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Thoughts From Eagles-Redskins

Quitters Never Win

It’s incredible to watch this team operate week to week. They’re just so poorly organized, poorly coached, and on top of everything else they just aren’t very good.

Its amazing to me how this team just repeats the theme of turnovers and defeating themselves. The Eagles held the ball for the majority of the first quarter, and yet the Redskins managed to come away with a 7-0 lead. Once again, this offense continued their sloppy play, and turned the ball over three times in the first half alone. The first two Eagle drives were killed by a pair of Nick Foles interceptions, and LeSean McCoy fumbled the ball away right before the end of the half to set Washington up for an easy field goal.

As the game went on, we saw the Eagles collapse and quit once again. The offense stopped playing with emotion and intensity at the end of the first half, and allowed the Redskins defense to bottle them up for the rest of the day.

Defensively, the Eagles allowed star rookie Robert Griffin III to make them look foolish. Every time the Redskins needed a play to be made, Griffin delivered with the defense offering no resistance of any kind.

Once again, the vaunted defensive line couldn’t get a thing done. The Washington offensive line dominated at the point of attack, and gave Griffin worlds of time to find his receivers.

Shutdown cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha got burned again for a touchdown this week. Asomugha gave up a 49-yard touchdown pass to Aldrick Robinson in the second quarter. And as the Fox broadcast team was so kind to point out, it wasn’t his fault! As usual, Nnamdi was supposedly expecting help over the top. I’m so tired of hearing Nnamdi make that same tired excuse time and time again.

The Eagles hit rock bottom in the third quarter. The season can be epitomized with the Redskins’ first touchdown of the second half. The Eagles pass rush failed to generate a rush on RG III and gave him all day to throw. Griffin then launched a pass down the middle of the field into double coverage. Neither Brandon Boykin or Kurt Coleman were able to knock it down, and then both Eagles let Santana Moss slip out of their grasp and into the endzone for a touchdown.

As good as Robert Griffin has been this year, he had only thrown eight touchdowns coming into this game. He threw four in 60 minutes against the lifeless, disinterested Philadelphia Eagles.

Absolutely pathetic.

Rough Outing For Foles

Nick Foles didn’t do much to impress in his first start.

The rookie didn’t have many good moments, and had a lot of bad ones.

Foles threw a terrible interception on the team’s second drive. The third-round pick panicked in the face of a pass rush, and threw a ball up for grabs that was intercepted by Brandon Meriweather.

As the game went on, Foles slowly began to lose his confidence and his quality of play only decreased.

His worst moment came in the fourth quarter when he made a bizarre decision to throw a backwards pass to LeSean McCoy. McCoy missed the pass, and it was ruled a lateral and a live ball. Foles did do a nice job to hustle over to the ball and recover it, but it was a play that never should have happened.

For all the talk about how poor the Washington secondary was, Foles was unable to get the ball in the hands of Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson. Entering the fourth quarter, the two wideouts combined for just two catches for five yards.

He just wasn’t sharp, and didn’t do anything to inspire confidence.

Quick Thoughts

  • Is anyone else sick of watching Brent Celek tip passes to opposing defenders? I’m not sure what to make of it, but Celek has been involved on many of the offense’s turnovers this season. Although the defender covered him well on the opening drive, it was still a pass that should have been caught by Celek. Instead, the result was a tipped pass that the Redskins converted into a quick 7-0 lead.
  • Decent playcalling on the second drive. Th Eagles eacted well to blitz coming from Washington, and hit Riley Cooper on wide receiver screen that went for a big play.
  • The Eagles got back to their screen game with Foles at quarterback. The Eagles countered Washington blitzes throughout the game with quick screens to LeSean McCoy, something they hadn’t been able to do well with Michael Vick. Foles’ height is the key here.
  • Kendricks made a mistake in the second quarter, overpursuing Griffin and allowing him to evade him and run for a first down.
  • I thought Bryce Brown was one of the lone bright spots from today’s game. He picked up 35 yards on five carries, and also brought a kick return out past the 30-yard line.
  • Robert Griffin hit nine different receivers today.
  • I liked what I saw from new starting right guard Jake Scott. Scott was signed off of the streets this week, and the Eagles soon learned that he was more qualified for duty than Danny Watkins and Demetress Bell. That’s right, a guy who has spent more than half of the season out of football is better than this team’s 2011 first-round pick and their offensive tackle that is making more than $10 million.
  • Alex Henery hasn’t missed a field goal since Week 1. At least one of the draft picks from 2010 and 2011 is making some kind of positive contribution.
  • I’m going to go on the record right now and say that I can’t see this team winning another game this season.
  • Another bright spot: Fletcher Cox played well, picking up seven solo tackles, a sack, and also forced a fumble.
  • Great job getting LeSean McCoy the football late in the game in garbage time and exposing him to injury, Andy.

Final Thoughts

This team is terrible, the head coach has done a terrible job, and the players have no heart.

These are facts that we have comfortably established by now, and we’re just waiting for the season to mercifully end.

Nick Foles remains the only reason to watch this team over the final six weeks. I know he didn’t play well today, but it would be foolish to give up on the rookie after his first start.

Every other aspect about this team is nothing more than comical at this point. Its a joke to watch the head coach and his offensive coordinator run the same predictable plays week after week. Its laughable to watch Nnamdi Asomugha struggle week to week. Its even more laughable to see this team receive no contributions from their 2010 and 2011 draft classes.

Before this season began, I didn’t like this team. In my previews of the NFC East and in other articles, I wrote about how I thought the talent of this team had been overrated, and I had them finishing at 8-8. But I never would have imagined that this team would have been this bad.

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  1. Well, I learned Foles isnt. Franchise QB….I know its only his first game, but he doesnt have IT…….and this years draft is mediocre at the QB position

  2. Yeah your right it’s only one game but he’s not franchise. We need a difference maker at QB.

  3. I har ya Denny– I thought 7-9 or 8-8 or maybe if they got of to a fast start a 9-7 Team .. Bu the will be fortante to n another game (Panthersre their best shot)
    Bengals and Bucs are aying for Playoff Spots and to be honrs Coach Ar knows he’s gone, His Staff do (Mudd isgoign to retire no matter what) , The PLaers know an d hav given up on ach other,their coachesand everyoen is simpol laying for themselves and their ownpersonal Sat whic h many of them were doign all season long.. Tey my as well switch things up but Red is goig to stay with his Veterans for his a PLayes Coac and wnats to eep tha reputatio intct for his nxt Coching ob.. e is not about t bail or trow sme of these unroductive veteran players nder he bus for that’s just not hs personality to do so and couldactually hurt his uure employment elsewhere..

    Its funny but expeted that no one s trashing DC Todd Bwles much since he took ovr like they diith Juan castillo and I stand by my earlie statemet tha it wasamisaketo fir him duig the Bye Week and gave players on the Defensive Side f hebal a sense of panic and they have playe that way ver since giving up 30 + Pts a game ever since..
    The same players who were complaining about Castillo are the same players who have done worse under Bowels.. (Asmo,Coleman,Babin,Cole.). What have any of these Playes done ths Year anyways..)

  4. First cuts at seasons end- Allen, Jordan, Babin, Cole, Tapp, Duncrap, Watkins, Kelly, Vick & Maclin. Put EVERYONE on the trade block! They are heartless, talentless, overpaid, pu$$!#$!!!!!

  5. Coleman & Asomugha shouldn’t make it until next week! CUT THEM ASAP!!!!!!

  6. Dcar your right man this is horrible, honestly you could really let the majority of this team walk. Now that’s really bad, not to knock Foles it’s really not him. But I don’t want to just bank on him going into next year. We must somehow secure a franchise guy. Or at least bring in another talent to compete at the position. Pman your right bowles is worse and should also walk at the end of the year. It’s time to clear house boys, rebuilding here we come.

  7. d@ChuckRob i said id be back on Sunday to say “haha” after The EAGLES lost 6 straight. HAHA. The great Nick Foles Era lol

  8. You know it’s times like these when I reflect on all those Nfc championship loses. Man we should have capitalize then so that maybe now it wouldn’t sting as much. We could have at least said we got a superbowl with this coaching staff and players but no. So many wasted opportunities, you know what I hate to say it but dam I miss Mcnabb. Say what you want he wasn’t this bad ever. As a matter of fact they should have put more offensive talent around him sooner and maybe we could have won something. But the ship has sailed too. Hey Pman what’s your early thought of QB’s coming out this year. Who’s your favorite?

  9. Foles is a good career back up just like Kolb.. Theyre arent that many good QBs in this draft thoough

  10. pdiddy, agreed man. That’s because Andy was in denial for too long about WRs when you had a top defense, McNabb and Westbrook in their prime. Then when you got one, he an Joe Banner didn’t handle the situation right. When this team was ready to win a Super Bowl, there was still that 1 or 2 things that Andy kept neglecting. Then get got some receivers and forgot about defense. Go figure.

    And I agree about McNabb. Sometimes it was hard watching him play but man what I wouldn’t give for a dirt ball instead of an INT or that grin after he misses a receiver instead of walking to the sideline with head down. When McNabb was healthy, the team was never this bad. We’ve had some ugly games with him but an entire season just wasn’t this ugly and we always had hope.

  11. Can’t judge a Qb the first week starting…give him the rest of the season. Offseason is cleaning house. All these big name guys with big contracts…see ya. Shady Desean Peters and Herrimans they are the only people safe on Offense. Cox Kendricks Drc on Defense. This might have been the worst pass defense I have ever seen the Eagles play. Sit Shady Play Brown Foles and D. Johnson Hell bring up Mcnutt. No need to see anyone else. Shit start Hughes opposite DRC or Marsh. Cut the big contracts we need the money.

  12. OK. I don’t like this team either, but this artice is a pile of garbage.

    1: “The Washington offensive line dominated at the point of attack, and gave Griffin worlds of time to find his receivers.”
    The Eagles d-linemen were shredding the Redskins oline all game. RGIII was incredible with his scrambling/buying time. (he better not be doing this in 3 years from now). The critique of the Dline is that they were continually taking bad angles and allowing RGII the sideline, but he was under pressure a lot.

    2: “Asomugha gave up a 49-yard touchdown pass to Aldrick Robinson in the second quarter. And as the Fox broadcast team was so kind to point out, it wasn’t his fault!”
    There is no way that was his fault. Asomugha made a lot of mistakes this game (and others) but I doubt this was one of them.

    3: “Foles threw a terrible interception on the team’s second drive. The third-round pick panicked in the face of a pass rush, and threw a ball up for grabs that was intercepted by Brandon Meriweather.’
    Some interceptions aren;t the same as others. It was 3rd and 21. throwing a 30 yrd int is bad, but muted by the fact that they would have punted next play. Perhaps Desean should try to keep his feet on the play.

    4: “As the game went on, Foles slowly began to lose his confidence and his quality of play only decreased. His worst moment came in the fourth quarter when he made a bizarre decision to throw a backwards pass to LeSean McCoy.”
    Agreed. (sort of) Worst play of the day….however…I charted the first half….Foles dropped back 23x and made 2 bad decisions (the pick on 3rd down and an attempted screen that Redskins had snuffed out….that’s $$ for a young QB) The entire first half saw nothing but solid decisions from the young QB.
    5: “■Is anyone else sick of watching Brent Celek tip passes to opposing defenders? I’m not sure what to make of it, but Celek has been involved on many of the offense’s turnovers this season.”
    DIsastrous….this is not like the Vickpick to Celek against atlanta…that pass was high and wide. This pick was right on his hands. On the numbers….ooooh the defender was waving his hands in front…catch the ball.

    • Vinniemysister you ignorant dumb ass!

      you said “3: “Foles threw a terrible interception on the team’s second drive. The third-round pick panicked in the face of a pass rush, and threw a ball up for grabs that was intercepted by Brandon Meriweather.’
      Some interceptions aren;t the same as others. It was 3rd and 21. throwing a 30 yrd int is bad, but muted by the fact that they would have punted next play. Perhaps Desean should try to keep his feet on the play”

      So now you make excuses for Foles, huh? Had Vick thrown that pass, it would have been a terrible pass, right? blame DJAX who had no shot at catching that pass whether he kept his feet or not…it was thrown into double possible triple coverage….

      then you put the blame all on Celek for the INT in yesterdays’ game? how about throw the ball more to the outside instead of the chest, allowing the defender to get his hands on the ball…Had that been Vick it would of been Vick’s fault, right? you are a clown! I thought the O Line would look so much better with Foles behind center? what happened? this was by far the worst game this team has played this season…all across the board…
      Foles threw 2INT’s and had 2 fumbles…had that been Vick, he’d be called garbage. your above comment totally proves your agenda towards Vick and your inability to be unbiased…

  13. Is Trent Cole still in the league?

    • Cole, Babin, Graham & Tapp are non-existent!!! WTF, is Curry & Hunt still being benched for, & WHY is Patterson & Jenkins taking snaps away from Cox, Thornton & Landri?!? Time to get bigger, younger & more physical!!!
      Keepers to rebuild with-
      DF- Cox, Curry, Hunt, Thornton, Kendricks, DRC?, Ryans.
      OF- Shady, Brown, Polk, DJax, Celek, Kelce, Herremans.
      ST- Hennerey.
      All coaches- GONE! GM- GONE!! Cole, Coleman, Allen, Jordan, Babin, Graham, Tapp, ASSomugha, Matthews, Vick, Maclin (PUSSY), Avant, Cooper, Peters, Mathis, Watkins, Kelly, Duncrap, ENTIRE ST’s!!!! ALL GONE!!!!! Hire a real GM (Polian), Sign 2 FA O-linemen, & Safety. Get bigger & tougher at both lines, WR, & LB, & GET SOME F^#@ING PLAYMAKERS, THAT CAN COVER, HIT & TACKLE, in the secondary!!!!

  14. well…this is no surprise. I predicted 7-9 we’ll i was wrong

    5-11 is more like it.

    I told you guys a long time ago after the Tennessee game before the injury that Nate Allen was garbage.

    you apologist were saying he’s a rookie…give him a chance.

    Look, when you see guys getting bulldozed and ran over by RB’s , torched and baited by good QB’s it don’t take 3 season to know they’re garbage. ok?

    I want to know who was the scout who eyed Nate Allen and didn’t see JPP playing on the defensive line in front of him.

    Any Safety can make plays if JPP is forcing the QB to throw beofre the play develop.

    Curt Coleman is not a starting safety and whoever is responsible for putting him in that position should never work in the NFL again.

    The Safety position have been the constant weak spot since we let Dawk and Q walk.

    When are we going to get a SAM linebacker instead of drafting guys to play outside of what they did well in college?

    Kendrick’s talent is being wasted.

    We should have gotten Burfict for almost nothing to play with Kendricks and Ryan.

    DRC is not an upgrade from Asante….I can count 4 separate plays that Asante would have had picks when DRC was torched orknocked down a ball.

    We gave up a 7th round pick for Asante Samuel….you believe that?

    Arizona knew exactly what they were trading in DRC. He’s not that good….and Asante?

    He’s a damn loser.

    Reid is the reason this team is now the bottom of the NFC…He let this team go to shit.

    He let Dawk walk.

    He let Sheldon Brown Walk.

    He let Mcnabb walk.

    This team is ass

    • SONGS, with todays loss, you have OFFICIALLY WON, your bet with Navy! Remember the days, when you, Paul & myself, where ripped daily, by Schiller, Navy & the clown apologists, for being honest about Reid & this garbage! I’m actually sad & angry, that we were right! DAMN SHAME!!!! WHAT A F^#@ING DISGRACE!!!!!

  15. All 4-5 players that got extensions last season should go
    Yes this is Trent Cole, Todd Herremans, Brett Celek are past their primes
    And on the downside of their careers in my opinion
    Today’ RG Jake Scott played pretty well in his first game and actually was a OL I wanted the Eagkes to pursue last off-Season and was surprised that no team picked him up, not sure if he priced himself too high or maybe some off the field issues, but he’s a quality NFL Guard

  16. Could see a QB Matt Flynn be made available by the Seahawks since it appears they have their QB of the future in Russell Wilson
    There’s about 3-4 Top QB’s in this Draft which is definitely a weaker class than last years group
    Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, Landry Jones, Tyler Wilson
    Will mostly be the Top ones heading into the Combines
    But there are a few more, EJ Manuel from Fl State, Glennon from NC State, Florence from Baylor, the kid from Tennessee has had a nice Career

  17. I project 1 maybe 2 more Wins this Season at most for a 5-11 Record and a 6th-8th Selection in the Draft


    • Rocko, he wasn’t that bad, for his 1st game! The line SUCKS, the WR’s can’t get open & the play calling & Vick, is at fault! *SARCASM* 😆

  19. My last thought for the night- THIS TEAM NEEDS TO BE NUKED!!!!

  20. Btw,how was that Foles experiment? lmao BENCH HIS ASS!

  21. Sources state that Owner Lurie is going to sell the Team to English Billionaire to Richard Branson who will relocate the Team to London for the Start of the 2015 Season with the full backing of Commish Goodell who wants a Team in England.. Branson and his marketing the name the “London Virgins” to go along with his branding of Virgin Records and Virgin Airlines
    Remember, you heard this first here from the Paulman

  22. Either you sign John gruden and keep vick. Or you sign chip kelly and draft the best Qb in the draft. Those are the most efficient ways to deal with these problems.

  23. Rocko, stifle it please, this teams problems are far beyond the play of a rookie qb making his first start, foles has plenty of tools, awareness, big body, quick release, he will be a great pro, but with this coach, players like celek, Jackson, maclin, tough job for a rookie, and this defense? , the worst eagles defense I can remember, that crook assomaugh should turn himself in to the roundhouse for grand larceny, 15 million a year,disgraceful

    • @JakeMut – quick release? did he not hold onto the ball a little too long on occasion? of course your dumb ass will make excuses, he’s a rookie…then blame the personnel, coaches…all of this shit has been in place the entire time Vick has been starting…save it, bitch!

  24. Vick is a has been, he’s toast, he wants no part of this bad team, he’s lucky to be concussed

    • @jakemut. I swear if I met you in person, I’d give you a concussion…in fact I think you already have one, with the bullshit you talk on here day in and day out…Vicks last 6 starts 94 QB rating, good for 9th in the NFL, behind Brees and RGIII…toast? just shut your dumb ass up!

  25. I want no part of the following Eagles
    QB Vick, RB D Lewis, OL Bell, Watkins WR’s Avant & Johnson
    TE Harbor
    DE Babin, Tapp, LB Chaney, Matthews. CB Asmogoah
    Safety Coleman, Sims,Anderson

    I would ask players like Trent Cole. Todd Gerremabs to take cuts on the nice extensions that they recreived last off-season, if they bulk at the move
    I release them (Herremans hasn’t played well for a year and a half

  26. P-man you said many times lame-duck coach , and this really hurt this team ! changes shoulda been made last year

  27. In Free Agency
    I go out and get a RT,a big body WR (Bowe from KC)
    Avd a athletic TE
    On Defense i sign a Safety, and DT and then convert Fletcher Cox to DE

    I meet Boynkin work the outside CB
    And get him out of the slot where he looks lost and is simply overmatched physically, let him play outside CB where he can utilize his speed and leaping/ball skill ability

    I give all off-Season for Curtis Barsh to kearn Free -Safety
    If he fails to cut it next Summer, then he gets cut

    At LB, I move Kendrick’s to WILL spot

    In Draft
    I go DT, SAM LB,Safety, CB
    And then O-line, TE

    At QB I have Foles/Edwarda battle it out
    And become a more ball-control Offense and have a more 50/50% run-pass ratio to shorten the games and win the line of scrimmage battle as the games go on..

    As far as resigning Maclin avd DRC
    I would offer them fair contracts but not crazy money

  28. I was at a charity event last night and good seats for the Washington home game were for sale in the silent auction. THERE WERE NO BIDS! Jeff Laurie is going to hate the empty stadium he sees the rest of this season.

  29. I agree Nev which is why Coach AR will not be back in 2013 as it’s his final Contract Year
    All his Top Assts Mudd/Washburn were under 2 year Deals so their Contracts are up and won’t be renewed
    I think I stated many times that this year (2012) would be Abdy Reid’s final season in Philly though I didn’t expect it to get this bad this quick but when you look at the Eagkes since the end of 2009, they have steadily declined each season and I keep hearing about all this top takent and the fact the Eagles are one of the youngest Teans in the NFL each season and my reply is they remain so youbg because they have failed miserably in their last few Drafts so if your kissing on most of your draft picks like the Eagkes have the last few years, you are not able to develop quality solid depth,let alone productive Starters and when you keep turning the bottom 15-18 players from your roster every year, this really shows up on Special Teams units wherw the Eagkes have been poor

  30. In short, the Eagles to continue to be a young team every year because they have missed so badly with their recent Drafts
    Players from 2009/2010 should be major contributors/smtarmters by now and most are not even on the Club

  31. This 2013 Draft is strong in about 4 Positions
    DT, OT, LB, & Safety which is where there early picks should go to get the highly rated prospects in a strong position that also happens to be a need

    It’s not a real strong class for QB’s, Pass Rushers or cover CB’s

    It’s decent at WR,TE & RB

  32. Hey paulman, when do pitchers and catchers report so I ca get riled up about your posts and not have to agree with you about this most lame ass franchise in the history of Philadelphia sports

  33. Good one Jake,
    Should be an interesting Off-Season for the Phil’s and hope they can add a nice right-handed Bat OF like one of the Upton’s to the Team
    Get 2 solid Bullpen guys (1 lefty and 1 righty) and a good back-up middle IF

  34. Former Met/Pirate Jason Bay is available and probably cheap though I’m not sure if he’s worth a damn since he’s always hurt

  35. Just cant take these eagles anymore, please, please, get rid of the lot of them

  36. QUOTE 1.
    “They’re just so poorly organized, poorly coached, and on top of everything else they just aren’t very good.”
    QUOTE 2.
    “This team is terrible, the head coach has done a terrible job, and the players have no heart.”

    Yet there are those who insist Reid is a ” GREAT” coach forever pointing out his (tainted) NFC East championships won in an era when the introduction of his WCO philosphy and accompanying schemes were new and foreign to many teams. It took a while for teams to develop ways to circumvent those schemes. Now, most teams are bigger, stronger, more innovative, better quarterbacked while the Eagles have plodded along, mired in their own fantasy of undersized speedy, high motor (snicker) players handicapped by the same ol’ same ol’ plays which EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE recognizes and knows is coming in their playbook. The Eagles are 1-4 in conference championship games the last in 2009. and 0-1 in Super Bowls loosing to the Patriots in 2004. The Eagles are the ONLY team in the NFC East WITHOUT a Super Bowl. How much longer are we going to live and rely on Reid’s PAST accomplishments to produce a potentially brighter future. FOURTEEN MORE YEARS? I’d rather rebuilt for a few more years with a newer, smarter, more innovative, quicker thinking younger coach with demonstratively progressive improvements than rely on that premise.

  37. yo…hear goes my lineup changes for next week.

    qb: foles (vick sucks, we dont need to see edwards)
    rb: brown (keep shady healthy for next year)
    te: harbor (celek blows)
    lt: the king (enough said)
    lg: herremans (he was a better guard than tackle)
    c jamal jackson!!! (all we are saying is give the man a chance)
    rg scott (why not)
    rt: a player not on the roster (sign some other guy and plug him in like they did scott)

    at defensive end, im benching that bum trent cole for anyone with a pulse

    weakside lb let me see some jamar chaney


    safety…i dont even know. put some scarecrows out there or something since we dont have anybody

    • Todd Herremanns is likely done for the remainder of the season…nice how you keep up with whats going on with your “team”….Jackson is a free agent, and probably a free agent for a reason…

  38. I just love re-posting this famous post game press conference that many will immediately recognize. If not, you will when you get to the end of it. I often Even though the person that held it was fired, I think of it, personnel-wise, whenever I see this team bumbling, stumbling, and fumbling through yet another loosing effort:

    ” Oh no, no, no. You don’t want me to go much further. Go ahead… ask the question. Vernon…Vernon just uh…It was something I told everybody at the very beginning of the week…I will not tolerate…um…players that…think it’s about them… when it’s about the team. And, uh…we cannot make…we cannot make decisions that cost the team… and then come off the sideline and then it’s just nonchalant. No. You know what? I..I..This is how I believe. OK? I’m from the old school. I believe this: I would rather play with TEN people and just get penalized all the way until we gotta do something else rather than play with eleven when I know that right now that person is not sold out to be a part of this team. It is more about them then it is about the team.

    Cannot play with them… Cannot win with them… Cannot coach with them… Can’t do it. I WANT WINNERS!!! I WANT PEOPLE THAT WANT TO WIN!!!”

    Mike Singletary –

    Think Reid will ever give a post game press conference like that? MAYBE HE SHOULD.

  39. They can draft 7-8 picks next April and sign some UFAs that other teams choose to not re-sign. Considering that they have McCoy, Jackson, Peters, Kelce and Herremans on offense, and Kendricks, Ryans, maybe Cox, maybe Graham on defense, and possibly another player or two shines in the final 6 games, I think it will take a few years to be competitive, again, and they are going to have to start hitting home runs in the draft. The first round pick will be in the top 5 so they should be able to find a franchise player that high.

  40. Again I point out that Had we put this kind of season together last year we could have been in the running to Suck for Luck.

    Lourie should have fired Reid Ages ago like 2006,

  41. @Denny – The 49 yard pass you talk about Nnamdi getting beat on, wasn’t his fault…if you watched the game and seen how he was playing the receiver to the indside, he expected inside help…Really wasn’t on Nnamdi on that play…

    @RegalEagle – you are a moron….no team should play to lose, no matter the circumstances….in fact it would of took a lot more than the record the Eagles have this year to get Luck, considering the Colts only had 2 wins….

  42. @Denny – whats also funny is your mention of Celek and tip balls…I’ve stated this over and over again…Celek dropping passes on 1st and 3rd downs, dropping touchdown passes in the endzone….But for some reason, now you feel the need to speak on it??? why not speak on it weeks ago? I know why, because the player who has been blamed for everything under the sun in regards to this team, did not play…

    • But doesn’t it seem like Nnamdi has been expecting help over the top the whole year? This is something that has been going on all year, and while maybe not all of the responsibility falls on his shoulders, its happened too many times and it’s tiring to hear the same excuse that he was “expecting help”. For me that’s gotten about as old as hearing Reid say he’s gotta do a better job. If the guy doesn’t realize by now that he can’t count on his teammates for help and still continues to do the same thing, that’s on him.

      As for Celek, I didn’t get on him back in the Detroit game because at the time it was an isolated incident for him. Before that he has having a pretty good season, and played exceptionally well just a few weeks ago against the Ravens and also caught a touchdown against the Steelers. What he did against Detroit hurt the team at the time, but I could forgive him because that’s typically not him. But now it has become a recurring theme, he hurt the several times in the New Orleans game (he and Vick share blame for the pick six, and Celek also fumbled late in the game that killed whatever chances the Eagles had left) and this week he comes out tips a ball to DeAngelo Hall that puts the team in an instant 7-0 hole.

      Whether the problems come from Vick, Nnamdi, Celek, or Reid this team has too many guys that make the same mistakes over and over again.

      • @Denny, no Celek has done this since opening day…dropping passes on opening drives and on 3rd down situations…The Lions game was not the first game of the season where Celek did not come through…However, I do agree, this team as a whole, is just bad!

  43. That play by celek was atrocious, turned the entire tenor of the game

  44. USAToday – LeSean McCoy became the latest concussion casualty in this nightmare Philadelphia Eagles season. McCoy was spotted in theloser’s locker room after Sunday’s 31-6 rout by the Washington Redskins walkingin a slow daze as he was escorted by team trainer Rick Burkholder. Eagles coach Andy Reid announced that McCoy suffered a concussion when he was leveled by safety Madieu Williams, causing the Eagles tailback to lay motionless for several minutes with 1:45 remaining in the game. McCoy slowly sat up but was carted to the locker room for further evaluation. Why was McCoy, who gained 45 yards on 15 carries and caught six passes for 67 yards, still out there in a game long lost? “Because we’re trying to catch up and win the game,” Reid said. Asked about 25 being alot of points to make up with that little time, Reid repeated, “We were trying to catch up and win the game.” Does Reid regret keeping McCoy out there? “No,” the embattled coach said flatly. McCoy now joins quarterback Michael Vick, who suffered a concussion last week against the Dallas Cowboys.
    Sure, we could dwell on the Shady concussion. We could lament on the audacity of a coach saying he was “trying to win the game” when his best player got concussed down 25 points to a division rival with less than two minutes left. We could blame Andy Reid for Shady’s injury and question why Bryce Brown was in the game when it mattered but was on the sidelines when the contest was clearly out of reach. We could get upset at how he burns time outs during the final two minutes of the half only to run the ball directly into the defense. We could do all of this and it would be totally justified. The problem is, to me, the entire picture seems far more criminal when viewed from a distance.
    Somebody needs to get arrested for what they’ve done to these players. Yes, we all understand that there are zero legal grounds for multi-millionaire athletes to file suit against their teams — but this organization has gone fucking rogue. Completely off the reservation. Forcing Michael Vick to run slow-developing play action behind a line that couldn’t survive a Big East pass rush? Having LeSean McCoy in the game down 25 with less than two minutes left because you “were trying to win the game”? Hiring and starting a right guard nobody’s ever heard of in the same week because the 30 year-old you drafted in the first round is a complete bust? Throw Andy Reid and anyone else with decision-making power into the slammer. Completely absurd. Not only have they crushed the spirits of an entire city, their actions may have turned otherwise good men into early retirement Muhammad Ali-mumbling apple sauce slurpers.
    Michael Vick can’t even drive a car or sit still without feeling nauseous, guys. Andy Reid killed him just like I said he would. Look at the 6-game losing streak:
    Washington – QB 46 attempts, Shady 15 carries
    Dallas – QBs 41 attempts, Shady 16 carries
    New Orleans – QB 41 attempts, Shady 19 carries
    Atlanta – QB 35 attempts, Shady 16 carries
    Detroit – QB 46 attempts, Shady 14 carries
    Pittsburgh – QB 30 attempts, Shady 16 carries
    But when you’re trying to “catch up and win” you run the ball with under two minutes left in the game? Fuck this team and Andy’s backwards-ass coaching. That’s a reckless endangerment charge if I’ve ever seen one.

  45. The success of the past decade can now officially be given to 1 person. The late Jimmy Johnson. Johnson was able to hold teams under 20 points a game. Andy Reid’s had a young McNabb that ran out of trouble to help score just enough to cover up an average coach. I am not a McNabb fan, but every game improves his legacy and tarnishes Andy’s. Mayby the TO project was worth the problems. Where can we go get a crazy reciever that imposes his will on defenses.

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