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Eagles Players “Say” They Have Faith In Nick Foles

I saw a story on television yesterday an online which said, “Eagles have faith in Foles”.   Some local reporters interviewed some Eagles players coming out of the Nova Care Complex yesterday, who offered support for Foles and said they believed he could do the job.

Players have to say that because if they were to say anything different, a big deal would have been made out of it.

In truth how could you have faith in a rookie quarterback, who gets in the game and throws one pick-six and almost throws two or three others.

The one pick-six he threw was an off target pass on a slant route that was clearly behind DeSean Jackson.

On another play, he was staring down a wide receiver and trying to throw a pick-six to Dallas safety Orlando Scandrick.  Scandrick dropped the ball but if he had caught it, you’re talking easy pick-six.

He threw a blind quick screen pass which was intercepted by Anthony Spencer.  The defender was tackled and the play was called back because Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne was holding a receiver on the other side of the field.   But Foles still threw a blind screen pass which was intercepted and it could have easily been another pick-six.

Next up he was carrying the football in one hand with no sense that trouble was around.  He got blasted by Spencer and DeMarcus Ware right on the goalline. He fumbled and it was recovered for a touchdown.

I was surprised by that error because I thought he had a better sense of where the defenders are on each play.

Think about it.  Foles had all that happen in less than three quarters of action. There’s no way in the world these players can have faith in this kid after looking at the tape.  He’s going to need to do some good things early in the game against the Redskins for them to start having confidence in him.

Truthfully, the Eagles players and coaches don’t know whether Foles can do the job or not.  They’ll be watching him during the game and trying to find out just like we will.

The true headline should have been “Eagles say they have faith in Foles” with emphasis on the word say.

I do believe this is a good situation for him because the Redskins pass rushers are out for the season.  Foles should have time to sit back there, find the open receiver and get the ball to him. on Facebook

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61 Comments for “Eagles Players “Say” They Have Faith In Nick Foles”

  1. Me personally if this team turns their back on Vick after he has put his life on the line for this putrid offensive line i am done with this team. I gave them another chance after they got rid of Mcnabb which was not a good move. This is Mcnab/kolb all over again. No matter who the qb is,same results. Trouble scoring in the redzone,predictable play calling,dumb clock management. Anyone that thinks Vick is the reason for our last 5 losses is a fool. He put us in position to win atleast 4 of them. The defense is why we loss. And if you actually believe Foles is better than Vick because of a pre season game and a horrible game against Dallas. Youre even a bigger idiot.

  2. Your analysis of Foles is way too hard GCobb. Every QB has 1 or 2 plays in a game where he almost throws a pick. The throw to DeSean Jackson wasn’t a bad read – the timing was just off. It was very unlucky the way it was tipped and returned for a TD. You could see Foles was hesitant on certain routes not knowing where the WR would be. 232 yards and a TD in 3 quarters is nothing to sneeze about against a very good defense. The goalline fumble was absolutely irrelevant! There was less than a minute left and we weren’t going 93 yards with no time outs. He hardly had any time on that play. The only real bad play I saw was the screen pass that was picked, where he never looked for the defender. Foles college coach says he doesn’t make the same mistake twice…we’ll see. I just don’t know GCobb what your expectations were for Foles in his first game action…there weren’t a lot of false starts or other miscommunications.

  3. Vickryder, it is not about whether Foles is better than Vick RIGHT NOW. We know Vick is not consistent enough to win a Super Bowl, and that is all that matters. He isn’t going to be here next year. I mean, I’ve never seen a QB get a concussion from such weak hits, but when you dive head first all the time…..We need to find out if Foles is the QB of the future now so we know for next year.

  4. Vick is an easy target, but the problems with this team are WAY bigger than Michael Vick. I’m just ready for the Andy Reid Era to end. I’ll be honest there were some really good years, Donovan McNabb years. All good things come to an end, and it’s time to rebuild this engine. Oh and for the record, I’m not a Gruden fan either… I suspect the offense will play well on Sunday, they will simplify and run the ball and use some two tight end sets. Which they should’ve been doing anyway. I will not hate on Foles, I hope that he plays well. It’s not fair to not support the guy.

  5. @kevinkolb G is pointing out mistakes that get you beat whether your a vet or a rookie, no excuses like I have said before Foles didn’t start playing QB Sunday he’s been a QB for quite sometime. He’s been throwing slant passes his whole life he’s been taught not to throw across his body his whole life. One of his teammates said he has great pocket awareness if so how did that fumble happen at the end of the game? Let me say this though we need him to be a very good QB because they don’t grow on trees.

  6. Football is a funny game. One week to the next things change so fast. The only hope we cling to now is the opportunity to watch the grim death of the disappointing Andy Reid Era. We have been here before. In 2008 when we were 5-5-1 and last year when we were 4-8. We have been here. But its a funny game.
    This week Nick Foles fresh from his first game in which he came in cold and performed ok against one of the better defenses in the league gets a pre-season game against the 30th ranked pass defense in the league. And they have no pass rush either by the way. Defenses, even gutless heartless ones tend to play a little better when the back up comes in. I actually think the Eagles will score thirty plus points and beat the Skins this Sunday. I don’t really want them to (I don’t think most of us do) which means they probably will. I think Foles will probably have a QB rating over 100 which will at least make me happy that we may have something in the kid.
    Next week, the Giants come off their bye and face the suddenly rolling Green Bay Packers with playoff revenge on their minds. We face the terrible Carolina Panthers. I have a feeling Vick is going to be “not quite right and we do not want to take any unnecessary chances and rush him back.” The Giants lose. The next night, Shady runs all over the Panthers and the kid looks pretty damn good against another crappy team. The Oline features Dunlap, Mathis, Reynolds, Scott and Kelly. Bell is finally benched and the line seems to be gelling just a bit. And oh my my, the Eagles are 5-6. The team in first place is 6-5. It looks like someone is going to win the NFC East with a 9-7 record again. You’re not worried about who our coach is going to be next year. Can we get Payton? Will Gruden come here?? Forget all that!! We are still alive. We have our latest Whiz Kid at QB. Its Christmas time in the Delaware Valley and we have meaningful football! And we have a score to settle on Sunday Night Football with the Dallas Cowboys!! You hear something? You pull back the sheet from the body laying on the table behind you. Its Andy Reid and HE’S STILL BREATHING!!!!!
    I am not mapping out the totally impossible or even the highly improbable. And you all know that this could absolutely happen. Not saying it will, but its not that far fetched that it could.

  7. ……now Reid is not saved by any stretch. He is merely still breathing. And mercifully, the Michael Vick Project is over. Foles will start the remainder of the games as Reid and Marty cling to their jobs. Dallas may have even less heart than we do. And with both teams’ seasons on the line AGAIN, it’s December and we are rolling. We win the rematch and go to 6-6. The Giants who got hammered by the Bengals, lost off their bye to the Packers and have barely squeaked past the Skins travel to Atlanta the next week. Not an easy game. Not easy at all for a suddenly struggling Giants team. We have the feisty Buccaneers who are still fighting for a playoff spot. What do we want? If we win and the Giants lose, we very likely win the NFC East the way the schedule plays out. Under the circumstances, decimated by injuries to the line and a third round rookie QB (that Andy and Marty have groomed very nicely by the way), just getting back to first place in December is probably enough for Jeffrey to spare his friend even if he ultimately blows it in the last three games and finnishes 8-8. What do you want to happen? Do you want to “make the playoffs” for the 16th time in 25 years with ultimately nothing to show for it?? And most likely a three year extension that keeps Reid and his flunkie Marty here through 2016. Or do you want a fresh start? Tough choice huh? As desperate pathetically hopeful Eagle fans we will root for Reid and Foles and the Eagles. We will root our hearts out.

  8. Eagles have no shot, They would have to win 6 of their 7 FInal Games to finish at 9-7 and could only lose to the AFC Bengals and have to win every other NFC Game (NFC Easst Games and versus the Panthers,Bucs)
    It’s not going to happen, and this Team & Franchise doesn’t deserve it to happen to be honest with you.. Let’s Finish with 5 Wins and Get a Top #10 Draft Pick in each Round to re-build this Roster with a New Philosophy and a New Coaching Staff… That’s what I want, It’s time for a “Regime Change” at the NovaCare Center.. I want Foles to get snaps and play well which will help him and the Team build for next Season, But Coach AR,MM & COmpany all need to go regardless of how Foles Plays

    • they are only 2 games out of first place with 7 to play. They have 1 game with each team ahead of them…

      Trust me, not saying there is a chance that they make the playoffs… but if they didnt blow the dallas game they’d be 1 game out of first place.

  9. And let’s just play this all the way out. We beat Tampa and the Giants lose to the Falcons. We are technically in first place at 7-6 even though the two teams are tied. And now the chances of Reid being fired are already slim to none just four weeks after we accidentally declared him to be dead. We slip past the Bengals, just barely and the Giants beat the visiting Saints three days later to remain tied for first place with a chance to play the Eagles the last day of the season for the division title. Or do they?? Actually, if the Eagles beat the Skins in Week 16 and the Giants lose to the Ravens (Which is highly likely given the game is in Baltimore and the Ravens have currently won at least 14 straight home games), the Eagles clinch the NFC East and the final game doesn’t matter. Why? If the Giants won the game against the Eagles, both teams would finish 9-7, 1-1 head to head and 4-2 in the division. But the next tie breaker is not conference record which the Eagles would totally lose. Look it up. It is record against common opponents. In that scenario, both teams will have split with Dallas, swept the Skins, beaten Carolina, Tampa and Cleveland while losing to Atl and Pitt. The Giants beat the Saints, but they also lost to the Bengals and (in week 16) to the Ravens whom the Eagles have beaten. The Eagles win the division and do not even have to play their starters in NY. How crazy is that??

  10. Paul….I don’t want it to happen at all. I don’t care even if they get a weak road team in Seattle to come here for the first round and win a playoff game. The fact of the matter is we will NEVER win a Super Bowl with Andy Reid and his clkock management, play calling, and heartless defensive players. I was just saying, it would not be the craziest thing if this happens. I would hate it and most of us would hate it because it would mean four more years of frustration. But with this cursed franchise and our cursed existance as Eagle fans, could you not see it just to spite us???

  11. Eagles Record Within the NFC is 1-5 and they would lose every Tie-Break Scenario with any other Contending NFC Team unless the Win the Division Outright which is very,very,very unlikely to happen
    If they win their remaing 6 NFC Conference Games, they would finish 5-1 in the NFC East (Which is great) but still only 7-5 overall versus NFC Conference foes (which is not good)

    As I called back in the SUmmer, only the Winner from the NFC East makes the Post-Season this year and The NFC North and West are Stronger Divisions and will have 2nd place Teams with better overall records and are more deserving to make the playoffs for they simply are better Teams than the Eagles,Cowboys,Redskins are..
    Now the GIants could collapse, they have 6 Games left and a 5-2 Conference Record and play the Packers,Redskins,Saints,Falcons,Ravens and Eagles which is a difficult schedule
    Cowboys have 4-4 NFC Confernce Record and 7 Games remaining

    The Redksins will be big players on deciding on who wins the NFC East

  12. For the finale! The Seahawks and the Pack finish tied for the wild card at 10-6. Based on the catch that wasn’t, the ‘Hawks get the five seed and the Pack finishes at six. Who cares? The Pack still makes the playoffs right? We care because instead of Aaron Rodgers, we get the Seahawks, a 2-6 road team at the Linc. Reid even manages to win his first playoff game in four years. The dream ends the next week in Chicago. Is this “significant improvement?” Jeffrey Lurie certainly thinks so. THREE YEAR EXTENSION!!!

  13. Paul…if you read my post you see that in my scenario, conference record is irrelevant. It is NOT the third tie breaker. Common opponents is.

  14. None of this matters Jbird..
    Eagles are simply not good enough, why go thru the million scenario’s when it’s not going to happen..The Eagles Francjhise, Coaches and Players do not deserve any Post-Season, just like last Season.. The Season is over for all intents and purposes by the 1st Weekend in November as it was last Season.. You guys can keep hanging onto your hopes but not me, I gave up on this Team 3 Years ago as they cannot win against the Good Teams with Coach AR at the helm (take away Division Wins versus the GIants in which which the Eagles have hiostorically played well against) what other Above .500 Team have they beaten over the last few Seasons.. That’s right not many..

  15. Hi Gary. You said:

    “The one pick-six he threw was an off target pass on a slant route that was clearly behind DeSean Jackson.”

    I think you are talking about the pass that hit DeSean in his hands and the ball bounced off his hands ?

  16. Paul….I totally agree. They suck and cannot beat quality teams. Reid can’t beat elite QBs or top defenses. They will never go anywhere with Reid. He keeps getting worse as the years go by and I seriously doubt he has another rabbit to pull out of his huge ass anymore. I was just writing out of boredom on what could be mostly because I am scared to pronounce him dead yet. I wish he was (obviously as a coach not as a person where I wish him the best) but at the moment he is still fading on life support. Almost, but not quite, dead. I would like it to be over this week but I think he lives a while longer.

  17. And we can all say the same thing about the Browns LB dropping a Vick Pass for an INT that would have lost the Browns game or the bogus Offensive INterference Call against WR Jacoby Jones when he smoked CB Asmo for a 2nd TD on a 3rd & 12 Play which would have won the game for the Ravens..

    Can we all be a little real here, this Eagles Team is simply not a good Team from the GM, Coaching Staff and most of it’s Roster..
    There are about 4-5 Players out the 53 man Roster who are playing hard and well… RB McCoy, DT F Clox, LB Ryans, and maybe Punter McBriar and LS J Donebros..
    WR’s D-JAx/Maclin has some numbers but to say they are playing anywhere near a Pro-Bowl Level is a laugh… Celek, Herremans,VIck have all struggled most of the Season.. DE Cole & Babin are the known as the “Nowhere Men”, Kendricks started fast but has hit Rookie Wall and has struggled the last few weeks, C Jenkins is too bottom heavy and has lost his explosion and seems to always be playing from behind the play..
    CB’s Asmo is the most-overrated player in the NFL hands down..
    DRC has had his moments, but still loses focus, and can’t tackle and will not be worth the $8-$10 Million per Year that he will be looking for in Free-Agency
    CB Boykin looks out of place and overmatched playing the Slot CB and has been taken advantage by every O/Coordinator and QB as a Target on 3rd Downs all Season long (Boynkin needs to be moved to the outside CB which is where he belongs and which I have said since Summer Camp, trying him at Slot CB was another dumb move)
    Safeties Coleman and Allen are simply adequate but at not playmakers..
    Coleman is more physical, but lacks the speed in pass coverages
    Allen is quicker, but lacks the physical part of the game and misses too many tackles

    All in all, this Team needs upgrades along the QB,OL,TE,WR,DL,LB,CB abd Safety.. which is about the entire roster…
    Outside of the RB Position, they need help everyone else

  18. Coach AR will finish the Season out, no doubt about that
    Nothings gained by canning him now, why have a Interim HC (like a MM) who is also going to gt canned after the Season,
    Owner Lurie has seen enough this Season and will announce the dismissal of the entire staff come Dec 31st (Monday after the final game of the Season)

    I just hope he and Roseman (who unfortuntately will stay with the Eagles since he has 4 more years on his Contract) are talking to people and making plans now for the Off-Season.. I wish Lurie would attempt to hire a BIl Polian even as an Advisor to get this Franchise back on solid footing and maybe develop a solid 2 year plan as far as hiring a Coaching Staff, Analyzing Player Personnel and help mold a new vision and philosophy for organization moving forward
    My biggest fear to be honest with you, is Lurie relying and having Roseman make these decisions which would be a huge mistake and would set this Franchise form being mediocre (which it’s has been the last 3-4 Years) to a bad one in a hurry… Roseman cannot set a philosophy/vision, Lurie needs a real Football person to at the minimum help to develop and consult .. A Polian, Mike Mayock, or a Tony Dungy, Herm Edwards and even a Ron Jaworski would be an improvement over an overmatched Howie Roseman

  19. In truth how could you have faith in a rookie quarterback, who gets in the game and throws one pick-six and almost throws two or three others.” Bingo.

    Great work G…. it seems you have watched the game from Sunday…. there are several here seem to have not.

    Going forward, i will be looking to see Foles can command this O. We really need to show the new coach (wherever he may be) what we’ve got in the young qb. Hopefully the oline will give THIS qb more time than the last.

    • Ummm….and how could anyone have faith in the 10 year Vet that was doing the same thing every game?

      At least it was the only kids’ 1st half in the league….not his second decade.

      If he’s still doing that 10 – 16 games from now, then its time to lose faith.

      • I dont have faith in him. I never did. Thats the point that you seem to have missed from day 1. It was never about Mike Vick for me. It was about me being “real” about this team, whereas you will never be. I had seen potential in him…. i still think he could be a great player IF…… the problem is…. there are WAYYYY too many if’s for this guy. All i had said about last year was that the TEAM blew it. Bounces off Avants hand over and over again…. Djax and his problems……. wide 9 without LB’s…….. Juan the terrible….. the rotating RG and MLB….. Rb brown throw backs….. Vince Young comments…….. DT problems……4th q break downs….

        and that was just LAST year.

        • U try and lump stuff together like……

          If foles does well it means its all Vicks fault. This is bogus.

          Im rooting for the kid… i am.. But im going to be real about it. He’s going to struggle… he’s a rook!! But now that the season is over, its time to see what he can do.

  20. Paul…I totally agree. Do you have any hope for Foles or is he a career backup? I think Peters will never be a PB player again but merely adequate like Thomas was his last few years. Mathis is fine for now. Kelce is a question mark with Mudd gone so he better hit the weight room. Watkins is a bust and needs to go. Herremans is too much of a stiff to play OT and needs to be put back at OG with a substantial pay cut. I am torn as to whether we draft a really good RT that can be moved to the left in a couple years or a CB to replace Asmo. I think we keep DRC but he is not getting more than six million here or anywhere else. Do we draft the OT and put Boykin on the other side? He is very short. The receivers are fine for now but Maclin blew his pay day. He will be forced to play without an extension or take way less than he hoped next year. I think a new coach will want a bigger WR and depending on where they pick, that could be in play in the first round as well. And obviously it comes down to BPA.
    Defense is a collection of tin men. Ryans is good and has 2-3 years left to help mold a young defense. Cox, Graham, Curry amd Kendricks are probably what you build around. DRC, Coleman and Boykin stay in some capacity. I think they will try hard to replace Allen in FA if they can. Asmo, Jenkins and Babin are gone and Cole probably sticks around one more year. He won’t help much but he will still be here unfortunately while the young guys develop. I wonder if they pursue a proven kick returner in FA?? Your thoughts?

  21. Welcome Vickryder! really enjoyed reading your first posts. Very, very informative.

    I’d like to let you know, that when people come in here and write meaningless, or ridiculous balnket statements, I usually rip them apart. For fun.

    For example, you said:

    “I gave them another chance after they got rid of Mcnabb which was not a good move.”
    McNabb has been cut from 3 teams in 3 years. Now he’s a 300 lb analyst on the NFL network. He was a great qb for the Eagles, but was finished around 2006. Happens, esp to running QBs.

    See? That’s what I do. That was pretty mild. SOmetimes though I get a little more agressive….like when people say stupid blanket statements like:

    “This is Mcnab/kolb all over again. No matter who the qb is,same results. Trouble scoring in the redzone,predictable play calling,dumb clock management.”
    Which is weird because the Eagles didn’t once take an unnecessary timout when Foles was under centre. The Eagles were in the redzone 2x under Foles and scored on both trips. A TD and a FG.

    “He (VIck) put us in position to win atleast 4 of them.”
    The problem is he also put the other team in position to win all 4 of them.

    “He (Foles) went out there and played horrible.”
    Actually, he played very well. His numbers and accomplishments in his first start match up extremely well against the first games of many of his peers.

    “Floats the ball up the air where it can be intercepted. Shouldve been picked off 4 times.”
    So I suppose you would have benched Luck after he threw 3 ints in his first game? Benched Manning who threw 3 ints, benmched Manning II when he threw 2ints…..not saying Foles is going to be as good as them, but every rookie QB throws ints. A team must be patient in that regard…..FOles will throw 4ints in a game…probably this year….overraction is not advised.

    NAd the most ridiculous:
    “when all of brees recievers are like 6’5′, 6’6 and 6’7. The same with Rodgers.”

    GB WRS Finley 6’5″, Nelson 6’3″, Driver 6′ 0″, Jennings 5′ 11″, Cobb 5’10”,
    NO WRS Graham 6’7″, Colston 6′ 4″,Henderson 5′ 11″,Moore 5′ 9″,
    Phil WRS Celek 6’5″, Cooper 6′ 3″, Maclin 6’0″, Avant 6′ 0″, Desean 5′ 10″,

    Ya. Big differences across the board there.

    SO again, welcome aboard Vicklover, or whatever your name is….but if you’re going to come in here….please don’t come in with any more of your weak-assed blanket statemnt shit.

    • Vinnie if you think the fans in this town will be patient with any QB you are crazy. If Foles is the next big thing he better not throw 4 ints in a game. As you told me before nobody in Philly cares about other QB’s because we are Eagles fans so who gives a damn about Luck, Manning, Brees or Rodgers they don’t play here.

  22. Jbird….. It has to be OT in round 1 unless we find ourselves in the spot to land a QB (im hoping Foles shows us he’s the guy). They have to move heaven and earth to rebuild this Oline… it HAS TO BE THE STRENGTH of our team next year… otherwise it wont matter who’s under center again… just like this year. My hope is that we see Peters, Mathis, FA center, Herm, 1st round pick. Let watkins and kelce back people up. On D…. i want to know where Curry has been… what do we have in Curry? We have enough boddies at the DE position to see what shakes out. I disagree with Paul about Cox… i want him to stay at DT.

    Its all about the lines next year… build from the lines out. Id also like to see more from our back up RB’s these next few weeks… i would like to see us become a power rushing team and give Foles weapons like BC and Shady in the passing game. btw…. i bet $100 andy cant even spell the word Fullback.

  23. Stevo….I don’t know who is coming out, but what about a stud 6’4″, 220 lb WR with sub 4.4 speed in the 1st round. Make Maclin the no. 2 that he really is and put D Jack at no. 3/PR? You can run a lot of three WR sets and spread the D for Shady. Then just grab a decent FA RT for now. I don’t want to reach for an OT in the first. If we have a chance to get Jonathan Ogden or Orlando Pace or Walter Jones I wouldn’t pass it up. But I’m not giving up an AJ Greene to draft Trent Williams. Know what I mean??

  24. Jbird. For my money…. in the draft we go Oline in round 1 FOR SURE. The problem with this team right now is that we have lots of salt and ketchup but no beef. It would be great to have a 7’11 WR with great hands and 4.1 speed and is 275 pounds but…… thats not going to buy the QB time to get the ball to him. I would look to FA if we are trying to add THAT guy but… we need to land a RT STAT.

  25. Stevo….Yeah Bowe might be available in FA this year. I would like to get a FS in FA if there is one. Jarius Byrd is there if Buffalo doesn’t franchise him. I don’t know why they would. They suck too bad to worry about FS and over spending in that area. They are not big spenders anyway.

  26. Stevo….you clear a lot of cap if Foles is your QB and you dump Vick, Babin, Asmo and Jenkins salary plus cut Herremans pay in half. We could have plenty to sign both Bowe and Byrd then draft your OT.

  27. Top 3 OT’s they will go first and should be Starters from Day 1 In the NFL are as follows (I personally like the Matthews kid and see him as a 10 Year Starter at RT) and then move Herremans to RG and then have Watkins as back-up to either Herremans/Mathis in case of injury

    1) Luke Joeckel Texas A&M 6-6 310lbs (Probably a Top 5-6 Pick and a LT)
    2) Tyler Lewan Michigan 6-7 310lbs (Probably an 8th-12th Pick and a RT/LT)
    3) Jake Matthews Texas A&M 6-5 305lbs (Probably 15-18th Pick and a RT)

    This is a pretty Deep Draft for RT/OG Positions that has a good 12-15 Prospects within the Top 3 Rounds (Top 100 PIcks)

    These 3 I listed above should all be Day 1 Starters in the NFL
    the others OT’s in the 2nd/3rd Rounds may need a Year or so to Develop before being Starter Material

    • Uhhh…I’ll take that nasty OT Tackle out of Michigan..dude gotta lil Jon Ruyan in him ( before the politics tho )
      We need to get that nasty back on the line

  28. Good work Paul. Thats where im drafting if im the birds. About Bowe… i dont know…. we have so many needs on this team that spending alot of money on a WR seems a bit much. But… we shall see. Jackson gets paid.. Jmak would want a good deal and then we go and get a #1 WR… AND we want to run the ball more. This does not sound like a happy WR core to me.

  29. Would proably only really make sense to add Bowe but then let Maclin walk
    No way they are going to take on 3 Big Salaries at the WR position..
    Maclin is very replaceable in my opinion and not worth the $8-$10 Million a Year that he’s probably looking for …You look around the NFL, there are a lot of good WR’s

  30. I agree Paul. And its a bit of a shame because i think he’s a good player… there are several teams i think he would be a star on but…. we need a bigger WR IMO.

  31. Paul and Stevo….I was thinking we sign Bowe because D Jack deal is escapable after 2013 with little finincial hit. Maclin can then either take what a 60 catch, six TD WR makes after this year or he can take his chances and “prove it” next year. If he balls out, we cut D Jack and he gets some money. If he continues to fail to break through, he can walk. Nothing wrong with a little healthy competition for the no. 2 WR job. Put up or back your bags!

  32. Eagles fucked up and signed Desean over Vincent Jackson. Bowe will not wear an Eagles reason next year for a lot of reasons.

  33. A lot will depend on who the next HC and what their Philosophy is..
    If a Run-First or even a more Balanced HC and OC comes in , then their isn’t the need to have all these smaller,but fast WR’s on your Roster and would probably replace some of these Smaller WR’s with Bigger,More physical WR’s to help in blocking or for the Red-ZOne..
    I recall stating about 3 Seasons ago and still stand by it, that D-Jax could play 40 Snaps a game on Offense and put up the same amount of #’s Stats and Production.. He still is not an everydown WR to me for he’s basically useless once the Offense is within the 25 Yard line.. Out in the middle of the field and in your own zone is where I would play him, but once in the Red-Zone, he would be on the sideline.

  34. Paul….so you would go along with signing Bowe because he blocks and makes plays in the RZ and God knows it sucks to be a Chief unless you love BBQ that much. I think you cut D Jack after 2013 and Maclin makes a nice no. 2 posession WR for less money. He is not getting near 8-10. D Jack made two PBs and averaged twenty a catch for that money. Maclin has no grounds for such a contract. 19th pick in the draft with pedestrian numbers and no PBs. Also frequently injured.

  35. paulman if Gruden comes in how confident will you be as a fan? He did really well in Tampa coaching Dungy’s players but he scares me because for a QB guru he never actually drafted or acquired one worth anything.

  36. biglion… in grudens defense they gave up 2 first round picks and I believe 2 second round picks to get gruden… so that crippled any significant chance of having a good draft class the first few years he got there.

    That combined with they had all late round picks due to success, it is hard to put that blame solely on him

  37. ill just say this…. If Gruden comes in here…. we arent rebuilding… we are putting a new guy at the top because we believe we can win with what we have after you add an Olineman or 2 and guy a guy here or there. You dont rebuild with Gruden.

    If they dont go gruden i think they begin to rebuild… I think they bring in someone from the D side of the ball. Could you imagine what would happen if Lurie decided to hire the HC from within? holy cow…. riots.. haha.

  38. Paul…..if we do the absolutely wrong thing and hire Chip Kelly, he will keep Maclin and Jackson and D Johnson and another smurf and just go no huddle all day with no TE/FB. And that will work for about half a season.

  39. You are correct Zoltek forgot about that, @Stevo I agree with you Gruden equals reloading anyone else rebuilding.

  40. NO CHIP KELLY!!!! PLZ!!!!

  41. Stevo…..D guy worries me. A lot of them want to go 3-4 and we have NO ONE for that type of defense so its a total rebuild and it will take five years. I think we have enough to be competitive right now. It just takes an attitude adjustment and losing all these mercenaries with a loser mentality (Asmo, Babin, etc.). Look what Harbaugh did with guys that were 5-11 for years. He simplified things and got in their ass and made them believe they could win. Gruden could do that. He would demand execution and attention to detail. He would ream them for stupid mistakes. He would give them an attitude and let them know that his guys are going to fight or pack their bags because there is accountability from now on. He would run the ball more and get a D coordinator in here that has a clue. We need to stick with the 4-3. We just need a big ugly 325 lb NT, a SAM LB and a safety. Kendricks needs to move to WILL. Give me Bowe, Jarius Byrd, a big DT with absolutely no pass rushing skills that lands in the third round. Draft your OT first and then a LB in the second. Move Boykin to RCB and put Hughes in the slot for now. There, I just rebuilt the team in ten minutes. See how easy that was?

  42. Stevo…..I want a DT that runs a 40 in like ten seconds with a shitty time in the cone drill. Someone who has never been close to a QB unless the QB ran into him. I want him to be able to do 63 reps of 225 and be harder to move off the line than City Hall. Guys like that fall to the third round because everyone wants sack artists. Fuck the sacks! Clog the middle and let Cox clean them up on the cutback.

  43. im with you Jbird. I would like to stick with 4-3 because its what we have but….. MOST of the dominant teams are 3-4’s.

    Im not going to lie… i want wade phillips.. only way we get him is if he was the HC. I dont see it happpening but i would love it.

  44. We just had 14 years of smurfs at WR and the DL
    Coach Chip Kelly is the proto-typical run and shoot spread them out, option type of Offense…
    I want a Pro-Style, Balanced Philosophy that would rely on more controlling the line of scrimmage and a physical style of play on both sides of the ball like
    The Steelers, Ravens, 49ers, Bears, Giants and now even the Texans play as opposed to flash & dash and relying on quick strikes. Or the big play all the time to have a chance of Winning like the Eagles have had the last few seasons
    I realize that the Current Roseter would need a big makeover to accomplish this and would not be opposed to a Re-load of hiring Jon Gruden who could bring his brother Jay Gruden from the Bengaks to be the OC/QB Coach and then hire a real DC like RoN Marinelli who Coached with him as DL Coach on the Bucs and knows the Monte Kiffin System inside and out

  45. With you Jbird. We need a huge Gilbert Brown monster in the middle that swallows up blockers. RBs go in, but they don’t come out.

  46. I think that the roster is going to have a huge makeover Pman, so there is a chance.

  47. Paul….fast DEs are fine but you need beef at DT. No more 298 lb DTs!!! And get me some LBs who can blitz like Seth Joyner. And a safety without an empty sack. Nate Allen has a great future in broadcasting. Good looking and well spoken. If he could only play football!!

  48. I guess it wouldn’t take that long to go 3-4 if we had to. Cox is a stud 3-4 DE. Maybe you keeps Jenkins around another year and he is more effective as a 3-4 DE and a good locker room guy on young team. You then put Kendricks back in the middle with Ryans. But you need the OLBs that can rush and the NG of course. Without the OLBs you have the Jets/Patriots dilema. No rush. I wonder if Hunt could play OLB in a 3-4?

  49. I don’t mind smaller,fast DE’s in obvous passing situations but not as a Base Defense.. This Wide 9 is for the birds literally when going against a decent run team.. All you have to do is pull opposite Guard and kick out the wide 9 DE who basically runs himself out the play, and then you have a lead Guard with momentum taking out a OLB and RB running untouch with a head of stam agains a shaky, non-physical Def Secondary.. Watch the Redksins RB Alferd Morris run wild against this Wide 9, RB Martin from Bucs, RB Williams & Stewart.. It’s a Defensive Flaw, Wide 9 is ok for passing situations but not as a Base Defense

  50. I think Cole,Graham and Hunt could all play OLB as Pass-Rushers..
    (Similar to a Terrell Suggs or a James Harrison who are Pass Rushers and rarely ever drop back in Pass-Coverage), the Key is to move them around and line them up all over the place and have them come from diferent spots/gaps all game long .. Again, you have to be smart about it and know the score and situation.. If your up big, maybe youwant more Pass-Coverage Guys in you LB corp to prevent the big play.. A close game, you unleash 1 or 2 LB’s from the 3-4 Scheme and get after the QB.. .

  51. Pman- and thats what makes me so mad about the Dline….. they wanted to make this a strength and they did… i know they are struggling but this D can get to the QB. BUT….. if you are going to have like 4 starting DE’s… why not have some big ones to clog the run and some fast guys off the edge? y 4 DE’s that are basically the same guy?

  52. and while doing all of those changes on defensive…you would waste the talents of your best player Lesean Mccoy
    keep the 4-3 as is just get more physical players and a coach who demand physical play

  53. Need 3-4 Pieces on Defense to Convert this Eagle Defense an effective 3-4 Scheme as a Base Package
    A big NT, another Big DE (Use Fletcher Cox and C Jenkins as your Starting DE’s in a 3-4).. Add a Big ILB (Manti T’eo with 1st Rd Pick would work)
    and then they need a real Strong Safety (Lot’s of good Safeties in this years Draft)
    In obviousl Passing Situations (2ns or 3rd and Long) you can still bring in pass-rushers and go a 4-3 and move Cox/Jenkins back inside..

  54. Paulman if T’eo is there at our draft spot I draft him in a heartbeat. That dude is physical, smart, plays hard with character and looks like a straight up leader that will be in the league for a long time. Whenever I catch their games he is always making the big plays at the big moments. He obviously is a linebacker but his playmaking instincts remind me a lot of Troy Palumalu. Somehow he just ends up being always around the ball.

    Best possible draft to me as of right now is Manti T’eo in first round. Matt Elam at safety in the second round…

    Sign Wallace or Bowe in FA. (maclin has a low cap number next year and Djax has an easy out of his deal after the next season is over as well…You could have a very good 3 headed core at WR next season for Foles to throw at and then based on next years stats you either cut Djax or let Maclin walk)…

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