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Eagles Should Have Delivered A Message To Orlando Scandrick

On a good football team with tough players who were committed to each other, somebody would have taken out Dallas Cowboys safety Orlando Scandrick before the game was over on Sunday afternoon.   The offensive linemen are supposed to protect their running backs and quarterback.  They should have the attitudes of body guards.

The safety made a play on Eagles star running back LeSean McCoy, which a cheap shot and could have ended the running back’s career.

McCoy caught a screen pass with his back to the defense.  Scandrick recognized the play, then came up from the secondary to make the tackle.  He arrived on the scene before McCoy could turn around.

Normally in a situation like that the defender has the decency to tackle the guy up top so nobody gets hurt.  Instead of doing that, Scandrick went low at McCoy’s legs.  McCoy was able to get his legs off the ground and avoid getting hurt, but it still hurt his legs enough to force him to limp off the field.

McCoy instincts and quickness saved him on that play because somehow he got his legs off the ground.  It was a split second away from being a career ending play.

I mentioned the play to McCoy after the game and he replied while shaking his head, “Yeah, man do you see that.”

No player can totally protect himself if is focusing on the playing the game and not protecting himself.  Somebody should have delivered a message to Scandrick before that game was over.   That says a lot about the Eagles offensive line and the position which this team is currently in. on Facebook

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7 Comments for “Eagles Should Have Delivered A Message To Orlando Scandrick”

  1. Where is Jon Runyan when you need him?………………….

    • Damn! You beat me to it. Runyon was our last tough guy and would never have allowed that to pass without a response. These guys are all cuddly softies.

  2. Eagles have no heart or fight in them,
    A collection of talented players no doubt, but don’t play as a team and don’t have each others back.. A lost locks room, a panicking HC and and a Staff knowing they are on their way out and covering their asses

  3. Runyon was typical Philly mirage. Philly fans are more concerned with thier feelings then actual play. I think Runyon made 1-2 pro-bowls as a alternate. Then I remember when Runyon would anually give up 3 sacks and he was called a warrior. lol. Madden use to slobber over himself with the matchup. I would then say to myself Strahan had 2 1/2 sacks, Strahan had 3 sacks. Thats a good game? Philly fans are more concerned about players that dont practice, or players that throw up, (players that are actually perrineal all-stars and carry a team), they slobber over guys that are avg at best but relate to fans. go figure

  4. Stereotypes are my favorite. Please tell me more about us Dag.

  5. People deal with sterotypes everyday bugsy get over it. And I am very qualified to talk about US. Born and raised in Philly. Sometimes we tend to gravitate towards “imagies”in this city. Ala Buddy Ryan is loved and never won 1 playoff theres he hated ones. Boy werent those some great great years from the little guy who didnt practice. Its been wonderful last 10 years playng “the right way”

  6. Philly Fans are so passionate that they have a tendancy to become too emtionallly attached to certain players and teams.. but really, it’s not thayt unique for Sports Fans all around the Country do this .. Now I live in NC and though I was Born/Raised and Lived in South Jersey (Voorhees) up until I was 25 I see this all around the places I have lived
    Look at NAscar Fans who are die-hards about their Drivers and their Race Teams.. Look at all the Big COlleges here in the SOuth that have die-hard fans,alumni,supporters who live and breath for their Collegiate Sports..
    This is a big thing that the NOrtheast just doesn;t have, they are not quite as into their COllege Football and Basketball as the Rest of the Nation is and probably becasue there are so many other Pro Teams, events in the Northeast.. But going to a big-time College Football Game on a College Campus on a Beautiful Falls Saturday is a great experience ..

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