      That’s the thing with odds/stats…numbers tend to go down a bit with more play, happens in every sport…

      the year before, stat…wasn’t Vick an MVP candidate? nuff said…

      you are seriously making yourself look like an ass…

  75. Who cares about Mike Vick anymore? Why even talk about the guy? He is no longer relevant to the Eagles, to the NFL or to this city. Awful career Mike, never lived up to any expectations put on yourself by the cities you played for and by the media.

    The image I will always have in my head when I think Mike Vick is him giving all the fans in Atlanta the finger I believe on MNF.

    The future is present. Whether Foles is that future remains to be seen nevertheless the future is here.

    So long Mike.

  76. I mean God Damn 7 more games boys!!!!!! 7 more. Andy and Vick will be gone for sure. Talk about trimming the fat!!!!!!

    The future is soooo bright I gotta wear shades

    • Vick hasn’t been released, traded yet…as of right now, he is still the Eagles QB…..The future is bright? are you serious? what have you seen from this football team on defense, O Line, special teams, to say some shit like that? Why the future is bright because Vick may be gone? Future bright because AR may be fired…Fact is the Eagles still have no SB in sight…I’m afraid removing Reid as the head coach, will cause more problems than many believe…The next coach could be much worse…

  77. And we know the future is here how mhenski? I hope Foles lights it up Sunday but from what I saw Sunday he’s careless with the football or didn’t you see all those passes bouncing off defensive players hands and that pick to Spencer what was that? John Hart and Realtalk raised some valid points that nobody wants to touch, I wonder why that is, at least Vinnie is honest with his dislike for Vick however delusional it is. If Vick would have played a half of football like Foles did all you would hear is he should’ve have 4 picks but are we hearing that? And stop with the rookie needs time, he said himself I’ve been playing QB my whole life this isn’t anything new.

    • @BigLion…We all know why the majority of the folks on here are clamoring for Foles…We know its bigger than football! It does say something when the coaching staff doesn’t get aggressive at the end of the half trailing by 3 with Foles as the QB…why would that be? I mean as many of you say, Foles is the future, the real deal…why not try and get a FG to end the half…afraid of a turnover, maybe?

  78. Sorry for the rant but my point will be and continue to be no QB will be able to operate behind this o-line for any sustainable period, eventually the pressure will start causing bad throws and mistakes. Now please argue with that.

  79. lion reading is just as fundamental as comprehending. the key thing in what i wrote:

    The future is present. Whether Foles is that future remains to be seen nevertheless the future is here.

    the future is here because Vick is done in this city along with andy

  80. Thanks for answering the question Realtalk.
    Its right there staring you in the face, but you can’t admit, even the remote possibility, that Vick brings a lot of his hits down upon himself.

    But I still like the Sesame Street song, “One of these things is not like the other, one of these things ain’t kinda the same…”

    NFL QBs actually throw the ball about 90% of passes called:

    Stafford 91%, Brees 93%, Luck 87%, Brady 93%, Ryan 90%, Rodgers 84%, Manning I 91%, Roethlessburgertime 90%, Foles 93% (so far)….



    Good riddence to a guy who can’t accomplish the most basic thing a QB is asked to do…..actually throw the ball.

  81. Anyways, that should be it for my ever talking about Vick again.

    He’s now goine for the Season, and I’m sure Raiderfan will have a fun taime watching him battle it out with Palmer for their starting job next year (I expect a new preseason record for interceptions!!!)

    I’ll order your #7 Silver and Black jersey for you if you’d like Realtalk.

  82. Real yes I am serious the future is bright. In 7 games we will no longer have to deal with the bullshit mediocrity of Reid and his staff of buffoons, this loser Vick will be gone and one way or another this team will have a vision and identity next year. It will be a bumpy ride and will consist of a few years of rebuilding but at least this team will have direction.

    I am not saying the future is bright because we are winning a super bowl next year. For me it is bright because every week next week I will be able to watch something being built hopefully with a competent coach who knows how to utilize his weapons (especially McCoy).

    Andy Reids gameday playcalling, gameplanning, time mismanagement, stubborness and so on has been such a drag on me for years. Im ready for the future and all that comes without Reid and Vick and passing every down, and hiring O Line coaches to be D coordinators. And trying to mask shit drafts by overpaying for total fucking heartless losers like Nnamdi, Jenkins & Babin.


  83. Raiders have no interest in VIck,
    Al Davis and the days of the mad bomber are long gone..
    If Vick does not end up in Arizona, then it’s probably Canada for him

  84. and cmon fellas next year our O Line will have Peters, Kelce and Herremans back. Draft a stud tackle and bam you may just have the best O line in the NFL.

    Can you imagine having a top 5 draft pick Right tackle to be lined up on the other side of Peters with Kelce in the middle? and todd on the interior

    sheeeeeeeeeet, with the right coach we can be a legit smash mouth football team. line needs 1 piece in the offseason a right tackle.

    get them shades out boys or get blinded by the lights of the future

    • hahahahehehe – What are you talking about? The O Line is fine, we dont need any starters back! right, Sis? Mhenski?
      Fact none of those guys were having great seasons…herremans struggled on many occasions along with Kelce…Also considering Peters tore his achilles twice who knows how he will recover from that…Every season we say the same type of shit, get this in the draft, get that…last time I checked the GM received an extension…

      This is funny….did you notice how many different variables are involved with that above comment…the right coach? production from players on the O Line? drafting the right personnel….damn Vick gets hurt, its a sunny day and mtf’s are seeing rainbows and shit…

  85. I agree Raiders arent taking Vick. Only homes I see for Vick is Jaguars, Jets, Chiefs or Cardinals.

    Jags are desperate for fans and a QB I could see them taking the guy. Bottom line is Vick thought he was making $15 million next year and wont make that over the duration of his career.

  86. Reading is fundamental mhenski, as is reading between lines, @Vinnie so no more ridiculous stats right. How did that ridiculous stat help Big Ben out last night? Is he still in the hospital? @mhenski I try to see the bright side of things but please how is the future so bright without a QB or a coach or a competent front office. Firing Reid means nothing if Roseman is left behind.

  87. So with all the busts running around novacare what makes anyone on here think that the next draft will be any better? Again Howie isn’t going anywhere. But your right about one thing mhenski with those three coming back the o-line has to be better.

  88. Thats bullshit haha “future is bright” there is nothing that suggest that and when you break it down and look at who will have to be replaced if Reid is fired, shit can get worse a hell of a lot quicker….there is no guarantee that the next head coach will be better..In fact the odds are against him considering AR is one of the most successful head coaches….
    But seriously, why take it personal and call Vick a “loser”? I mean seriously…that sounds like a back handed type of comment, with more to it than football…call the guy a loser he battled on every play behind a terrible O Line and kept getting up…you guys have no fucking appreciation for shit! In my opinion thats why Eagles fans dont deserve shit…
    I dont know if you have been watching, but McCoy is actually in the top ten in regards to carries, he gets the ball…McCoy hasn’t had a spectacular season, mainly due to the shortcomings of the offensive line…which will still be in place with Foles under center, FYI…

  89. @Real, G needs some sort of concussion testing for posters on his site. I am a big time Eagles homer and these dudes are ridiculous like they won’t enjoy winning with certain types of players. Now read between those lines.

  90. @BigLion – that is exactly right “certain types of players”….100% agree.

  91. Atlanta Falcons Released DE Ray Edwards who was a Big-Free Agent SIgning Bust a coupld years back.. If you recall he had a great 3-4 Game Strecth in the Playoffs a few yeats back playing opposite of All-Pro Jared Allen and the Falcons overpaid for him and now he’s gone… in 25 Games as a Falcon the
    6-5 270lbs DE has 3.5 SAcks after having 16 his final 2 Seasons as a Viking
    Another Free-Agent Bust like the Eagles got in CB Asmogoah..

  92. Mike Vick is a loser thats not personal its truth, he has failed to live up to any of the expectations put on him by himself, put on him by the media, put on him by the NFL, put on him by his coaches, put on him by his teammates, put on him by his fans. The guy stinks, he never progressed throughout his career. He was and is a gimick, wasted talent and he is an all around bad QB.

    Good for Vick he runs around like a fucking idiot most passing plays and gets blasted so what, maybe if he threw the ball in under 3 seconds, or if he didnt turn his back to the line of scrimmage like they taught him to never do in highschool then maybe he wouldnt get smashed so much. he is still a loser. he is a tough loser i guess if that makes you happy.

    he is a gimick and is and always has been a dogshit NFL QB and a scumbag at life.

    • Above post: anyone else catch the dogshit reference along with scumbag to follow? I think we know why he is really mad….try and mask it all you want…

  93. You don’t need to read between the lines. Just hear this, Your comparing a rookie that hasn’t even gotten his first start to a 10 year veteran. The 10 yr Vet should be and will be held to a higher standard. Anything else is just Bullshit. The fact is the Eagles made it to the Superbowl by making Vick throw in 2005…thats his weakness. Anyone with half a football mind can see he isnt a superbowl QB and wont be, so we cut our loses and move on. This alluding to reading between the lines racist bullsit has no foundation really. It’s not like Vick is Warren Moon or haven’t given him a fair shot. It’s over we move on, and yes Realtalk a superbowl is not in sight.

  94. It doesnt matter who the quarterback is they can all play nowadays. It’s the offensive line. No quarterback could be successful with this line not even rg3 or a young Vick..Juan Castillo was turning into the best coach on the team .. I wonder if Ried fired him to take him with him to San diego next year..

  95. yea i dont want a certain type of player on my team, that certain type of player is the type that plays the game like Mike Vick. I dont want that type of player on my team.

    In case you two didnt notice their isnt any winning going on for the Eagles because of certain types of players. Mike Vick just is one of those certain types that cant win.

    In case you havent noticed we are one of the worst teams in the NFL because of certain types of players.

    • Really Mhenski? because of certain types of players? like terrible players on the O Line? safeties? D Line? coaches? or just Vick…C’mon, get real…I dont see you saying shit about anything else but Vick…everyone else is free from criticism…its all good, I am happy considering Foles is in now, we won’t ever lose a game again…in fact, we’ll win the SB next year, the year after and the year after that…

      • You really want me to criticize our 5 backup o lineman? I’m pretty sure no team in nfl has a 10 deep o line. Injuries fucked that scenario they get a pass from me. Coaches aren’t players so they wouldn’t fit into the certain type scenario. However I criticize Reid every single day including 5 times here today.

        Read everything I write guy.
        I alSo included nnamdi Jenkins babbin Matthews an cooper in the certain type of players list. P

  96. @Xevious do you really believe that? I guess racist behavior doesn’t exist anymore, man I guess you slept through the presidential race. Anyway being a rookie shouldn’t exempt you from making mistakes especially since he didn’t start playing QB yesterday.

  97. Ya, you’re right Biglion…you certainly don’t have any biases.

    You’ll wait a decade with Vick’s cock in one hand and your fingers crossed on the other…hoping…hoping…hoping that one day he’d turn it around. Ignoring his ineptude…

    Foles plays one half of an NFL game, has an awesome debut compared to his peers the last 2 years, but does make some mistakes and you’re….

    “And stop with the rookie needs time…..” Like he should be a polished star his first game.

    “If Vick would have played a half of football like Foles did all you would hear is he should’ve have 4 picks but are we hearing that….”
    No twit…we wouldn;t…because one has played for a decade and shouldn’t be making the same mistakes as a guy playing his first half of football.

    No biases from you clowns at all. Pot…kettle is black…or in this case white I suppose.

    • This is why I call you my sis…..Really what man refers to his d*** as a cock…?
      There isn’t any bias…Why because us real knowledgeable football fans understand that more things have been going on with this Eagles team other than just the QB…and refuse to allow you dumb asses to place the blame soley on one individual…

      If you want to really talk about this shit…
      How about those blaming the WR’s for not catching Foles balls that were thrown behind them.? or blaming DJAX for Foles INT?

      The same guys blamed Vick for INT that deflected off Celek hand in the redzone…Same guys didn’t say shit, when Celek dropped the ball on the turf on key 3rd downs and in the endzone…Celek can’t get any attention?
      But yea, get on DJAX, Maclin, Avant, Vick…Foles and Celek get a pass though….
      This is truth and if you dont like it, I dont give a f***.

  98. What certain type players mhenski? All is see is poor tackling poor blocking and disgusting special teams and poor QB’s. In all shapes sizes and colors.

  99. @Vinnie I have been saying all year the QB play was horrible

  100. And I don’t need stats to back it up.

  101. Same thing I see Lion

    certain types of players like specific types of players like Nnamdi, Babbin, Vick. Certain types of players that make 10 million a year and either can’t play, cant do their job, have no heart or a combination of the 3. Those types of players. Throw in couple of Casey Matthews type players and Riley Coopers and there you have it.

    Fuck all those types get em the fuck off my football team.

  102. Vick is 10-15 in his last 25 Games as the Starting QB of the Eagles..
    It’s not all his fault of course, but the beginning of last Season and the beginning of this Season with his Turnovers, Poor Red-Zone Play doomed both the Eagles Seasons by the 1st Weekend of November.. It is what it is, and VIck is not the Future of the Eagle Franchise.. I am not sure If it can be any simpler than this…4 Years now in the Eagles System.. No improvement, the same deficienceies he’s always had, he still has.. he will be 33 next Season and has taken a beating the last 2 Seasons, He’s done in my opinion

  103. happy trails andy reid. get the fuck outta here with these certain types of players

  104. clearly you cant teach mike vick anything. look at his body of work, same guy he was 10 years ago but slower.

    still sliding head first
    still not going through his projections
    still turning his back to his WR and to the line of scrimmage
    still cant throw WR open
    still has absolutely some of the worst pocket presence ive ever seen in my life

    happy trails mike

  105. @Biglion Im not stupid, of course it’s around on both sides of the issue. Im just telling you that the NFL is about winning and I dont have time for racist BS about a loser QB. You have to hold every Veteran to the same standard and give every rookie a fair shot. Vick is still making dumb mistakes 10 years later just involving his play…No o-line or defense or anything else. We move on We did with Jaws, Randall and 5…He is no better. In fact he isnt as good as any of those 3. I dont give a shit what color you are if you suck you suck bottom line…see ya Vick!!

  106. AS GM Wanne-be,
    On Monday December 31st (After the final game of the Season)
    I do the Following

    Fire Coach AR and the entire Staff
    Release or exercise the options and Cut the Following Players
    QB Vick, OT D Bell, RB D Lewis, WR J Avant, RG D Watkins
    DT C Jenskins, DE J Babin, LB’s J Chaney, LB Matthews, CB Asmo

    In Free-Agnecy, I concentrate on a RT (then slide Herremans at RG where he belongs), SIgn a Big, Strong WR (Bowe from KC) , Sign a legitimate Safety (even if I have to overpay)
    In the Draft, I go DT, SAM LB, CB, OL,TE with my first 5 Picks
    I offer Deals to both WR Maclin and DRC, but will not overpay for either of them.. 3 Year Deals at Max.. They take it great, if not, let them walk..
    In 2013 GM Paulman wins his first “GM of the Year Award” which happens to be the first for the Eagles Franchise and has a big blast with Free Beer, WIngs and Eagle Chherleaders for everyone at the Linc and free Designated Taxi-Cab Drivers to take everyone home safely…

  107. I move the following players to new positions and have them work on them all off-season
    CB C Marsh to Safety
    DT F Cox to DE
    RB C Polk to FB
    Slot CB Boyknin back to outside CB as he should be in the first place
    CB Hughes to SLot CB

  108. Can’t say I disagree with that Paulman especially moving Todd back to guard and getting Bowe in here. Two big needs.

  109. Real talk yea I said he is a scumbag and dogshit so what.

    He is a scum bag because he gave his fans the finger on national tv and lie to their faces in Atlanta. He is also a scum bag because whether he likes it or not he was a roll model to millions of kids and he let those kids down by giving that finger and killing and fighting those dogs. Being a roll model comes with being in commercials being the face of a franchise and a qb. I call spades spades its real he is a scum bag.

    And I called him dogshit because he is just that a dog shit aka bad qb. Not sure what your point was but that’s how I feel.

    If he was just a scum bag at life I’d call him just a scum bag. If he was just a dogshit qb I’d call him a dogshit qb. If he was both I’d call him both. If he was a great qb and a class act and a roll model I’d call him that.

  110. MHenski,
    Your WIfe have that Baby yet.. C’mon Man, are you helping her out at all around the house and have the Baby’s Room all finished up…

  111. We are all set Paul. Baby will be here soon. Wifey is waiting for me to get all my weekly gcobb banter out of the way before we go to the hospital.

  112. @regaleagle
    “I don’t know how good Foles can be. No one does. But I am encouraged that we have a guy that appears to have more Classic QB tools than any QB this roster has had since JAWS. (BY the way 12 is and always will be near and dear to me as he is the QB of my youth.)

    Of course that may just be because we have not had a pure pocket passer in well almost my lifetime.”

    Man what the phucc is wrong with some of you guys? Ron phuccing jaworski!!!??? The single biggest reason we got our assess smoked in the sb against oakland. If he was any damn good we would have one a few under vermeil’s tenure. See gabriel before him and cunnigham, mcnabb,and vick after him. Hell i’ll take ty detmer and peete with the team he had. PHUCCING JAWORSKI!!

  113. Jaws had a bad SB but he was a better QB than Mr Vick….Vick is not a good qb. Maybe he’s a top 3 falcon but they have had shit qbs lol.

    • Xevious mis me with this revisionist shyt about jaws. he sucked and aruably the weakiest link on a very good eagles team during his tenure there. Jaworki represents far too much of the pathetic mindset of many eagles fans over the past 40 years. Too much of that vince Papale bullshyt. HE SUCKED! azzholes like YOU, VINNIE, and many others just RELATE to him. That being aid, i met Jaws when he played for us back then. I thought he sucked but he seemed like a nice guy.

  114. Just heard this angle fellas

    The future is not bright for this team..well not immediate future
    What can we sell a new high profile coach on
    Meaning Gruden, Cowher, Kelly etc…
    Look at our last 5 drafts what players are keepers
    about 5 to 7 players worth mentioning
    This team is loaded with nothing..any coach that
    comes in here will have to be here for duration
    no flash in the Pan (see Gruden) coach that comes
    In here and turns this thing around immediately
    There’s gonna be 6 to 10 other teams competing
    For the high profile names.What can Lurie sell to the next coach
    ??.we are in for some rough
    times around here…

  115. Nick foles may save Andy’s job if he’s as good as he projects, that’s a problem

  116. I don’t think Lurie would just kick’em to the curb
    Lurie will probably make him POFO

  117. You know what you should do Gotta Luv it.

    Go to Google
    Type in __________________________ draft history
    Select the link that says “pro football reference”

    You’ll immediately link to all the teams picks …in their history…but what’s best…is its in chart form with all their stats right beside them…

    You can click teams like “Green Bay Packers” and see that they may have 2 contributing players from their last 2 drafts….or “New York Giants” who have JPP and a big pile of shit to show for their past 5 drafts…….etc etc…

    Most teams whiff on the vast majority of their picks….but what’s the one player that the last 10 SB winners have not whiffed on…….hopefully we didn;t whiff there either.

  118. For once vinnie i agree. The birds have a few guys that are good draft pics. Cox and kendricks are good. Heck…. i even like watkins a little. Im not giving up on graham yet…. babbin is gone soon so… keep em around. Foles may br a good player… we will see. Jackson when used right is good…. shady is a stud. I cant say i always like the KIND of olayers they bring in but…. they are like others.

  119. @mhenski dude I like Cooper more then Avant. @Jakedog the only way Foles saves Reid’s job is if they win 7 in a row and make the playoffs. @Vinnie finally something we agree on every team whiffs more often then not. I guess we need to coach our whiffs up more and hope beyond hope that Foles is that guy.

  120. The bottom line is Andy Ried is not a good evaluator of talent.. Desean and Maclin are over hyped .. We have no back up offensive lineman.. Chris Polk is better than bryce brown .. but since bryce brown run a little better 40 he is the backup .. Bryce brown sucks he has no agility at all .. and polk is much more punishing and runs a 4.45..

  121. @larrwd I think Desean and Maclin are fine I actually think Maclin’s numbers will be better because he’ll be in the slot and Cooper will be playing out wide. Brown and Polk are what they are, back-up’s but it wouldn’t hurt to see Polk in short yardage situations.

  122. now way in hell you cant have to of the same small alligator arm receivers .. desean is a good number 2 and maclin a good number 3 we dont have a number 1… youve been brain washed by andy reids stupidity

  123. Dude did you not just see I typed Maclin will be in the slot? Desean hasn’t dropped one pass this year unless you count that bad pass on Sunday. I don’t think either one has alligator arms.

  124. Its a shame about this year… i actually think the d is better than this. If… if… if the line woukd get to the qb i think we would see a much better d. Havent takked much about lbs this year have we? They are solid. I know nnamdi has had struggkes but… i think this d has/had poten. On the o side.. djack has had good hands this year. I agree and have been saying that we need a big wr on the outaide to jelp… jmak in the slot may be doable. I would argue that because of thw poor oline play we havent seen enough of B.C cause hea blocking and vick… well… no comment.

    So sad.. too bad… new coach plz.

  125. Also a shame i cant type well on my phone.

  126. Andy reid and his runts.. Vick = runt maclin = runt Jackson = runt Dion lewis = runt mccoy = tough runt babin = runt kurt coleman = runt nnamdi = izell Jenkins …..

    You cant have a team full of runts .. teams dont beat us .. they beat us up .. ever week .. and by the end of the game we look like the undersized kids getting picked on in class sad with our heads down.

  127. @Realtalk
    “Above post: anyone else catch the dogshit reference along with scumbag to follow? I think we know why he is really mad….try and mask it all you want”

    That’s what makes most of them nuthin short of fraud bitches. They try to pretend that guys like you and me are Vick apologist as oppose to fans who can see right through their uncontainable disdain for the guy (since day one.)

  128. brewski can you read? i already explained this.

    Mike Vick is a total fucking scumbag

    Mike Vick is also a dogshit quarterback

    Neither of these are debatable.

    Only fraud bitch would be you thinking he is anything but a bad QB and a scumbag.

    And I did hate Vick from day 1 for 3 reasons:

    1. he was the type of QB who has 0% chance of winning a superbowl ever

    2. he gave 40,000 fans the finger live in person and another 10+million on tv

    3. he tortured and fought dogs

    you like Vick good for you now you can root for him on another team or quite possibly start watching the CFL next year.

    • Puccy get over it!! I hate punk ass azzholes like you who have had it in for the guy since day one. Don’t pretend it was about some damn dogs. The post I’ve seen when he was having a MVP run proved otherwise. Let it go.

  129. @mhenski dude give it a rest, how many QB’s have won a Super Bowl? As for the name calling your better then that man.

  130. Biglion I will voice my opinion here whenever I see fit. Regarding your question the answer is irrelevant Mike Vick is and has been incapable of leading his team to a super bowl and therefor incapable of winning one. Period. thats why I never wanted him to QB the Eagles.

    Regarding name calling calling Mike Vick is a scumbag is no different than calling him Mike, Vick, #7, MV7, Ron Mexico, and so on. Its who he is.

  131. I break down QB’s like this in today’s NFL…

    #1) Elite QB’s who can consistently win games on their own merits,playmaking ability and sound decision making when game is on the line .. (Brady, Peyton Manning,Rodgers,Brees is who I consider Elite)

    #2) Good Game-Manager QB’s who rely on having a solid Running Game, Decent OL and a Balanced Offense and can occassionaly win games on their own from time to time but rely on solid game planning,and good Coaching (Big Ben,Eli Manning,Joe Flacco,Matt Ryan,Matt Schaub)

    #3) Gun-Slingers who make great plays on occasion and will usually have good Stats but have a tendancy to take too many risks with the ball when going against solid Defenses and force the issue when it’s not there
    (Phil Rivers,Jay Cutler,Tony Romo,Carson Palmer,Ryan Fitzpatrick,M Vick,Matt Stafford)

    #4) Up and coming QB’s who are way inconsistent at their present stage of the Careers but have upside (Cam Newton,RGIII)

    #5) Up and coming QB’s who are more Game-Managers and have a chanve to be good NFL QB’s, but only if their Teams are playing well (Andrew Dalton,Josh Freeman,Christian Ponder, Ryan Tannehill, Russell Wilson,Brandon Weeden,Sam Bradford)

    #6) QB’s who lack the Big-Play Ability and to me are not NFL Starting Caliber QB’s and are more like Back-Up QB’s (Mark Sanchez,Matt Casell,Kevin Kolb,Jake Locker)

    This is my list as of QB Play as of halfway thru the 2013 Season

  132. coldbrewski and I hate fucking idiots like you. you are a total coward who runs their mouth on the internet because you dont like someone elses opinion.

    Why would I pretend you fucking idiot? Why would I type I hate Mike Vick because he tortured and murdered dogs, and gave all his fans the middle finger on monday night football if I was pretending? thats as blatantly honest as it gets you illiterate retard.

    I also hate idiot fans in this city who stick up for a guy that is one of the worst QBs in the league and is incapable of winning a superbowl for our city. Keep sucking Vicks dick you faggot and go be a fan of whatever team he plays for next cuz the days of this loser running this team is over.

    Bottom line is this you stick up for Mike Vick for reasons that are not football related.

    • No, pussy you just hate period. Not “idiot fans like me”. Here we go again reliving this guy’s past. I’m sticking up for him? No asshole I’m not. He’s the qb of my team who has served his time and can’t seem to catch a break from punk asses like you. And i’m sick of assholes like you trying to be the morality police and expect not to called out for your hatred and bias. As to sucking dick? That job belongs to your sister. With mom waiting impatiently for her turn.

  133. Cooper should play the Slot over the too-slow Avant, Cooper is quicker in bursts and does get enough sepeartion on the deeper/outside routes (now once in the Red-Zone, he can play wide for speed is not as important at this point, but size,strength and leaeping ability are)

    Maclin in no shape or form can play the Slot Receiver, he simply is not physical enough and would not last 2 weeks playing the slot.. He’s an outside, sideline WR who occastionaly can go over the middle, but not make his living as a Slot WR..

  134. Jason Avant (hamstring) has been ruled out for Week 11.
    Rookie Nick Foles will be limited to TE Brent Celek as an underneath security blanket as he makes his first career start. Avant is week-to-week. Riley Cooper will fill-in as the No. 3 receiver against Washington.

  135. i dont know about that Paul… Avant has been nothing these last 2 years and cooper has some skills but never really shows them (did he really make that catch sunday?) While i dont think getting Bowe should be on the top of our lis, Jmak has done ok across the middle. He for sure has takin his hits this year but i think he could be something in the middle.

  136. mhenski- BC has been mostly blocking AGAIN this year because of the poor oline play so… dont expect him to also be catching many of those balls.

  137. BC has still dropped many passes, fumbled once or twice and his blocking has not been very goosd this year either.. I believe he;s had that ongoing Hip problem then slowed him up all SUmmer Camp and really has not gotten over this season for he seems a 1/2 Step slower than last Season whehn he came on strong.. Moving Forward at TE, Eagles need an updgrade, Celek has taken a lot of shots and is still pretty young, but I believe his best days are behind him.. I would love to see an Athletic Type be the 1st Passing Option and Celek still play in Double TE sets and be the more possesion type of TE like the PAts do with Gronk.Hernandez, Ravens with Dixon/PItta_, Lions with Pettigrew/Sheffler, Broncos do with Dressen/Tamme, Texans do with Daniel/Casey and etc,etc

  138. stevo that is copied and pasted for rotoworld I guess i forget to copy the source link.

  139. The Philadelphia Daily News is reporting that King Dunlap will move back to LT, Danny Watkins will be at RG, and Dennis Kelly will play RT going forward.
    This move gets the struggling Demetress Bell off the field. Bell yielded five QB pressures and two sacks in the Eagles’ Week 10 loss to the Cowboys. Kelly didn’t fare much better, also giving up five QB pressures with one converted for a sack against Dallas. Eagles LG Evan Mathis says this is a stronger grouping, but we’re not confident they will be able to turn things around and effectively protect Nick Foles this Sunday against the Redskins.
    Related: Danny Watkins, Dennis Kelly
    Source: Les Bowen on Twitter
    Nov 14 – 4:16 PM

  140. @paulman pay attention to the wr groupings on Sunday, when they go 3 wide Maclin will be the slot guy and Cooper will be out wide so the coaches I think know a liitle more then we do. When Avant went out Sunday Maclin moved inside and Cooper played out wide. Whatever o-line they put ou there Sunday Foles better have his head on a swivel.

  141. I do agree Stevo that Maclin can operate in the middle, but he will have a difficult time doing it from the Clot Position when Receivers are typically lined up right across a Defender in their face whether it be a Slot CB or even a LB giving you a whack.. At least when your Outside WR, the opposing CB is typically playing off you a few yards so you can get going a little bit, SLot WR’s is all about Quickness,lateral moving to avoid contact as your heading for your route and really need to be in psynch with your QB and I just don’t believe this is a Strength of Maclin at all..

  142. Fox analyst Troy Aikman was honest in his assessment that Maclin pulled up on a slant from Foles. “He saw [Gerald] Sensabaugh sitting there in the safety position, and he didn’t want any part of it,” Aikman said. “He knew it was going to be a big-time collision had he continued to go in and make a play on that ball, and he just said ‘No thank you.’”
    “I think it’s funny, personally,” said Maclin. “The only people that really understand what happened on that play are the people that are down on that football field. It wasn’t like I was easing off because I didn’t want to get hit, I thought I couldn’t make the catch on the ball so I was bracing myself for the hit. There’s nothing wrong with that.”
    “So at the end of the day, if you want to call that soft or scared, so be it,” he said. “But anybody who understands, who has been here, I have gone across the middle and have gotten hit plenty of times and made plays, simple as that.”

  143. hey Gotta Aikman’s been concussed too much, a true analyst would have pointed out it was a bad pass and pretty much uncatchable.

  144. Get over it all of you the Vick experiment, directed by Lurie, is over,It’s now nick foles turn, aka “Shaggy”, hey shaggy, how about a Scooby Snack and kill the foreskins

  145. Yeah Aikman has no idea what he is talking about. Not like he is a hall of fame QB or anything. Oh wait.

  146. Oh wait, what does him being a HOF QB have to do with being a good analyst? Again he was wrong on that play and I’m not in the HOF to see that.

  147. the point is that I would take his opinion over yours and he’s a pretty good analyst. Even if you disagree with this one call, one play doesn’t make him a bad analyst. Him being a Cowboy aside, dude does a good job.

  148. True bugsy but remember he’s on national tv calling a guy out and that just wasn’t the case.

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