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Andy Reid Is Hanging Tough With No Plans Of Stepping Down

If you were hoping that Eagles head coach Andy Reid was going to step down before the season ends, it’s not going to happen.  Today the head coach was very consistent in communicating his mindset at the time.

“I’m standing in front of the team and telling them, ‘These are the things we need to do, one of which is to continue to battle. And so I think that would be a cop-out,” said Reid. “That’s not how I see things. That’s not the way I’m wired. We’re going to keep battling and do it as a team. I’m not going to tell the guys one thing and then do the other.”

I also don’t believe that Jeffrey Lurie is going to seriously consider firing Reid before the season is completed.  Lurie has been very disciplined about letting his coaches do whatever it is that they believe will help the football team.  You can blame Reid’s troubles on a lot of people but Lurie isn’t one of them.

Today Reid answered a question about whether Lurie was disappointed in how the team was playing and how the season was going.

“Listen, he’s a competitive guy. No one wants to win more than Jeffrey. I would tell you he is disappointed,” said Reid. “Rightly so. He feels the same way we do, that we’re letting people down in this city and so on. That’s what I can tell you.”

In a way, Lurie is letting Reid fire himself in much the same way he let Ray Rhodes fire himself with a 3-13 season. on Facebook

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91 Comments for “Andy Reid Is Hanging Tough With No Plans Of Stepping Down”

  1. Happy days are here again
    The skies above are clear again
    So, Let’s sing a song of cheer again
    Happy times
    Happy nights
    Happy days
    Are here again!

    Andy Each loss puts another nail in your coffin.

    Take that sissy offense and undersized softy defense and get out of town.

    Good riddens.

  2. Properly spelled, it would be “Good riddance.”

    • “Sometimes I don’t speak right, but you know what I’m talking about…why can’t we be friends, why can’t we be friends, why can’t we be friends, why can’t we be friends…..WAR

  3. Fans and media alike need to remember this important detail
    Coach ARcis also the President of Football Operations so when he goes
    There will be 2 Critical Positions to Hire
    I hope that Owner Lurie Ike focusing on the President of Football Ooerations first, for this is the most important position of a franchise moving forward and it has to be a quality, experienced football mind from a winning organization
    This franchise has been spiraling downward the last few years for not having these Positions seperated and clearly defined and until Lurie hires a real Football Executive with knowledge, experience, a vision with clearly defined objectives and expectations, this Franchise will mcontinue to fall into mediocrity or worse.. Let the next HC concentrate on Coaching and having an in tune, function able staff and not this mush-mash of Coaches who are doing there own thing and do not share the same philosophy on how to Win games in the NFL.. Hire a true Football Executive and let that person hire a Coaching Staff to reflect this new vision and football philosophy..

  4. Yeah, GOD FORBID, his greedy @$$, does the right thing, & falls on the sword, for the MESS, HE MADE!!!! That’s why the PU$$Y, COWARD, LURIE, needs to FIRE HIM NOW!!! Does it matter who coaches us the rest of the season, as long as we don’t have to look at, or hear from that fat, useless bastard again?!? IT’S OVER! WTF else is there to see?!? JEESH!!!!!

  5. When I look at other teams play, they look like football players. Watching them and the Eagles is like night and day. Tonight I saw the back up QB for the 49ers
    and he looked awesome. Compared to our QB’s he looked like Hall of Fame material. The mess that Andy and Howie made of this team is unforgivable. For a franchise who last won a Championship in 1960 and never won a super bowl, they don’t deserve loyal fans like most Eagle fans. And the players have the balls to tell us to be patient. Many of these players look and play like they could care less. Many of the things said about Reid and Co have come true. Maybe that’s why certain individuals who mocked posters have not appeared on this site for a long time as these posters were right about Andy, his decisions regarding coaches and players and his general
    philosophy. I for one said we would never win a superbowl with Andy Reid and this will be true.

    • Do you mean Navy, Schiller, Jon Hart & Birdo?

    • @BigE – oh wow, we haven’t won a SB with AR….how many SB’s did you win before Reid? None! Under Reid this has been the most success this team has saw, bottom line! I thank AR for what he has done with this team. Considering injuries, son’s death, I for one, would not be upset if he were to return…however, some assistant coaches must go!

      • Every NFL player says the ultimate is to win the Super Bowl. Andy Reid hasn’t done squat since 2004. He had a five year plan when he started. The guy is washed up. He’s only an average coach who can’t develop a QB to save his ass, can’t draft, can’t evaluate talent, can’t put together a good offense or defense, can’t motivate his over payed group of quiters ans slackers and has about 8 decent players on his whole squad. You can follow his with the next team. 9 other coaches won super bowls while Andy was having to do a better job

  6. this at this point would be a “mercy firing” and that should happen ASAP….fire Andy and bring Juan Castillo back to finish the season lol !

  7. Let Coach AR go down with the Ship
    There’s no point in firing him with 6 Games to go
    The entire Staff will be gone after the 2012 anyways so what’s the point
    In doing so now. I think Ar and StFf and the players must go thru
    The embarrassment of playing in the Lincoln for their remaining schedule to feel the wrath of the fans to maybe they will learn the disapooinment more clearly
    And if I read one more quote from a player or coach repeating that were a a good and talented team and that no one has beaten us I will get sick
    This team is 3-7 for a lot of reasons and the biggest reason is they are simply not a good team from top to bottom
    There is 1 legitimate, consistent playmaker on this roster and that is
    LeSean MCCoy, the rest of these arrogant, bravado, look at me players simply are not that good and definitely don’t have the heart, the passion and the toughness to wear the silver & green. Let them continue to embarrass themselves and go down with the ship led by their Coach AR

  8. Well stated big e, where are the apologists who mocked, ridiculed, foul name calling, all in defense of this? The Riley Cooper trick play in the end zone summed it all up, that’s all you need to know about the Andy Reid era of football

  9. We need these next six games to see what we have in foles. Foles showed a lot in preseason. He has the physical tools , plus size. Even in a poor performance stat wise against the redskins, he showed promise. He is not skittish even behind this offensive line. Under pressure, his vision remained down field, look at his eyes, his presence. I will watch this disgraceful football team only if foles plays. If Reid does the selfish thing and rides it out with Vick, we will have waisted an opportunity to see the rookie over extended play, hopefully groom him for next year . Do the right thing Andy Reid. Do it for the fans

  10. showed promise? not skittish? behind this O Line? what game were you watching…Jakemut, shut your dumb ass up! There are many fans that don’t agree with you…so whatever he decides he’ll be doing it for the fans…you are about the stupidest mtf to post on this site!

  11. The Emperor is at the podium “ASS NAKED”… covering.

    Just an extended Mustache.

    “Time’s Ours”

  12. @all talk, most fans would like to see what wet have in foles versus seeing what we already have seen with Vick, we would also like to see curry, and a few others as we look to the future, don’t worry, you will still have a team next year, as per paulman, football genius that he is, Vick will be with the cardinals, giddy up and gtfo

    • @Jakemut – Besides a good preseason I haven’t seen anything from Foles that tells me he deserves the opportunity that you guys are so willing to give him…6 other QB’s selected before him in the draft\ for a reason. My problem isn’t, that I don’t want to see what we have in Foles, my problem is this idea that you guys have that he deserves to be given the keys to the franchise….thats my issue!

  13. Real, about AR. He has obviously been the most successful coach that the team has ever had, but don’t you think that it is time for a change? What has AR done in the last 2 years that keeps you in his camp? I want to be clear that I am just curious here. No mocking here.

    Because what I see is the same thing over and over. Every series is pass on first down, run on second down, throw on third. The defense can’t stop the run and high priced FAs are not paying off. Is this the fault of the assistant coaches? Sure, but he put the staff together and this is where we are at. In my opinion, just not the right man for the job anymore.

    But I want to here the other side…

  14. I hear you Bugsy…change is good in some cases. I think this year especially with the death of his son, AR has not bee all in. Which I think is understandable…Last season, the Eagles had chances to win games they lost, if not for a fumble/turnover (49ers game, Bills game) I just think last year there were a lot of bad breaks, I don’t think AR did that bad of a job last season. I think MM, Todd Bowles, Washburn, Mudd, all need to go. Reid should be calling the offensive plays. I know Reid is responsible for all of the hires, and he did fire the wrong coach this season…So I can’t argue if he is released, there are plenty of arguments on both sides. I just want to see him win a SB, that’s what it comes down to pretty much…I want that for AR I want that for the Eagles….

  15. The only opportunity is to see if he can be a starting qb in the nfl. He passes muster on tools; he passed the preseason test. The regular season is a much bigger test, but you can’t write him off after less than two full games, after not taking reps with the first team all season. I can see your sensitivity with how the kolb situation was handled, but this is different, and this is a much better prospect than kolb. Now is the time to see if he’s just only that, a prospect or a legitimate front line starter

  16. How do you know its much better prospect than Kolb? The verdict isn’t in on that either… My thing is Kolb sat the bench for years before he got his opportunity…no matter how it played out, Kolb deserved his opportunity. This O Line is so bad, that evaluating Foles isn’t even fair…So to me its pretty pointless…

  17. The organization needs to make a decision now. Are they going to release Vick after the season? At 18 mil, next year, I think that they will. If that is the case, then they should go with Foles to see if he can play, BUT Real is right, you might not be able to tell because of how bad the OL is and how bad the playcalling is. AR and MM didn’t put him in a position to succeed on Sunday. Let’s be clear that I am not putting all of the blame on them, because he didn’t play well either. I don’t think that you can get anything from that game about Foles.

  18. Andy Reid is the best modern day coach this franchise has ever had. Regardless of how this is falling apart the man has given us a decade of winning football. I will support the man if he is back, he deserves respect. He has poured his life into this team…again that deserves respect. That being said I believe he is burned out. I think between the overpaid bad players, bad coaching decisions and the death of his son the man needs a rest. NFL coaching goes in cycles, and Andy has given his all…We might need to move on, but we dont need to forget what the man has given to this team and city. I understand not wanting him back…I dont understand the hate..It’s not deserved.

  19. FOles must play. They must see what they have.

    But….you have to understand what they are evaluating….and (at least for the first little while) it isn’t about numbers.

    Real, you ask “what has he shown that he’s better than Kolb?” Nothing numbers wise…but no rookies do (save RGIII I suppose). This isn’t about numbers.

    Decision making

    In all three of these areas Foles has done well, though has faded in the later part of the Skins game.

    In the first half he dropped back 24x. Of those 21 were good decisions, 2 were bad, and 1 was a sack.

    That’s promising.

    • Vinnie.. really? Decision making?

      Listen, im i the kids corner but lets slow down and let him do his thing. He did not do well on Sunday…. how many times did he just throw it up there? Be real. He had a few pics and could have had more. He’s a rook… thats what they do. Be lets not pretend like he had a good game on Sunday.

  20. well said Xevious … i understand the team has not played well, but the lack of disrespect for AR over his coaching tenure is just sad

    he and mcnabb were never respected during their time here … AR will go down as the greatest eagles coach ever when he leaves after this year and mcnabb is still one of the greatest players to ever wear an eagles jersey

    i guess that is what is to be expected from eagles fans, nothing is ever good enough

  21. Maybe the Eagles can go with QB Foles for the 1st Half, then go with QB Mike
    Vick for the 3rd Quarter and then finish up with the Comeback Kid– Trent Edwards in the 4th Quarter.. Could be another brilliant strategy designed by
    Coach AR & MM to have the first 3 QB Play System that ends up becoming common practice by 2015 all around the NFL

  22. Make MM take snaps behind that O Line, then maybe we’ll see a change in play calling….

  23. Realtalk, you wrote:
    “Besides a good preseason I haven’t seen anything from Foles that tells me he deserves the opportunity that you guys are so willing to give him…6 other QB’s selected before him in the draft\ for a reason.”

    Well lets look at those QBs. What do any of them show in their first start?????

    The Qbs in the draft went Luck, RGIII, Tannehill, Wheedon, Osweiller, Wilson, Foles, Cousins.

    How did they do in their first starts?

    Luck 23 of 46 (51%) 301 1td 3 ints
    Tannehill 20 of 36 (55%) 219 0tds 3 ints
    Wheedon 12 of 35 (34% 118 0tds 4ints
    Wilson 18 of 34 (53% 151 1td 1int
    Foles 21 of 46 (45%) 204 0td 1 int

    All of them lost. Osweiller and Cousins have not had starts…though Cousins did play and threw 2 ints in 9 atts.

    The only exception to the rule RGIII who was 19 of 26 (73%) 320 2tds 0 ints

    I could give you last year’s rookie starters and you’d get the same sort of thing. Goingback through NFL history…for everyone…there are more rules than exceptions.

    Compared to his peers, Foles was exactly where I expected him to be.

    Do not look for numbers with a rook. Look for Poise. Decision making. Pocket awareness. Command.

    For all these things Foles is doing well. He seems to know the playbook. Nice audible to Cooper. Moves under control in the pocket. The numbers will come slowly over the next year and a half.

    Patience is required.

    Pulling Foles now (or in a week) would be detrimental to the team’s long term evaluation of the prospect.

    Though it would be nice if he was in the 35 called passes, not the 51 called passes range as he was in his 1st start.

    • The voice of reason.

      I hate that most are killing you for bringing facts to confuse the issue!

      The worst part is he likely would have started much better week 1 vs the browns vs coming in rusty (awful excuse) in the middle of a season where Defenses are in mid season form.

      I expect Foles to struggle… especially with the rest of the team shutting it down. They need to bring up practice squadders that want to try to win a job. It is a second preseason now.

  24. Vinnie… what are you talking about? U said foles had 1 pick sunday? You must have went for a snack when he threw the second one…. The kid has 6 turnovers in less than 2 games.

    • and he’s only had 1 start Vinnie…. what are you talking about? 32 attempts in the game he came in on and 46 in game 2. Why does this surprise you? This is what Andy does… he throws throws throws. Kinda makes you made that the coach and the line doesnt help the qb out right….. i know sis, ive been there

  25. Wow I love the way people say they are for the kid with one breathe and ripping him the next. He’s a rookie he needs time and experience…the oline and team is what it is. Lets stop over reacting to a first start ever it’s impossible to tell anything from that. The thing to look for is progress and maturity..related but not necessarily the same thing.

    • Ummm….double standard? didnt you say you support Vick? are you denying you haven’t ripped him?

      • I will continue to rip him he’s not a good QB in my eyes. I also guarantee you that you wont see me rip any rookie there first year maybe even their 2nd year depending on the circumstances. You cant judge a rookie, any rookie but their first year. Look how badly Cam has struggled after a rookie of the year season. I support any eagle on the field. All BS bickering aside I dont think either one of us want the Eagles to lose or be this bad.

        • and who’s the hypocrite? you are a clown! Cam is struggling because he doesn’t have a positive attitude first and foremost. He’s down before he’s up. Again, what has Foles shown that makes you believe the Eagles should dedicate two years to his “development”….Nada damn thing in my opinion!

          • You really have a comprehension issue dude. You really missed your calling since you can see talent after one game. You should be a proscout instead of the resident Jackass on I tried to have a discussion but you think everyone is clown…I respect your right to have an opinion but not to be an offensive blustering JACKASS!

            • well unfortunately I don’t have any respect for a hyrpocritical little shit stain like yourself. you get on someone for giving their opinion of the rook performance saying “how can he support him” but then you say you support Vick in the same breath and “bash him in the next”…by my definition and where I am from, you = clown, dumbass, bitch or all of the above!

              • Reasoning with someone who can’t comprehend half of the words I use in not productive. I will use smaller words for you since your comprehension skills aren’t up to par. Where I come from you are full of shit and think you can influence their opinion by getting personal.

        • Outstanding! Rookies should make rookie mistakes Veterans should be cut for them!

    • um…. how did I rip him? By giving the stats? Ill try not do to that anymore.

      The kid was great… better than Andrew Luck or RG3…. that better?

      The kid made the Oline look amazing…. thats what HOF qb’s do. That work?

      HE’s A ROOK!!!!! he may be amazing…. he may be trash… we dont know.

      I want him to start… i want him to look good. But enough blowing Sunshine up his can.

      • HE’s A ROOK!!!!! he may be amazing…. he may be trash… we dont know

        Thats how it should be… but I think your letting your argument with Vinnie point out all the kids faults to make your point…just an observation.

        • shut your dumb ass up! you just mad because his opinion differs from you, that’s real talk!

          • You are the dumbest motherfucker on this site. Everyone is dumbass except you…Drop dead you retard asshole.

            • No not everyone, you and those with your type of logical thinking are the only dumb asses..Those that can see things from both sides are cool with me…its the selectively ignorant like yourself and some others who I have issues with. Sorry I’m just real, something you just aren’t used to.

              • No your not real, nor are you a fair person. You obviously have your preferences and make it personal when people question you. The fact is dude if you were at all real we could have a rational conversation or debate instead of what this has become..a school yard bitchfest…now thats real.

        • what point was that? I gave his stats. I have NO POINT regarding Foles yet.

          What i WONT do…. is compare him to anyone on any other team after ! start. What i WONT do is use him to make a point about Mike Vick.

          All i have said is that both of these qb’s are cursed with a horrific line and a coach who wont make any changes and a D that not only has no coach but is also lacking heart.

          • well thats my whole thing you cant compare the two one is a 10 year vet the other is a rookie, no comparison.

            • Agreed. even worse to use 1 to make a point about the other.

              Lets flip it…… the 49ers….. do you think either of those QB’s would play well here in Philly THIS season? No… why? 49ers have a good D.. a run game… a coach who uses a teams strengths FOR them. We have NONE of that right now.

              • thats why im all in on Playing every young guy we have and seeing what we have. Too many holes to fill. See ya Marty, Mudd, Wash April and Toilet Bowles…ALL bums. I think Juan saved himself a future job by getting fired, If that makes sense.

  26. Dipshit Vick lover…so I hit 1 insteead of 2…whatever

    Rookie QBs in their fitrst starts this year (excluding RGIII)

    50% 2 TDs 13 interceptions. All losses.

    Foles is right in line with the rest of them. Of course Andy should have helped his rook….and Foles should have been in line with the rest of them at about 35 called passes….it was his first game….and his called passes did not line up with those given his peers……

    but don’t try and weasel this back on you know who, because that doesn’t line up…One is a 10 yr wet supposedly worth 100 million, aand when we look at his called atts, he’s right in line with his peers.

    AndBTW…. the amazing thing….even with the horrible line, and the 51 atts…..what was the raw rookie able to accomplish?

    51 called passes and he threw the ball 46x. 90%. Exactly on the NFL average….and something Mike Vick has Never, ever, been able to even remotely approach in his career (75% avg). That stat alone tells you he has a better grasp/awareness of the offense than the former superstar.

    That stat alone shows promise.

    • I am not the one who has changed my tune. You can ;look it up,,… ive said the same thing since day 1 (unlike you). let me try and remember my points….

      1. This line sucks.
      2. This line sucks.
      3. This line sucks.
      4. We need a DC.
      5. This line sucks.

      I support both of our QB’s. They wear the green.

      For me it has NEVER been a competition between them. The qb stuff is for those simple people who dont know the game,

      This is a TEAM sport and this TEAM is no good.

      I think Vick would do fine here if given the time/line/D to support him. I believe the same thing could be said about Foles although we know nothing yet.

      YOU have always said this Oline and TEAM would win games and be better if FOLES was in there, Im still waiting for your dreams to come true.

  27. Gotta remember that alot of the passes were called was because the Eagles were down 17 to 6 at halftime I believe. So have to throw a little more to get back in the game…Then especially considering the score heading into the 4th quarter…Pretty much its not the time to run the ball. Then on top of all those passes most were dink and dunk a few intermediate, and one shot down the field. The play calling was what it was because of the score of the game. The coaches helped the rook out a lot in the first half!

    • lol I dont think it would matter if the birds were up 42-6 they love to pass.

      • Again you and the inability to think of things in full more detailed view. you could be right..but the way the game started there is no denying they weren’t trying to help the rook out…the moved the pocket, ran a lot of screens…Shady may not have got 20 carries but he got 20 + touches. WR screens. The ran the ball early with Brown and McCoy. With the score the way it was going into the 2nd half, there is no denying the game plan changed a bit and a few more passes were called than the norm. When you think about the games the Eagles won this season Shady had 20+ carries and the score was much close. The score played a big part in the way the game was called in the 2nd half…knowledgeable football fans know that!

        • There ya go being defensive again…I didnt offer a detailed analysis, or a critique of if they did or didnt protect the rookie. I stated that they love to pass up or down, simple and to the point. You seem to want to make it about my inability to see it…um no, but if I agree with you why argue the point? I have plenty I dont agree with you about and I dont have to keep saying how much I know the game. Contrary to popular belief I dont always disagree with you nor do i wish to debate everything you say.

  28. Ah Vinnie I understand that on passing plays you should you know throw it, but how many first downs and touchdowns resulted from Vick scrambles on the 25% of plays he didn’t throw the ball? And before you attack its an honest question.

  29. The answer is a productive, successful does not want a QB running the ball 25% of the time because it obliterrates consistency.

    Foorball is the ultimate “consistency” sport. No other sport runs the same plays over and over and over in practice…the goal being everyone working as one machine. Everone expecting what will happen on every play.

    Now of course, a d has something to say about that and does its best to disrupt this consistency. But nonetheless, football strives for it.

    How can a team be consistent if the one player who touches the ball every play is inconsistent?

    Think of it. On an average NFL team, the WRs, Linemen, RBs and coaches know what to expect 90% of the time. SO WR is lined up. Knows his play and also knows that the vast majority of the time (90%) that a play is designed for him, the QB will actually make the attempt.

    Not on teams led by the formwer superstar. Its only 75% of the time. 1 out of every 4 x Vick gets the ball in his hands on called passes….something wlsse happens.

    I can guarantee you this is extremely aggraviting to coaches and especially to linemen. They never know what to expect in a sport that releshises exectancy.

    One think Foles is doing, right now, that is better than Vick, is he is running the plays as called 90% of the time (NFL average). That’s promising.

    • to your 1st point…. BUT THATS WHY THEY BROUGHT HIM IN!!

      to your 4th point- um…. this is not just true of the QB. Its also true of the Oline… the RB and the WR’s… let me explain.
      Imagine the RG is in front of you and you expect him to block the guy RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM…. instead…. he lets him walk right in without touching him. This would be a “consistency” problem wouldnt it?
      or.. Imagine the TE tries to catch the ball but instead bats it into the air for the D to grab…. same thing right?

      Now…. i know this sounds like a Vickcuse or whatever but the fact remains….. the QB (insert any name here…. Kolb for example) cant do ANYTHING if he cant step into the pocket without 2 or 3 guys on D “consistently” being there.

      • about your last point….. so….. Foles comes to the line and runs the play without any changes and thats good because he’s working in the system and doing as hes coached to do.

        Vick comes to the line and runs the play without changes and thats bad because he cant read a D and make the changes as needed.

        Ok.. glad i got that figured out. lol.

        • “this is not just true of the QB. Its also true of the Oline… the RB and the WR’s…”Of course it is…but hard for them to do their jobs when the QB/leader isn’t doing his…..and one of the reasons that the other day Kelly basically said MV has no idea what he’s seeing when he’s back there, and also why (allegedly) one of the senior Eagles O coaches wants nothing more to do with the guy.

          The problem with your line that “everyone else must do his job too!!” business, is that 75% has been Vick’s career average. Its not a “this year shitty oline” outlier. (In fact…Vick has actually been above his career average this year at 79%).

          The “oline’s fault would be fine if he wasn’t the same every single year..2001, 2002, 2004…2010, 2012…..regardless of coaches, regardless of system,. regardless of oline.

          Don’t you see that?

          “Foles comes to the line and runs the play without any changes and thats good because he’s working in the system and doing as hes coached to do.Vick comes to the line and runs the play without changes and thats bad because he cant read a D and make the changes as needed. ”

          What? Inherent in every playcall is the QBs ability to audible to another play..We saw this with Foles to Cooper…we saw this several times last night with Kapernick who was doing a brilliant job at it…..but then…. to still execute that new play. Or at least attempt it. Not to drop back, duck and scramble it up.

          One out of every 4x Mike Vick drops back to pass, no one on the team has any idea what is going to happen. Career.

          If you can’t see how that might….just might….affect a team’s performance…then enjoy your obstinacy.

          • haha… not going to touch this pile. What u fail to see is that he has always been a running qb. thats what he does.

            • of course I recognize it…its the central problem

              • i know… thats the problem with RG3 right now…. is that he can run. If only…. they skins would stop him from running he might be able to throw 4 TD’s in a game….oh.. nevermind.

                The central problem sis is the fact that this O is built to throw throw throw deep deep deep… this all takes time. Andy has not given him an Oline to give him that time. But… you know this already… it just doesnt look as fancy on the stats.

              • The skins suck too Stevo. Also When you run an option offense half the time it clues in your O-line. When you try to put a running qb behind a traditional offense it causes problems.

                Steve young became a pocket passer with ability to run. He was able to change. Vick has made great strides in this area but due to lots of different factors it did not work.

  30. So then Shanahan would rather his QB throw the ball away rather then make something happen? I get what your saying but when trying go win a game it makes no sense. Playmakers should make plays period. I think any coach would agree.

    • Short term – no, probably not.

      Long term – absolutely yes.

      RGIII has dropped back 392x (277 atts + 93 runs + 22 sacks) and thrown the ball 277 of those times….That’s 70%….ugh….very low.

      Now admitedly, RGIII is a difficult case when looking just at numbers because Shanahan calls a few designed runs for him every game. (a mistake)

      I think Shanahan is making a big mistake with the way he is using RGIII. I think he’s sacrificing long term development for short term highlight reels and good press.

      What RGIII is doing now will work for a time, but will not work long term. Scrambling, and over-reliance is detrimental to the smooth running of the offence, detrimental to a player’s (QBs) development, and to the QBs health. Remember – there is always someone faster.

      Steve young said it a few weeks back (when talking about Cam Newton) is that the QB must conquer the mental aspects of the game first and foremost for continued long-term success. Reliance on athletic ability can only go so far, and will always be defeated in the long term.

      RGIII seems to have good things going for him….in that I’ve read he is very intelligent. He’s a 4 yr graduate of Uni….but I am concerned that the system designed under Shanahan will be detrimental to his development. He’s already one concussion in….and he runs too much.

      • Not only is RG3 smart but he is very coachable. He comes from a military family and is very good with taking directions. I agree with you Vinnie that Shannahan might be misusing the kid right now. In the long run though It will be on the kid to make the transition like Elway, and young did. I believe he can accomplish that.

      • for the record….. RG3 just DESTROYED us by doing whatever it takes to make plays. Did you notice he had time back there? He was able to make things happen because he had time.

        I could care less who our QB is but…… you sir are dim.

      • btw… i love how you quote Steve Young here and ignore him a feww weeks before when he trashed our line and praised Vick’s toughness.

        People… please understand… i dont even like Mike Vick… its not about Vick…. all im doing is exposing the double standard crap that some of you spew. Do you even read what you write? I did the same thing for MCNabb when he had no WR’s.

        Its not about Foles or Vick….. Kolb or McNabb…… its about a TEAM.

        When you guys say we need a QB and we will be fine and we got blown out by a Rook throwing 4TD passes…. it looks silly. It looks dim.

  31. I don’t care how smart he is at his size if he keeps running around in that offense he will get hurt. I don’t think Carolina or Washington helps the growth of their QB’s with the systems they run. Its a fine line because these days you have to have a somewhat mobile QB. Unless you can find a Manning or Brady laying around somewhere.

  32. Reid must face the boo-birds
    This is his team without contestation and he stood there and accepted the Maxwell Club banquet praise now he must accept the rotten tomatoes

  33. the Eagles used a 3rd round draft pick on Foles so they have to give him a shot — if he Jimmy Clausen’s the season with his chance then he will be Cam Newton-ed in the draft and replaced due to his own inefficiency

  34. same with Colt McCoy, he had a chance to keep the Browns from drafting Weedon
    all Foles has to do is produce

  35. Jake? wasn’t you one of the guys who supported this pathetic coach and front office?

    Blaming everything on Vick when Vick covered Reid’s ass with the anointing of Kolb.

    Reid have always been the problem……even when Mcnabb was in his prime, We could Reid things that showed he was outmatched against the real good coaches.

    Anyone who supported Reid and Howie and before that Heckert needs to be banned.

  36. What the heck are you smoking songs, I never liked the Vick signing, got excited like most when he played six games real well that turned into a mirage, but Jake never supported this front office, this coach, but Jake lent plenty of support to the rev songs, you backstabbing sob, now no longer the rev songs but Brutus

  37. hahaha….some funny shit…Jakedog one of the biggest Songs supporters, getting called out by his leader….lmao….absolutely hilarious! hahaa

  38. Eagles fans don’t owe Andy Reid anything. He has been paid millions to coach this team. His family has been set financially for lifetimes with money that has come out of all our pockets. He made a choice to coach this team himself and after each failure he decided to come back. People act as if Eagles Fans forced him to coach. The heat he gets is merely because of the nature of the business he chose himself to take part in. I’ll never feel bad for him and I don’t get why people ever would. Again, the man chose this job himself. He chose this lifestyle and if he was at any other major market city he would get it just as bad or even more based upon a pretty back record since 2004. Thats a long fucking time in NFL football years.

    I just don’t think he is that good of a coach. Nothing but average to me. And I don’t get stupid arguments like the one Realtalk used….SO just because we didn’t win a SB before Andy Reid, that means what? We need to be suck with him forever? We have to let him stay here and coach till whenever HE decides its time to go? WHat are we not allowed to go out and try to find better? thats fucking nonsense. IMO, there is much better out there. I see guys that have barely been in the league, like Jim Harbough, who could circles around Reid. Reid has his ass kissed by the national media more than guys that actually get the job done and win it all.

    Brian Billick said we will not find a better coach than Reid. Pure fucking stupidity right there. That dude has a SB ring and NFL owners have avoided him like the fucking plague ever since he was fired. Oakland would rather hire Dennis Allen. At least we know why now.

  39. my fault jake……Navy is who I’m out to get….he’s in witness protection right now

  40. Jake/songs I must admit that was pretty funny

  41. Matt Ryan threw 5 picks this week.. Unbelievable

  42. No problem songs, maybe you are not well, did you get a flu shot or vaccinated against your will?, but to confuse Jake with navy , damn that’s fd up

  43. I was speaking about this past weekend

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