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McCoy Still Suffering Headaches, As Vick Improves

Eagles head coach Andy Reid let us know today that his Pro Bowl running back LeSean McCoy is still battling headaches from the concussion he suffered on Sunday.

Michael Vick is getting better and there’s a chance that he could play on Monday night against the Carolina Panthers, but he still has yet to pass any of the test needed to play again.  Nick Foles took the snaps today at practice, but Reid wouldn’t rule out Vick returning to action.

Both players are still in Phase 1 of their recovery, despite Vick being much closer to Phase II than McCoy.  It seems that McCoy is definitely not going to be ready for Monday’s battle against the Panthers, while Vick has an outside chance of making it, but that’s still a long shot.

“We’ll just take those guys days by day and we’ll go from there,” said Reid. on Facebook

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21 Comments for “McCoy Still Suffering Headaches, As Vick Improves”

  1. The one true warrior on this team.

    And that’s the player Andrew Walter Reid decides not to give touches to.

    Gets 100 players to back him up and keep a massive supply of RBs when you don’t run the football. A complete moron.

    The second Andy walked into Jeffery Loser’s office and said he wanted Juan
    Castillio as his defensive coordinator…Loser should have pressed a button under his desk that dropped Andys big butt at 9.2 meters per second squared, down a tube that put him in the middle of the empty room with a blindfold, cigarette and a 11 member fireing squad.

    That all say”Time is no longer yours Andrew” as they put us all out of the misery of Andy “the biggest loser” Reid

  2. It’s time to make my annual Thanksgiving statement.

    Brothers, understand that I’ve been a loyal Eagles fan for over 30 years long before there was any such name as Andy Reid and will be a fan when his name becomes an afterthought, and while there’s not enough time in the day to quantify how our Eagles have succumbed to it’s lowest state in Eagles history, I’ll start with last off season.

    The real Eagles fans (excluding apologist) knew this team was soft after last season and a clear overhaul at key positions to inject toughness into this roster was a necessity.

    Even the owner knew the last four games of the season against door mats was fool’s gold yet we’re here with nothing to hope for in November.

    We knew the Safeties was garbage yet there’s still sentiments coming from the Novacare that Nate Allen is fine.

    Look…when we seen him getting ran over in his rookie season, and getting torched by veteran QB’s before he went down with injury….we knew he was ass.

    But, yet….. No change.

    Couldn’t admit passing on Earl Thomas was a serious error for this organization.

    That was the player that could have stepped in where Dawk left off.

    We needed a presence in the middle of this secondary but because of garbage Washburn, we traded up for garbage ass Graham and tried to compensate by drafting Nate Allen.

    The other Safety Coleman is a 7th round pick that’s a special teamer at best starting, yet the Eagles want to convince us this Safety tandem is good enough?

    The coaches really think they’re that good huh?

    Well the coaches suck!

    I cried all off season for Burfict, just to get a player with attitude and passion to shake up the mentality on this pathetic, soft defense.

    Garbage ass fans claimed he would not be in the league and all that crap because the pundits didn’t like his attitude.

    Well, look at the Bengals…watch his play….he even have attitude on Special teams…Look at our sorry ass special teams.

    So our was crying for Burfict not because I thought he was the 2nd coming of Lawrence Taylor, but had an attitude that could offset the Softies on defense.

    You can’t have a 5 foot 8 linebacker as a rookie on one side and a nobody on the other. Burfict would not get pushed around and we could have had him for almost nothing.

    DRC is garbage and the most penalized CB in the NFL and I told everyone he was garbage when the apologist bought the line that this defense would thrive with 2 pure man Corners.

    How have that worked out?

    Asante came into Philly and laughed in Andy’s face.

    He was not the problem and get scapegoated because he told the truth in the locker room.

    We could have had Spags this offseason but disrespected him by offering him a consultant job under a failed offensive line coach turned defensive coordinator who end up getting fired anyway.

    Spags whipped Andy’s ass with fragmented defense on Primtime television.

    Now, everyone want to blame the offensive line when we knew Peters was injured well before preseason…But what did we do in response to the bad news?

    Pay garbage ass Bell big money and kept 5 running backs on the roster instead of filling the void on the offensive line.

    Now, we all knew that Andy wouldn’t run the ball and GCobb asked the same questions we had.

    Why hold valuable roster spots for a position seldomly used by Reid and Marty and ignore the offensive line?

    Brothers we’ve seen this for years in spurts but the leadership players Reid inherited from the Ray Rhodes era along with Jim Johnson compensated for his incompetence.

    Do you know we have not drafted one pro bowl linebacker under Andy Reid?

    14 years of drafting and not one pro bowler at on of the most important positions in football.

    He was the loser that convinced the apologist that linebackers was not important in our scheme.


    No wonder we’re so damn soft.

    This loser believes the football is “pitch and catch”.

    A real coach know that every facet of a team is equally important so if a team takes one facet away they can rely on the other.

    I’m not done!!!!!

    How was this season lost in the off season?

    Did I miss anything guys?

  3. Didn’t miss much, though the Burfict thing is a bit much….he’s whatever. I’d rather have Cox. You’ll get to watch Kuchley this Monday too…

    But on a positive note….

    ‎…..1/2 snapped and about to chow some turkey while watching the Cowboys get fed. Perfect American Thanksgiving?

    BTW – Foles looked better than Romo?

  4. vinnie there was no choice between burfict and cox….Burfict was a 7th round pick..he could have been picked up in the 6th round..Hell we got nothing in the 6th round.

  5. Burfict was a steal he had 15 tackle last week 13 solo…against the steelers..

    Foles sucks.. And he will suck on monday as well. Though we’re playign the pitful Panthers so if he sucks this game its over.. no more chances..

  6. After watching RGIII for the last 2 weeks I will tell you this. You better get a franchise QB in here. A 3rd round project wont cut it. lmao.

  7. Its just a shame that rg3^s oline doesnt know what he will do when back there…. maybe he would have 10 tds instead of 8 in 2 weeks. Its too bad they are “using him wrong”. BuhahHah… vinnie…. im making a book of some of the crazy things u say.

  8. Why is it that nobody posts RGIII first start stats lol.

  9. Watching RGIII and then just thinking of our QB Nick Foles I cant help but think of that famous line from the movie JAWS. I think we need a bigger boat. lol

  10. I feel the same way. These guys come in and play immediately.. RG3 Luck WIlson even tannehill and weeden shows flashes. I see nothing in Foles but trent difler

  11. one of the things I’m most thankful for this thanksgiving is that the eagles aren’t playing today

  12. The Fat man is so jolly dressed in his splendor of red and white ,driving his sled clear out of sight.Go Marty,go Washburn,go mudd ,go fat man and your speedball rushers,your corners who can’t tackle,your safeties and lineman in there wide 9 ,what a valuable waste of our time.Your Stach unkempt and growing like a weed,a new disciplined coach is now what we need.I gotta do a better job will never be again be a games end summation ,no we’ve been emancipated in this Eagles Nation.Give us back our team ,our dignity and pride ,and as you leave in the dark of the night ,lock the door behind you and turn out the light…happy holidays bird fans ….

  13. Rg3 was a top pick, 2nd qb taken, some say could have should have been the first, you can’t compare him to foles, he was 3rd round pick, a toolsy unknown, big in stature, big arm, good presence, pocket passer, time will tell, what do you have to lose by riding it out with foles, if he stinks like you say, better draft position, but if he develops as he projects, maybe the qb riddle is solved, chill out and evaluate

  14. Hey mhenski, looks like the eagles, I mean jets are playing today, another disgraceful team

  15. Nice job desert eagle, nice…..

  16. I doubt if you even combine the Eagles & Jets Roster avd their Coaching Staffs that the Eagles-Jets would even be a .500 Team
    I think the Rex Ryan Era as well as Coach AR Era’s are over as well as Norv Turner of the Chargers and Romeo Crenell at the KC Chiefs too

  17. Jakedog thats the damn point. RGIII is a stud top 5 pick. Nick Foles is a 3rd round project. How do you think this is gonna work out? lmao. I really dont need much more evaluation to tell you what the bottom line will be. It took me 1 quarter to watch RGIII and tell you he was a player.

  18. He may be a player, but if Mike Shanahan doesn’t start using him like a real QB, he’s only going to be a player for another 2 or 3 seasons.

    9 mins to go with a 2 td lead and he’s running designed sweeps and QB options like its Nebraska in 1990. At one point he was hammered 5 str8 plays in the late 4th.

    If he’s an NFL QB, start playing him like one.

    The real problem is that there are no Andrew Lucks or RGIIIs in this year’s draft. Too bad we didn’t trade the former superstar after 2010 when 2 firsts were being offered, and then its possible we could have one of those 2 guys under centre at this time…..

  19. If that trade was really on the table and we turned it down it is the worst non-trade ever not made! And somehow it would feel right if Vick was n buffa
    O! Especiaaly considering he will end up in canada next year

  20. Come on the first round pick QBs were being groomed since minicamp through preseason etc etc working out with the first team and with an offense geared around them
    Foles got backup duty only
    And this BS about developing while watching from the sideline is a myth
    You have to play

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