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Jeffrey Lurie Should End The Suffering And Fire Andy Reid Now

I have to compliment Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie for his discipline and consistency in staying out of his coach’s way.  He doesn’t meddle and that’s what you want out of an owner, but he should fire Andy Reid now and not wait for another six weeks.

Firing Reid now would put an end to much of the negativity surrounding the Eagles football team and it would relieve Reid of another month and a half of suffering.  Rather than everyone focusing on Reid’s weaknesses and all the mistakes that have been made this season, fans would start to focus on what lies ahead for the Birds.

Things are going to get ugly on Monday night at the Lincoln Financial Field with Reid on the sidelines and Eagles fans in a nasty mood.  There are sure to be some angry and ugly signs out there in front of the nation.  You and I know what will be one of the story lines being broadcast to the nation on Tuesday morning.  We will also likely see some type of crude behavior from the Eagles faithful.

It’s something we would like to avoid if at all possible. We don’t need to add anymore embarrassing occurrences to the stereotype of  Philadelphia  fans. on Facebook

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20 Comments for “Jeffrey Lurie Should End The Suffering And Fire Andy Reid Now”

  1. Mr. Cobb I am submitting this article for Pulizer Prize consideration.

    The headline alone speaks volumes of what the majority of Eagle fans
    want for Christmas or would be very Thankful to recieve this Thanksgiving.

    Thank you for putting me in the holiday mood.

    After hearing Andy’s comments on why he is staying…

    Lurie should put him out of his misery, the same way they do horses.

  2. PS – I told you that 4 game winning streak at the end of last season was a mirage. It’s easy to win, when there is no pressure and you are playing a bunch of scrubs. Now he can’t even beat the scrubs.

  3. The loudest and most crude statement the fans could make would be to stay the hell home. Eat your ticket, save parking fees, expensive food and beer, no shirts nothing!
    As for putting out his misery, the other side of it is let him finish what he started, he built this mess. And why would he listen to the fans? Unless they boycott

  4. You saying Lurie needs to do a better job ?
    and on a side note wouldnt a coaches wunderlicht test be interesting

  5. He won’t,so why continue to beat this into the ground?Sal Pal made this point and i agree, I think he should let him step down as coach and state he’s goin to help advise me in the football operations. Help point this org. in a new direction. And state he will be let go at seasons end. Let him leave with some respect,you think s-canning him like he’s some 5th year coach is the right thing to do? Your entitled to that opinion and i respect it. But Andy’s done alot for this team,region,and Lurie. So think about that angle.

    Someone comes in and takes over your company and helps you become even richer. THings fall apart and all of the sudden your gonna throw him out? It would effect his reputation as an owner.

    We’re all suffering through this season and I think the calls for him to resign are warranted. But it doesnt mean its the right thing to do.


  6. The Eagles fired their VPof Communications yesterday….Ron Zeiger…..I am glad that they finally identied the problem….they were not COMMUNICATING……so it is Goodbye Mr. Zeiger….HELLO SuperBowl!!

    Pathetic is the only word I ca use for this team. Your coachis the laughing stock of the entire NFL, but you decide that the change will be to fire some shlub in the office and that will really send a mesage to those players who have quit on this team and coach. Pathetic.

    • Didn’t they also fire a handicapped employee, in the preseason, for criticising them on Facebook? The lot of them, are disgraces to society! Nothing but an organization full of stubborn, egotistical, condescending, clueless, silver spoon fed, bunch of rotten, scumbag, human beings, that will never get this city, or its fan base! F^#@ EACH, & EVERY ONE OF THEM! Jesus, couldn’t re-brand, shine, & cleanup the PR, of this turd organization! Another scapegoat, for the head of the snake, down to its @$$!!!!

    • LMAO…Yeah I’m sure this has nothing to do with nothing..LOL
      You actually posted this and commented on it..ROTFLMAO

  7. Fire Reid now?

    And who is named coach?

    MM? – ya that’ll work
    Mudd? Washburn – not going to fly
    Bowles? People on here already asking for Castillo back

    So, I just don’t see how it can be done. I don’t see how any of these guys allow “fans would start to focus on what lies ahead for the Birds.”

    They’re focusing on that already.

    When Youtube anti-Andy parody songs start racking up 200,000 views…you know its over.

    I suggest that everyone in the organization knows this….I sugggest Reid has already spoken to Lurie about this and has told Lurie that he’ll take the heat for the next 6….if only to spare whomever they’d put in his seat (who would also be crucified the rest of the season).

    I appreciate taht about the man. And I kinda hope the fans tone down the public humiliation business a bit….I don’t see the point really….”fire Andy” cbhants are fine 3 weeks ago…but now that everyone knows we’re just waiting out the string….there isn’t much point to them.

  8. The best statement other than not showing up would be for every one in the stadium to head into the concourse areas right before kick off. Let the nation see an empty linc as a statement. Then go back to your seat and cheer on the team having voiced your displeasure.

  9. Reid should have been fired long ago and that is on the owner. Now he should help his friend by removing him from the public eye by sending him home. He could talk the man up and in more eloquent words let the fans know it is a mercy killing to show he hears us. MM can be hc untill the end of the season. The players need to be told that what has been will not be or they are history! No turn around should happen. I hope Foles flashes and young guys show their stuff but the birds continue to lose and gain draft position. At least then they won’t trade up for someone who cant play!

  10. BTW- By not firing Andy before a Monday Night game… Lourie is being very irresponsible. Every Sign every Vile comment that his “friend” has to endure before an entire nation will be because Lourie has no courage or sense of decencey t

  11. BTW- By not firing Andy before a Monday Night game… Lourie is being very irresponsible. Every Sign every Vile comment that his “friend” has to endure before an entire nation will be because Lourie has not acted in the interest of the team (Franchize), the coach, the players, and the Fans who while tire of Reid are classy enough not to make a fool of themselves and their families by Making fun of someones weight or childs drug hx ect…

  12. Andy I appreciate your time here but Lets move forward in a new direction.

  13. The season is lost. The only thing we have to root for is the development of Nick Foles. Say what you want about Andy, but he has a reputation for developing QBs. So, let him develop Foles for 6 weeks and then we will say goodbye. At least we will learn if Foles can play (one game starting tells us little). And if you fire Reid, who takes over? All three coordinators are lousy, so we have nobody. If Reid goes back to Vick, however, you have to fire him.

  14. Playing Foles while the O-Line is where it is does nothing to develop him…it only ruins the kids instincts by making him a “shell shocked” player afterwards. I still wonder who the coach will be next year. I wonder if Tony Dungy, Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden or even Jimmy Johnson will get pulled. I remember the rumors of Lurie hot and heavy after Jimmy Johnson before ultimately hiring Reid and I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens this time around. During the interviews I hope Lurie gets his ears incinerated multiple times about the incompetence of Howie Roseman the “GM.”

  15. Andy Reid developing quarterbacks another myth, in reality he’s a quarterback killer, talk to kolb, Vick, with his passaholic ways he sets his quarterbacks up to get killed, then when he gets his quartebacks killed, figures he better balance the sheet down 25 points withe about 2 to play, let’s even the pain and get shady killed, yeah, billichek ,et al, Andy Reid, yeah right, he’s a good coach…..

  16. jake , lately he’s been a killer of every position ! the loss of johnson and the moving on of childress really impacted reids coaching in a negative way

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