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Eagles Are Blown Out By A Bad Redskins Football Team

The Eagles were totally embarrassed by a bad Washington Redskins team.  Getting beaten 31-6 by such a bad team means that the Eagles can’t be considered a legitimate NFL football team.

I know Reid and Mornhinweg were hoping Nick Foles would be able to help get the offense going against a mediocre Washington Redskins defense.  That hope is no longer there.  Foles had lot of problems executing the offense.  He was going against one of the worst defenses in the NFL and still couldn’t get the job done.

Foles was 21-46 for 204 yards for a 44.5 completion percentage.  He threw two interceptions and threw no touchdowns.  The first interception wasn’t his fault.  He was off target many times with his throws and was in jeopardy of having more interceptions.

Howard Mudd and the Eagles offensive line performed so poorly, they should have been left in Washington after the game.  They were either jumping offsides, holding, or getting beaten for sacks the entire game.

I think the fact that Jake Scott, who was signed this week, was able to start over a healthy first round draft pick, Danny Watkins, says everything.

Birds tight end Brent Celek was given the chance this year to be a bigger part of the Birds offense, especially in the red zone.  He’s been awful with dropped passes, dropped TD passes and pass interference penalties.

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy has to be more careful with the football in a situation where he’s running out the clock at the end of the half.  He was holding the football like he was out in the open field, despite the fact that he was cutting back in the middle of a crowd.

Eagles new defensive coordinator Todd Bowles is making Juan Castillo look like a great defensive coordinator.   Today his defense let rookie Robert Griffin III complete of 14 of 15 passes for 200 yards with four touchdowns and no interceptions for a 158.3 passer rating.  How could any decent defensive coordinator let a rookie quarterback complete that high of a percentage of their passes?  The Eagles defense under Castillo gave up some comebacks late in games, but the defense under Bowles starts out the game poorly and gets worse as the game goes along.

Eagles cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha has been horrible in the secondary.  Last week he missed a tackle on Felix Jones’ touchdown run which was unforgivable.  This week he turned Redskins wide receiver Aldrick Robinson totally loose.  This has been happening all season long.  Asomugha is always turning somebody loose in the secondary.

Eagles defensive end Jason Babin did get a sack, but the defensive line was virtually nonexistent most of the day.  RG III had all day on most of the passing plays.

His battery mate, Trent Cole should have been benched earlier in the season.  He’s not even getting close to get a sack nowadays.  If they would have sat down some of these defensive ends at the beginning of the season, it might have gotten the attention of the rest of the guys on the defensive line.  The rules should be if you do not produce, you will not play.

Mychal Kendricks has hit the rookie wall in a very bad way, he’s going backwards as a player.  He doesn’t get off blocks any more and doesn’t have the burst in his legs.  The youngster used to close on ball carriers, but now he has ball carriers run away from him a consistent basis.

Eagles safety Kurt Coleman was totally overwhelmed by Redskins receivers.  He’s just too small to be an effective NFL safety.

Nate Allen isn’t a NFL caliber safety either.  He’s not aggressive enough, doesn’t hit hard and he’s always a day late and a dollar short.  I’m really disappointed in him because he never seems to get his hands on the football.  This isn’t a good thing to say about a safety.

The most troubling thing about Allen is the fact that it reminds me we’re going to have the organization run by the guy who drafted Allen and Watkins, Howie Roseman.  This is the number one issue for the Eagles going forward.  How can you turn this organization over to Roseman? on Facebook

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156 Comments for “Eagles Are Blown Out By A Bad Redskins Football Team”

  1. I still cant believe as bad as Cole and some other D-linemen have been playing, Vinny Curry cant even dress for the game let alone get on the field. G, what is up with that? The guy looked pretty decent in the pre-season.

  2. At this point its time to see what these draft picks can do, put Marsh in there along with Curry and anybody else thats still on the team from the past few drafts, we have to evaluate these players and see what they can do so we know who stays n who goes besides the obvious players we already know are out of here.

  3. G……. I agree with everything but isn’t it very obvious that Nnamdi turned the receiver to the middle of the field because he was expecting help? Whether that wasn’t the play is different than bad technique. From the beginning of the route he just looked to keep him on the inside. As I said, I agree with the other stuff but your point there doesn’t make sense because that most likely wasn’t his fault.

  4. Excelkent post and spot on G-Nan
    I’ve stated this. Few times, everyone needs to renember thatvCoach AR is all the President of Football Operations which means he gets final say on Player Personnel, Draft Picks and Overall Roseter Nabagement so when he gets fired on Dec 31stv(the Mobday after their final game) not only do the Eaglez need a HC and Staff, but they need a competent Football mind to become President and oversee the Football Opeartions for their is no way in hell that Rosenan is capable of doing this
    Owner Lurie should be on the phone talking to the Bill Polians, Tony Dungys, Herm Edwards, Ron Jaworski, Mike Mayock and whoever else for he only needs to concentrated on hiring the right person for the President of Foitball Operations and then that person go out and hire a Coaching Staff,
    Meanwhile the Eagles are stuck with Rosenan since he has 4 Years left on his contracmt but I would relegate Rosenan to handle Contracts, Salary Cap Nabagement but please jeep him away from all Player Oersonnel, Ralent evaluation, Draft and Free Agency and gave the new President of Football Ooerations do these things.. Let the next HC focus on 1 thing and 1 thing only and that’s coaching his Team

    • Reid holds the dual title of Head Coach/EXECUTIVE Vice President Of Football Operations. THAT is my greatest fear. Everyone is reading too much into that Lurie statement about eight and eight being “unacceptable”. No where in that statement did I see an “or else”. Too many people have liberally translated that to mean Reid will be fired. First of all, Like the lion in Alice In Wonderland, Limp-Wrist Lurie seems too cowardly to confront Reid about the subject of relieving him of his duties. Ol’ Limp-Wrist appears intimidated and threatened by the very hulking presence of Reid. Lurie, it seems, has practically turned the whole team over to Reid as seen in his delegation of all things football to this man. Seriously. Let’s not forget, Reid still holds that bothersome dual title of Head Coach/Executive Vice President of Player Operations. That title troubles me. It could give Limp-Wrist an excuse to kick Reid ‘upstairs’ to what appears to be , a powerful and sovereign, player personnel, offensive play, and maybe even new Head Coach meddling perch. It’s not unrealistic to think he could influence those decisions, including the selection of the next Head Coach, (MORONWEG ANYONE?) because he wouldn’t actually be stepping down (up) any further than the front office. You think it’s bad now. What will Head Coach Moronweg do when left to his own devices? What’d we do then? I see boycott as the only effective solution in that case.

    • Love it Paulman…….we, as is the case most of the time, are seeing eye to eye. It just makes sense. These performances don’t make much sense at all. Stop the excuses, and make the right decisions period. C’mon Lurie!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Thorough and well deserved indictment of a putrid football team

  7. The eagles would have to improve alot to be called putrid

  8. If the Redskins are “bad”, then what does that say about the Eagles? Nothing this team does shocks me anymore other than them actually winning. This coach should be fired now! Foles should start the rest of the season regardless of what happens. The Eagles need to see if Foles can be a quarterback of the future or is he just another bad Howie Roseman pick. Roseman should also be shown the door.

  9. brent celek has become a liability , coaching has been a liability , i would say the only position not of need is RB brown and havilli seem capable backups ! yet we refuse to run the ball . this coaching staff is weekly getting out-coached and embarrassed

  10. DRC- “Eagles are still the most talented team in the NFL” LOL

    These players actually think they have accomplished something None of them accomplished jack squat. These players in their heads believe they are the best at their position to the point where I dont think they have a clue about how much they suck.

    • I’m beginning to see that football players on this team have an uncanny and almost unnatural skill at self-hypnosis unseen in the annals of psychology. They should be studied by scientist to see what practical application this has in the REAL WORLD.

  11. Eagles should draft logan thomas and sign Matt Flynn and have Foles, Thomas and Flynn duel it out for the job.

  12. Where’s Logan Thomas, the kid from Stanford..
    He’s only a Freshman or a red-Shirt Sophomore and not eligible for the 2013 Draft

  13. I have been impressed with QB Florence from Baylor
    Not sure what year he’s in though

  14. QB Edwards is signed thru 2013 and will be aroubd with Foles next Summer Camp

  15. Logan Thomas VT. Junior I believe.

  16. My bad, he’s had a very up and down SeSon this year, but definitely has some upside.. I do thing he’s a Junior but he may coming early
    The QB from Clemson (Boyd) is a player with upside. I think he throws one of nicest deep balls in College Ball

  17. Who knows, maybe they bring in Tim Tebow and run the triple Wing Option set and run the ball 50 Times a game with MCCoy, Brown and Tebow sharing the Ball .. Good Grief..

  18. “Eagles Are Blown Out By A Bad Redskins Football Team” Who proof reads for you guys? If the Eagles were blown out by a ‘bad’ football team, what does that make the Eagles? You make it sound as though we’re talking about the Patriots here.
    A better header would have been, “The Eagles Were Blown Out By The Redskins”. Do you see how oxymoronic that seems to the rest of the football world? Sheese!!

  19. The Redskins will be Wild-Card Contenders next Season where the Eagles have a long, long, long way to go before any Playoffs happen

    • Maybe not. I”m still a big Jon Gruden fan and firmly believe in his coaching abilities. Oh sure, there may be a settling in period of a year or two but, I’m willing to bet, a coach of the stature of Gruden would take this team, with a few tweaks, to the Super Bowl and WIN it in less, much less, than FOURTEEN YEARS.

  20. so whats the draft looking like this up coming year? man we are terrible

  21. Dear Andy,

    Please retire!

    Dear Eagles,

    You can cut p[layers mid season you know…Like MAKE A STATEMENT..I am not worried another team will pick up King Dunlap or Namdi Cantseemtoplaysowell before the season ends.

    Seriously put in the paractice squad. I predict Vick and McCoy maybe Maclin all are on the Season Ending IR within 2 weeks. Why play for this guy! I wouldn’t go out there and risk my career if I were a vet. Nope I would join the Softies in the tub and rehab squad. Time for the practice squad to multiply.

  22. Oh and playing / signing more players off of practice squads may help us find 1 or 2 guys that have seen NFL football played before.

  23. The Eagles need draft picks. It would be in their best interest to fix the offensive line. Forget the Quarterback. Foles would be fine in front of a better line with better coaching, system, and scheme.

    Paul this is GMCliffs wish list draft:

    1A. Star Lotululei 6-4 335lb DT Utah
    1B. Manti Te’o 6-3 253lb MLB/OLB Notre Dame
    1C. Keenan Allen 6-3 218lb 4.3 40 WR California

    2A. Kenny Vaccaro 6-2 220 4.4 40 S Texas
    2B DJ Fluker 6-5 335 OG/OT Alabama
    2C. Jonathan Cooper 6-3 320 C North Carolina
    2D. Larry Warford 6-3 340 OG Kentucky

    3A. Jonathan Brown 6-2 235 4.4 40 Illinois
    3B Kaheem Greene 6-2 225 SS Rutgers
    3C. Travis Fredricks 6-4 328 OG/OT Wisconsin

    4A. Kareem Martin 6-5 270 DE North Carolina
    4B. Alvin Bailey 6-4 325 OG Arkansas
    4C. Michael Williams 6-5 275 TE Alabama

    5A Alex Hurst 6-5 345 OG LSU
    5B Ray Ray Armstrong 6-3 225 S

    6. Jelani Jenkins 6-3 235 OLB Florida

  24. Jonathan Brown is an OLB

  25. Hey Gmcliff russell wilson made an NFL roster.. what happened?

    • Llarrwd, I do admit Russell Wilson did way better than I could imagine. But, I still don’t think he is that good. He is on one of the teams he would need to be on to have a chance to play. There was no one competing for that Job; Matt Flynn was obviously a product of the Packers System. He would have started in Arizona too. Keep in mind Cam Newton played better than I thought he did his rookie year….and the league caught up to him, and he his better than Wilson. Congratulations to him, but I say it was an aberration…..check back with me next year.

  26. Looks pretty Good GMCliff
    I’ll post up a group of picks for the First few Rounds later on today
    Eagles need help all along this Roster (DT, OT. Safety, LB,CB,
    WR & TE )

    • Paul, where I see some of the better corners in the draft forcasted, there are stronger needs available. So it would depend on what direction the new coach wants to go with that. I’m not sure if I would sign DRC, sign a free agent, or make a trade; possibly for a Darelle Revis?

      I would take a Very Strong run a Ryan Clady, and if Peters is able to go next year, put him at RT. If Peters can’t go, I would have drafted DJ Fluker, and I have better talent to play at Guard, and Center.

      Kurt Coleman, Akeem Jordan, and maybe Nate Allen are strictly Special Teams Players; although Jordan could fill in at LB, in case of injury for 1 game.

      Here are some free agents to keep an eye on for the Eagles:

      Ryan Clady – OT – Denver
      Dane Fletcher MLB – New England
      Will Smith – DE- New Orleans
      Ron Brace – DT – New England
      Terrance Knighton – DT – Jacksonville
      Daryll Smith – OLB/MLB – Jacksonville
      Tracy Porter – CB – Denver
      Aquib Talib – CB- New England

  27. suprising thought after yesterday i would keep riley cooper . once merriwether hammered harbor i figured a slow day for our soft recievers seems like cooper was the only one to show emotion

  28. Words can’t even explain this team right now…so I won’t even try. It would just make me more frustrated. We are witnessing the deconstruction of the Eagles as we know them. What’s coming next… time will tell, but I couldn’t take being a bottom dweller year after year.

  29. I live in the MD/DC/VA area now and wear my Eagles lanyard with my badges at work. I put my lanyard in my drawer a few minutes ago… just embarrassing this team. I just don’t see the fight.

  30. Celek has taken too many hard hits and they have caught up to him
    Bring back Banner and Castillo
    As far as Vick passing too much before he was injured–check out his passes per game against Brady–Rodgers–Peyton–Romo–Big Ben –Rivers –Ryan
    They are right in line

  31. The only thing that came out of this game is that Vick has now been exonerated. NO QB can play well behind that horrendous offensive line! NO QB! I don’t care WHO you are! This isn’t a hit on Foles either because I think he has the tools to be a legitimate NFL QB…..but Vick was getting bashed for things he had no control over!

    Fire Andy, keep Vick!

  32. @Birdo – hahahahaheehehe – no way, it was all Vick’s fault!!! I’m just waiting for one of these Vick bashers to defend Foles by saying “the O Line sucks” or “defense can’t stop anyone” or “the play calling was terrible”….just waiting…

  33. Realtalk — they won’t come. They just drank a dose of their own medicine. They thought they knew this team and they don’t.

    This team is bad because it doesn’t have a coach that REQUIRES their 100% ALL of the time. These guys don’t care about Andy or their city. At least when Vick is out there, he’s TRYING to do his best, he’s TRYING to WIN because that’s just the competitor he is. Bring in Chip Kelly next year so he can bring that Oregon offense in and have it run by the only NFL offense that could possibly run it.

  34. vinnietheevictor
    November 18, 2012 – 1:20 pm
    Would be nice if the team could try to help the rook out a bit. SOlid drive being ruined

    November 18, 2012 – 1:26 pm
    Interceptions on 3rd and 21 are bad, but not back breaking

    November 18, 2012 – 1:49 pm
    Could the D:

    a)..take beter angles…I mean 95 just gave up the sideline to RGIII

    b) stop with the wimpy arm tackles

    November 18, 2012 – 3:26 pm
    4th or 5th “drop” when a wr/te gets hit. Step up.

    It is distinctly possible the Eagles go DB with the first pick in the draft.

    Both DRC and Nnamdi have to go….

    New record for holding penalties?

    on the flip side…why isn’t Foles getting hit like Vick does I wonder?

    • I can answer this question….why isn’t Foles getting hit like Vick does I wonder?

      Because Foles only took one deep shot d
      down the field, on a pass thrown out of bounds to DJAX, thats why…as stated all year long, route that take time to develop with the O Line the Eagles have, leads to hits on the QB…fortunately for Foles, MM did not call many deep routes…or if he did, Foles just didn’t wait for them to develop…

  35. We’ll be here, but we won’t be doing what you think. Unlike Vick fans…I don’t look for excuses.

    The game was a tale of 2 halfs.

    In the first, the kid apopointed himself very well. He was asked to pass 24x, and of those he made 2 bad decisions.

    The first was the interception on 3rd and 21
    The second was on a screen to Shady that the Wsh D had blown up. Throw shouldn’t have been made.

    He was sacked 1x in 24 atts, and I believe only on the turf one other time after a throw.

    Other than that, the kid was pretty sharp. They were moving the ball, though troubles in Redzone again apparant.

    The only “excuse” I will give is that Eagles’ WRs were not helping the kid out at all, dropping several excellent passes, including Celek vollying the ball to a Wsh defender. (And no, this was not like the Atlanta pick 6. That throw was hight and away and hard to get to – thus tipped. This ball was right on Celek’s hands)

    The second half was a different story…especially as the game got out of hand. Eagles had abandoned the run (as usual) and the kid had a lot of trouble against the rush.

    Got skittish…rushed his throws and missed WRs all over the place. Really evident on a couple of outs that he hurried and threw 5 yrds ahead of the WRs.

    Was sacked 3x in the second half.

    So an up and down performance. Solid first half, poor second half as the game slipped away. Very similar to McNabbs first start 50% 165 1td and 2 ints also in a blowout loss.

    But lots of positives to take away from the first half.

    And enough with Vick already. He’s gone. And done. I doubt he will make a starting NFL roster next year. So move on already.

    • vinnie….”The game was a tale of 2 halfs”

      yup… in the first half the eagles scored 3 points.
      in the second they scored 3.

      This blog makes me laugh.,… vick… foles. bla bla bla bla….

      Get me a DC and an Oline stat and we will watch this team get better.

      Starts on the lines boys… it starts on the lines.

      Sure…. if we had a Tom Brady or a Aaron Rogers on our team we could get by and score a few points but usually…. even the super stars have something on the field with them….. Brady has a coach…. Rogers has a Clay. What do we have?

      Lets look around the league at some of the teams that dont have HOF’s at the helm.

      Alex smith has a solid D. Some of the best LB’s in the game play for San Fran.
      ATl is an all around good team. They play solid fundamental football…on both sides.

      I could do this all day. Who are the top teams right now? Houston… Atl…Bears….Pack…. NO MOST of those teams do not have superstars at the QB position. MOST of them have solid coaching, a good D, and a well rounded game plan.

  36. Guess what Vinnie he’ll probably start Monday night you cannot put a unproven rookie behind that o-line you’ll learn nothing. Please read that bs column by Hoffman over at the daily news already with the excuses.

  37. Sis, Foles doesn’t deserve to be the starter of this Eagles team moving forward….Solid first half 2 INT’s in the first half…ok…nothing but dink and dunk passes for the entire first half…Fact Foles is not McNabb…Foles isn’t even Vick! yea why did Foles get skittish cause the O Line? after he got hit a few times, he got skittish… strange how the play of the O Line impacts a QB, huh?
    Vinnie I read your post from earlier or yesterday and it was full of excuses…you selectively ignorant dumb ass!
    The first half was full of screens WR and RB, dink and dunk passes…give me a break! you dont know shit about football!

  38. LMAO Vinnie is an idiot. If you think Foles did enough to convince the Eagles brass that they should move on from Vick, you’re dumber than I thought. If anything, he convinced them that he’s not ready to be an NFL starting QB nor is he ready to take the reigns from Vick.

    I’m convinced Reid will be gone, hopefully being replaced by Chip Kelly. I’m also now convinced that Vick will be back. Lurie can see that he wasn’t the problem now. If anything, that game yesterday (against the WORST secondary in the NFL statistically) helped Vick keep his job.

    • Foles may not make it but there is no way Vick is back. They need to rebuild a 20 million qb who is not a top 10 qb, he will be 33! I wish you would put 1000$ bet on that, damn

      • Rebuild? The Eagles have the talent, they are not or will they be in rebuilding mode…new coaches may be just what the team needs on both sides of the ball, as well as a healthy O Line…The players that will be on this team next year, aint trying to hear no shit about rebuilding…

  39. I second that, he is an idiot!

  40. Again Showing Vick fans instead of Eagles fans. Good to see bird and Realstupid reveling in this loss. Vick is a bad qb and he should start the rest of the season for this bad team. Why let a rookie get killed? I dont know if he’s good or bad but what does it matter? You wont give him a fair shake because you need to protect Vick. Vick has played for 10 years he’s done hold on if you want but the eagles stink, they quit, they are done. This is a lost season, an embarrassment.

    • @Xevious, just stick to playing your video games…have you hit puberty yet? you are a retard if anything we are showing we are true Eagles fans, because Vick gives this team a better chance at winning than any of the QB on this team! your support for benching Vick, shows that you don’t give a shit about this team winning football games…look at it how you want to…..its ok for you to give your opinions of the game when Vick was in as QB…just trying to shed light that Vick can’t be fully blamed because the same issues exists, even with a different QB…But of course you don’t want to hear that, your dislike for Vick is greater than his play on the field…you bitch ass hypocrite….

      • The only hypocrit here is you Realtalk. You think calling names and making racial Stereotyoes towards people are effective arguments.(and yes calling IrishEagle drunk all the time is a racial stereotype). Also your the first to start the racial BS. I have said from Day 1 Vick is a bad QB and He is. You always say no superbowls and Yeah we arent gonna win a superbowl with Vick. So we need to move on. Your not an Eagles fan because you make it personal about Vick. You wanna have an intelligent discussion about the Eagles Ill do it. But I will call you out everytime you wanna curse people out for not agreeing with your opinion and use racial stereotypes your hypocrisy ends today.

        • Referring to me as realstupid, qualifies as calling names, doesn’t it…don’t get upset because I gave it back, bitch! you call me a name I’ll return the favor….you are upset that my opinion on who the QB should be is different than yours bottom line….you dont know me, I was an Eagles fan before Vick arrived and will continue to be when he departs…my fault for wanting the best QB on the Eagles roster to play the fault for wanting Nick Foles to earn the starting job instead of it being given to him…Also for the record, IrishEalge sounds like a drunken bastard, with his comments, so I’ll call it as I see it…and you having the name of a video game, is the reason for my puberty comment…call me out, bitch, I’ll give it back 100%…you don’t know shit about football…my point from day 1 has been there are way more issues with this team than Vick….you are one of those that blamed Vick for everything under the sun…now a different QB is in, I just want everyone to take note to the still existing issues of the football team since the scapegoat did not suit up…We need to move on? to what Foles? just like we did with Kolb? We can move on as long as the option is better than the existing…bottom line!

          • It’s called a screenname you stooge. Keeping it real is the last thing you do, most oxymoronic screen name in the history of screennames belongs to you. To be frank, I tried in the past to have a discussion with you and all I get back is defensive name calling. I have determined that you live in your own world and need to attack people that disagree with you. Since my best friend was a Vick supporter and we have debated for a few years, I know all the arguments. I can have an agument with out being calling people out constantly. I understand your passionate…but so am I. I believe what I type.

  41. “nothing but dink and dunk passes for the entire first half…Fact ”

    Exactly like the gameplan they ran vs Atlanta.

    “If anything, that game yesterday (against the WORST secondary in the NFL statistically) helped Vick keep his job.”

    Uh-huh…because Vick’s performance vs the equally inept Saints was soo much better.

    “I’m also now convinced that Vick will be back.”

    Wrong. You hoping something ridiculous will happen does not make it so. It is an absolute guarantee that Vick will not be on the Eagles next year. It is also very doubtful he will be named starter of another NFL team ever again.

    Chip Kelly’s system will not be adopted (in its current form) in the NFL. No team owner is going to put his most important (and more importantly most expensive) asset into a system that sees him getting hit (on purpose) over 30% of the time.

    What have we learne3d? That this system isn’t working under either Vick or Foles (yet). SO what owner, coach, GM, exec would then ever choose the broken down 32 yr old QB over the 23 yr old kid if the results are the same??

    Again, the Eagles are filled with issues. QB is always the first to fix. Vick stinks. Hopefully Foles will improve. Then they can move on to OL, DL, DBs etc…..but those are changes that will take several years to fix.

  42. Bottom line is this…the Eagles O Line is horrendous…you stated they would look so much better with Foles in at QB, well they didn’t! now you are hoping that Vick doesn’t start anywhere else…you are a hater, bottom line…Problem is the 23 year old kid faces the same issues Vick had and only was able to put up 6 points? STFU….Maybe Foles is the real deal, but he hasn’t shown me anything to be excited about or anything that screams “franchise QB”…

  43. Real- yup. That was the argument… although he has/will change it. Over and over against he has stated this team would be better under foles. it is not.

    I watched the Steelers/Ravens game last night and it hit me… as it does everytime they play….. THAT is football. I love to see a man make a tackle. I love watching the field position chess match, I love watching D players that not only have a “high motor” but also some talent.. and a big waist. Those teams have heart… and are always fundamentally good at their positions. I pray that whoever comes in here values lines… and run games and D.

  44. Most NFL people have the win now mentality Vinnie so yes they will take their chances with Vick over an unproven rookie.

  45. No Chip Kelly please.. We just had 14 Years of dink,dunk, small but fast players..Did you see what a Physical Defense like Stanford has does to Chip Kelley’s “College Spread Offense”.. It’s stops them in their tracks just like NFL Pro Defenses do.. No Chip Kelly, No SPread, dink or dunk offense with small and fast guys.. Eagles need a disciplinarian, tough hard nosed Football Coach and no more of this “Offensive Genuis” Bullshit we have just had here for the last 14 Years.. Back to Basics, Keep it sImple, Line up and beat the player across from you, Get back to controlling the line of scrimmage for until this happens, Eagles remain a bad team no matter who is QB or who their Skill Players are…

  46. You clowns would have benched Aikman midway through his 1-15 season I suppose.

    The line did look better for the entire first half…you didn’t see that? 4 of the 5 drives were over 3 plays, and the only 3-out was off Celek’s bumble. They were moving the ball rather well. No points. Foles only hit the turn 2x in the half.

    Kid got overwhelmed in the second half. No big deal. It was his first start.

    Anyway, the idea that Foles is having the same issues as Vick, is not a condemnation of Foles…its a condemnation of Vick.

    Listen. Vick has had a decade worth of chances, and second chances. He cocked it up. Its over.

    Reid allegedly wanted to move to Foles weeks ago. Why I wonder?

    Reports out there indicate MM hates Vick as a QB. Thinks he’s an idiot.

    Despite what your/my feelings might be on those 2, their word carries weight (pardon the punm) around the NFL.
    Vick is going to find it very difficult finding another starting job in the NFL.
    Anyway…I said I wasn’t going to write any more about Vick because he will no longer be on the Eagles next year, but you clowns keep pulling me back in.

    • Reid allegedly wanted to move to Foles weeks ago. Why I wonder?

      Reports out there indicate MM hates Vick as a QB. Thinks he’s an idiot.

      uhhhh…What reports from who, where ?…If you got Intel give it up
      otherwise stop making up shit

  47. There is no way Owner Lurie will keep Vick and especially at his $20 Million Contract.. You have to remember that Lurie/Banner were not keen in bringing in VIck to begin with and it was the lobbying efforts of Coach AR and McNabb that allowed the opportunity to have Vick as an Eagle to begin with..
    With Coach AR and his Staff GOne, So is VIck, this is a 100% call that you can take to the bank… Remember Lurie is not a Football Guy, He trusts his Employees that he places in Accountable/Repsonsible Positions and he will let whoever the next PResident of Football Operations and HC determine who the next QB is … I guarantee it will not be Mike Vick..
    There is no Allegiance to Vick from anyone left in the Organization

  48. Vinnie please we pulled you back in? Foles will be fine just give him Irvin , Emmit and Erik Williams like Aikman had to work with.

  49. Nothing more idiotic than comparing a NFL veteran with over a decade of experience to a guy making the first start of his NFL career. And to make them sound more retarded then they already are, what do you think that veteran would have done differently in this game? Let me guess, probably turn the ball over too. Probably get hurt because he is the most injury prone QB in the league. Can go on and on but its not even worth it.

    Cant wait to the offseason…better see some real changes around here from top to bottom or Lurie will have an empty stadium come next year

    And yes, if you are an Eagles fan you play Foles the rest of the way this season. its common sense. Vick gives you the better chance to win? WHAT THE FUCK are you planning on winning this year? Seriously, what exactly is going through your fucking heads about this team to want to start a guy that will not be on this team next year. (and my point goes for all the overpriced/overrated veterans that will not be on this team next year…you bench Nnamdi/Babin too and Play Vinny Curry and see what Boykin can do on the outside etc.) I even bench Trent Cole for the majority of the game(even though he will be back) to play Graham the majority of the snaps. I hate BG as a player but let the guy try and prove me wrong.
    The short term of the team is done for. We already know what the short term is. We need to figure out the long term…True Eagles fans care about the long term of this team because the short term is already known. You plays Foles the rest of the way to see whether or not you need to draft Geno Smith. You play Vunny Curry the rest of the way to see if you need to waste a high draft pick on another DE..

    • @Pheags88 – Most injury prone QB in the league? you are full of shit…one of the toughest QB’s in the league I’ll give you that…considering all of the hits the veteran QB has taken behind this awful O Line….I mean get real…also, there is no comparing the QB’s what is being compared is the O Line play protecting both QB’s and the O Line protection is terrible no matter who the QB is…only thing more idiotic than comparing a veteran to a rookie, is fans that don’t understand that no QB can play behind this O Line and the play calling…its as simple as that…But if you want to take it there and say what Vick would have done differntly, I guarantee he would not have had 21 of 46 passes completed…and when plays broke down, he would of picked up a few first downs running the ball…again another closed minded fan, talking straight out of their ass!

  50. Vinnie- “You clowns would have benched Aikman midway through his 1-15 season I suppose.”

    There it is… just as ive stated…. the argument switch.

    Vinnie… this has nothing to do with what Foles may or may not be in the future ( Foles is Aikman btw? wow.. what an leap of faith that is) this has to do with NOW. Until last week this team was still in it. You’ve been calling for the rook for months. you said he would be better NOW.

  51. Vick has 1 team next Year that he can have a shot with and that’s the Arizona Cardinals .. That’s it.. No one else will be intested.. Cardinals may be a little gun-shy since they got burned in obtaining Kolb and may just say to themselves .. Look at track record of Eagles QB post Eagles Career..AJ Feely does nothing post Eagles Career, D McNabb does nothing post Eagles Career, Kolb does nothing post Eagles Career.. I believe People in the know around the NFL are going to think that if MM & AR could not elevate VIcks Game to be a consistent NFL QB, then pass on him, he’s in decling and why bother..
    You can understand the logic that Teams aroundf

  52. Biglion….. exactly!! Remember how good that line was too??? oh… wait… i know vinnie….. Aikman made them better.

    • Sad thing is Steve is we all want Foles to prosper but this team has so many issues that needs fixing and QB was maybe 10th on the list.

      • yes…. Juan was the first scapegoat of the year… Andy was saving the Vick one.

        Im in Foles corner but if ANYONE thinks this team is just a QB away… they are dead wrong.

  53. Vinnie- “You clowns would have benched Aikman midway through his 1-15 season I suppose.”
    There it is… just as ive stated…. the argument switch.
    Vinnie… this has nothing to do with what Foles may or may not be in the future ( Foles is Aikman btw? wow.. what an leap of faith that is) this has to do with NOW. Until last week this team was still in it. You’ve been calling for the rook for months. you said he would be better NOW.

    • Dude…this team hasn’t been “in it” since they required a miracle Browns LB innt drop to squeak out a win over a Browns team starting their 4 interception rookie QB.

      • keep changing your points. You were never talking about rebuilding. you were talking about how good our D was at the end of last year and at the start of the year. You were talking about how putting Foles in NOW would help our team win NOW. Go ahead… say you didnt., go for it… change your tune again.

  54. So Foles is Aikman and if i remember correctly… Vinnie also said Kolb was like Elway…

    haha…. i think Vinnie is actually a Philly scout….. i blame him for this mess.

  55. yes he did Stevo…He said the rookie would be better now…Vinnie is the one comparing the QB’s….

  56. “Most NFL people have the win now mentality Vinnie so yes they will take their chances with Vick over an unproven rookie.”
    Biglion, are you fucking kidding me? Vick has won us exactly what? what is his record to suggest that he gives us a coach a chance to win week in and out over an unproven rookie?
    Like I said in my post above, we all need to see what Foles can do the rest of the year so we know whether or not to draft Geno Smith.

    Again what the fuck are you expecting to win with Vick this year? I guess you would risk sending this franchise back even more years just to see Vick go 5-11 over Foles going 4-12.

    The biggest mistake the franchise can make right now is to start Vick the rest of the way for relatively nothing…and then when he is released the day after the SB (which he will be) they mistakenly rest the following season on Foles who turns out to be shit too…when we could already have that answer this year. This season is clearly done…Im tired of Luire just wasting year after year of Eagles football due to refusing to make moves that should of taken places years ago. He fucked us by keeping Reid this year. more time has been wasted when we could have already been in rebuilding mode this year. Starting Vick the rest of the way would just waste more time for Eagles fans going forward.

  57. Lets be clear, the way the Eagles played yesterday, they may have lost the game even if Vick was the QB…the defense couldn’t stop the Skins, gave up big plays…the O Line still couldn’t protect…what I saw from the play calling yesterday, wasn’t that bad…I liked seeing them moving Foles in the pocket….should of done that more with Vick…

    Oh by the way anyone else see the 6 foot 6 QB get a pass batted down…numerous replays showed Foles throwing side arm, something Vick has been criticized about by the haters also…been talking about double standards all season long and again thats another one..

  58. RealTalk..”Most injury prone QB in the league? you are full of shit…one of the toughest QB’s in the league I’ll give you that…considering all of the hits the veteran QB has taken behind this awful O Line….I mean get real”

    Im clearly not full of shit when you look at the facts dumbass. Where is he right now? Why didn’t he play yesterday? Cause he is injured. Just like he is almost every single season he has been in the league which clearly makes him one for the most injury prone QBs in the league. You literally sound retarded. You made no argument at all because you don’t have one. He is tough? Sure he is, when did i say he wasn’t dumbass. Obviously you need hooked on phonics because you can’t interpret a sentence to save your life. I also think Bob Sanders was the most injury prone defensive player in the league. Got hurt almost every year. However, I thought that guy was tough too. Again retard, Tough doesn’t equal not being injury prone. They are two completely different worst with different meanings. The only one who is clearly full of shit and not being real (pretty fucking hypocritical considering your name on here) is clearly you.

    “But if you want to take it there and say what Vick would have done differntly, I guarantee he would not have had 21 of 46 passes completed…and when plays broke down, he would of picked up a few first downs running the ball…again another closed minded fan, talking straight out of their ass!”

    Nope you sound retarded yet again but I’m not surprised. You say crap like this based on what? Cause all the facts suggest Vick throws interceptions and has a low completion percentage in his career too. Again, way to be the biggest hypocrite on here. You are clearly talking out of your ass and are the one being close minded.

    • injury prone, is someone that wakes up in the monring and gets hurt…someone that gets hurt while bowling or swimming or some shit..bitch! how can you call someone injury prone when they take big hits, hits that would knock out most QB’s and players…you dont know what injury prone means! So I will stick by my story…Over the last 6 games, Vick has a 94 QB rating, 9 th best in the NFL behind Brees and RGIII….turnover woes early in the season have not been the issue the last 6 games, do you watch the games? in fact he has thrown 3 INT”s the last 6 games…so, it is not a guarantee that he would of turned the ball over, to the worst passing defense in the league…again, you dont know what the fuck you are talking about! On this Vick issue, we will never agree!

  59. Xevious – shouldn’t you be playing video games? grown folks are talking…my agenda is I want the truth to be observed and Vick not blamed for all the faults of this team…its that are a double talking dumbass….you come on here talk about Vick being bad, but not noticing the O line has something to do with QB play…I’ve been pointing out all day long that this O Line is terrible and another QB has struggled…

    I think it comes down to your inability, to be able to read and comprehend a sentence…Were you at my house yesterday when I watched the game..As I got upset with Celek for the first INT, as I’ve gotten upset with Celek for dropped and tipped passes all season long…when I screamed at the television when McCoy had about a 10 yard loss on a rush? I’m not blaming Foles for the loss, at all…But the fact that he struggled as badly as he did, just proves my point about how terrible the O Line play has been!

  60. Oh and by the way…I will still be here next season even if Reid/Vick aren’t here…so dont talk to me about being an Eagles fan…I dont need to be like you to be an Eagles fan!

  61. Peter King from SI is reporting the Eagles number one target to be their next coach is Chip Kelly, i say go for him and if you cant get him THEN you go for the retreads like Gruden an co. The track record is starting to turn favorably with college coaches coming to the NFL recently, look at the 49ers and Bucs, who wouldnt want either of those coaches right now, keep in mind, they both inherited a mess and turned it around quick.

  62. Again real the only double talker around here is you. You cant understand what a converstaion is. Until respect is given your not getting any. So keep your child like one liners and reasoning. When you wanna have an intelligent conversation let me know. As I said earlier this entire team is a disgrace, Ive had it with Andy’s excuses and the over paid bums on this team.

  63. ok kid…whatever you say!

  64. Nope Im pretty sure that isn’t a problem for me. I’m a law school student at Temple and I think that might be a requirement you need in order to do well on the LSAT. I could care less about what you do in your house when your watching the games. I just call out nonsense comments when i see them. Your two comments above sound like they came from someone with a learning disability and I clearly exposed them for how stupid they were.
    No shit the Oline is terrible. But again, I would rather see Foles go the rest of the way than Vick because Vick will clearly not be here next year. If you are the Eagles you need to know if you should draft Geno Smith. You need to give the next Coach an idea of what they have on this roster when it comes to the young players on this team that will be here next year. Overpaid vets who will not be here should not be playing. My argument in regard to Vick is the same for Babin and the rest of them. Lurie should not be willing to push this franchise back even more for the prize of being 5-11 over 4-12, which is what the difference would likely be if you started Vick over Foles and so on.

    I hope you are being “real” when you say you will be here next year when Reid/Vick are gone. Because I know a good amount of people on here will not. They will be too busy rooting for the Raiders or some Canadian football team.

    • I have been saying the same thing Pheags88. Why should we sit here and watch a bad qb play behind a bad team when he’s gone. This team should Sign Mcnutt off the practice squad, Play brown, Polk, Hughes, sims, Marsh, Foles, Kelly, Johnson, Curry and Cox. There is no reason to play the guys that are all but gone. Im would like to have a conversation about the eagle future but it always gets turned back to Vick.

      • where are these Vick fans you speak of? I dont see them. The points i see on here are as follows.

        1. This TEAM is bad regardless of the qb.
        2. Vick is the main problem on this team and should be let go/killed/concussed again for fun.
        3. Anyone who speaks bad of the Olline is in love with Mike Vick

        I cant say i’ve seen alot of Vick love here.

  65. “so, it is not a guarantee that he would of turned the ball over, to the worst passing defense in the league…again, you dont know what the fuck you are talking about! On this Vick issue, we will never agree!”

    LOL Yes, we will never agree on it because you are clearly stupid. How did Vick do against the Saints genius? Thats the worst defense in the league, maybe they will be the worst ever in the history of NFL football when the season is over…Hmmm what did he do? Let me guess he threw an interception. You are the one that clearly doesn’t know WTF they are talking about. And he actually had Herremans and Avant in that game I believe. You are the biggest fucking hypocrite in the history of…Thats realtalk

    • You Fn clowns…Act like your opinions are the only ones that count.

      Herremann’s has not been having a good season anyway, so that means absolutley shit…problem is when parts of the team are broken, it impacts other parts..facts that the O Line was soft and torn up by injuries impacted Herremanns…

      You’re a law student that probably gets C’s, you dumb ass! Again, the way you are talking is as if Vick is the sole problem for why the Eagles are struggling…My belief is with better defensive play, special teams play, offensive line play the Eagles wouldn’t be in this mess Vick would of won games and well Foles is still a question mark (like Vick had in 2010 BTW, better than the 2011/2012 teams) Then of course you have bad coaching behind it…So my beef is with those of you trying to blame players individually! Thats the issue!

      Babin was one of the best DE to get to the QB last season…The problem is teams game planned and made adjustments, this is why you see the down fall….The drop is too severe to be the player and the player alone…So your talking bullshit when it comes to Babin as well!

      Now as far as Vick and the INT against the Saints….How was the protection on that night? everyone said it was awful…did you see something different?
      Anyway, that INT was tipped right, off of Celek right? All season long I’ve been talking about Celeks play dropped passes in end zone, drops on 1st and 3rd downs…now some want to blame Celek for that INT yesterday…but what about the plays Celek made throughout the year, similar…? Haven’t heard shit until yesterday and today…. Thats the point I am making.

      Double standards I’ve been talking about all season long!

      Not my fault you dont have the open mind to see where the F I’m coming from. ..I’m not on here, trying to throw Foles under the bus, no single player deserves that. But everyone talking about how bad Vick had played, just doesn’t understand how porous O Line play impacts a QB, another point I’m trying to make…but of course those of you that hate Vick for more reasons than football, obviously, don’t want to hear that…And again, what has Foles done to deserve to be given the “franchise QB” tag…Shit, play Edwards if Foles keeps on struggling. But again, I guess I have to agree with you and say Foles should start the remainder of the season…

      • why you hating on Foles? haha… im kidding. They dont get it.. they really dont. To speak about the Oline or Dline is to love mike vick. If you say the coaches are bad it means you are a Vickapologist or whatever. Its ignorance, plain and simple.

        Ill say it…. if There was a solid Oline that was able to keep people off Vick there would be more time. If there was more time the WR could use their speed to get open. Would Vick throw a pick or a TD? I have no idea… y?…. because he didnt have the time this year. I dont understand why that is seen as love…. or… holding a jock…. or being an apologist. Where im from…. its just realtalk.

        This is 100% on Reid.. he built this O to look like this and a main wheel has fallen off (oline). I really dont care if Vick comes back next year…..y?…. because he MAY be our best option next year…. we have no idea. BUT…. lets see Foles sink or swim with this mess and maybe…. just maybe… we can see something to work with.

  66. Whats with this Chip Kelly Talk!!!?? He would suck as our Head Coach. What are you guys thinking?!! I don’t even think Gruden is the answer, but he’s light years ahead of Chip Kelly. These should be your Head Coaching candidates:

    1. Dante Scarnecchia – New England Asst. Head Coach/Offensive Line Coach
    2. Tom Clements – Green Bay Offensive Coordinator
    3. Aaron Kromer – New Orleans Offensive Line/ Running Game Coach
    4. Joe Lombardi – New Orleans Quarterbacks/ Offensive Quality Coach
    5. Keith Butler – Pittsburgh Linebackers Coach/ Dick LeBeau’s Airapparent
    6. Jimmy Johnson – was Jeffery Lurie’s 1st choice before he hired Andy Reid.

    All these men are MUCH BETTER Candidates than Chip Kelly….Stop It!!

  67. You have to remember an improtant thing here though..
    Coach AR is going to Coach the remainder of this Season to Protect his Reutation as a “players COach” and trying to win games..
    For him to bench Veteran PLayers for young players who he will not have a future with is something I don’t see happening unless work comes down from the Top to do so.. I really don’t envision Roseman/Lurie telling Reid on who to play for the Benefit of the Eagles.. Reid is going down with who brought him here to maintain his “Players Coach” reputation for this will help him Secure his next Job when he can tell an OWner of another club, Hey, I stand by my players, they stand by me, and I can recruit this guy, that guy, where he he benches Veteran Players don the stretch, comments will leak out how he’s lost the locker room, lost control,etc,etc and it could hurt him in his future employment/interviews…
    IS Roseman strong enough to tell Reid to coach for the future with the young players when you are about to lose your job in 6 Weeks, I doubt it..
    Owner Lurie probably wants this 6 weeks to pass as quickly as possible for he is not a man of confrontation and does not all hell to break loose and expecially publicly.. even though it’s a lost season for the entire organization..
    Lurie needs to have his ass on the phone talking and interview Football Minds about who to hire as President of Football Operations first and how to turn around this Organization, this is what he needs to be doing and focusing on

  68. Xevious, these retards will probably say they don’t want to risk playing younger players who will actually be here next year because it will tank the current season. Yet, stupidity like that is laughable because the overpriced/overrated veterans already tanked our season. Yea were winning so many games this year by playing them, give me a fucking break.

    I mean even if they went back to Vick on Monday Night just to make most reasonable Eagles Fans mad, he will likely just end up getting injured again at some point, whether at that game or the next one after that. Its just the truth. He is clearly one of the most injury prone QBs in the league and can barely finish a NFL season. Its just realtalk you know. So we would end up likely seeing Foles again anyway.

  69. Paulman, I think Lurie would tell Reid what the deal is. Just like I think he did for Castillo. And like I said, what brings you to the conclusion that playing these overpriced/overrated veterans will translate to more wins this season? Seriously, where is the proof for that based on what we have seen? Logically I think it could only be a difference of 5-11 over a 4-12 season and that might be only if we got lucky.

    Those veterans already tanked the season. They tanked it because they have shown they could care less. They have shown they are not winners. They have shown all they are capable of doing is talking in the offseason about how good they are and about how they think they have improved. They can’t back it up for shit. Its embarrassing

  70. Pheags these retards have a better grip on reality then you, do you honestly think these coaches and players want this on their resume, players and coaches want to win now. Nobody wants to hear any fantasies about next year.

  71. Biglion, Why play the players that got us in this mess. We should be playing the young guys seeing what we have. Winning is not the most important thing right now. A lot of these guys are going to be let go. There is no logical reason to play these guys that arent giving their all. Play guys that are hungry and trying to win a spot next year. Might help us fill a few of the many holes and Solidify ourselves a good draft pick. Remember the superbowl is our goal not saving face for a bunch of mercenaries that look like the 2000 Redskins!!.

  72. You already know the answer to that, everybody including coaches are auditioning for jobs here or elsewhere from now until these trainwreck is over.

  73. You don’t know Andy Reid if you think he’s going to sit a bunch of vets and play young guys… When Vick is healthy again, he WILL be the QB. He gives him the best chance to win. It’s easy for us to sit here as a fan and say let’s lose every game and get the best draft choice. But, as a player if you accept the mind set, then you have no place on a professional roster. You better give the same effort at 3-7 that you give at 7-3. Trust me the NFL, GMs, Coaches. Owners, player personnel guys are watching. It’s painful to watch this team, but true fans ride or die with their team no matter what. End of a Dynasty…

    • But, as a player if you accept the mind set, then you have no place on a professional roster

      Have you watched this team. A good chunk of them have acce[pted this mind set already.

      This is Long term Vs Short term.

      The season is over.

      There will be no playoffs.

      Reid and staff are gone after this year.

      So will a number of players, including the illogically loved Vick.

      Rolling these retreads back into the roster is counter-productive at best. And terrible for the long term development of the team. What’s te point of Babin starting over Curry the last 56 games? Or Vick over Foles? Are we suddenly going to “learn” something about them?? Are they going to suddenly “develop”?

      The season is done. fans know it. Coaches know it. Players know it.

      So time for some auditioning.

      These final 6 games should be about Foles, and Curry, and McNutt, and Brown and Polk and Cooper, And Johnson, and Harbor etc.

      • Amen Vinnie Amen. We need to ge this overpaid dreck out of here and see if we have anything at all in waiting. We are the 2000 Redskins and my fear is Like those Redskins we will try to retool with over priced retreads and never ever be relavant again. Learn from history people.

  74. Realtalk — stop wasting your breath. Vick is going to come back next year. This is going to go one of two ways.

    Option 1) Andy is going to stay, Lurie says he’s giving him another year to correct things. Andy gets a real defensive coordinator and also fires Marty. (Thats the only way Lurie lets him stay). Andy will not demote Vick nor cut him therefore Vick returns behind a reformed o-line. Oh and they sign Dwayne Bowe too.

    Option 2) They hire a coach and go into a semi-rebuild mode. Lurie keep Vick in order to sell jerseys and fill the seats.

  75. USAToday – LeSean McCoy became the latest concussion casualty in this nightmare Philadelphia Eagles season. McCoy was spotted in theloser’s locker room after Sunday’s 31-6 rout by the Washington Redskins walkingin a slow daze as he was escorted by team trainer Rick Burkholder. Eagles coach Andy Reid announced that McCoy suffered a concussion when he was leveled by safety Madieu Williams, causing the Eagles tailback to lay motionless for several minutes with 1:45 remaining in the game. McCoy slowly sat up but was carted to the locker room for further evaluation. Why was McCoy, who gained 45 yards on 15 carries and caught six passes for 67 yards, still out there in a game long lost? “Because we’re trying to catch up and win the game,” Reid said. Asked about 25 being alot of points to make up with that little time, Reid repeated, “We were trying to catch up and win the game.” Does Reid regret keeping McCoy out there? “No,” the embattled coach said flatly. McCoy now joins quarterback Michael Vick, who suffered a concussion last week against the Dallas Cowboys.
    Sure, we could dwell on the Shady concussion. We could lament on the audacity of a coach saying he was “trying to win the game” when his best player got concussed down 25 points to a division rival with less than two minutes left. We could blame Andy Reid for Shady’s injury and question why Bryce Brown was in the game when it mattered but was on the sidelines when the contest was clearly out of reach. We could get upset at how he burns time outs during the final two minutes of the half only to run the ball directly into the defense. We could do all of this and it would be totally justified. The problem is, to me, the entire picture seems far more criminal when viewed from a distance.
    Somebody needs to get arrested for what they’ve done to these players. Yes, we all understand that there are zero legal grounds for multi-millionaire athletes to file suit against their teams — but this organization has gone fucking rogue. Completely off the reservation. Forcing Michael Vick to run slow-developing play action behind a line that couldn’t survive a Big East pass rush? Having LeSean McCoy in the game down 25 with less than two minutes left because you “were trying to win the game”? Hiring and starting a right guard nobody’s ever heard of in the same week because the 30 year-old you drafted in the first round is a complete bust? Throw Andy Reid and anyone else with decision-making power into the slammer. Completely absurd. Not only have they crushed the spirits of an entire city, their actions may have turned otherwise good men into early retirement Muhammad Ali-mumbling apple sauce slurpers.
    Michael Vick can’t even drive a car or sit still without feeling nauseous, guys. Andy Reid killed him just like I said he would. Look at the 6-game losing streak:
    Washington – QB 46 attempts, Shady 15 carries
    Dallas – QBs 41 attempts, Shady 16 carries
    New Orleans – QB 41 attempts, Shady 19 carries
    Atlanta – QB 35 attempts, Shady 16 carries
    Detroit – QB 46 attempts, Shady 14 carries
    Pittsburgh – QB 30 attempts, Shady 16 carries
    But when you’re trying to “catch up and win” you run the ball with under two minutes left in the game? Fuck this team and Andy’s backwards-ass coaching. That’s a reckless endangerment charge if I’ve ever seen one.

  76. @Stevo

    “I pray that whoever comes in here values lines… and run games and D.”


  77. And Gronkowski broke his arm in the final minutes of a game with his team up 39 pts….what exactly is the difference?

  78. “Pheags these retards have a better grip on reality then you, do you honestly think these coaches and players want this on their resume, players and coaches want to win now. Nobody wants to hear any fantasies about next year.”
    Hey i’m glad you called yourself a retard because your clearly are one. At least your honest about that. How do you have a better grip on reality? Seriously, it is just because you say so in your own pathetic little world. You are just doing what you do best, which is make baseless statements that just truly expose how retarded you can possible be because there is no logic that would back it up.
    Again, HOW do you win now with those players you speak of? Seriously how do you fucking do it because all they have done so far is show us they are nothing but losers and quitters.
    Its really a simple question. Tell me how and based off what facts would give you any indication that we would win more games with Vick starting over Foles the rest of the way…Or Babin and Trent Cole starting over Curry and BG?

    And what fantasies are you speaking of retard? Its clear you don’t have any kind of fucking grip on reality if you actually think some of these players will be back. They suck and will be lucky to be starting in the NFL next year. You probably had the same type of baseless comment in regard to McNabb who couldn’t pay a NFL GM money to be their starting QB right now. NFL GMS clearly want nothing to do with him because he cant play right now and some of the vets on this team will be right next to him sooner or later. You are the one with fantasies. Sorry that you can’t accept what reality is. I know you are slow but seriously at least have someone else comment for you to save yourself the embarrassment of making more baseless comments on here.

    • Hey everyone look Pheags opinion is the only one that matters, dude go apply for a GM job somewhere you obviously have all the answers to how to run a franchise. Do you feel better after that little rant. By the way if Andy Reid thinks he can win games with Vick guess who will be back under center. Geez

  79. ChuckRob, the embarrassment is already on tape for all to see. Its been on tape all year. The players have shown they don’t give a damn more than anybody in this city…
    When Vick is healthy again….he gives them best chance to win….
    This comment is based on what? All we have been trying to do this entire season is WIN NOW with these guys…how is that working out?

    If Vick is the starter on MNF he will probably just get injured again anyway because thats the story of his career. Im just saying thats reality, look at his career, he is not capable of staying healthy in this league. I mean they put fucking armor on him as if he was going to Iraq. That simple fact just goes to show you what his own team thinks of how injury prone he is. So then Foles will likely just be the starter again in 2-3 weeks and we will be at the same spot we are in now. Sounds like a great plan.

    • “I mean they put fucking armor on him as if he was going to Iraq.”

      My f-ing drink just came out my nose reading that. LBest line of the week.

      • If half the players and coaches on this team had half the heart that Vick does…the Eagles wouldn’t be in this mess!

        • i agree with you there, he has a ton of heart. But that only goes so far. If we both agree he has heart then the rest of this team are dogs cause they arent inspired to play well. They stink. This team needs to be dismantled and built back up. New philosophy with young hungry guys.

  80. pheags- i believe many of these players will be back next year because the eagles still have to play games.

    With the exception of Babbin, most of the starting Dline will be here.

    The starting LB core of Kend and Ryans will be here. I believe of the 3 starting corners 2 will be back (i dont think both DRC and NNAmdi are gone. 1 stays)

    Someone has to play SS and FS… not sure they can get 2 starters in here this year.

    On O.. Djax stays, Mak does too unless traded. Foles is here but may not be starter. McCoy is back. Peters, 3 of our starting Olineman stay… if not 4.

    The biggest change will be the coaching staff. We will have a DC for the first time in many many years. I believe the new coach will spend year 1 focusing on the Oline and QB (whomever it may be).

    This TEAM has a lot of work to do and it will take more than 1 off-season. Expect MANY of these guys to be back next year.

  81. Hmm 3-7 record Vinny Curry has been inactive all year, he must not be showing the coaches anything in practice here’s an idea let’s start him Monday night. Yeah that’s the ticket.

  82. As stated before, the team will be $22 million over the cap.

    That immediately means bub-bye Babin, Vick, Asem and probably Jenkins…they also won’t resign DRC.

    A new coach is going to want to bring in “his guys” and sn’t going to hang his hat on a 33/34 yr old mini-man QB. Vick’s gone.

    And I woulden’t think Reid will worry much about his “legacy” or further coaching opportunities. Good chance he’ll take the following year off (he should) and then he will have a bevy of opportinities going forward.

  83. I thought Asante and his selfish play style was the problem or was Brian Rolle or Jaiquawn Jarrett or Juan Castillo.

  84. Stevo On the D line Jenkins has an out on his contract as does Patterson I believe so thats 3 there. Drc stays Nhamdi will still cost us 4 million even when he is cut. Let Marsh Or hughs take his spot the rest of the year. Give sims a shot at safety see if he has an potential.

    On O maclin Avant and Cooper should prolly be gone..See if Johnson and Mcnutt can play. Try for Bowe in Free agency even though he gets nicked up. Sign or draft a TE Celek might be done..

    Starting O-line might be the same 5, Mudds schemes have not caught on with this group. I dont know what the Free agent class looks like for Linemen or if we will be high enough for a stud lineman.

    • Patterson has been the starter this year? Maclin not going anywhere unless traded. The oline will not be the same 5 as they tried to have this year. Especially because of alk the guys coming back off injury. Reid undervalues depth but moat coaches do not. Kelce, mathins, watkins will have como in camp and only 2..maybe 1 remain a starter next year.

  85. Eaglescap has them as being 18.1 Mil over next year, but 9.6 of that is to Bell, so really they will be about 8.5 million over.

    I don’t know the buyouts for these deals and guaranteed money, but if they cut Nnamdi, Jenkings, Patterson, Babin, Wadkins, Bell, Avant and Vick, then that would be 62.5 Million.

    I was on the fence about Vick, but not a lot of QBs are worth 18 mil.

  86. Realtalk, I never once said Vick has no heart or isn’t a tough ass dude. When I say there is quitters on this team Im talking about others. But like I said I compare Vick in some ways to Bob Sanders. They are both tough without question, just injury prone. You just can’t depend on players like that if you plan to win SuperBowls.

    Biglion, you clearly are the Steve Marriucci for Vick on here. The majority of Eagles fans are just wrong and you and Steve are the ones sounding logical.

  87. Stevo I think you are right about how it will take years to fix this team. But I def see an overhaul of this roster. Its a mess. They are nowhere near as good as they think they are and many of them have quit. A new coach is going to want to start new, especially after seeing the tape of some of these games. At least the NFL isn’t the NBA. Look at the Bucs, they lost like 10 straight last year i think.

    Whats disturbing about the Defense is that they are pretty much fully healthy…we got lucky with no major injuries on that side of the ball this year which barely happens in the NFL. I remember Schiller/Navy saying crap like the biggest concern for this team was backup RB or the 5th WR spot. I think its safe to say they were off by a bit.

  88. 88… i disagree about the d. I think if they had a good dc and a S.S. they would be better than this.

    The O is a bigger concern because its built to pass and pass alone. We will need a ot and a fb and a big wr. Plus at least 1 te.

  89. After much thought…. i believe the may have to let both nnamdi and drc go. Wow… crazy.

  90. The TB Bucs were a good Team on the rise in 2010 and Won 10 Games, but they had a immature young Team and young Head Coach (Raheem Morris) who did not handle the lock-out time well and they were cocky and arrogant, undisciplines and got their asses handed to them last Season in 2011 where they quit on each other and the Coaching Sstaff and to be honest the pretty close to the same thing has happened to the 2011 & 2012 Eagles..

    Look what happens a year later, Hire a tough-nosed,strict HC in Schiano,
    rid the Roster of Whiners and Underachievers (Winslow) bench Veterans in favor of guys trying to make a name for themselves, have a good Draft in Getting RB Martin, Safety Barron and SIging Free- Agent big Target WR V Jackson and CB Eric Wright and now they are in the PLayoff Hunt and a eam back on the rise so it can happen,but it starts with a Committment, Attitude and a Sense of Urgency which I have not felt or seen from this Eagles Squad since mid 2009 to be honest with you..

  91. Maclin is a Free-Agent, word is that he’s homesick and look for him to sign a
    Deal with hometown Team the ST Louis Rams..
    Part of the Reason that Maclin takes so many hits is that he runs almost straight up and never seems to position his body well to take a hit, let him walk for he is easily replaceable..

  92. It will be fun to watch all these players play well once they have a new team. We will bemoan some of these guys that find a good system. I guess thats what andy meant when he said ” put them in a better position”.

  93. Jesse (RealTalk777) Jackson has a hard time admitting that Michael Vick is a bum! Yeah the offensive line sucks, and yeah Reid sucks, but it don’t change the fact that Vick is paid like Tom Brady and he has played like Rex Grossman for the last year and a half.

    When he is cut next season we’ll see who else wants him. It might be just you and Vick against the world, Jesse.

  94. Paulman, Maclin is under contract I believe for another year. And his cap number is relatively low, I think around 2 million. He will be here next year unless they trade him. Djax has an easy out in regard to his deal after next season as well. Thats why I mentioned signing Bowe before and keeping Maclin and Djax here for next year. That 3 WR combo would be maybe one of the best in the league since Bowe’s game would compliment Djax/Maclin style perfectly. Foles or whoever the young QB will be next year will have a pretty good situation to work with and will make their transition and development to the NFL much easier. And then based on who plays better next year, you decide to sign Maclin or cut Djax. That would be my plan in regard to the offense.

  95. Thats what i thought about jmak too 88 but paulman is rarely wrong about stats and numbers. Hes a stat girl. If u are right 88 i stand on what i said at the atart…jmak is hear unless traded.

  96. Man, Vinnie’s going to pop a major vein next year if Vick is the Eagles starting QB and it’s almost worth it just to see that happen.

    The thing I’m not liking about Foles right now is that beyond the interceptions and the fact that his ball placement isn’t good right now is that 80% of the time when he does hit a receiver he leads that receiver right into getting smashed. It’s only going to be two or three games before we’re seeing Maclin, Jackson or one of the other receivers getting carted off of the field.

  97. the thing i dont like about Foles right now is the crap standing in front of him…. same crap in front of Vick, We know nothing about either of them for this year.

  98. The quarterback position is irrelevant Vick is a fine starter in this league. They fired the best coach one the team in Castillo .. And now the defenses fundamentals suck. We need a ton of offensive line help. and a big tough receiver or 2.. That’s all we needed. Now everything is screwed up ..

  99. blogging tough guys… I stand by my earlier comments. If Andy isn’t anything he’s consistent…and could give a damn what people think. When Vick gets healthy he will start. San Francisco’s offensive play calling has been pure genius so far. Our offensive play calling horrible…Marty M does not deserve to call an Nfl game… I love the tic QBs. Nick Foles the verdict is still out young fella…

  100. You know what is really sad, is that you goofballs spent all day, getting angry with other, ripping each other, & calling each other names like petulant children, when the real people you should be ripping, is this f^#@ing inept, moronic, clueless organization of ours!!!! Let’s really, get real, this entire coaching staff HAS TO GO! We DO NOT HAVE A FRANCHISE QB (ALL INCLUDED), able to get us to the next level! Our GM is a glorified bean counter, who doesn’t know WTF he is doing! Our offensive line, is the worst I’ve ever seen! Our WR’s are small, heartless, pu$$y, quitters! Our DF is full of NON-tackling, overpaid, heartless, undersized, DOGS, who should be cut IMMEDIATELY!!! Get it through your heads, IT DOESN’T MATTER, who the F^#@ the QB is! Stop defending Vick & stop F^#@ING ripping him! We know he sucks, but it isn’t ALL his fault! THIS TEAM SUCKS, & are an EMBARRASSMENT!!!!! NUKE EM!!!!!

    • you say it doesn’t matter who the QB is, then you say stop ripping Vick, but then state he sucks…how much of a hypocritical statement was that? What makes you believe that our WR are small heartless quitters? The problem with the defense is the play calling and failure to make adjustments, bottom line. Teams have been doubling our D Line since the start of the season…Haven’t seen an adjustment yet…No delayed safety blitz. bringing LB up the A gap, no adjustments period….Defense could be good with the right play caller…Juan Castillo showed us this early in the season…

  101. Make a list, of who is worth rebuilding this team around. My list isn’t full of a hell of a whole lot!
    DF- Cox, Curry, Thornton, Ryans, Kendricks, Boykin, Marsh, maybe DRC?
    OF- Shady, Brown, Polk, Havili, DJax, Kelce, Herremans (back at Guard), maybe Celek.
    ST- Hennerey.
    That’s about all I think, who are worth of bringing back. Just saying!

  102. The wide receivers are small, fragile and quit on routes, the exception is cooper, but he’s not fast enough to create separatiion, couple the poor offensive line with the crappy receivers and you see why both quarterbacks struggled, albeit differently

  103. What does “doubling our D line” mean exactly. Doubling the whole line? That would take 8 guys. Add in the QB and that leaves 2 guys running routes. Is that what you see?

    Don’t try and sell us now on Castillo. Clearly the D benefitted from facing Wheedon, Flacco, Kolb to start the year….Brees, Ryan, RGIII and even ROmo have exposed the players and scheme.

    And while there are issues with the scheme, it wasn’t scheme that had Cole “ole” right buy Brees when he had a free shot, or whoover DB/safety tandem that was out jumped by mini-man Santana Moss on a desperation RGIII heave the other day.

    Juan Castillo would n’t be solving these problems.

    The team is rife with Probs

    QB: Hopefull this has been solved…we’ll see…
    OL: This will take 2 years to rebuild
    WRs: Some tweaking req’d. try and trade Desean (no takeers) and get a little more size
    TE – I don’t think as desperate as others. Get Celek some of those towels SD was using

    DL: Start Curry and BG now…build around them and COx. High draft pick here
    LBs: Promising. Not an area of draft need
    DBs: Nmadi and effort when he wants DRC both must go. 2nd round pick on a DB.
    Safities: Ugh…..going to take 2/3 seasons to repair the secondary

    Coaching staff…all new

    So….the Birds have made the first step in replacing an again broken down QB, and now the next task is to move on to the other positions…but this will take a couple years.

    Nothink however can be started until a QB is in the fold. Just ask Pitt and Chic what a competent QB means.

    • VinniemySISTER….. max protect. two guys on one at times, yea thats what I see…thats what I’ve seen…I’m a defensive guy when it comes to football. Sometimes teams are doubling two of our ends single on the DT’s…some times its reverse, sometimes its max protect, sometimes they release and setup the screen (dont block any)….You can’t double team every D Line member the entire game, DUH! you have to keep teams off balance, provide your QB with more options than 2 at times…But yea the Eagles haven’t been able to get pressure because the LB’s haven’t been put into place to make plays on the QB enough nor has the DB’s..The wide 9 schemes has gaps and the defense has not been creative enough with the coverage behind it.

      Again, you simplistic dumb ass…The game of football is a little more complex than going with the same formation over and over and over and over and over again!

  104. I have argued and gotten a very hard time over the last couple years that the Eagles WR Corps were actually a weakness of their Offense since they disappear once inside the 25 yard line and that unless it was a big play, busted covereages, that this WR Corp was not tough or physical or big enough to lead the Offense to 8-10-12 play Drives for they were not consistent enough to make the touhg catches and especially down in the Red-Zone where they disappear

    • lies. If this were true why did EVERYONE want them to sigh Burress? Why have we for YEARS been talking about the lack of ability in the red zone?

      Pman the martyr. I guess you have been arguing with us all about the lack of a DC and the Head Coach running too much too right?

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