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Eagles-Redskins Pregame Thoughts

Evaluating For The Future

The 2012 season has been a colossal failure. The Eagles are not mathematically eliminated from playoff contention at 3-6, but anyone that believes this group still has any kind of miracle run in them is either insanely optimistic, or hopelessly delusional.

As painful as this season has been to watch…we’ve still got a month and a half to go. How incredible is that? While I can’t speak for everyone, for me personally it feels as though we’ve already played a full season. This has been such a bad year, and it’s amazing to me that we still have to get through seven more weeks of watching this football team.

Fortunately, we now get to watch and evaluate rookie quarterback Nick Foles. With Michael Vick sidelined by a concussion, Foles will get an opportunity to show what he can do and hopefully provide the Eagles with a good idea of whether or not they’ll need to look for a quarterback in next year’s draft.

Foles’ first performance against the Dallas Cowboys provided mixed results. The Arizona product looked very poised at times, and led the offense on a couple of scoring drives while hitting his receivers in stride. But he also had more than his share of downs. He was careless with the football too often, and gave the Cowboys multiple turnover opportunities. Dallas began to do a better job at rushing the rookie, and once that happened the poise that Foles showed early disappeared.

This week, Foles will have the benefit of taking all of the first-team reps. He’ll also face a pathetic Washington Redskins secondary that has gotten torched by opposing passing attacks all year. Let’s see how the 23-year old carries himself on Sunday, and how his teammates respond to him.

How The Eagles Can Beat The Redskins

Nick Foles will need to take advantage of the Redskins’ terrible defensive backs. I want to see the rookie make quick decisions, and run the offense confidently and effectively. The Eagles should try to take advantage of Foles’ height, and run some plays (such as the screen) that they haven’t been able to utilize well with Michael Vick.

Of course, a rather important key to helping a rookie quarterback succeed will be to commit to establishing a running game. Common sense dictates that a head coach that currently holds a 3-6 record (and is in desperate need of a turnaround to save his job) might want to put the football into the hands of his best player.

The Eagles defense hasn’t faced a quarterback like Robert Griffin III all season, and they’ve got to be ready for him. Griffin can hurt you both by air (1,993 yards, eight touchdowns) and by ground (529 yards, six touchdowns). The Redskins don’t have great receivers, but they design a great deal of running plays for their rookie quarterback, making their offense difficult to predict. The Eagles may have to put a spy on Griffin, and they can’t lose containment on him or he’ll gash them in the running game.

The Redskins also have an impressive rookie running back, Alfred Morris. Morris is a powerful running back who is among the league-leaders with 793 yards. The Eagles defenders have struggled with tackling throughout the season, and that is going to have to change or Morris will be able to move the ball at will all day.

Why The Redskins Will Win

I don’t have any reason to believe that the Eagles defense will be able to do what they need to do to shut down the Washington offense.

The Eagles defense has proven over the last month and a half that they can’t rush the passer, they can’t shut down receivers, they can’t stop the run, they don’t tackle well, and they don’t force turnovers.

This is the softest defense of the Andy Reid era, and they haven’t responded at all to new defensive coordinator Todd Bowles. If anything, they’ve gone backwards since the firing of Juan Castillo. This defense was shredded by Matt Ryan and Drew Brees, and I don’t think they’ll be able to effectively handle a dynamic playmaker like RG III.

The defense had a favorable matchup against a Dallas offense that couldn’t run the ball, and had been committing turnovers left and right all year. They ended up letting Felix Jones pick up over 90 total yards against them, and also allowed Tony Romo to play one of his most efficient games of the season.

I see Mike Shanahan wearing the defense down by giving his workhorse Morris a heavy workload, and then turning to Griffin to go for the kill with a big play.

Defensively, the Redskins might not look very good on paper, but they’ve always played the Eagles tough. They know that Andy Reid is going to be tempted to damage them through the air all day, and they’ll try to take advantage of a weak offensive line and sending waves of blitzes at Nick Foles to confuse the rookie and force him into mistakes.

Final Thoughts

I like the Redskins in this game. While they’ve got a losing record, they’re a young team that has been in a lot of close games this season and they seem to be headed in the right direction. They’re also going to be fresh off of their bye week, and they’ll be well prepared to knock off the Eagles in front of their home crowd.

For the Eagles to have a chance in this game, they’re going to have to lean heavily on LeSean McCoy, and if Andy Reid hasn’t done that yet this season I don’t know that he ever will.

I don’t know what to expect from Foles. I think he has a chance to come out and play well, but the amount of mistakes he made against Dallas was troubling. If the offensive line turns in another terrible performance, it could be a very frustrating first start for the rookie.

If there’s one thing I am confident in, its that I know this defense won’t come out and do what it takes to shut down the Washington offense. The Redskins won’t face much resistance from this heartless unit, and I think the young Washington squad comes away with the win tomorrow afternoon.

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118 Comments for “Eagles-Redskins Pregame Thoughts”

  1. I see RB with a big day (125 Yards) and lots of screens, quick outs to WR’
    Josh Morgan and Santana Moss who always plays well versus the Eagle
    And don’t fall asleep with RB Evan Royster out on Screens/Outlet passes in the FlAts. Since TE went down with season ending injury a few weeks back, Rookie TE ( whose name escapes me right now) has been a favorite target of his
    A big white guy with long hair and has been very impressive
    Offensively, the Eagles should put 24-27 Pts on this Redskin Defense who are without their top 3 pass-rushers (Orapko, Kerrigan & Carriker) so even with the OL issues the Eagles have, they should be able to protect QB Foles well enough to make some plays down the field. D-Jax has had big games versus the Redskins in his career and I expect a big game from him, TE Celek and RB McCoy
    Final abalysis is a close game with Special Teams playing a big part and unfortunately, the Eagles return and coverage units are amongst the Leauges worst so I am Calling for a Redskin Victory 27-23 over the Stumbling, struggling Eagles even though Foles ends up playing a good game in his NFL game but not good enough to overcome the Eagkes Defense/Special Teans Play as Eagkes fall to 3-7 and will be 1 week away from being mathematically eliminated for the Post-Season

  2. That’s Redskins RB Morris with a big game running rough-shod thru the Eagles Defense. Eagles Secondary will want no parts of him come 2nd Half

  3. Gdday and welcome to the most important Eagles’ game since 2007. I’m pumped (for the first time in 3 years).

    QB is the most important position n a team and defines the franchises’ direction. Great QBs can turn mediocre coaches into Superbowl winners, but Great coaches cannot overcome terrible QBs.

    In 2007 it was clear that Mcnabb’s skills were in rapid decline. Since that time the Eagles’ braintrust have tried to replace him…first with Kolb (skittish, and clearly injury prone) and then with Vick (doomed from the beginning).

    Both attempts failed miserably.

    This is attempt #3, and it is so crucially important for the franchise going forward.

    Foles succeeds, and we can have a competitive team again in 2014.

    He fails, and we’re looking at a QB selection top 3 in 2014 and a competitive team in 2016 the earliest.

    This is big.

    Best scenario? (and early indicators are positive) He appoints himself well….command of huddle, mostly good decisions, high %, more TDs than turnovers, good yardage….that he lets us know he can succeed in the NFL…..and the Eagles still lose the game.

    Lets go kid…I’m getting old and don;t want to wait till 2016. Gmmie some hope now.

  4. I don’t put any real significance long-term for the Eagles today Vinnie
    It’s Foles first NFL Start with two 3-6 Teams playing
    I am curious to see how the Eagles play of course but win or lose doesn’t mean that much in the big scheme of things. It will be interesting to watch how the Eagles defend RGIII for they face him twice a year for the next 8 seasons or so..

  5. Heres a thought, Eagles are 3-0 this year when McCoy runs the ball 20 or more times and 0-6 when he doesnt, I dont think you have to go to college to figure this out, oh wait, were talking about the Eagles coaching staff, you might have to.

  6. Redskins and every other Team stack the box to take McCoy out of the game and will make Foles have to beat them as other Teams have played the Eagles and take their chances on Vick beating them
    I stated back in Summer that McCoy would not have a huge season like last year due to Teams keying on McCoy and taking their chances with shaky pass-protection and QB play, McCoy will get his touches and yards, but until they get good consistent QB & Receiver play, mcCoys big play capability will be more limited since Teans no longer fear the Eagles Passing attack

  7. The actual game is of little significance…in fact an arguement can be made that losing would be better long term….but how Foles looks is of incredible importance going forward.

  8. Add Celek to the scrap heap. That ball hit his hands

  9. Would be nice if the team could try to help the rook out a bit. SOlid drive being ruined

  10. Interceptions on 3rd and 21 are bad, but not back breaking

  11. Could the D:

    a)..take beter angles…I mean 95 just gave up the sideline to RGIII

    b) stop with the wimpy arm tackles

  12. Nmandi gets ripped a lot, but I can’t see how that was his fault.

  13. Lmao…first game this season Vinnie has criticized the D

  14. Celek- cut
    Allen- cut
    Bell- cut
    Avant – cut
    Asmo- searous pay cut
    Babin- searous pay cut
    I don’t know what to say about drc?

    Andy Reid’s demise is not play calling, it’s his lack of talent evaluation. I could play safety on this team and I’m 40lbs over weight.

  15. Foles is proving how good Mike vick really is right now..

    • Dude, get off of Vicks nuts! Are you snorting bath salts?!? WTF GOOD has Vick shown? Nitwit!!! He BLOWS like the rest of these afterbirth’s!!! Foles included! Just STFU, with the Vick slurping, already! He done! This team is just flat out AWFUL!!!!!!

    • Put the bong down, Foles is sliding the pocket. He ain’t great but Vicks defeciences are highlighted. Another celek drop

  16. Foles sucks just like i said.. This is awful. Youre an idiot vinnie that knows nothing about football. Dont even respond to my messeges. Infact go get me a beer , beer bitch

  17. It’s like a long punt Vinnie,
    You can’t expect a Rookie QB in his first start performance dictate any long term plan for the Eagle, I don’t think anyone can evaluate how a QB is going to pan out in his first game.. Give him the final 7 games and then we have a decent sample of what the kid can do but the way this entire team is playing right now, I don’t think it matters much come 2013 when the Eagkes have a new Coaching Staff, new philosophy and schemes.. I just want to see Fojds progress week by week and see improvement as he goes along but I am not going to get excited or hold a lot of stock for future success piling with a bunch of teamnatems/ coaches who are planning their offseason trios already and haven thrown in the towel on each other and the Coaches

  18. and with 4th pick in 2013 NFL draft the Philadelphia Eagles select Geno Smith ,West Virgina

  19. For all of you idiots quarterbacks arent groomed anymore theyre expected to come in and play.. stop living in the 80s.. its do or die

  20. FOles has drop back to pass 23x this half…of those…2 were “bad” decisions

    throw 10 – deep to no one pick on 3rd and 21…though it didn;t hurt
    throw 21 – screen to McCoy that had no chance

    21 other throws were solid decisions. That is very good.

  21. Also find it weird that he’s been sacked once, and been on the turf only 2x.

  22. Add Vick, Asmo and Vabin to your cuts Frank
    You don’t bring back Veteran players on the wrong side of 30
    Pay cut or not never happens, you cut the chord and move on
    See Westbrrok, tea Thomas, D McNabb, Dawkins, Janall Jackson,
    As examples

  23. No way eagles take smith.

  24. To Vinnie
    The most important game of this 2012 Season was a few weeks back
    Versus the Saints and the Sagles failed to once again rise to the occasion
    The Season has been a lost one ever since for all intents and purposes

  25. This team is a cruel, sick, JOKE!!! What a complete waste, & embarrassment, most of these wastes of sperm are! They must overhaul, this entire team!!!! I’m ashamed to be a Birds fan right now!!!! What a disgrace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FU REID!!!!!!!

  26. no qb is coming in the draft….Foles is showing enough to get a shot next year……..good decisions….good awareness……GREAT pocket awareness……good presnap awareness (audible to cooper)….command of huddle/playcalls…….

  27. As I watch another debacle, I have now reached the stage where I feel sorry for Andy Reid.Because today is not coaching. This team is short on talent and not very bright. How do you leave these receivers this wide open? Shady fumbles! Two more interceptions. This team is stupid! Does the defense not know what coverages they are in? It appears they’ re trying to run the ball(Brown looks good today) but now that they are behind they will have to try and throw the ball behind an untalented offensive line who can not pass protect. The end of the season cannot come fast enough. Andy you shouldn’t have to go out this way. You are to blame for certain things but nor for today.

  28. I hate andy reid the play calling sucks ass all you people want to point at vick about his play now look at whats going on who are u going to be mad at now

  29. just stop Vinnie, doesn’t matter who the QB is this team is bad. I could care less how Foles looks it’s about winning right now not some mythical let’s get ready for next year nonsense.

  30. Eagles will be the basement Team of the NFC East for the next few seasons
    Teams needs to upgrade/replace about half it’s roster
    Redskins are young and a rising Team in the East (they have 3 Pro-Bowlers out all season too in De/Olb Orapko, Kerrigan and TE Fred Savis and I didn’t read or hear much whining from their club and coaches
    Giants are the class of the division due to great coaching, front office and a winning tradition and sound football philosophy
    Eagles are on their way down and fast. It’s going to be a couple ugly years my friends and probably worse than 2011 was..

    • You said it ” the Giants are the class because of great coaching and a front office that knows what they are doing. The birds need to can Howie Roseman when the let Reid go and the next personnel guy needs to come from the Giants, Steelers, Packers or the Texans. Somebody that has a winning philosophy background.

  31. by the way I think Foles can play but he cannot do anything consistent behind this trulf offensive line.

  32. Geno Smith has cooled considerably Fter a hot start to his Senior Season
    I am not sold on him being a Lro-Style Behind the Center type of QB that you need to be in the NFL
    He’s another product of a spread offense in College that puts ups great #’s but can’t get it down against the better and more physical defenses that he will see at the NFL, I would stay away him

  33. Vinnie, please stop! You’re trying too hard! He looks mediocre at best. Just because he looks a hair better than Vick, ain’t making him the savior. This team is horrific, in all areas, & facets of the game! This team needs to be nuked, & it is going to take a few years to rebuild this slop!!!!!!!!!!


  35. Can I repeat that this is his first ever start in the league?

    What do you want in a first start, knowing beforehand that its going to be a loss (rookie QBs lose something like 90% of their first starts throughout NFL history)

    Command of offense – check
    Good decisions – check
    Can make all throws – check

    He’s playing beautifully for his first start dumbass

    • Vin, I love ya Bro, but WTF are you watching?!? He has made some poor decisions. Has NOT played beautifully!!!! You are the only F^#@ING DUMB@$$!!!! AGAIN, WTF ARE YOU WATCHING?!? BTW, THIS DF IS HORRID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Ooohhh weee….we puttin up pts today…

  37. Look at the dysfunctional Redskins offense….I’m not suprised…the guy running the show is 10 games in…our guy is 1 game in…,

    ugh…more defenders taking bad angles…..why Nmandi attack in you gotta know RGIII is going to the sideline….

  38. The rookie led offense had 7 points today (not off turnovers inside redzone)….so why is anyone suprised that our rookie led offense has 6???

  39. It is his first start so everybody needs to calm down. Are there mistakes, absolutely. Was anyone expecting a win today really? This team cannot tackle cannot cover, cannot get to the QB , the special teams cannot cover and cannot return the ball and the offense can move between the 20’s but cannot punch it in. The problems go way beyond Foles. Let’s give him the rest of the year at least to get a firm evaluation on him before we anoint him as a success or failure.

  40. Now if you want to give RGIII credit for a complete fluck “bomb” td….go ahead….

    This Eagles team needs a lot of work. A lot.

    But right now the QB is playing well for his first start.

  41. Oh by the way did I mention undisciplined! Another penalty! This is a Reid /coaching problem. Has been this way for several years. Really Boykin or Coleman could not knock this down! I know the defense doesn’t generate turnovers but don’t they teach knocking down passes in practice. Unbelievable!

  42. At least we’re not losing 13-0 to the Browns at home

  43. Paul, i thought Vick was as good as gone after the New Orleans game. Vick is not completely to blame for this sorry team. But if you don’t think he played a large part, I don’t want you working for me or with me. Because you my friends are idiots.

  44. Did you see foles make that check too riley cooper on the second or third drive? Mike Vick would not be able to do that. Foles is a rook and he was able to make that. What does that say for Vick?

  45. Silver lining! Browns beating the Cowboys. The stinking Browns. I would love to see Jerry Jones’ face if that holds up.

  46. Undiscilplined. Darryl Tapp! Why is this guy still on the team?

  47. excellent analysis daggolden. You should be on TV.

  48. You will never change the Vick lovers. Just think the evaluation is Foles sucks after 3 quarters of his first game! Vick has sucked his entire career.

  49. Who thought that the Eagles Secondary could be worse with Dmirtri Paterson and Sean Jones as Starters a few years back.. This is the worse Eagles Secondary in about 20 years bar none.. Both CB’s can’t or won’t tackle, both Safeties look lost in Pass Covreage and together as a unit look horrible as this entire Defense Does.. Isn’t it funny that the Players who were complaing about Castillo (Asmo,Babin,Cole,etc,etc) have been playing worse under Bowles…
    Maybe old Juan was doing his best to hide and cover for these “frauds” which all of these PLayers have big contracts and should not figure in Future Plans… Trent COle is working on his Dee-Hunting Trip and mails in it every Mid- November until the end of the Season every year.. I hate this 2012 Eagle Team, even more that the 2011 Team who I didn’t care for..They have a bunch or wussy,overpaid-over-hyped players who continue to be in denial in thinkink they are a better Team then their record reflect.. I have news for you ass-clowes.. They are what they are which is a bad football team, undisciplined,unfocused and playing for their own asses right now and you know what, I am kind of happy to see this all coming for it’s been boiling up the lat few yars … Coach AR should have been fired after those back to back Season ending Losses to the Cowboys that ended the McNAbb Era in 2009.. This was the time to re-tool the organization and here we are 3 years later and keep finding bottom-level to hit as a Team.. They deserve the embarrasment and humiliation for they have failed all season to play with a sense of urgency, team first or a to give a dam…. Screw them all…

  50. Marcus Vick is right in asking for a trade for his brother. The problem? No one will trade for him. They will pick him up after he is released and tell him to take a seat on the bench and we will call your number if the starter gets hurt.

  51. The unfortunate thing is the Eagles are stuck with some of these contracts on defense. The only keepers are Cox, Ryans,Kendricks and Boykin. Everyone else could be changed out.The draft needs to be heavy on defense.

  52. Nothing to see here. Same oline.. same d… same team… wont matter who is under center if they cant fix these problems. Keep talking about the qb boys… like it even matters.

  53. Robert Griffin is 12-13 174 yards and 3 touchdowns ..insane numbers

  54. 4th or 5th “drop” when a wr/te gets hit. Step up.

    It is distinctly possible the Eagles go DB with the first pick in the draft.

    Both DRC and Nnamdi have to go….

    New record for holding penalties?

    on the flip side…why isn’t Foles getting hit like Vick does I wonder?

  55. If you think were keeping foles as starter youre an idiot

  56. NICK FOLES SUCKS! As i said before this game. He is no way shape or form better than Vick,only an idiot,would lead themselves to believe it. You bashed Vick dennis or whatever your name is,you have your own personal vendetta against him. Ive read your little blogs or whatever and you never made any sense. That Foles experiment failed. You same idiotic Eagles fans wanted kolb over Mcnabb like you want Foles over vick. I dont believe Vick is hurt and couldve played this game,thats popular among coaches for the Eagles to always say a player is hurt when theyre bench. Foles sucks,Andy and Marty are the REAL problem idiots. Ive been saying it all season,its not Vicks fault. Becareful what you wish for. You begged for Foles and you got himmLMAO idiots

    • You are so ready to write Foles off. Please list Vick’s accomplishments since he has been in the league? You know things like Championships won, division titles won. I will even allow you a Dan Marino type stat. Lead the league in passing, TD passes thrown. Waiting…….

    • Vick got his head caved in last week. He’ll be lucky to play again this year. That’s some serious conspiracy theory talk you have going there, that Reid is benching his favorite QB project by having him fake an injury.

      Maybe the real problem is Reid has lost it and his team sucks, not which QB we send out to get sacrificed any particular week.

  57. “He is no way shape or form better than Vick”

    except he’s played 5 quarters instead of 10 years.

    Good to know you think the 2 are about the same. Glad we’re comparing Vick to a raw 3rd round pick.

    Go back to your bedroom, hold your Vick blankie tight, suck your thumb and hope the bad Vick haters go away.

  58. The Foles experiment failed? You are joking I would assume. One game with a bunch of quitters on his team and it’s over?

  59. Vinnie …i see what you mean about how this team will “better” with foles under center.

  60. 6 points vs worst defense in NFL. Sacks, Fumbles, INTS. Status Quo No excuses about coaching or oline.

    • y…and your favourite hero put up 13 against the absolute worst D in the league 2 weeks ago.

      I’ll take the kid who does the smae thing over the 10 year vet any day.

      this team is a disaster and needs multiple changes. They’ve made one positive step in the right direction (QB) In the offseason begins the OL, DL,DB and WR overhaul

  61. rg3 is 13-14 191 yards and 4 touchdowns….. my god.. we gotta draft somebody

  62. How can you judge any QB on this team? Its not gonna get better next week or the following week no matter who the QB is. The oline will suck next week. The defense will suck next week. The only thing some fans have ever said was NO QB can succeed in this offense. Thats all anyone ever said. To blame any QB is ridiculous.

    • Wait didn’t you say earlier that Foles sucks? If you didn’t I apologize. But that is all the rest of us is asking. Let’s let him play for the remainder of the year before an evaluation is made.

  63. I dont want to be ASU to the redskins Baylor for the next 5-6 years. get foles that goofy bastard outtaaa heeere

  64. So sad that you chumps make it vick against foles. I support them both. They wear green. But the point remains… this TEAM sucks.

  65. It is time to fire Castillo this defense has no heart or character. Who will babin blame? I think the guys in the stands with pig noses have distracted this defense

  66. I think we need to draft Geno Smith..

  67. I will second Stevo’s comment. This TEAM sucks. It is not one player. This arrogant organization has over valued the talent. This team needs a MAJOR overhaul. Please Mr.Lurie once you clean house do start off the new era with conversation about winning championships. I will even let you quote me “our goal is to win a championship.( One!)

  68. Well my 44-13 Skins win prediction almost happened.

    anyway….where’s the quick release we were hearing about concerning Foles?

    Where’s the smart play?

    Think twice before you wish this guy as the future.

    He’s a damn bum!

    Kolb is better than him and Kolb is a definate bum

    • Umm…there was a very quick release and the 1st half was full of very smart play. Too bad he couldn;t put much together in the 2nd half…but this team quits early

    • Really another genius talent evaluator. Kolb doesn’t even start in Arizona! This is his FIRST start! Vick fan maybe? I will repeat my earlier question. Please list Vick’s accomplishments since he has been in the league. The TEAM stinks.

    • LOL. Come on Songs, let’s just give the rookie a chance. We may have no other choice LOL. But it doesn’t have to be a “I like Vick so I must hate Foles” thing or vice versa.

  69. ugh…never drop your head. McCoy out next week

    Cleveland had 1st and goal with 2 mins to go and didn;t score. Downer

  70. Cannot wait for the post game show on CSN. This is going to be fun! Gotta tell you it is kind of fascinating, like watching an accident take place in front of you.
    Who do we rip this week? What will Andy’s demeanor be? I bet he will be like a mugging victim, disoriented not knowing what to do.

  71. Vinnie you are truly sad, we have been saying no Qb will succeed with this line and system. Only you see it as a Vick issue. Foles showed nothing today and it’s not his fsilt because his o-line is pop warner like.

  72. I’m going to preface this by saying I always support the players who put on an Eagles jersey and never overly bash 1 player no matter how bad they play.

    Honestly, for a fresh start for next year, I don’t want Vick either. I want a new coach and QB duo. Vick has never been a great QB in his career. A great athlete but not a great QB. He’s old and has reach his ceiling. Sure he can probably be better with a different team but this team will be in a different place where you’re rebuilding and not holding on to the old QB. The o-line is terrible but Vick has his faults (careless with the ball, not protecting himself, blitz recognition) and he’s not going to correct them at this point. I’m sorry, I just can’t sit here and act like Vick somehow has been made a bad QB by this coach and team. If we’re honest with ourselves out of Vick’s entire career, he had only 2 good years and that’s it. The joke on us (and Andy) was that Vick was some kind of elite QB that could handle the entire playbook and make all the reads and calls on the field and he can’t and never could. He wasn’t called the “coach-killer” for nothing. Time to clean house.

    P.S. A healthy McNabb never had the team looking this dreadful even when he got sacked 7 times by Osi and all his dirt balls

  73. Now I don’t know what to say about Foles…. too early to tell but not going to kill him or overly praise him. Just looking forward to an entirely new era in Eagles football.

  74. Actually when it was still a game he showed good poise, showed he could handle the blitz. He has a long way to go but while the record isn’t all Vicks fault it is evident his inability to read blitz etc is his downfall

  75. Can you not see? ook at the last play…offsies Redskins…Foles knew it rght away and lunched a bomb……


    forget the scores…completion etc.

    It was his first start

    NFL rookie qbs win about 10% f their first starts

    what do you look for then?

    Awareness – check
    good decisions – check
    can make the throws – check
    composure under pressre – check
    pocket awareness – check

    Had really good frst half….second half not as much, but many positives to be taken away from this.

    Many overhauls needed on this team…this is now your QB for res of year and next season.

    • Forget the score…. int’s… the fumbles…. the almost int’s… blame it on the drops…. you are fooling yourself son. You are proving my point to the T. vick was not the issue.

  76. Stevo, I’m with you. I’m not going to get into a QB back and forth. Too many variables to properly judge how good a QB could be with this current personnel. Sure Foles didn’t get hit as much but how much of it is because of the play calling or judge him being better at getting the ball out or a terrible pass rush by the Redskins? Does Andy trust Vick to throw down field to much and limit the calling for Foles? Who knows. All of them things affect QB play so I’m not going to waste my time arguing. I support whoever suits up unlike some “fans” here. But I will say that I just want a totally fresh start and I’m not sure you can do that with Vick. It’s probably just time to move on even if he is better right now.

  77. outta your damn mind. Fole sucks ass!

    and if Vick would have played this way you would have blasted him. you have no credibility at this point

    • how hard is it to understand one is a 10 year vet and one is his first game?

      Donovan McNabb 1st start:
      19 of 35 (53%) for 165 1 td and 2 ints. Eagles lose 44-17

      Seemed to work out well long term.

  78. I cannot believe after this performance we are even talking about the QB. That’s what makes all this ridiculous. Looking at you Vinnie.

  79. Because everything comes back to the QB

    What did we learn tonight?

    We learned that the team needs a major overhaul but that Foles will be the QB for the rest of the season and through next year.

    If team still stinks at end of enxt year we take a QB top 5 in 2014,

    Hopefully, Foles will continue to imprve and that won;t be necessary.

  80. All you Foles haters today. Give the kid a break. Peyton first 4 games 4 TD and 12 INT. Eli 1 TD and 4 TD. Matt Ryan 2 TD and 2 INT. Joe Flacco 1 TD and 4 INT.

    Let’s have the kid play the rest of the year and THEN evaluate.

  81. I have to check out of here, you can come up stats and silver linings all you want. But anybody with any sense knows the QB wasn’t the problem. Just like the QB wasn’t the problem today.

    • That is what I am talking about. There are more problems on this team then what Foles did today. Really throwing 46 times! Un-BLEEPIN-believable.

  82. Vinnie you have cracked lol! “If team still stinks at end of enxt year we take a QB top 5 in 2014, Hopefully, Foles will continue to imprve and that won;t be necessary.” Thats the first step to admitting we have a poblem. lmao

  83. Thank you Ike! It doesn’t matter who the QB is. This team has many issues. Special teams, defense. offensive line, game planning, discipline(penalties), talent evaluation. Settle in for a 3-4 year overhaul. Time to jettison expensive free agents, draft well, dump the wide 9 and get a coach who has a smart well mixed offensive approach to winning football games.

  84. The problem with Nick Foles is that it wont get better.Hes playing on a team that quick and stinks. He was 21/46 for 204 yard. under 50% vs tone oft he worst defenses in the NFL. 2 ints 0 tds and 0 rushing yards. A 40.5% QB rating. No throws down the field and nothing but dink and dunk.

  85. It does matter who the QB is.

    Ok…lets try another approach.

    Lets pretend the Eagles didn’t have Foles. That it was some journeyman scrub who had played for injured Vick today (like edwards)…..

    So….we all know team has many holes. Disasters everywhere….

    What would be the first pick (again, if we didn;t have Foles) this upcoming draft?


    And then its a 2 year process (at least) rebuilding arond the QB). The vast majority of QBs take 2 to 3 years to develop.

    I think Foles showed enough tonight to leave him the starter for rest of year. and No QB draft choice next draft.

    We will know more by end of next year. If he’s good…then we’re ahead on the rebuilding process….if he isn;t and birds have to take a QB in 2014….well that’s dpressing, because it will be at least 4 years till Eagles competitive again….

    SO lets hope he develops through next season

  86. Guys, it has been fun. I have more important things to do. I gotta walk the dog. Till next week when the next chapter of “how bad can it get” airs. Stay loose.

  87. Naplolean Dynamite is a backup

  88. No vinnie. Everything comes back to the coach. U over value the qb.

    Good news folks…. new coach on the way. Maybe he will bring a reat dc with him.

  89. QB > coach

    just ask Brry Switzer

  90. I also agree with Stevo in that this team is just pitiful. Lets not make this about Vick and Foles. Vick isn’t the answer so we need to see if Foles is. Hard to judge based on 5-6 quarters of playing time. At the end of the day, I agree with anyone who has said that no QB will succeed behind this line. Additionally, I think our WRs are pedestrian at best. Can we please get some players with size in here? I think Lurie should just do everyone a favor, including Reid, and show him the door first thing tomorrow.

  91. btc, I agree about the WRs. Not sure if it’s the routes they have to run but they can be taken out a game pretty easily. We all know Jackson is a one trick pony and Avant is slow. Maclin is solid but not a game changer and gets hit hard a lot. And people didn’t want Vincent Jackson over Desean if we had that chance. If these guys aren’t catching passes deep they aren’t dangerous. I like Cooper because he has fight in him and good size and speed for someone his size. But we do need some improvement there in one way or another.

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