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Andy Reid’s “Things Not To Do” Notebook

With the Eagles being totally humiliated by the Washington Redskins today, I figured I would give you Eagles fans a chance to have some fun.

One of the reasons which was given for Andy Reid getting the head coaching job here in Philadelphia was the comprehensive and exhaustive notebook which he had with him when he came to Philadelphia to interview for the Birds head coaching job?

Reid had been compiling a notebook for over a decade of things to do when and if he got a NFL head coaching job.  The then young Green Bay Packers quarterback coach wrote down everything he could learn from Packers Super Bowl Champion head coach Mike Holmgren and Green Bay General Manager Ron Wolf.  The detail was impressive with no stone unturned about what it would take to build a championship organization.

Now that it’s almost a surety that Reid will again be conducting interviews for another NFL head coaching job, I figured I would do what a I could to help him put together a notebook of “things not to do” when he gets his next job.

I want you to tell me what are some of the items which need to be in that notebook.  There should items in the notebook about how to choose players, coaches, and general managers.  There should things not to do concerning play calling, time out management and etc. on Facebook

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20 Comments for “Andy Reid’s “Things Not To Do” Notebook”

  1. I got a couple and some are obvious:

    1. Make your offensive line coach a defensive coordinator
    2. Think the WR position isn’t that important
    3. Draft a player because his brother is good (Casey Matthews)
    4. Sign a player because his brother is a nutcase (Stacy Andrews)
    5. Forget to get a punt returner and leave the duties to G-Lew
    6. Let your best players go when you have no viable replacement
    7. Pass the ball a lot against the league’s worst run defense
    8. Draft a firefighter in the 1st round
    9. Hire a defensive line coach before you hire the defensive coordinator
    10.Say “I gotta do a better job”

  2. Excellent Scorpion..

    Maybe we can add
    11) Carry 5 RB’s on your 53 Man Roster when you only Run the ball 30% of the time and have one of the NFL’s best RB in McCoy.. epsecially when therer were needs along teh OL and Safetey Positons since Summer camp and were not updgraded
    12) Using a 4th Round PIck in 2010 (121st Overall pick) to select a Kicker .. when most Teams Draft a Kicker in the 6th/7th or simply as undrafted free-agents..
    13)Having one of the most exciting Punt Rurnters in the NFl in D-Jax and not have hime handle the Return Duties.. He’s getting paid the big bucks and should get as many chances as possible to touch the ball but instead, they add another player on the Roster thats not needed in Darius Johnson to handle.. again another wasted Roster Post when you have one of the best able to do.. What are the Eagles saving D-Jax for anyways..

  3. Agreed Paulman. Andy’s decisions have been nothing short of idiotic. I actually think he’s gotten soft over the years and he lost all his locker room leaders and this team has no character to go along with untalented player and inept coaches. Just a bad team. Pretty close to being the worst in the league. And that’s no exaggeration.

  4. Your right, Andy prides himself on being a “players Coach” but when you coddle today’s athletes who most are out there for their own glory, you creat an atmoshphere of little accountability, and little responsibility
    It started with the signing of CB Samuel, the Drafting of D-Jax and contract squabble, then signing Vick and now the addition of Asmo
    My question is what have any of these guys ever won at any level of their Football Careers.. Wasn’t it Samuel who got burned by Giants WR Buress that blew the Pats perfect Season whic he still takes no responsibility in messing up

  5. Agreed man. Actually in that Super Bowl I believe it was Hobbs who got beat. Samuel was on the other side of the field. But he did drop that INT on the same drive. But I agree with you about him, he’s a selfish player.

    • It hit him in the numbers and an INT would’ve put the game away…Then the Eagles signed him to a huge contract? And it was Hobbs that got beat, although the defensive play call was ridiculous; manned up all the way against burress.

  6. Scrop…….


  7. Clearly, he needed to do a better job there building that notebook.

  8. More “Things Not To Do…”

    Don’t let valuable veterans complete their contracts without drafting their backups. Andy did a good job drafting Sheppard and Brown a year before replacing Vincent and Taylor, but neglected to draft replacements for Runyan and Thomas. Let’s not forget about the post-Dawkins safeties.

    Stop trading on draft day. A single 2nd or 3rd round pick is better than any bundle of late round garbage picks. Those 2nd and 3rd round picks are valuable, and using them to trade up has been disastrous. Andy’s roster is loaded with mid- and late-round picks, which is why the team appears untalented, overall.

    Avoid hiring/firing assistants. Let the GM hire assistant coaches in order to avoid gimics such as wide 9. Remember April, Mudd and Washburn were among the worst 3 hires in modern coaching history, and Castillo was certainly the worst inhouse promotion.

    Stop pretending to be an expert. If Andy is surrounded with good people and gives them autonomy, Andy could get as far as a conference championship game.

    Stop insulting other coaches with dumbass comments about “hard work.” Remember that other coaching staffs are equally hard-working.

    Don’t wear any communications equipment. Let coordinators call the plays and lack of communication equipment will minimize interference from Andy.

    Stand at your own 20 or as far away as possible when the offense is in the redzone. Redzone success will inevitably follow Andy’s separation from the process.

  9. How about adding.

    What not to Do,

    #1. Coach the Eagles
    #2. Have anything to do with the make up of the Eagles
    #3. Breathe Air anywhere near Regal’s Beloved Eagles
    #4. Don’t Coach in Dallas (double negative fun)

  10. Don’t draft your franchise QB and wait 5 years to get him a legitimate WR.
    Don’t let go of the veteran leader of your Defense with no backup plan.
    Don’t draft a nontested mediocre MLB to fill your team’s “All In year”
    Don’t do your scouting and talent evaluation.
    Don’t acquire players from garbage teams like the Bills, Raiders, Browns


    RUN THE BALL – Build your team to run the ball ESP when you have very good runners like B-West & McCoy even Duce and Buck were pretty good if used properly .

    1. Think Quality not Quantity! Having 13 draft picks don’t mean anything if you can’t get 4-5 starting players out of those.

    2. LB stands for Line Backers and are on the field for a reason… to..protect short pass , Defend the run and help attack. Some of the best play makers and team leaders in the league are Line Backers… Ray Lewis, Urlacher, Willis, Ware, hmmmm Remember Trotter?

    3. Don’t Draft QB’s to groom because you really don’t do a great job at that either. Even if you’re thinking about trade bait, don’t waste time…league has caught up to you now. Feeley, Kolb, Andy Hall, Kafka, your last project and where is he? Exactly… no one is going to fall for that trick anymore

  12. USAToday – LeSean McCoy became the latest concussion casualty in this nightmare Philadelphia Eagles season. McCoy was spotted in theloser’s locker room after Sunday’s 31-6 rout by the Washington Redskins walkingin a slow daze as he was escorted by team trainer Rick Burkholder. Eagles coach Andy Reid announced that McCoy suffered a concussion when he was leveled by safety Madieu Williams, causing the Eagles tailback to lay motionless for several minutes with 1:45 remaining in the game. McCoy slowly sat up but was carted to the locker room for further evaluation. Why was McCoy, who gained 45 yards on 15 carries and caught six passes for 67 yards, still out there in a game long lost? “Because we’re trying to catch up and win the game,” Reid said. Asked about 25 being alot of points to make up with that little time, Reid repeated, “We were trying to catch up and win the game.” Does Reid regret keeping McCoy out there? “No,” the embattled coach said flatly. McCoy now joins quarterback Michael Vick, who suffered a concussion last week against the Dallas Cowboys.
    Sure, we could dwell on the Shady concussion. We could lament on the audacity of a coach saying he was “trying to win the game” when his best player got concussed down 25 points to a division rival with less than two minutes left. We could blame Andy Reid for Shady’s injury and question why Bryce Brown was in the game when it mattered but was on the sidelines when the contest was clearly out of reach. We could get upset at how he burns time outs during the final two minutes of the half only to run the ball directly into the defense. We could do all of this and it would be totally justified. The problem is, to me, the entire picture seems far more criminal when viewed from a distance.
    Somebody needs to get arrested for what they’ve done to these players. Yes, we all understand that there are zero legal grounds for multi-millionaire athletes to file suit against their teams — but this organization has gone fucking rogue. Completely off the reservation. Forcing Michael Vick to run slow-developing play action behind a line that couldn’t survive a Big East pass rush? Having LeSean McCoy in the game down 25 with less than two minutes left because you “were trying to win the game”? Hiring and starting a right guard nobody’s ever heard of in the same week because the 30 year-old you drafted in the first round is a complete bust? Throw Andy Reid and anyone else with decision-making power into the slammer. Completely absurd. Not only have they crushed the spirits of an entire city, their actions may have turned otherwise good men into early retirement Muhammad Ali-mumbling apple sauce slurpers.
    Michael Vick can’t even drive a car or sit still without feeling nauseous, guys. Andy Reid killed him just like I said he would. Look at the 6-game losing streak:
    Washington – QB 46 attempts, Shady 15 carries
    Dallas – QBs 41 attempts, Shady 16 carries
    New Orleans – QB 41 attempts, Shady 19 carries
    Atlanta – QB 35 attempts, Shady 16 carries
    Detroit – QB 46 attempts, Shady 14 carries
    Pittsburgh – QB 30 attempts, Shady 16 carries
    But when you’re trying to “catch up and win” you run the ball with under two minutes left in the game? Fuck this team and Andy’s backwards-ass coaching. That’s a reckless endangerment charge if I’ve ever seen one.

  13. don’t have herion drug dealers and users as training camp weight room stat keepers

  14. G:

    Remember to adjust to the other team during the game, and especially at halftime. The other NFL teams all do it, and secretly laugh at coaches who make calls from their caves after the opening kick-off.
    Remember to choose to coach in the Mountain West Conference first, as this is where you really belong, and where your heart is. Forget about the NFL, indulge your obstinate belief in the pass in the pass-paradise conference. Seek your bliss here, Gran Rouge.
    Remember to leave as “Big Red” with class. You’re not a total loser and the winningest coach in the Eagles’ history. You’ve had a good run, the fans, the owner and the team will thank you,…as you exit.

  15. when the storm of the century is 50 miles off the coast and presently not raining , but will be , take the ball !

  16. I know this is old but the way this season is going I needed a good laugh and damn this thread provided it for There are some really good points here too. Somebody really needs to send this to Reid. Thanks guys and Happy Holidays!!!

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