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What Exactly Is A “Pretty Significant Concussion”?

When I heard Andy Reid describe Michael Vick’s head injury as “pretty significant concussion”, questions starting popping up in my head.  Why didn’t he just say he’s got a concussion and we’ll have to wait and see whether he passes the tests or not?

What is the difference between a “pretty significant concussion” and a “not very significant concussion”?  Is Vick’s injury anything like Danny Watkins’ ankle injury?

Did you hear Reid describing Watkins’ injury?  It was all over the place and hard to even take seriously, especially when you see Watkins walking around the Nova Complex without a limp.  The problem is his inability to move laterally.  Sure.

My instincts tell me that Andy and the staff want to see whether Nick Foles can do the job. on Facebook

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40 Comments for “What Exactly Is A “Pretty Significant Concussion”?”

  1. Its what you call an excuse to sit Vick. Because these dumb eagles fans think Foles is the answer. He went out there and played horrible. Floats the ball up the air where it can be intercepted. Shouldve been picked off 4 times. Gave Dallas 14. Nothing is good about him at all. He proved why he was a back up,nothing more,nothing less. Vick isnt the reason we lost the last 5 games. Andy Reid and the defense is.

    If anything Vick put us in a position to win atleast 4 of the last 5. He always plays dallas and the redskins well. Check his record against them. He was playing well before he got hurt. Foles is a joke. I cant wait to watch him get knocked around. He wouldnt be able to take half the punishment Vick takes. I guarantee you. Then there will be more excuses for the rook the more he F’s up and were mathamatically out of it. We’re still in the playoff hunt, but the fat man wants the rook in,cant wait to see him get crushed.

    Then these so call eagles fans like to compare Vick to brees,when all of brees recievers are like 6’5′, 6’6 and 6’7. The same with Rodgers. The coaches proved how stupid they are and why we havent been scoring in the redzone. What took so long to use Riley Cooper. Vick aint the problem with this team its the coaching. Eagles hadnt been good in the redzone since they had T.O. However any qb that gets knocked on his ass repeatedly as soon as the ball is snapped will make bad decisions. Sensing pressure when its not there,rushing throws,etc,etc.

  2. I think it’s pretty obvious that Coach AR only fleeting chance to
    Save his job rely’s on the right arm of QB Nick Foles
    It’s too late in the season to make any scheme, formation or a philosophy change.. Coach AR is going to play Foles and see what happens, the Team and he personally have nothing to lose at this point, so play the kid and let’s see what happens..

  3. Don’t concussions come in different grades?

  4. I think Reid has accepted the fact that he will not be the head coach of the Eagles in 2013…what I do think Reid is doing is he is being loyal to the organization and Playing Foles for the future…Reid may very well move into the front office and become the Preesident of Football Operations…This owner of this team has not made any football decisions w/o Reid for 14 years He’s comfortable with Andy and genuinely cares for the man along with respecting him…
    Look Foles may or may not be the answer but moving forward without knowing what Foles can do is foolish and not responsible football wise…
    If Andy was trying to protect himself he would say Vick is the starter when healthy to play…If we would have beaten Dallas I think Vick would be the starter this week because there would have been a glimmer of hope but seeing as this season is spiraling out of control there is no need to put Vick back under center.

    • Mostly agreed. though I’m not sure if he was quite ready to make the move to Foles yet…he was probably thiining more week 12 or so (which was my original prediction in September) The injury forced his hand, but now that its played there’s no going back.

      The Reid as President idea is an interesting one and possible I believe.

  5. These posts sound like mcnabb v. Kolb years back, some fans will never support except one type of quarterback

  6. Some would say that Paulman is still recovering long-term effect from my “Significant Concussion” I had back in 1986, when I was playing Hockey…

  7. An Andy Reid labeled “pretty significant concussion” to his quarterback is a fake injury that Reid and Vick talked about and are both on board with him faking it. The conversation went something like this:

    Reid: Look Michael I know you are the best QB in the NFL but I got the owner, the fans and the media breathing on me to start Nick

    Vick: Don’t do me like that coach, I am trying to make that $15 million next year

    Reid: OK here is the solution Michael, fake a concussion, I will sell it to everyone, intentionally fail all your concussion tests, and make the injury linger for months so Lurie will pay you an injury settlement before you get cut, then sign with another team next year shortly after you get the check.

    Vick: Aight

  8. did anyone actually see Vick out last Sunday?

  9. Long sigh.

    Concussions come in degrees. You can have mild concussions, moderate concussions or severe concussions – Vick couldn’t remember what happened in the game and was clearly woozy even after the game. There’s no conspiracy theory here. It’s a pretty significant injury.

  10. I agree. I think he suffered a pretty severe concussion. Remember that brain injuries are cumulative. The effects intensify and it takes less and less impact to induce damage. Just ask Sydney Crosby.

    The blows to Vick’s head may not have looked as powerful as some he’s taken in the past, but they don’t have to be produce the same effect (or worse).

    He’s done for the year.

    In the greatest twist of irony….the Ottawa Rough Riders will be re-launching their CFL franchise in 2014. Can you imagine if (when) he gets selected in the 2013 expansion draft and ends up playing here in my hometown?

    I’ll buy all of you a jersey.

  11. The sad thing is that no one wants to recognize the fact that Vick was playing pretty well before he got knocked out and it’s more likely than not the Eagles would have won that game had VIck been able to finish the game. Bottom line is he wouldn’t have made the number of clearly errant throws Foley made.

    Certainly Foles is a rookie and needs time to develop, but as far as Dallas game #1 of 2012…it would have gone in the “W” column if Vick finishes the game. The loss is squarely on Foley and there’s no way around that fact.

  12. “Bottom line is he wouldn’t have made the number of clearly errant throws Foley made.”

    Bottom line for sure. We certainly haven’t seen any errant throws from Vick this year.

    “it’s more likely than not the Eagles would have won that game had VIck been able to finish the game.”

    It was 7-7 when he left. He had one good scoring drive. Vick had 2 drives after Dallas tied it up. The offense gained 25 yards. “More likely than not” for sure.

    Even without the turnovers, Dallas scored 24 pts. Under Vick, the Eagles have averaged 17 points over the past 16 games. They’ve scored over 24 just 1 time in the last year. So….where exactly do you get the “would have gone into the W column” speculation?

    Still hanging on eh Butch? Let it go man, Vick is finished and the Birds are better for it.

  13. Everything comes back to this, Vick is clearly hurt and won’t be back until he’s better or if Foles implodes. The Dallas game is over Foles didn’t pull it out thanks to the special teams. On to Washington hope the rookie can get a win.

  14. Once again Vick is hurt while “in the pocket”. (Just like every other time he was injured. So much for the critics (Rush Limbaugh and the boys), who said “His ability to throw and run the ball is the reason why he is subject to get hurt.” Don’t mention the pathetic Oline that has allowed him to be hit more times than any Quarterback I’ve seen in the history of football. I’m surprised he’s lasted this long. I’ve read a lot of bad things said about Vick on this site and in the news media, but it can not be denied that the man has “heart” and has shown true courage “under fire” all the while never complaining or blaming the linemen or throwing anyone else under the bus. I must admit I’m dissapointed not ro see the “Big throwdown” between the older Micheal Vick and the new “IO5” RG3 version. It would have been classic.

    • he got hurt on the scramble fyi.
      it would not have been classic. rg3 is not vick! he is/will be 10X better than vick. He is smart, can stand in the pocket and will truly be a conventional as well as unconventional QB– he is more steve young like than vick like.

  15. Deep- i agree.., and thats the position i have taken on here for months. I dont like the mans past…. i was never a Vick fan…. but i will never let my feelings of a person blind my ability to judge the product on the field. Vick has been pounded all year… and not always because he holds it too long. He was named the starter because he can throw the ball deep, make guys miss, take off and fly. They built this team around those things…. all those things take time….. and they have given him one of the worst (if not THE worst) lines i have ever seen. Yes its true….. bell turned out to be a bust…. yes its true….. 4 starters out is not really Andys fault…. BUT…. it doesnt change the fact that Vick has no time…. and that Andy and co should have added more beef to this line.

  16. Vick gets hit because he has no idea where the rush is coming from most times – his pocket awareness sucks and he holds the ball too long as well.

    The proof will be when Folds gets hit about half as much as Vick with the same line in front of him.

  17. Haveacigar, Irish
    You guys have no credability at all. You talk about a four time Pro- Bowler and 2010 MVP candidate as if he were trash. The man has shown what he can do with a half decent line in front of him. It’s obvious your opinions are not shaped by the play on the field but by your own prejudgment mentality.

  18. Vick of 2010 is yesteryear
    Anyone who watched and understands football know that Vick’s play the first 6 weeks of 2011 Season and the first 6 Weeks of the 2012 Season hurt the Eagles much more than helped with his Turnovers,Fumbles,Negative plays
    Both 2011 & 2012 Seasons were over by the 1st Weekend of November and that’s the Reality of the QB Vick Legacy while in Philly.. ..

  19. Any one who appreciates football knows it is the ultimate team sport. In most cases one player hardly ever wins or loses a game by himself. In 2011 the Eagles major problems involved the defense and the Oline was inconsistent during the first half of the season Vick got hurt (broken ribs) again in the pocket, and by the time the Eagles got it all together (by winning the last four games) the season ran out.
    We all saw what happened this year. Vick made turnovers yes but he brought the Eagles back to win in those first three victories and in three of the last five losses, but the defense did not do it’s job. In the Cowboy’s game everything went wrong. After a productive first quarter everything went wrong.
    The Oline fell apart, Vick went down with a concussion, the backup QB gave up two turnovers for 14 points, and special teams chipped in and gave up another 7 for good measure, to lose the game. All this being said I believe if the Eagles would have won had Vick not been hurt. (His rating was about 125 when left the fame
    My point is the team lost the game,but Vick is being scapegoated

  20. I am fond of MAthematics myself, last Season and this Season were both over by the 1st Weekend of Novemeber.. Years they have a slight chance to still make, but they are not any table from anywhere with this Team and yes it takes a total Team/Coaching Staff and Organization to rally and play well as a unit and to pick each other up when one are is struggling.. This Franchise no longer has it but Vick as it;s Franchise QB has played like shit to open up that last 2 Seasons which put them behind the 8 Ball the first 6 Weeks of the Season.. No excuses from any of them, no lock-out, no contract holdouts, no rookie holdouts.. Does anyone just think, that maybe these Eagles are simply not as good as they think they are.. The Bottom half of this Roster is a joke and it’s probably because they have overpaide to Top 10 Players too much to begin with…

  21. Any one who appreciates football knows it is the ultimate team sport. In most cases one player hardly ever wins or loses a game by himself. In 2011 the Eagles major problems involved the defense and the Oline was inconsistent during the first half of the season Vick got hurt (broken ribs) again in the pocket, and by the time the Eagles got it all together (by winning the last four games) the season ran out.
    We all saw what happened this year. Vick made turnovers yes but he brought the Eagles back to win in those first three victories and in three of the last five losses, but the defense did not do it’s job. In the Cowboy’s game everything went wrong. After a productive first quarter the fell apart, Vick went down with a concussion, the backup QB gave up two turnovers for 14 points, and special teams chipped in and gave up another 7 for good measure, to lose the game. All this being said I believe
    if the Eagles would have won had Vick not been hurt. (His rating was about 125 when he left the game.) My point is the team lost the game, but Vick is
    being scapegoated.

    • vick was successful because of unbelievable talent. a QB to be successful and a winner needs other things. football is a team game and a game of adjustments and a great qb makes line of scrimmage adjustments after teams adjust to the offense. the giants filed a blueprint to beat him, since then he has been below average he didn’t adjust back.
      the greats make those reads. my point is rg3 will be able to do it. not him… he got a terrible wonderlick score for a reason

  22. Anyone who watched the Eagles the last 2 Seasons knows that Poor QB play, Poor Decisions, Turnovers, Poor Red-Zone Efficiency, Turnovers, Negative plays
    doomed te Eagles chances for a Winning Team and a chance for the Post-Season.. 2 Years in a Row with QB M Vick at the helm (who happens to be
    10-15 over his last 25 Starts for the Eagles) the Eagles were out of Playoff Contention by the 1st Weekend in NOvember with half the Season to play
    This is Unacceptable as is keeping Coach AR and his entire Staff around..
    This Team has had every opportunity to get off th schnied and get it’s shit together and has failed to do so at every chance ..
    I will continue to repeat , the Eagles Francjhise and Coach AR Demise began the last 2 Games of the 2009 Season when the Eagles lost back to back in blowout, humiliating, poor efforts versus the dreaded Cowboys .. The Eagles Franchise, It’s Coaching Staff and the Players have not been the same since..
    They all continue to talk a big game, but they fail to perform or live up to their talented abilities.. It’t a collection of under-achievers is what the Eagles have become.. Need a complete Regime-Change at the Nova Care Ctr. .

    To even mention that Vick had a 125 QB Rating after a 1 1/2 Quarters of plaing is meaninghless.. This Season was lost when they blew that game at home vers the then 1-3 Lions (just like a Season ago when they blew a 2nd Half lead at home to the 49ers who were still trying to find themselves) and in both cases, the Eagles failed to play for 60 Minutes .. They Suck this year as they did last year and don’t dseserve any post-season or even a .500 Record at this point..

  23. Sorry my iPhone posted twice. I assume most of us are Eagle Fans on this site. We just have different opinions about things . I’ve been following the team for many years. More than I would like to admit. I hate to see the Eagles lose more than any one. One thing I’ve learned during this time is that quality quarterbacks are not easy to find. They come available about once every 10 years. So I’ll just leave you with this one statement. Becareful what you wish

  24. Hmmm be careful what you wish for? Well if I were to wish for a competant superbowl caliber QB It wouldn’t be Mike Vick. I would wish for a guy who can read the blitzes and call audibles….A guy who can go through his progressions and throw to the open man. A man who can adjust to a situation and think on his feet. A man who has a 3-1 or 4-1 TD to Turnover ratio. A QB that will slide to save himself and them team later. A QB that doesnt keep both teams in the game. Your right Deepthreat QB’s like that are few and far between. We haven’t had one behind center the in a long time. Time to see if we got one, or need to keep looking. The goal is a superbowl for the Eagles not saving face for Vick.

  25. I hear you Deepthreat..
    I am not saying Foles will even be an average to good QB let alone an Elite QB. All I do know is that the Franchise is not going anywhere with Vick at the helm. He’s 33 and beat up now after playing the last couple of Seasons and taken a lot of shots.. He still can’t Read NFL Defenses quick enough and his Ball Security is atrocious along with is Decision making as evidence og his 10-15 Record over the last 2 Seasons as a Starter.. It’s over for him Eagles Franchise needs a new Philosophy,a New Coaching Staff and NEw GM/President of Football Operation and new QB.. I am hope that a little short-term anguish this Season finally gets rid of the biggest problem the Eagles have and that’s Coach AR.. I will suffer a year of two of mediocre to poor seasons (for that’s what we’ve been getting here recently anyways) for the promise of a brighter future with a more physcial tough,smart, discplined Team that the EWages were always known for in the past.. Maybe not the most Talented, but smart and tough as nails and we haven;t seen this style of play in the AR Era and they have become more undiscplined, less smart and more arrogant during his tenure which is a reflection on Coach AR ..
    A Team becomes the reflection of it’s Coach and after 14 Years, the Eagles have become a unfocused, undisciplined Team..

  26. Deep threat you are correct good qb’s are RARE!!!! Which is why all the donavon haters are complete idiots. AR reached. Vick is a great story of redemption and I see that AR thought he could make him into RG3 could you imagine Vick if he could have taken his talent and someho learned those other QB things… Reading blitz. Hot receivers etc. with his arm, legs and toughness! That’s what AR saw…. It didn’t work

    • Haveacigar
      I hear you but I think that Reid may have messed Vick up a bit by trying to make him a pocket quarterback. The opposing teams were happy that he stayed in the pocket. They could blitz at will and knew where he would be.
      I think that Reid misused Vick he should have used his talents, rolled him out more. Helping him find passing lanes, and keep his run option. Having sit in the pocket with an open backfield was crazy. Reid’s play calling made Vick ineffective!

  27. Paulman
    I had signed off but I must say I appreciate your candor. You seem sincere and your statements are not the same warmed over rhetoric I hear parroted from most of the Vick detractors. I disagree with you but respect your opinion. My fear is that some “Fans” in their spite for Vick are willing to sacrifice the season and the team in the process.

  28. This franchise is in a tough spot right now, coach in limbo Qb’s unproven in Foles case and much maligned in Vick’s case. You already have a signed and sitting GM so who will want this job? I just hope beyond hope that Foles is the real deal, we know if you surround Vick with the right pieces he will produce regardless what his detractors say, but if Foles is above average then it’s time to move on. Remember if Vick does get back behind center it’s because the coach is here to win now not lose and build for the future.

  29. If fols is Flacco, UD GRAD! Then the eagles are ok, they can be fixed with a new attitude, clean house get rid of the players who lack character. New coach etc. if he is a bust…. Damn we become the browns

  30. and you haveacigar win this round with the correct answer. LOL

  31. But I don’t want tone the browns!!!!! I’m scared!

  32. To Deep
    I have no hatred for QB and his personal story of redemption
    Is moving and a great one. I just don’t care for schoolyard, helter-skeeter type of play, never have when he was a Falcon and not now as an Eagle
    He’s been in this Eagles QB Friendly-System for 4 Years now and we keep hearing and talking about the same deficiencies with his reckless style of play and I am done with it.. I hear what you are saying about Coach AR and MM trying to make him something that’s he not (a rhythm, go thru your progressions pocket QB) but if we know anything about Coach AR & MM system after all these years, is that’s what they run and they stick the next QB in there to run their their system and not develop a new system for who plays QB. McNamara had success, AJ Feely had some, Garcia and even Kolb had some big games in the Eagles System
    Vick just doesn’t get through his reads quick enough to pass the ball to a Receiver in stride. It’s almost that Vick has to see them open first, then delivers the ball which the extra time that it takes the open receiver is now not open, or has to break stride/pattern to catch the ball, now the last couple omf games are not good indicators for much of anything since the OL is a mess right now, but I go back to the end of 2010 after Vicks amazing 6-7 week stretch where Defenses didn’t see him for a couple of years and they adjusted and since then he’s 10-15 with 1playoff loss and no playoffs in 2011 and now this year again
    He’s QB Ranking is poor and his QBR ranking is 27th out of 32 QB’s which measures 3rd Diwn and Red-Efficiency and decision making in key parts and downs of a ball game and he’s among the bottom of the entire NFL
    The proof will be in pudding for after the Eagkes release him this off-Season, I believe there will be very little interest in him around the NFL
    He still has big-play capability, no doubt, but cam he be consistent, manage a game, run 8-9-12 play drives and protect the Football and his last 2 year track record is that he can’t and that’s what it gets down to
    Can he Win you games and with a 10-15 record in his last 2 Seasons
    The conventional wisdom around the NFL is that he cannot..


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