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Eagles Claim Greg Salas; Release Mardy Gilyard

The Eagles made a minor roster move on Friday, claiming wide receiver Greg Salas off of waivers from the New England Patriots.

Salas was a fourth round pick of the St. Louis Rams a year ago, but appeared in just six games. He was traded to the Patriots for a seventh round pick before the season.

To make room for Salas, the Eagles released wide receiver Mardy Gilyard. Gilyard played in six games for the Eagles, but had very little impact. He didn’t catch a pass, and picked up just 15 yards as a punt returner. on Facebook

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15 Comments for “Eagles Claim Greg Salas; Release Mardy Gilyard”

  1. The eagles can not evaluate talent.. And the only good players they do bring in are runts. We need a tough coach in here..

  2. Healthy Sakad couldn’t break the SL Rams line-up last Season as. Rookie and failed to make thi cut this past summer on a team desperate for quality War’s so I would not get any hopes up and him..

  3. Two questions? Why and who cares!

  4. This move is meaningless. I guess Howie is trying to prove his worth. He and Reid and this team are just a joke now. 14 years of drafting and free agents and we have nothing to show for it, just a bunch of slackers who should wear ski masks to pick up their pay checks.

  5. gilyard couldn’t play, why give him another check for sitting in the stands — at least they can get a look a Salas for special team duties at the same price gilyard was making to do nothing

  6. What’s more telling is what it says about McNutt

  7. These are the same idiots who let Danny Amendola go as well. They can’t evaluate a pigeon on the sidewalk taking a poop. We need to get rid of the whole front office immediately…

    • I don’t think it’s about evaluation as much as it’s about coaching. Coaching is not all x’s and o’s. It’s also about teaching. Teaching fundamentals and technique. I’m not all that sure the coaches on this version of the Eagles are competent in that regard of correcting bad habits and deficiencies in those areas of technique and fundamentals.I doubt the Eagles coaches ever looked at prominent textbooks such as Play Football The NFL Way by Tom Bass which teaches position by position techniques and drills for offense, defense, and special teams. This is AN OFFICIAL NFL BOOK. I’ll bet they deviate liberally from these accepted practices and pass along their own bad habits that they, themselves, have developed over the years.

  8. Paulman must be pissed. His boy has been shown the door.

  9. tells me the problem was castillo , gilyard and the PR guy , they been shown the door andy found the problems , expect a strong finish!

  10. Gilyard didn’t do much nor did he get a chance to do much
    I said he should have made the Roster and he eventually did
    With the few snaps he played at WR, he rarely was the target of any passes
    As this entire Eagles Offense has been Dysfunctionable all Season so no one has looked good if you as me

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